Hector Purnell, appearing as a minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of Lifeless in Seattle (Case #51 of World Edition).


Hector was the father of Kelly Purnell and the husband of Virginia Purnell. Hector wore a green and gray plaid shirt and had gray hair and a gray bushy beard. It is known that he had died prior to the events of the case.

Events of Criminal Case

During the investigation, the team restored an invitation to Hector's funeral. Virginia, upon interrogation, said that Kelly was too busy to attend it, much to her displeasure. Later, it was revealed that Virginia had killed Kelly. She said that Kelly was too busy to go home when Hector got sick and was even too busy to attend his funeral. This left Virginia enraged and left her to believe that Kelly was no longer her daughter, so she stabbed her with a pocket knife.


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