Heather Night was a suspect in the murder investigation of insurance claims adjuster Dan Kelly in This American Death (Case #16 of Supernatural Investigations) and the killer of witch Belinda in Scry for Help (Case #20 of Supernatural Investigations).


Heather is a 19-year-old witch and (now-former) café waitress. She has blue eyes and messy neck-length platinum blonde hair dyed purple at the tips.

In her first appearance, she wears a pink waitress uniform with white lining, white buttons and a white apron around her waist. On her left lapel, she sports a white nametag with her name written on it. In addition, she sports a black choker with a dark purple and silver pentagram as well as plum lipstick, gray eyeshadow and magenta nail polish. Moreover, she is often seen carrying a blue pen and a notepad with a black cover. It is known that Heather has a subscription to Suburbtopia magazine and is a Wiccan.

In her second appearance, she ditches her uniform and wears a black dress with frilled dark green sleeves. She sports a purple rose hairclip on the right side of her hair and a silver pentagram necklace beneath her choker. It is discovered that she uses chamomile, has a pet owl named Christophe and has a tattoo.

Height 5'5"
Age 19
Weight 140 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood O-

Events of Criminal Case

This American Death

Mid-investigation, Heather defended Gwen when the residents of Parkfield ganged up on her and claimed that she was a witch. She introduced herself to the team and apologized on the residents' behalves. She informed Luke and the player that the victim often came to the café and allowed them to look around.

Heather became a suspect after Luke and the player found the victim's message to her telling her to repent. She told the team that Dan wanted to save her from being a Wiccan. However, when she told him that freedom of religion was still in the US Constitution, their conversations ended. Luke then informed her about the murder, surprising Heather since the town seemed "too normal". She then swore that she had nothing to do with the murder.

Heather was spoken to again about her spell against the victim. She claimed that Dan had forced her to cast a Wiccan spell to protect his house, otherwise he would tell the whole town that she was a witch. She knew that if she did not comply, she would be run out of town.

Heather was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated "Alice Kelly" for Dan's murder. Later, Luke and the player questioned Heather about the witch that had helped to create the golem that Dan had used to replace the real Alice. She was shocked to hear about the golem and told the team that she did not know any witches in town. However, she mentioned seeing a suspicious old woman in the café and suspected her of being a witch, prompting the team to have another look around the café.

Scry for Help

Heather became a suspect again after Chief Arrow and the player found her ominous message about Belinda. She told the team that she had had a premonition about Belinda dying and realized that it had come true when the team told her about a murder. She claimed to know nothing about the murder, telling the team that she was still learning to use her witchy powers and that it was her first Walpurgis Night. When Chief Arrow asked about the missing children, Heather said that only witches were allowed at the celebration.

Heather was spoken to again about the Witches Council ballot. She revealed that the witches had voted on her admittance to the coven and that Belinda had been the only one to vote against her. Since the vote needed to be unanimous, Heather could not join the coven. She then informed the team that Belinda's vote still counted, despite her death.

In the end, it was proven that Heather was Belinda's killer. Heather admitted that she had come to Indiana to get accepted into the witch's coven, but as a senior member, Belinda vetoed her acceptance. However, coven leader Morgana Blackhawk promised that she would override the vote if Heather killed Belinda. The team then figured that Morgana had ordered Belinda, her younger sister, dead after the latter confronted the former about the missing children. The team then turned Heather over to the authorities.

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