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Hannah Choi: Anything planned for your day off, <Name>? My girlfriend Heather and I are heading to the Love Village, up in the mountains.
Heather: Look <Name>, Hannah gave me a rose, she's such a sweetheart! I can't wait to hit the Love Village!
Amy: Hey, I'm coming too! I'm such a fan of the Love Village!
Heather: A little bird told me you used to go there to smooch Bobby Prince when you were in high school, Amy. I bet you're still smitten with him...
Amy: Hey, it's not what you think! I care about Bobby because he went through so much pain during our last case. He's very sensitive...
Heather: Sensitive? It sounds like you're in love, Amy!
Hannah: OK that's enough teasing. We had better go, <Name>. Heather and I can't wait for some cheesy romance!

At the Love Village...
Amy: Oh my, this place hasn't changed a bit! I'm glad they kept it as cute and romantic as it was. Now you can see why they call it the Love Village, <Name>!
Désiré: Hello and welcome, <Rank> <Name>! Welcome to the Love Village! I am the Mayor of this lovely place! Please accept this rose, may it help you find your soulmate!
Désiré: Ah, I can see you're here with Miss Young, she's such a good kid! I knew her as a teenager. She used to come here to cuddle with Bobby Prince, they were so cute together!
Amy: OK, now this is embarrassing...
Amy: Anyway <Name>, this is the plaza, where lovers meet. There are also figure skating shows once a month. There's no better place in Pacific Bay for a date!
Amy: What, <Name>? You think you spotted something weird out there on the ice rink? Well, if you want to go have a look, please, be my guest!

Chapter 1

Investigate Ice Rink.
Amy Young: You found a body, <Name>? How could anyone murder someone in such a romantic place?!
Amy: You're right, we have to find the soulless fiend who did this! You want to start by sending the body to autopsy, <Name>? I'm on it!
Amy: This autographed picture you found at least gives us our victim's name: Juan Rodrigo. He seems to have been quite famous!
Amy: What does the message say? "Juan Rodrigo, I loved you. But you had to go." Oh, you're right, <Name>: this message must have been left by our killer!
Amy: Well spotted! There's a strange substance on the autograph! I'll let you collect a sample from it!
Désiré: WHAT! Juan Rodrigo is dead? I'm doomed! The Love Village is nothing without him! What will become of it now?!
Désiré: Juan Rodrigo attracted tourists from all Pacific Bay with his figure skating skills, he was our champion, our hero! This is a tragedy!
Amy: Don't worry Mayor Bower, <Rank> <Name> is going to take charge of this case. Please stick around so that we can ask you a few questions.

Ask Désiré Bower about how he knew the victim.
Désiré: Oh <Rank> <Name>, who could have murdered the sweet Juan Rodrigo Vasquez?! He was like a son to me!
Amy: Juan Rodrigo was like a son to you? You two were very close then, am I right?
Désiré: Juan Rodrigo was everything here in the Love Village! He's the reason I got reelected five times. Every man looked up to him, and every lady desired him!
Désiré: His ice skating was flawless, sheer elegance with textbook education. He spread so much love, so much love! And the tourists, they loved it!
Amy: So Juan Rodrigo was kind of popular around here? Could you tell <Rank> <Name> about his whereabouts before the murder?
Désiré: You should check his lavish chalet up in the mountains. Juan Rodrigo never left it, except for ice skating. And it was always crowded with people, women mostly.
Amy: Got it, <Name>. If this chalet is where the victim used to spend his nights, we should check it immediately!

Investigate Victim's Chalet.
Amy: So, did you find anything interesting at the victim's chalet, <Name>? You're right, you should piece this torn fabric back together!
Amy: And I see you've picked up a piece of paper! Looks like the snow has gotten to it though. Can you retrieve what was written on it?

Examine Torn Fabric.
Amy: Well I'll be... <Name>, this torn fabric you fixed turned out to be a t-shirt! It's from a weight loss camp, right here in White Peaks!
Amy: And there's a "Vasquez" badge on it. You're right, that's our victim's last name, but do you think he would need to go to a weight loss camp?
Amy: I agree <Name>, let's send this puzzling mystery over to Hannah!

Analyze T-Shirt.
Hannah: Thanks for bringing me this weight loss camp t-shirt, this will be the perfect gift if I ever want to break-up with Heather.
Amy: Oh Hannah, your relationship with Heather is not something you should make jokes about!
Hannah: Hey I'm just kidding here... Anyway, by hacking into the weight loss camp computers, I found out who was registered under the "Vasquez" name.
Hannah: And guess what? It was not Juan Rodrigo! This t-shirt belonged to Roberto Vasquez, Juan Rodrigo's brother.
Amy: Oh, so the victim had a brother? Well he seems to have cared about Roberto's health, how nice of him!
Amy: I agree, <Name>, family often make the best suspects so we should go have a chat with this Roberto Vasquez!

Ask Roberto Vasquez about the weight loss camp t-shirt.
Amy: Roberto, you're Juan Rodrigo's brother, right? You must have heard about the murder... We're so sorry for your loss.
Roberto: Bah, Juan Rodrigo was a bad person, at his very core! And now you're telling me he was murdered? Call it karma! <Rank> <Name>, this was bound to happen!
Amy: Roberto, this is your brother you're talking about!
Roberto: I'll tell you who my brother was! See this t-shirt?! It represents everything he was! He enlisted me in that fat camp just to make fun of me!
Roberto: I've always been fat Roberto, Juan Rodrigo's ugly brother. "Oh, JR is so perfect! Why can't his brother be just like him?" At least now I won't have to hear this ever again!

Examine Faded Document.
Amy: Good job, <Name>! You revealed the content of this document in record time! So this is a storyboard for a commercial?
Amy: Ah yes, I get it. A storyboard is what the filmmakers use to plan out the scene they're going to film... The man on this drawing looks familiar, don't you think?
Amy: You're right! This is our victim! I recognize the star on his right eye!
Amy: Oh and... can you see the logo here? This document is a commercial for the "Mon Petit Chocolat" chocolates, I adore them!
Heather: Hey, sorry for interrupting but did someone say the words: "Mon Petit Chocolat"? Where, where?
Amy: Heather? Weren't you supposed to be hanging out with Hannah? Anyway since you're asking, those chocolates seem to be linked to <Name>'s investigation.
Heather: Well if you had any clue related to this brand, maybe you should check in on Charlotte Fontaine. She's the one who created "Mon Petit Chocolat" and she's in the Love Village right now!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, if our victim was supposed to star in a commercial for Mrs Fontaine's chocolates, we should go see her!

Question Charlotte Fontaine about the victim's involvement with her chocolate brand.
Charlotte: It's true, <Rank> <Name>. Juan Rodrigo was supposed to star in my commercial!
Charlotte: I guess I should protect my investment and find another muse for my new line of chocolates, but I'm afraid I can never find someone as inspiring and enthralling as Juan Rodrigo.
Amy: Wow, I'd never have thought Juan Rodrigo was so... awesome.
Charlotte: Oh, the women loved him! He was a real charmer, and such a talented ice skater! With him as the poster boy for my brand, women would have brought my chocolates by the thousands!
Charlotte: Of course, his beauty and skills also made him arrogant, and mean. But to be honest, Juan Rodrigo reminded me of myself at his age... Ah, we were of the same breed, him and I.

Examine Autographed Picture.
Amy: Your skills keep getting better, <Name>! You succeeded in isolating some black substance off the note the killer left on the crime scene. Quick, let's send it to the lab!

Analyze Black Substance.
Yann: I analyzed the black substance you found on that autographed picture the killer left at the crime scene, <Name>.
Yann: You might think the substance was ink because it was a signed autograph picture, but in fact it was... chocolate!
Yann: I did a culture on the residue, which revealed traces of cherry liquor mixed in the compound. We're talking about cherry liquor chocolates, here.
Amy: Cherry liquor chocolates? That's one funny thing to find in White Peaks. Usually people here are more into fondue or gingerbread...
Yann: Think, Amy! This is the Love Village! Everyone is out on a date! And what better treat for a date than cherry liquor chocolates?
Amy: Oh, of course! Thanks Yann, now we know the killer eats cherry liquor chocolates! Sweet!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: I know many girls who are crying over Juan Rodrigo's death. Everybody loved him in the Love Village. And I think I liked him too... He was a god on skates!
Amy: Seriously, Roxie? You fell for Juan Rodrigo's looks, too?!
Roxie: His delicate face was cut in half by a sharp blade! How can anyone be cruel enough to ruin such perfect beauty!
Roxie: And there's worse. I found out Juan Rodrigo's face was splattered with tiny bits of saliva, no doubt left there by the killer when they placed the victim on the statue!
Roxie: But the good part is, when I did a culture on the saliva I was able to isolate fresh residue of breath spray from it!
Amy: Amazing as always Roxie! Now we know the killer uses breath spray. I guess at least they're hygenic!

Later at the station...
Amy: You're right <Name>, we must apprehend Juan Rodrigo's killer before the Love Village changes its name into "Murder Village"!
Amy: That's the Mayor's greatest fear. He said himself Juan Rodrigo made this place come alive, and things may go downhill now that he's gone.
Amy: So far, only Roberto Vasquez seems to be rejoicing over his brother's death. Do you think Juan Rodrigo's fat camp joke could have triggered the murder?
Amy: As for Charlotte Fontaine, the chocolate designer, it sounds like she now needs a replacement to star in her "Mon Petit Chocolat" commercial.
Heather: And she has! It's all over the fashion blogs, <Rank> <Name>. Charlotte has found a new muse for her "Mon Petit Chocolat" campaign!
Amy: Heather? You have a knack for popping up out of nowhere, don't you?
Amy: Wait a second... You're saying Charlotte's already replaced Juan Rodrigo for her commercial? I agree <Name>, it sounds like she'd already planned everything before he died!

Chapter 2

Amy Young: Heather, are you sure the info is correct? Charlotte Fontaine has found a new muse for her chocolate campaign, so soon after Juan Rodrigo, her first poster boy, was killed?
Heather: And what a replacement! She's hired another ice skater to star in her commercial, a stud named Dimitrios Moustaki! He's quite the eye-candy!
Amy: <Name> is right, this is fishy! We'd better go talk to this Dimitrios about this string of events! Heather, since you seem to know everything, do you know where we could find him?
Heather: Well, I heard he was at the Candy Shop to promote "Mon Petit Chocolat"!
Amy: Perfect <Name>, we can go talk to Dimitrios when you're ready. And we'd better have a look around the Candy Shop while we're at it!

Question Dimitrios Moustaki about the commercial deal he got instead of the victim.
Dimitrios: The famous <Rank> <Name>! Wow, I've never seen such good looking cops! Everything about you is fa-bu-lous!
Dimitrios: So what can I do for you, <Rank> <Name>? Excuse me for a sec, now that I'm Mister "Mon Petit Chocolat", I must keep my breath fresh at all times.
Amy: Ah yes, now that Juan Rodrigo's dead, you get to star in the "Mon Petit Chocolat" commercial, right? This is quite a lucky turn of events for you!
Dimitrios: I know, right! I'm so honored to be a part of this adventure, it's such a fabulous brand and now I am going to be the poster boy for it! And these liquor chocolates, they're so moreish!
Dimitrios: White Peaks today, Ivywood tomorrow! Bring me all this glitz and glamour, I was born ready for this!

Investigate Candy Shop.
Amy: Your instincts were right, <Name>! Here's our victim's face on a flyer and I'm sure it won't take you much time to retrieve the faded message on it!
Amy: And that basket is so cute! Who knows what we might find inside, but I'm sure it'll be adorable!
Amy: But I do hope you don't intend to eat all those bits of chocolate by yourself, <Name>. You'll get a stomach-ache!
Amy: Oh of course, you're not going to eat them, you're going to piece them back together! I still have so much trouble recognizing clues from treats! Let's get to work then!

Examine Romantic Basket.
Amy: Oh my gosh, is that ice skate covered in blood? What was it doing in such an adorable basket?
Amy: Oh but you're right, <Name>! Roxie mentioned the victim had been killed by some kind of sharp blade! And this ice skate looks pretty sharp indeed!
Amy: But wait, this means you've just found our murder weapon! Well done, <Name>!
Amy: And you're right, there's more than blood on this ice skate. Do you think you can collect a sample from this weird yellowish substance?

Examine Ice Skate.
Amy: Amazing as always, <Name>! You gathered enough of this yellowish substance from the murder weapon for Yann to run a proper analysis!

Analyze Yellow Substance.
Yann: Once again we have to praise <Name> for their keen eye. The yellow residue you found on the murder weapon was champagne!
Amy: Champagne? How could champagne end up on an ice skate?
Yann: The sample was still fresh, which means the killer opened the champagne bottle just before the murder. It appears they wanted one last toast with Juan Rodrigo before taking him out!
Amy: Oh I get it! So the killer drinks champagne! Thanks Yann, this is really helping!

Examine Bits of Chocolate.
Amy: Oh <Name>! You're sure you're a detective and not an artist? Because I've never seen anything so lovely! You assembled these chocolate scraps back into a gorgeous statue!
Amy: But wait... you're right <Name>, the pose of the statue looks like the murder staging!
Amy: The angel has a star on his eye, just like... Juan Rodrigo! And he's holding that woman just like the angel in which you found him!
Amy: And that's not all! The person he's holding, with the bright orange haircut... It must be Charlotte Fontaine, the chocolate designer!
Amy: Dear me, she's much more appealing as a chocolate statue!
Amy: I agree, only Charlotte could have made this statue of her and our victim. Do you think she was smitten? Well we'd better go ask her!

Confront Charlotte Fontaine about the chocolate statue she made of the victim.
Amy: <Rank> <Name> found this chocolate statue, Mrs Fontaine. And you gotta admit, it looks like Juan Rodrigo's murder staging!
Amy: Except on this statue, he's the angel and you're the swooning "victim". Sorry to be blunt but were you two in a relationship?
Charlotte: Hold your horses! There was nothing of the sort going on between Juan Rodrigo and me! He was not that amazing!
Charlotte: I mean have you seen the new muse I found? Dimitrios is so dreamy! Who would have thought the Love Village could deliver such good looking lads!
Charlotte: Oh, but... I'd better keep my breath fresh, what if Dimitrios kisses me?
Charlotte: But I'm being silly, please take one of my last cherry liquor chocolates and forget what I've just said, <Rank> <Name>!
(After talking to Charlotte Fontaine)
Amy: You're right, despite what Mrs Fontaine says, she was clearly smitten with Juan Rodrigo... yet she seems over him now she has Dimitrios!
Amy: What if she grew tired of Juan Rodrigo and fancied herself a newer, more attractive muse? Do you think she could have killed our victim to get Dimitrios?!

Examine Faded Flyer.
Amy: Well done <Name>, the message on this flyer reads: "Juan Rodrigo's last call for love"? What could that be?
Amy: I agree <Name>, let's send this message to Hannah, she will tell us what this is about!

Analyze Flyer.
Hannah: Hey, thanks for bringing me this "Juan Rodrigo's last call for love" flyer, but I don't need it. You know Heather and I are all hooked up already!
Hannah: Jokes aside, this flyer is an ad for a special event in which Juan Rodrigo delivered autographs. This event took place in his love shack, up in the mountains.
Amy: Autograph session you say? You're right <Name>, this item jogs my memory. This is where the killer must have gotten the autograph you picked up in the crime scene!
Amy: Understood, since this event took place at the victim's love shack, and since we know the killer went there at some point, we need to go reinvestigate it right away!

Investigate Chalet Steps.
Amy: This snow globe you just picked up represents the Love Village, <Name>! And it looks like there used to be a message written on it. Do you think you can retrieve it?
Amy: And I guess you're right, <Name>. Since we know the killer came here, searching the victim's trash could prove useful.

Examine Snow Globe.
Amy: Amazing, <Name>! Thanks to your skills we can see what was written on this snow globe: "You belong here! - The Mayor."
Amy: Absolutely, <Name>. Why would the Mayor leave such a message for the victim? You're right, we need to go pry some answers out of him!

Ask why Désiré Bower didn't want the victim to leave the village.
Amy: Mayor Bower! <Rank> <Name> found this snow globe you left in front of the victim's chalet up in the mountains. Care to explain now?
Désiré: You don't get it, he insulted the village! Oh dear, I can never get over it, maybe cherry liquor chocolates could help me swallow the stress...
Amy: Juan Rodrigo insulted the village? I thought you said he was a local treasure?
Désiré: We weren't big enough for him! You know what this brainless lummox said to the Daily Dawn? He said, and I quote: "I can't wait to leave this hellhole, Ivywood I'm coming for you!"
Désiré: Well, all that's left to hope is that Juan's dreadful murder might somehow attract tourists...
Désiré: After all, a lot of people come here to try and see the Night Walker. If we can't be the Love Village anymore, we'll settle for attracting a new crowd!

Examine Trash.
Amy: Do you think we'll stop searching through people's trash someday, <Name>?
Amy: I guess we won't, because otherwise you would not find such great clues like this card! It seems it's from a fan of Juan Rodrigo.
Amy: The card says: "Hey Juan Rodrigo. I can't stop thinking about you. Call me." Oh shoot, you can't read the phone number. Could you try and decipher it, <Name>?

Examine Love Card.
Amy: Nice going, <Name>! You managed to retrieve the phone number from that love card you found inside the victim's trash can!
Amy: Alright, I'll have the number sent to Hannah so she can tell us who sent such a flirty card to the victim.

Analyze Phone Number.
Hannah: Alright <Name>. The phone number you found on this flirty message to Juan Rodrigo belongs to a certain Tiffany Neng.
Hannah: Tiffany is a gossip columnist for Girly Gossips. Since the gossip world is not my forte, I took the liberty of calling Heather in.
Heather: Thanks for hearing me out, <Rank> <Name>. I actually know Tiffany a bit. She is a fierce and pushy careerist.
Heather: Which is why this love card is so out of character. I can't picture her being so soppy with anyone...
Amy: Well... I have to agree with <Name>. The best way to find out what Tiffany had in mind is to go ask her!

Question Tiffany Neng about the card she sent to the victim.
Tiffany: Your intel was right about me, <Rank> <Name>. I sent Juan Rodrigo this love card. It was to gather gossip on him, for my job!
Tiffany: It was just for work at first, but... I admit, eventually I'm the one who fell in love with Juan Rodrigo! He was so... perfect!
Amy: Oh my God, you too?
Tiffany: I don't know what happened, it's not like me... The Love Village got to my head, and I think it was because of liquor chocolates Juan Rodrigo gave me, too...
Tiffany: Well at least there's a bright side. I won't have to publish trash on Juan Rodrigo now that he's dead...

Later on, at the station...
Chief Marquez: <Name>, have you seen Amy? I can't find her anywhere!
Chief Marquez: Thank God you're here to fill me in about your progress on finding Juan Rodrigo's killer.
Chief Marquez: So if I get it right, Charlotte Fontaine got her hand on a new young lad to be the poster boy for her chocolate line?
Chief Marquez: As for the mayor, he was bitter the victim wanted to leave the village. But now he claims he can turn the murder into a romantic curiosity!
Chief Marquez: Ah it's my phone ringing, this must be Amy.
Amy: Chief Marquez, <Name>? I can't speak too loud...
Chief Marquez: Amy? Where are you?
Amy: I went to the Candy Shop to follow a lead on the killer... and... I'm scared, he's...
Amy: Oh no, he's coming back! HELP!

Chapter 3

Chief Andrea Marquez: Ah it's my phone ringing, this must be Amy.
Amy: Chief Marquez? I can't speak too loud...
Chief Marquez: Amy? Where are you?
Amy: I went to the Candy Shop to follow a lead on the killer... and... I'm scared, he's...
Amy: Oh no, he's coming back! HELP!
Chief Marquez: Amy? What's going on, AMY!
Chief Marquez: <Name>, we need to race to the candy shop and get Amy out of harm's way! Get the car!

At the Candy Shop...
Chief Marquez: Amy! There you are!
Amy: Oh <Name>, I'm so relieved to see you, I thought I was going to die!
Chief Marquez: Tell us what happened, Amy.
Amy: It's Roberto... He tried to kiss me!
Chief Marquez: WHAT? We thought you were in danger, Amy! You can't use police resources for your heart problems! What if next time you're in REAL danger?
Amy: But Roberto would not let me leave! Now that his brother's dead he's become overconfident, he's like a different man!
Roberto: Hey hey Amy! I see you've brought friends, the more the merrier! But if we want to get to know each other better, we'll be better off alone. Do you mind, <Rank> <Name>?
Amy: Hey, don't talk to <Rank> <Name> like that! You stay put, because once they're done combing the place, I'm sure they'll want to have a serious talk with you!

Ask Roberto Vasquez why he kept Amy against her will.
Amy: You kept me against my will, Mr Vasquez! Are you crazy? You can't force a woman to be with you if she doesn't want to!
Roberto: It's because you haven't seen what a great kisser I am yet, Amy. Wait a sec, with a bit of breath spray, it will be exquisite!
Amy: Stop it now! What's got into you? It's like you're a completely different man!
Roberto: Since my brother's passed away, I feel free! There's no one to berate me for eating "Mon Petit Chocolat" treats, no one to tell me I'm a fat blob! Don't you get it? I'm finally happy!
Roberto: Now he's gone I'm confident I can date any girl I like! And I'm gonna start with you Amy! How about we go to my brother's love shack sip a bottle of champagne together?
Amy: Oh please <Name>, get me out of here...

Investigate Candy Shelves.
Amy: Good catch, <Name>. This torn paper you just found doesn't look like a candy package. I'll let you do the fixing, everyone knows you're better at this than I am.
Amy: Oh my, this document you've found has a note: "Look what you did to me!" It seems it's a medical document, but sadly we can't see what it's about, we need to recover the image first!

Examine Torn Paper.
Amy: Hey <Name>, you returned this issue of Girly Gossips magazine to its former glory, that's no small feat!
Amy: But... who's on the cover? It looks like Juan Rodrigo is getting flirty with... Tiffany Neng, the Girly Gossips columnist!
Amy: But... why would they print a picture of their own reporter? You're right <Name>, we need Tiffany to shed some light on this!

Confront Tiffany Neng about her Girly Gossip cover with the victim.
Tiffany: Oh, how embarrassing. I thought I had torn this magazine into small enough shreds so no one could see it...
Amy: Wait a minute. You are the one working for Girly Gossips. So why would you publish that story in the first place?
Tiffany: I'm not the one who told the magazine about our relationship! Juan Rodrigo did!
Tiffany: To think I was stupid enough to believe he loved me! We took flirty selfies together while drinking champagne. They were meant to be private, but he sent them to my boss!
Tiffany: You know how tough the gossip business is. The magazine paid Juan Rodrigo for the pictures, and published them without even telling me!
Tiffany: Then they fired me, on account of unprofessional behavior! I lost my love, my job, I lost everything!
(After talking to Tiffany Neng)
Amy: Don't you feel sorry for Tiffany, <Name>? More and more it seems that Juan Rodrigo was nothing else than a manipulative freak!
Amy: But you're right, at least now we know the last picture of our victim was taken at his love shack. Which means we should go back there and look for other clues!

Investigate Victim's Chalet.
Amy: Oh my, you've just picked up a "Mon Petit Chocolat" box!
Amy: But you're right, we know the killer fancies these cherry liquor chocolates! We should search through the box!

Examine Chocolate Box.
Amy: I agree <Name>, what are the odds of us finding a breath spray in a chocolate box when we know the killer fancies cherry liquor chocolates?
Amy: Oh, you're doubly right! We also know the killer uses breath spray! Which means this spray must belong to them!
Amy: And you're right! There's something red on it. We need to follow this trail, the killer is at hand now. We need to take a sample off this spray!

Examine Breath Spray.
Amy: Talk about skills, <Name>! You managed to isolate some red powder off the killer's breath spray! I'll have it sent to Yann for analysis right away!

Analyze Red Powder.
Yann: I analyzed the red powder you found on the killer's breath spray, <Name.
Yann: Because the red powder had been in the cold so long, its genetic make-up was damaged, which made it hard to identify.
Yann: Still, I managed to retrieve some petal papilla cells belonging to the Rosaceae family.
Amy: Did you say all that just to confuse me, Yann?
Yann: Haha, not at all. All I'm saying is that I managed to identify the red powder as being from a rose! A red one to be exact!
Amy: So our killer is wearing a red rose? Ha, red for love, red for murder! We've got them now, <Name>!

Examine White Sheet.
Amy: Incredible <Name>, now you recovered the image in this document, it's clearly an X-ray of a broken arm!
Amy: But what about the message: "Look what you did to me!" Agreed <Name>, let's send this X-ray to the lab!

Analyze X-Ray.
Hannah: A simple phone call might have sufficed to determine who this X-ray sheet belonged to, but a quick hack is way more fun! And I got your winner: Dimitrios Moustaki!
Hannah: He went to the White Peaks X-ray Center after he got injured during his daily ice skating rehearsal. And guess what? He claimed that Juan Rodrigo pushed him!
Amy: Juan Rodrigo broke Dimitrios' arm?! Then that message on the X-ray was meant for our victim! You're right, <Name>, we need to question him!

Ask Dimitrios Moustaki if the victim really broke his arm on purpose.
Amy: Dimitrios, <Rank> <Name> found your X-ray. Was this message meant for Juan Rodrigo? Did he really break your arm?
Dimitrios: Yes he did! That complete douche!
Amy: Oh, poor Dimitrios! It must have hurt so much! Why would Juan Rodrigo do such a thing anyway?
Dimitrios: Because he felt threatened by me, that's why! I'm such a better figure skater than he was, and better looking too!
Dimitrios: By breaking my arm he wanted to make sure I would never be taken for the "Mon Petit Chocolat" commercial. But guess what? Now he's dead I get to star in it!
Dimitrios: I wish I could meet the one who offed him so I could give them a big kiss, but for now I'll just celebrate with fine champagne! You want some? Mrs Fontaine gave me a ton of it, it's so crisp!
(After talking to Dimitrios Moustaki)
Amy: In some way I'm glad that it's Dimitrios who gets the chance to shine, he's so sensitive and delicate...
Amy: Erm, of course <Name>. He's still a suspect! He could have killed Juan Rodrigo just to get the "Mon Petit Chocolat" commercial deal!
Amy: And you're right, we'd better go have one last look at the ice rink before the shooting of the ad begins, otherwise the crime scene will be trampled!

Investigate Ice Statues.
Amy: Isn't it kind of ironic finding a first aid kit on a murder scene, <Name>? You're right, we better have a look inside!

Examine First Aid Kit.
Amy: Now that's interesting, <Name>! Searching through the first aid kit you found a bandage box that is smudged with blood!
Amy: I agree, we should hurry and send this bandage box to Yann! This might prove to be the evidence that helps us catch our killer!

Analyze Bandage Box.
Yann: Hey folks I'm done with the bandage box you sent me. The blood on it was too compromised for me to run a proper analysis on it, but I got you something even better!
Yann: Surprisingly enough, the blood was tainted with champagne!
Amy: Champagne? But <Name> proved the killer drank champagne, right? Could this bandage box be the killer's?
Yann: Exactly! It means the killer disinfected a wound with champagne! And they used a bandage from that box you brought me!
Amy: Talk about forensic acumen, Yann! Now we know the killer is wearing a bandage! Ha, we're so close to catching them, I can feel it, <Name>!

After completing all tasks...
Amy: Curtains call, <Name>! You've gathered enough evidence to arrest Juan Rodrigo's killer!
Amy: You're about to bring justice back to the love village, <Name>! Lovers can't wait, go arrest the Cupid... I mean, the culprit!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: <Rank> <Name> discovered the truth, Tiffany! We're sorry that your relationship with Juan Rodrigo didn't turn out well, but it was no reason to kill him!
Tiffany: How could you say that?! I would never have killed Juan Rodrigo, I was in love with him!
Amy: You can't fool <Rank> <Name>! We found residue of your breath spray all over Juan Rodrigo's face. Maybe you wanted one last kiss before killing him?
Tiffany: Hey this is a joke, right? I don't have time for this, I gotta find a new job and you know how tough that is!
Amy: It's us who don't have time for this, Tiffany! You're a sloppy killer: you left traces of cherry liquor chocolates and champagne behind. All things considered, you're the only suspect that fits!
Tiffany: Argh! Well, he had it coming! Until I met Juan Rodrigo, I had never loved anybody. He made me so many promises: we were meant to grow old together while drinking hot chocolate!
Tiffany: But he used me to get famous outside of this stupid village. He took intimate photos of us and sold them to my magazine: he's ruined my life!
Amy: To be fair, you only write about other people's secrets, which you then call gossip. Because of that, you've ruined countless lives, and yet you get annoyed when it happens to you?
Tiffany: I didn't get "annoyed"! It was the humiliation! The betrayal! Maybe someday someone will break your heart in the worst possible way, then you'll understand!
Amy: Maybe. But <Rank> <Name> is right, for now you're under arrest, Tiffany, for first-degree murder!

Honorable Dante: So if I get it right, Miss Neng... You killed Juan Rodrigo because of this eyesore of a leotard he was wearing, am I right?
Tiffany: This has nothing to do with that! Have you ever been humiliated? By someone you loved?
Honorable Dante: I see... A sophisticated girl like you, on a cover magazine with a guy dressed up like a glittering peacock... This must have been humiliating, indeed. But was that good enough a reason to kill him?
Tiffany: Stop talking about his leotard! He broke my heart! No one's ever broken my heart before, he had to be taught a lesson!
Tiffany: When my father left, my crying mother made me swear I would never show my true feelings to a man. Now I understand what she meant, but I failed her as I failed myself!
Honorable Dante: You may have failed your commitment towards life, Miss Neng. But above all you failed the law! And I hereby sentence you to 20 years in prison! Court is dismissed!

Amy: I hope I never get into such conflicted an affair as Tiffany and Juan Rodrigo's! Their love affair was a real battlefield!
Amy: Hey I just got a text, it's from Bobby!
Amy: Haha, sorry, <Name>... but I, er, I need to get going. I'll see you later!

Additional Investigation

Amy Young: <Name>, I have to say this investigation was so intense I thought I'd never get to see Bobby, but he finally texted me back... I think I got a date!
Frank: That's cute, but... speaking of investigations... Apparently, <Name>, the Mayor wants to talk to you and I.
Frank: I know, I'm as baffled as you, <Name>. Why would the Mayor of the Love Village want to see me? I wasn't even part of your investigation! But hey, I guess we'll have to go see him.
Amy: Okay, <Name>, we'll continue this conversation later, I need to get ready for my date with Bobby anyway...
Chief Marquez: Not so fast! <Rank> <Name>, Roberto Vasquez claims he's made a "major discovery". I can't take care of it right now, so you and Amy will have to talk to him.
Amy: Chief Marquez... Are you sure? I don't think I'd feel a hundred percent comfortable, he asked me out, and I'm not sure I can handle his advances any longer.
Chief Marquez: I know it's hard, but it's part of being a cop, and I trust you'll know how to get past this.
Amy: Yes, sorry, Chief Marquez! Alright <Name>, we can go see Roberto... or you could first go see the Mayor with Frank, maybe?

Ask Roberto Vasquez about his discovery.
Amy: Roberto, I'm warning you! You'd better not have come here to try and make a move on me!
Roberto: No, I promise it has nothing to do with that! It's about the Night Walker!
Roberto: <Rank> <Name>, have you heard about the Night Walker, the masked creature that kidnaps people in the forest and kills them?
Amy: Oh come on, not this again! It's a myth, just a story to scare children!
Roberto: It's not a myth, I got proof he exists! I was developing pictures I took in the forest, and I think I caught the Night Walker on film!
Roberto: But, I was rushing to my place to spread the news, and I slipped on the ice skating rink, and... I lost the picture. People need to know the Night Walker exists!
Amy: Even though I don't believe the Night Walker is real, <Rank> <Name>'s right, it could be cool to debunk an urban legend! Let's go to the ice skating rink and find this picture!

Investigate Ice Rink.
Amy: Great, <Name>, as always, your sharp eye did wonders! This picture's all torn, though. Probably shredded by ice skate blades... Can you piece it back together?

Examine Torn Picture.
Amy: Good job, <Name>, you managed to piece together the shredded picture you found on the ice skating rink! So let's have a look at this "Night Walker".
Amy: What is this?! It looks like... a ghost, a monster, or something?! But... It can't be the Night Walker, right? He can't exist, he's just an urban legend!
Amy: Yes, sorry, <Name>, there must be a rational explanation. Let's see if Hannah can tell us more about this picture.

Analyze Spooky Picture.
Hannah: <Name>... I bet you want to know more about the spooky picture you found at the ice skating rink...
Hannah: I can't be a hundred percent sure, but it's very likely that it's a case of double exposure. It happens when someone uses already used film to take new pictures.
Hannah: Basically, the new picture is taken on top of the old one. Roberto Vasquez took a picture of a forest clearing over another one of some guy, and, ta-daaa! That's how ghost stories are made!
Amy: You were right, there was a rational explanation behind this, <Name>! This whole Night Walker thing is just a fairy tale, I knew it!
Amy: Yes, if the picture's a fake, we better go see Roberto so he stops encouraging the Night Walker legend!

Tell Roberto Vasquez about his picture.
Roberto: You found my picture, <Rank> <Name>! You've seen it, right? It's the Night Walker!
Amy: Stop telling stories! The spooky silhouette is just someone you photographed before with the same film!
Roberto: No, I'm sure it's true! It's the Night Walker on the picture! And I'm gonna prove he exists!
Roberto: And recently, more and more people reported that strange noises and other unexplained phenomenons happened in the woods. I'm sure he's out here, somewhere...
Roberto: But, I have my picture back, have a burger as a thanks, it's on me! Oh, and Amy, after the burger we can grab some ice cream, and...
Amy: Ugh... No, thanks, I think I'll stick with a burger with <Rank> <Name>.

See what's up with Désiré Bower.
Désiré: <Rank> <Name>, I'm so glad you're here! Something very embarrassing happened, and I would rather Amy Young never learned about it!
Frank: Something that concerns Amy? What's this all about?
Désiré: See, Duncan Young, her brother, will get a medal soon for his past heroic actions. We were supposed to receive it at City Hall, but... It was never delivered... I think the shipment was lost!
Désiré: It happens quite often here, postal planes drop packages into the wild. But I don't want Amy to know about this fiasco! Please tell me you can do something about it!
Frank: How are we supposed to find a lost package? We're not the Postal Office... You're right, <Name>, those postal planes often fly over the chalet... Sure, let's have a look there!

Investigate Victim's Chalet.
Frank: If this parcel fell off a plane, <Name>, I don't hold too much hope for its contents, but you're right, let's have a look inside and see what we can find!

Examine Parcel.
Frank: What a stroke of luck, <Name>, you found Duncan's medal in that parcel!
Frank: Amy's brother, Duncan, must have been a pretty good cop to get a medal for heroism.
Frank: Poor kid, it must be tough being stuck in a wheelchair after all this. And I understand better now why Amy's so eager to prove herself.
Frank: I agree, <Name>, we should go give Duncan's medal back to the Mayor!

Give Duncan Young's medal to Désiré Bower.
Frank: Mr Mayor, <Rank> <Name> found Duncan Young's medal for you!
Désiré: Thank you so much! I really didn't want to tell the Young family that we'd lost Duncan's medal! When it comes to him, things get a little touchy...
Frank: What exactly happened to Duncan, if you don't mind us asking? How did he end up on a wheelchair?
Désiré: Ah, well, it's a pretty sad story. And actually, the White Peaks Herald has just published an article about it, I suggest you read it.
Frank: And where could we find a copy of this article?
Désiré: I'm pretty sure I left my own copy at the Candy Shop. Oh, and before you go, <Rank> <Name>, here's a little contribution to the Police Funds, on behalf of the Love Village!

Investigate Candy Shop.
Frank: <Name>, this must be the newspaper the Mayor told us about, and there's a picture of Duncan Young on the front page! But the headline's erased... Think you can work your magic on it?

Examine Faded Newspaper.
Frank: Way to go, <Name>, you recovered the headline! "White Peaks' Broken Dream"... I'm guessing the story behind Duncan's accident must be pretty tragic, uh?
Frank: Hm, two years ago, a psycho held a group of campers hostage in the mountains. Duncan Young was the first officer on the scene...
Frank: But before Duncan could handcuff him, the psycho aimed his gun at a little girl! Whoa, this is getting gripping!
Frank: Duncan threw himself in front of the girl to shield her... He got struck with a bullet straight to the spine, but managed to shoot the psycho before falling unconscious. So that's how he ended up in a wheelchair!
Frank: Gee, poor kid! That's not how courage should be rewarded! We need more people like him and you in the Police Force, <Name>!
Frank: I wonder how this accident affected Amy. It looks like she's quite close to her brother. Mustn't have been easy for the kid. But I guess she'll tell us about it in her own time.

Later, at the station...
Duncan: Hey! <Rank> <Name>, how are you doing? I'm here to see my sister at work, to give her some tips, show her the ropes, right, Amy?
Amy: I know you don't believe it, Duncan, but I'm not a kid anymore. And knowing you, there's most probably another reason you dropped by the station.
Duncan: You got me! You've probably heard about the Night Walker, <Rank> <Name>? It seems that more and more people in White Peaks claim to have seen him.
Amy: Come on, Duncan! Don't tell me you believe in those Night Walker stories, too?! <Name> has already spent enough time investigating this silly legend...
Duncan: I'm starting to believe it, Amy. That's why I'd like your help researching it.
Duncan: Roberto is very well documented on the subject of the Night Walker. I saw him dropping his journal at the Candy Shop... But if you don't think you can find it...
Amy: Ha! <Name> can find anything! We'll get that journal for you in no time, you'll see!

Investigate Candy Shelves.
Amy: Well done, <Name>! You're right, it seems half of the writing on this journal has been erased... Can you recover it?

Examine Faded Journal.
Amy: Nice, <Name>! I never doubted you could recover what was written on Roberto's journal!
Amy: You're right, it seems it's a sketch of the Night Walker. And, on the next page...
Amy: "Taken by the Night Walker". Wait... Does it mean those girls are supposed to have been abducted by the Night Walker?
Amy: You're right, <Name>, if this urban legend is now causing real disappearances, we need to know more about it. Yes, let's show the journal to Hannah!

Analyze Roberto's Journal.
Hannah: Alright, <Name>, the women on those pictures in Roberto's journal all disappeared in the mountains.
Hannah: The different investigations led nowhere, and the cases were declared cold. So, of course, people over here started to bring back the whole Night Walker folklore.
Hannah: But I don't buy it, I don't believe in the boogie man... even though I really have no idea about what happened to those girls...
Amy: You're right, <Name>, since Roberto's obsessed with the Night Walker myth, he might be able to give us extra information about it. Let's go!

Ask Roberto Vasquez about the missing women.
Amy: Roberto, <Rank> <Name> found your journal about the Night Walker. We were wondering what you know about the girls who disappeared in the mountains...
Roberto: The police wouldn't hear about it, but people here claim they saw strange things in the woods around the time those girls disappeared!
Roberto: It can't be a coincidence, it's obviously the Night Walker! And many other people disappeared around here for mysterious reasons, those girls were just the first on the list!
Roberto: But, again, thanks for bringing me back my journal, there's a lot of crucial data in there! Here, take these, they are great to keep your head warm if you explore the mountains!

Later, at the station...
Duncan: So, <Rank> <Name>, did Roberto Vasquez give you interesting information about the Night Walker?
Amy: He's convinced that people who recently disappeared around here have been "taken" by the Night Walker, but he's got no proof...
Duncan: Oh well, I thought you'd find some interesting stuff in that journal... I still think it's strange more and more people vanish around here, I can't recall it ever being that frequent!
Amy: Yes, <Name>, it's true. Even if they're not related to the Night Walker, the recent disappearances are worrying. We'd better keep an eye open for any real information about this!

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