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David Jones: <Name>, returning under the dome has finally revealed what Ad Astra's Plan Supernova is!
Jones: They're developing a serum conferring practically superhuman abilities to people!
Amir: But not to everyone... only those who "deserve" it! The Ad Astrans have undoubtedly created this serum for themselves. They've always thought themselves superior to the "sheeple!"
Jones: Imagine the havoc Rozetta and her cohorts could wreak by turning themselves into superhumans!
Amir: Exactly! Jasper and I are pulling double shifts to understand how this serum works, so we can stop them in time!
Amir: But there's not much to go on. DreamLife destroyed most of their files... and many of their unfortunate test subjects are dead.
Amir: Jones, you're not gonna like this, but Zoe might be the only person who can help. We know they experimented on her for Protozane... what if they also used her for this "enhancement" project?
Jones: Zoe was tortured and traumatized under the dome, Amir. Even if she remembers something, I doubt she'll be willing to talk.
Gabriel: Jones, I understand your concerns. Nobody wants Zoe to suffer anymore.
Gabriel: But with you and <Name> at the hospital, she'll feel safe. And I'll come along for support.
Jones: Alright, <Name>... if we must talk to her, now's the best time.
Jones: She's usually outside in the courtyard in the mornings, enjoying the fresh air. Let's go see her!

Chapter 1

Investigate Hospital Courtyard.
David Jones: ZOE! No! Who... who hurt you?!
Jones: Gabriel, get a doctor! Now!
Gabriel: ... Jones... it's too late. Zoe's skull is broken, and she's not breathing. I'm afraid she's de-
Jones (covering his ears): No! Don't say it! I don't want to hear that word!
Jones: Zoe can't be gone! She can't!
(Jones is seen crying.)
Gabriel: Jones, I'm so sorry... <Name>, we'd better get him back to the station.

Moments later...
Gloria: <Name>, tell me it's not true! Zoe's been... murdered?
Jones: I can't bear to hear that word! My poor Zoe!
(Jones is seen crying.)
(Gloria hugs Jones.)
Chief Parker: I'm so sorry, Jones... Gabriel, can you take Jones to your office?
Gabriel: Of course, Chief. I'll give Jones some sedatives and keep an eye on him.
(Gabriel leaves.)
Chief Parker: Jones is in no state to investigate. But <Name>, you must find out who did this to Zoe!
Chief Parker: This isn't just a personal tragedy for Jones. Zoe might've been a witness against Ad Astra and their "enhanced human" experimentation.
Chief Parker: I'll get Martine started on the autopsy. <Name>, you and Gloria return to the hospital and examine that crime scene with a fine-tooth comb!
Gloria: Understood, Chief! C'mon, <Name>, let's do this for Jones!

Investigate Hospital Courtyard again.
Gloria: This is beyond words, <Name>. How tragic, after everything Zoe's been through.
Gloria: My heart breaks for Jones.
Gloria: But who could've done this to Zoe? And why?
Gloria: Do you think someone killed Zoe because she DID know something about Ad Astra's "human enhancement" research?
Gloria: You're right, <Name>, we can't speculate. Let's examine that set of keys instead! Decoding the tag might give us a witness!
Gloria: And if you think there's a clue among that gardening equipment, I'd say search it, <Name>.
Gloria: Whatever it takes, we'll find Zoe's killer! Let's get to work!

Examine Set of Keys.
Gloria: Apparently these keys belong to a certain T. Randall, <Name>.
Gloria: I see, there's an orderly working at the hospital named Tobias Randall.
Gloria: It's a lead, <Name>! Let's find Mr Randall and see what he can tell us!

Find out what Tobias Randall knows about the murder.
Gloria: Tobias Randall? <Rank> <Name> would like to ask you some questions about-
Tobias: If this is about those bedpans, I swear, that had nothing to do with me.
Gloria: No... we're investigating the murder of a patient: Zoe Kusama.
Tobias: What? Ms Kusama's been killed?
Gloria: Yes. And since you dropped your keys in the courtyard, we wondered whether you saw anything unusual.
Tobias: No! I wheeled Ms Kusama down from her room after breakfast. The patients are often sedated in the morning and the fresh air is therapeutic.
Tobias: This might sound callous, <Rank> <Name>, but it's probably a mercy Ms Kusama is gone.
Gloria: How do you mean?
Tobias: Zoe was a particularly tortured soul. But now she's free from her demons!
Gloria: We all wanted Zoe to be free from her demons. But not like this!
Gloria: We'd like to examine Zoe's room, if you could show us the way.
Tobias: Of course, <Rank> <Name>. Follow me!

Investigate Zoe's Room.
Gloria: Look at Zoe's photographs, <Name>. Despite everything, Zoe and Jones always faced their hardships together.
Gloria: But that pocket watch doesn't look like it belonged to Zoe. Let's dust the faded engraving to find out what it says.
Gloria: And those scraps of paper could be a valuable clue. Let's piece them together, <Name>!

Examine Torn Paper.
Gloria: That torn paper is a drawing, <Name>. Judging from this gown, this looks like a fellow patient. And he's holding a lava lamp.
Gloria: Wait! I remember we interviewed a psychiatric patient with a lava lamp...
Gloria: ... a former DreamLife employee who lost his mind under the dome. Kai Gruber, that's him!
Gloria: Interesting that Gruber ended up in the same hopsital as Zoe, both having suffered at the hands of DreamLife. Maybe they knew each other?
Gloria: Let's ask Kai Gruber!

Ask Kai if he knew Zoe.
Gloria: Hello, Mr Gruber. Do you remember us? <Rank> <Name> and I spoke-
Kai: Yes! You brought Benny Lava back to me! Benny Lava's my best friend!
Gloria: That's... right. We wanted to ask you some questions about Zoe Kusama. She was another patient here.
Kai: Zoe? Benny Lava, do we know anyone named Zoe?
Kai: .........
Kai: Oh yes, Zoe! She's nice, she sometimes shares her pudding with me. And her radio waves, I collect those!
Gloria: No, Mr Gruber. Zoe, she's-
Kai: We can't have radios in here. But the waves, they're everywhere! They can't stop me from having those!
Gloria: Thanks for your... help, Mr Gruber. We'll leave it at that.
Gloria: C'mon <Name>, this is a dead end. We won't get anything out of Mr Gruber.

Examine Pocket Watch.
Gloria: The engraving on that watch looks like a monogram, <Name>. But those aren't Zoe's initials.
Gloria: Let's compare this monogram to the database to try to identify the watch's owner!

Examine Unknown Monogram.
Gloria: You've found a match for that monogram, <Name>. This watch belongs to Dr Jennifer Russo!
Gloria: We've met the therapist before... she must treat patients at the hospital too.
Gloria: In any case, if Dr Russo was treating Zoe, we should speak to her at once!

Ask Dr Russo whether she treated Zoe.
Jennifer: Ah, <Rank> <Name>. I'm sorry we're meeting again under such tragic circumstances. I heard about Zoe's murder.
Gloria: So you were treating her? We found your pocket watch in Ms Kusama's room.
Jennifer: Zoe found the ticking of my watch soothing. So I lent it to her.
Gloria: Can you tell us anything specific about Zoe's treatment?
Jennifer: The details are naturally confidential. But Zoe was remembering more each day, and coming to terms with her guilt about killing Dr Vega.
Jennifer: It's difficult to say whether she'd have ever made a full recovery... I guess now we'll never know.
Gloria: Can you think of anyone who might've wanted to harm Zoe? Any of the other patients?
Jennifer: It never came up in any of our sessions, <Rank> <Name>. But if anything comes to mind, I'll be sure to let you know!

Examine Gardening Equipment.
Gloria: Is that an earring under that gardening equipment, <Name>?
Gloria: You're right, Zoe wore earrings like that! What if she lost it during a struggle with the killer?
Gloria: Let's send Zoe's earring to the lab. Amir might find us a valuable clue!

Analyze Zoe’s Earring.
Amir: Zoe's death is devastating, <Name>. She'd suffered so much already: kidnapping, experiments, amnesia...
Amir: And Ad Astra was responsible for it all! Do you think they had a hand in her murder, too?
Gloria: That's what we're trying to find out. Were there any clues on Zoe's earring?
Amir: Apart from Zoe's, there wasn't any DNA on the earring.
Amir: But it wasn't a total loss. I found traces of ointment on the jewelry, hydrocortisone to be precise.
Amir: The compound is used to treat itchy skin, resulting from an allergy to dust mites.
Amir: Zoe wasn't allergic to dust mites. So, given that the earring was discarded by her killer, logic dictates the ointment is theirs!
Gloria: There's no "might" about it, <Name>. Now that we know the killer has an allergy, catching them is a certainty!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Martine: It's moments like these when personal feelings make my job difficult, <Name>.
Martine: First Rupert, then Mia... and now Zoe! It's all too close to home! How's Jones holding up?
Gloria: Gabriel is looking after Jones. Now, as difficult as it was, did you find anything during the autopsy?
Martine: Zoe's head wound indicates she was attacked with a pole or a club of some kind, killed by blunt force trauma.
Gloria: How ironic, given that Zoe murdered Dr Vega by breaking his skull.
Martine: Meanwhile, I found something the killer left behind!
Martine: There were traces of mouthwash around Zoe's head wound, which must've been transferred from the murder weapon. It was most likely on the killer's hands.
Gloria: Mouthwash or not, <Name>, a murder conviction will leave a bad taste in the killer's mouth!

Later, at the precinct...
Gloria: I'm still in shock after everything that's happened, <Name>.
Gloria: We visited Zoe in the psychiatric hospital to see if she knew anything about Ad Astra's "human enhancement" research...
Gloria: But instead, we found her murdered!
Gloria: This is tragic, <Name>. Jones has lost the love of his life.
Gloria: And we've lost a potential witness. There's no telling what Zoe might've known about Ad Astra's experiments.
Gloria: Dr Russo said Zoe was regaining her memory. Is it possible Ad Astra orchestrated Zoe's murder to silence her?
Gloria: Orderly Tobias Randall claims he didn't see the crime, and Kai Gruber... he didn't make much sense at all.
Gloria: This is crazy, if you'll pardon my choice of words. I-
Cathy: <Name>... <Name>! You've gotta get back to the asylum, quickly!
Cathy: Some patients found out about Zoe's murder! They're causing a disturbance at the hospital!

Chapter 2

Gloria Hayes: I'm still in shock about what's happened, <Name>.
Gloria: We visited Zoe to ask what she knew about Ad Astra's "human enhancement" plans...
Gloria: ...But instead, we found her murdered!
Gloria: Jones has lost the love of his life and-
Cathy: <Name>! You've gotta get back to the asylum!
Cathy: Some patients found out about Zoe's murder! They're causing trouble in the hospital common room!
Gloria: Oh great, <Name>, more madness. Let's get this situation under control!

In the hospital common room...
Upset Patients: Santa Claus is responsible for this! He's coming to town! He'll kill us all!
Gloria: Everybody calm down! Santa's not-
Upset Patients: But he's making a list... he sees us when we're sleeping! He knew Zoe was awake, and now she's dead!
Tobias: Everyone relax. Santa doesn't want to hurt you, he brings you presents. Remember last Christmas?
Upset Patients: Yeah... but...
Tobias: And you left him cookies! Let's go back to our rooms and we'll have cookies!
Upset Patients: Yeah, cookies! Santa loves cookies!
Tobias: Thanks for your assistance, <Rank> <Name>, I'll take it from here.
(Tobias and the upset patients leave.)
Gloria: That was intense, <Name>. Zoe's murder has the patients pretty rattled.
Gloria: Now that everything's under control, let's search the common room. It's likely Zoe spent some time here!

Investigate Common Room.
Gloria: Smart thinking, <Name>. If Zoe had any visitors, they'll be in the faded entries of that sign-in book.
Gloria: And we must follow any potential lead, so let's search that trash can.

Examine Trash Bin.
Gloria: That crumpled paper in the trash has blood on it, <Name>! If that blood matches Zoe, then that paper was discarded by her killer!
Gloria: "Matching paper," "Burn them in boxes,"... is this strange list mere the crazy ramblings of one of the patients?
Gloria: Regardless, it may be a clue! Let's have Gabriel examine this list!

Analyze Blood-Stained List.
Gloria: How's Jones doing, Gabriel? He must be beside himself!
Gabriel: He's resting, <Name>. The important thing right now is to be there for him.
Gloria: I can't imagine losing a loved one to such a violent crime... we must bring the killer to justice.
Gloria: On that note, did you make any sense of that list <Name> sent you?
Gabriel: Amir confirmed the blood type is a match for Zoe, so it's clear it was discarded by her killer.
Gabriel: The list itself confused me at first. But then it clicked!
Gabriel: <Name>, Sofia and I often play crossword puzzles against each other, online... And this list looks exactly like a set of clues!
Gabriel: "Matching paper," for example. The answer is confetti!
Gabriel: Confetti is paper used at weddings, where life-long matches are made! Get it?
Gabriel: I solved the rest of the clues in no time, <Name>. This is a page from a crossword puzzle book!
Gabriel: Given the blood, we now know that your killer enjoys crossword puzzles! They must've wiped their hands with this page!
Gloria: So the killer does crosswords? Well, we're one step closer to solving our puzzle!
Gloria: And I agree, <Name>, let's head back and search Zoe's room!

Investigate Zoe's Desk.
Gloria: Someone's scribbled "Murderer!" across Zoe's mirror, <Name>! Who would do such a thing?
Gloria: I agree, taking a sample of that blue substance might provide an answer!
Gloria: And who could've left that tablet in Zoe's room?
Gloria: If you crack this tablet's password, <Name>, we'll see who it belongs to!

Examine Locked Tablet.
Gloria: This tablet belongs to Dr Russo, <Name>. And these are some of her session notes about Zoe.
Gloria: This is strange. It says here Dr Russo was concerned about Zoe's treatment: "Ms Kusama is becoming increasingly agitated, refusing to take her prescribed medication."
Gloria: That's not what Dr Russo said before, <Name>. She said Zoe was improving! Let's find out why she lied!

Ask Dr Russo why she lied about Zoe's treatment.
Gloria: Dr Russo, you claimed Zoe was recovering. But your session notes suggest otherwise!
Jennifer: Thank you for returning my tablet, <Rank> <Name>. Those notes are confidential, but I suppose there's no harm explaining them to you.
Jennifer: Ms Kusama was improving, becoming stronger and more well-balanced.
Jennifer: Too strong for her own good, in fact. Zoe began refusing treatment, claiming I was keeping her overly sedated!
Jennifer: Treating Zoe's psychological trauma was complex, <Rank> <Name>. It wasn't like solving my morning crossword puzzle!
Gloria: So your solution was prescribing more drugs?
Jennifer: I assure you, the doses I prescribed were mild. Those sedatives were no more harmful than my mouthwash, or my allergy cream!
Gloria: Still, a patient accusing you of over-prescribing must've been inconvenient. If Zoe was well enough to take her complaints further-
Jennifer: <Rank> <Name>, that's pure speculation. Now, I suggest you let me do my job, and I wish you success in yours!

Examine Message on Mirror.
Gloria: Alright, <Name>, let's get this blue substance to the lab! Whoever wrote "Murderer!" on Zoe's mirror has some explaining to do!

Analyze Blue Substance.
Amir: I've finished my report on that blue substance you collected off Zoe's mirror, <Name>. Someone actually wrote "Murderer" with this?
Gloria: Yes. And we're eager to find out who it was!
Amir: I think I can help. The compound is calcium hypochlorite, a hospital-grade cleaning agent.
Amir: In facilities like hospitals, it's a disinfectant commonly used by support staff.
Gloria: Support staff... like an orderly? Do you think Tobias Randall wrote that message, <Name>?
Gloria: You're right, we can't deny the evidence. Mr Randall needs to explain himself!

Confront Tobias Randall about vandalizing Zoe's mirror.
Tobias (holding a mouthwash bottle): I'm just freshening up after that uproar in the common room, <Rank> <Name>. Everyone's on edge with a murderer on the loose!
Gloria: Speaking of which, how do you explain writing "Murderer!" across Zoe's mirror?
Tobias: How... how did you know that was me?
Tobias: Alright, I did write that! But it's true, Zoe was nothing but a cold-blooded killer!
Gloria: We're familiar with Zoe's record. The Judge ruled she was under extreme psychological duress and wasn't responsible for her actions.
Tobias: That's what the quacks all say! But murder is murder, no matter what you call it!
Tobias: My little brother got killed by one of these maniacs... and the guy never went to jail! "Diminished responsiblity," they called it! What about justice for my brother?
Tobias: Zoe deserved to be in jail! It's no wonder she was chummy with that Wilcox woman, another notorious murderer!
Gloria: You mean Rosamund Wilcox? The infamous Rocket Cow Killer? Zoe was friends with her?
Tobias: Why are you surprised? Killers like them stick together!
Gloria: Interesting attitude, Mr Randall.
Gloria: Meanwhile, <Name>. If Wilcox is a patient here, and she knew Zoe, that's an unexpected lead we should follow!

Gloria: I can't say I'm looking forward to seeing Rosamund Wilcox again, <Name>. That woman kidnapped me!
Gloria: I highly doubt Zoe was "chummy" with a serial killer. But let's hear what Wilcox has to say!

Ask Rosamund Wilcox if she was friends with Zoe.
Rosamund: It's a shame it took a murder investigation for you to come visit me, <Rank> <Name>.
Rosamund: Have you missed me, Officer Hayes?
Gloria: We're not here to reminisce. Tell us: is it true you and Zoe Kusama were friends?
Rosamund: Zoe was the only one around here I could get along with. I mean, have you seen the rest of these loons?
Rosamund: We'd chat for hours while I drank my decaf coffee.
Gloria: And were you out "chatting" with Zoe in the courtyard this morning?
Rosamund: I wasn't even awake. I'm hardly out of bed before lunchtime!
Gloria: Well, you can go back to bed now. <Rank> <Name> knows where to find you!

Examine Visitor's Logbook.
Gloria: <Name>, this log says Zoe was visited this morning...
Gloria: ... by Louis Leroux, the journalist!
Gloria: Right, that makes sense. Mr Leroux has been Zoe's friend since before she went missing.
Gloria: We'd better inform Mr Leroux about the murder, <Name>.

Inform Louis Leroux of Zoe's death.
Louis: <Rank> <Name>, I've heard the terrible news.
Louis: How's Jones doing? He must be a wreck. I myself am devastated!
Gloria: You have our condolences, Mr Leroux. Did anything seem out of the ordinary when you visited Zoe this morning?
Louis: No, Zoe seemed fine. She's improved so much lately, I was sure she'd recover one day.
Louis: And it ends like this, after everything she'd been through?
Louis: <Rank> <Name>, I'm sorry to cut this short, but I have a broadcast. One swig of mouthwash and I'm on air. I trust you'll make short work of this investigation!

Back at the precinct...
Gloria: Alright, <Name>. Let's review what we know.
Gloria: We've learned Louis Leroux visited Zoe this morning, saying her condition was visibly improving...
Gloria: ... while Dr Russo still believed Zoe needed to be sedated.
Gloria: We also discovered Zoe made an unlikely friend in the hospital: serial killer Rosamund Wilcox!
Gloria: Meanwhile, Tobias Randall harbors a grudge against his patients, saying Zoe should've been in jail!
Gloria: With so many contradictions, <Name>, how are we-
Jones: So, have you done it, <Name>? Have you figured out which one of those monsters killed Zoe?!
Jones: I'll kill them with my bare hands!

Chapter 3

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, when we visited Zoe in the hospital, we didn't expect to find her with her head bashed in!
Gloria: So the question remains: did Zoe know anything about Ad Astra's human enhancement-
Jones: Tell me who did it, <Name>! Who hurt Zoe?! They'll regret the day they were born!
Gloria: Jones? What are you doing here? You should be with Gabriel-
Jones: I'll kill them, <Name>, with my bare hands! I don't care what happens, I-
Gloria: Jones, we know you're upset, but calm down...
(Jones is seen crying.)
Gabriel: C'mon Jones, come back to my office. <Name> has the investigation in hand.
(Gabriel and Jones leave.)
Gloria: I'm worried about Jones, <Name>, he seems to be at the end of his rope.
Gloria: You're right, all the more reason to catch Zoe's killer! Let's do another sweep of the hospital common room!

Investigate Board Game Area.
Gloria: <Name>, we know the killer was in the common room... maybe we'll find a clue from the footage on that security camera!
Gloria: And look at this domino board! Someone's spelled "Die Zoe" with those pieces!
Gloria: That's no coincidence, <Name>. A sample of that liquid stain might provide a lead.
Gloria: And check out that cubby bin, <Name>. It has Zoe's name on it. Let's search through her personal belongings!
Gloria: We're hot on the killer's trail, I can feel it. Let's get to work on these clues!

Examine Zoe's Belongings.
Gloria: You've found Zoe's diary in her cubby bin, <Name>! Her initials are on it.
Gloria: Reading Zoe's innermost thoughts will give us insight into her state of mind before she died.
Gloria: Let's have Gabriel examine Zoe's journal!

Analyze Zoe's Diary.
Gabriel: I've read Zoe's diary, <Name>, and I might've found something.
Gabriel: Despite her progress, the entries indicate Zoe's mind was troubled. The writing is often incoherent, mostly a collection of randomly resurfacing memories.
Gabriel: And there's nothing about Ad Astra or Plan Supernova.
Gloria: I suppose that would've been too easy. But you said you found something?
Gabriel: Zoe writes that Louis Leroux frequently visited. She seemed happy about it at first...
Gabriel: ... but becomes increasingly uncomfortable with his behavior. There are no details, but it's evident Leroux was making Zoe feel uneasy.
Gabriel: Just last night, Zoe wrote she didn't want to see Leroux anymore, and was going to demand he stops coming!
Gloria: What reason would Zoe have to not to want see her friend?
Gloria: I agree, <Name>. Let's talk to Louis Leroux again!

Find out why Zoe didn't want to see Louis Leroux anymore.
Louis: <Rank> <Name>, what's a six-letter word for tropical fruit? This crossword puzzle's been bothering me all day.
Gloria: We'd prefer to know why Zoe never wanted to see you again. We read her diary!
Louis (sweating): Ah, so you know... Well, that was a... misunderstanding!
Louis: Whenever I visited Zoe, I'd bring flowers or other gifts, to cheer her up.
Louis: But Zoe mistook this for flirtation. She thought I was making a pass at her!
Louis: I'd never do that! She loved Jones, I wouldn't get in the way of that. And besides, we were just friends!
Gloria: So what happened this morning? Did Zoe confront you?
Louis: Yes! I explained myself, but she thought I was lying because I was all fidgety. But I was itchy, this dust mite allergy of mine!
Louis: She yelled at me, but I didn't take it to heart. Zoe was having one of her particularly bad days, because of her medication.
Louis: It breaks my heart that our last encounter was an argument!

Examine Security Camera.
Gloria: Alright, <Name>. Let's press play and see what this security camera recorded!

Start of footage...
Kai: You witch! You've been sent to kill me! Benny Lava says so!
Zoe: But, Kai... I won't hurt you!
Kai: Are you calling Benny Lava a liar?! I KNEW he was the only one I could trust!
Kai: If you ever come near me again, it'll be the last thing you do!

End of footage...
Gloria: This is footage of Zoe, <Name>... and that's a whopper of an argument!
Gloria: Kai Gruber said he liked Zoe, but he straight out threatened her!
Gloria: We'd better ask Kai to explain this, <Name>. Hopefully he'll make more sense this time!

Ask Kai Gruber why he threatened Zoe.
Kai: The train schedules are making me itchy, <Rank> <Name>. The doc says I'm allergic to dust mites, but that's what the trains want you to believe!
Gloria: We're sorry to hear that. But we need to talk to you about Zoe.
Gloria: You said Zoe was nice, but we know you argued. You warned her to stay away!
Kai: It's because I realized Zoe was here to kill me, <Rank> <Name>! She'd come from under the dome! The rose must've sent her!
Kai: Zoe admitted she'd been under the dome during group therapy. That's why I couldn't trust her! She was gonna poison my mouthwash, I knew it!
Kai: All the signs were there, I could see it in my crossword puzzle clues! Zoe was gonna get me, on the rose's orders!
Gloria: Kai... did you kill Zoe so she wouldn't hurt you?
Kai: Benny Lava said I should kill her. But I didn't.
Kai: And now that she's gone, the rose can't hurt anymore!

Examine Domino Board.
Gloria: <Name>, whoever spelled "Die Zoe" on that domino board clearly had harmful intentions! Let's put this sample under the microscope to figure out who it was!

Examine Brown Substance.
Gloria: The liquid stain on that domino board is decaf coffee, <Name>...
Gloria: You're right, Rosamund Wilcox said she drinks decaf! So she was the one who wanted Zoe dead?
Gloria: I KNEW her "friendship" with Zoe was a sham! Let's go grill Wilcox!

Confront Rosamund Wilcox about her threat to Zoe.
Gloria: Alright Wilcox. We saw your threat to Zoe. Is murder just a game to you?
Rosamund: What's the big deal, <Rank> <Name>? So I made a joke with my dominoes. I do crosswords too, you wanna arrest me for that?
Gloria: Don't try our patience! We can easily add another murder conviction to your record!
Rosamund: Alright, I guess I've had my fun. The truth is, I've been planning to kill Zoe for weeks!
Gloria: You what? You were going to kill Zoe?!
Rosamund: Not at first. I didn't give that boring drag a second thought...
Rosamund: ... until I discovered she was Detective Jones' girlfriend! That's when I came up with an entertaining plan!
Rosamund: I got Zoe to confide in me. Then I'd get inside her head, taunting her with her own fears. Like that game board.
Rosamund: It was fun watching her suffer, and even more satisfying to see Jones all worried about her!
Rosamund: I would've killed her eventually. That would've been my ultimate revenge on the Grimsborough PD!
Rosamund: Unfortunately, somebody got to her first. I guess the party's over!
Gloria: Well, if <Rank> <Name> finds out you went through with your plans, your troubles are just beginning!

Later, at the precinct...
Gloria: <Name>, Zoe was sent to the psychiatric hospital to recover... But her environment was more hostile than therapeutic!
Gloria: Fellow patient Kai Gruber was paranoid Zoe wanted to kill him, delusions that could've easily driven him to murder!
Gloria: Meanwhile, Rosamund Wilcox played cruel mind games with Zoe, enjoying her and Jones' torment, as revenge on the police!
Gloria: Not to mention Zoe seems to have fallen out with her friend, Louis Leroux!
Gloria: Apparently Jones was the only one fighting in Zoe's corner... and he's shattered with grief.
Gloria: <Name>, it's time we solved this case once and for all! Let's return to the scene of the crime!

Investigate Courtyard Statue.
Gloria: That crossword book must be the killer's, <Name>.
Gloria: The torn out page inside matches the blood-stained clues we found earlier!
Gloria: Let's collect a sample of that dirt from the cover, perhaps Amir can find us a clue!
Gloria: And that garden shed is the ideal place to hide evidence, <Name>. Let's open it up!

Examine Crossword Book.
Gloria: <Name>, that sample you vacuumed off the killer's crossword book looks like plain old dirt to me...
Gloria: But if Amir gets a lead from this sample, Zoe's killer could be within our grasp!

Analyze Dirt.
Gloria: Amir, what can you tell us about the dirt <Name> collected from the killer's crossword book?
Amir: There was nothing to deduce from the substance itself. It's just dirt from the hospital courtyard.
Amir: However, I found a small metal clasp among the particles. It didn't take long to realize it's the kind of clasp found on the back of a badge.
Gloria: Ah, those fiddly little things you fasten a badge with. I always have trouble with the one on my own badge.
Gloria: Apparently our killer does too. Keep an eye out for a badge, <Name>!

Examine Garden Shed.
Gloria: Let's look inside that garden shed, <Name>...
Gloria: ... there's a blood-stained fence post inside! Martine said the murder weapon was something like a club - we might've found it!
Gloria: The killer must've broken this post off the fence and clubbed Zoe with it. Amir can tell us for certain!

Analyze Blood-Stained Fence Post.
Amir: I'm eager to see Zoe's killer brought to justice, <Name>, so I'll keep my report on that fence post brief
Amir: The blood and skin tissue are a match for Zoe, and the post itself matches her head wound.
Gloria: So that fence post is the murder weapon, <Name>.
Amir: Precisely! Which means any residue on it was left behind by the killer... like the small traces of sweat I detected.
Amir: Now, there wasn't much DNA in the sweat, but the profile indicates your killer has brown eyes!
Gloria: The killer has brown eyes, <Name>. They'll have to look into OUR eyes and explain why they murdered Zoe!

After completing all the tasks...
Gloria: It's time we got justice for Zoe and arrested her killer, <Name>! C'mon... we're doing this for Jones!

Take care of the killer now!
Gloria: Louis Leroux, you're under arrest! Of all the predators who might've killed Zoe, it turns out to be one of her friends!
Louis: You're arresting ME? That's preposterous!
Gloria: We know you argued this morning. Did it get so heated that you stuck Zoe on the head with that fence post?
Louis: Fence post? No, <Rank> <Name>, Zoe was fine when I left her!
Gloria: She was far from fine! You hit her on the head, then wiped your hands with a page from your crossword puzzle book!
Louis: A crossword puzzle? That doesn't prove anything!
Gloria: Stop lying, Leroux! Your DNA was all over the murder weapon, we know you did it! Did you kill Zoe because she rejected your inappropriate advances?
Louis: No! I told you, there was nothing romantic between us! I killed her because I discovered what she could do with her mind!
Gloria: You... what? What are you talking about?
Louis: Zoe... she could move things with her mind! Levitating cups, throwing small objects across the room, just by thinking of them!
Louis: <Rank> <Name>, I know it sounds crazy, but I saw it with my own eyes!
Louis: I discovered it by accident, when I walked into Zoe's room unannounced a few weeks ago... she was levitating a teacup!
Gloria: Levitating teacups? Maybe YOU should've spent some time in the asylum, Leroux. You're nuts!
Louis: It's true, though! When I asked her about it, Zoe refused to discuss it, pretending it never happened. I don't even know how long it'd been going on for.
Louis: But I couldn't stop thinking about it. What if Zoe's strange abilities were the result of what was done to her under the dome?
Louis: <Rank> <Name>, don't you understand? What if there was more to DreamLife's experiments than what you'd uncovered? What if Protozane wasn't the only thing they made?
Louis: Zoe was the only subject to survive the tests, and I was the only one who knew what Zoe could do. It was MY responsibility to uncover the truth!
Gloria: So that's why Zoe didn't trust you! That's why she wanted you to stay away!
Louis: I needed her to understand how important this was. So I went to see her this morning to convince her to submit to tests, to examine what was happening to her.
Louis: But Zoe freaked out at the prospect of more experiments. She swore she wouldn't let another person poke or prod her again!
Gloria: So you killed her!
Louis: I believed I could convince her. Surely she didn't want DreamLife to get away with the terrible things they'd done! But she refused, then became hysterical.
Louis: She screamed, threatening to call an orderly. I knew if I was thrown out for good, I'd have no opportunity to find out more. This was my only chance!
Louis: I panicked, hitting her with that fence post to keep her quiet.
Louis: I wasn't thinking, <Rank> <Name>, I truly lost my mind. Now my friend is gone forever! And we might never know the truth!
Gloria: <Name>, that's a lot to take in. I don't even know how to react.
Gloria: But the evidence against you is clear, Leroux. You're under arrest for Zoe Kusama's murder!

Judge Powell: Louis Leroux, you're charged with the murder of Zoe Kusama. How do you plead?
Louis: Guilty, Your Honor! I got obsessed with an idea, I thought I was pursuing the truth... and I murdered a dear friend.
Judge Powell: You've taken the life of a woman who'd already suffered more than her fair share. All in the name of catching a "scoop!"
Judge Powell: As such, I'm sentencing you to life in prison!
Louis (crying): I'm so sorry, Zoe. What have I done?

Later, at the precinct...
Chief Parker: I don't know what to make of this, <Name>. Louis Leroux admits to murdering Zoe...
Chief Parker: ... but claims Zoe had extraordinary abilities, moving objects with her mind!
Chief Parker: While these claims do sound astonishing, <Name>, what if Leroux is right and those experiments under the dome were responsible for whatever was happening to Zoe?
Chief Parker: After all, we ourselves were wondering if Zoe could've been a test subject for Plan Supernova!
Gloria: But what does levitating cups have to do with making humans more resilient?
Gloria: And how do we know Leroux is telling the truth about-
Jones: <Name>, I've heard you arrested Louis Leroux for... murdering Zoe.
Gloria: Jones, I don't think you should be-
Jones: Don't worry, <Name>, I won't get angry again. That won't bring Zoe back.
Jones: I'm here to thank you. For bringing the killer to justice...  and for being a wonderful friend and colleague for so many years.
Jones (opening the box of sedatives): And also to say goodbye. You won't see me again.
Gloria: Jones, what are those pills? What are-
Jones: .........
Gloria: Jones, NO!

To the Stars (4/6)

Chief Diane Parker: None of this makes any sense, <Name>. Louis Leroux admitted to murdering Zoe...
Chief Parker: ... Then claimed Zoe had extraordinary abilities, moving objects with her mind!
Chief Parker: Leroux suspected Zoe's abilities were the result of the experiments she was subjected to under the dome.
Chief Parker: If that's true, it supports our theory that Zoe was a test subject for Plan Supernova: Ad Astra's "human enhancement" project!
Gloria: But what does levitating cups have to do with making humans more resilient?
Gloria: And how do we know Leroux is telling the truth about Zoe? We should talk to-
Jones: <Name>, I've heard you arrested Louis Leroux for... murdering Zoe.
Gloria: Jones, you shouldn't be-
Jones: Don't worry, <Name>, I won't get angry again. That won't bring Zoe back.
Jones: I'm here to thank you for everything, and to say goodbye. You've been a wonderful friend and colleague all these years.
Jones (opening the box of sedatives): But I can't face life without Zoe, knowing that I failed as a cop and as a boyfriend. I didn't protect her, <Name>.
Gloria: No, Jones! Don't-
Jones: .........
Jones: <Name>, I...
(Jones collapses.)
Gloria: Oh my God... Jones!
Gloria: He's not breathing, <Name>! We have to get Jones to the hospital, now!

At the hospital...
Gabriel: I've spoken to the doctors about Jones' condition, <Name>, and it's not good.
Gloria: Please tell us he'll be okay, Gabriel!
Gabriel: Jones ingested a lethal dose of sedatives. He's unconscious, and there's no telling whether he'll pull through.
Gabriel: I knew Jones was in bad shape, but I never imagined he'd attempt suicide!
Gabriel: If Jones doesn't get an antidote quickly, his organs will fail and... he'll die!
Gloria: Dear God... what are we going to do?!
Amir: I should be able to synthesize a compound to counteract the sedatives, <Name>.
Amir: A pure concentration of flumazenil solution will neutralize the benziodiazepine Jones has taken.
Amir: Unfortunately, the doctors don't have any in supply!
Gloria: What about the asylum? They might have flumazenil on hand.
Amir: It's worth a shot. <Name>, you and Gabriel head over to the asylum, I'll monitor Jones' condition.
Gloria: Do whatever it takes to save Jones, <Name>. His life hangs in the balance!
Gloria: Meanwhile, we must get to the bottom of Leroux's claims about Zoe's extraordinary powers.
Gloria: When you're done searching for medication at the asylum, we'll interrogate Leroux!

Investigate Common Room.
Gabriel: This is grim, <Name>. If we don't act fast, those pills Jones took will kill him!
Gabriel: You think that bottle could be what Amir needs to synthesize the antidote? Quick, let's make the label eligible!

Examine Medicine Bottle.
Gabriel: That's a bottle of flumazenil, <Name>! Exactly what were looking for!
Gabriel: Let's rush this bottle to Amir. I hope we're not too late!

Analyze Medicine Bottle.
Amir: You're right on time, <Name>. That flumazenil you brought me was just what I needed... I've synthesized an antidote!
Gabriel: Let's get back to the hospital so we can administer the medicine to Jones!

At the hospital...
Amir: <Name>, I've given Jones the antidote... and it wasn't a moment too soon!
Amir: With a bit of rest, Jones will make a full recovery in a few days!
Gabriel: He's still not out of the woods yet, <Name>. Jones' mental state is very fragile.
Gabriel: He'll have to fight to get better... and if Jones gives up, all the medicine in the world won't save him!
Gabriel: Maybe we should try talking to him, <Name>. If anyone can give Jones a little boost, it's you!

Check on Jones' condition.
Jones: Oh, it's you, <Name>. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused...
Jones: ... But I don't want to go on living with this pain. Without Zoe, there's no point anymore.
Gabriel: Jones, you mustn't talk like that. We're all here for you. You'll get through this!
Jones: No... just let me go, in peace. I... I want to be with Zoe...
Jones (crying): .........
Gabriel: <Name>, Jones isn't in a state to be reasoned with. We should let him rest.
Gabriel: Good idea, <Name>. We could talk to Dr Russo for some advice on how to handle this.

Ask Dr Russo for advice to help Jones.
Jennifer: I've heard about Detective Jones' condition, <Rank> <Name>. How can I help?
Gabriel: His emotional state is fragile. With Zoe gone, Jones doesn't see any reason to go on.
Jennifer: I understand... and I think I have an idea.
Jennifer: During her treatment, I encouraged Zoe to write letters to Detective Jones. Not to send, but rather to articulate her feelings.
Jennifer: Reading Zoe's innermost thoughts might restore Detective Jones' will to live!
Gabriel: We must find those letters in Zoe's room, <Name>! And let's grab a donut on the way too, that could cheer up Jones!

Investigate Zoe's Room.
Gabriel: Those scraps of paper look like a letter, <Name>!
Gabriel: If it's one of the letters Zoe wrote, we may be in luck. Let's piece these scraps together!

Examine Torn Letter.
Gabriel: Eureka! This is a letter to Jones... Zoe wrote it a few days ago. Let me read what this says...
Gabriel: "My darling David! You've stood by me through everything that's happened, which has meant the world to me."
Gabriel: Yes! This is just what we need! We must show this letter to Jones at once!

Show Zoe's letter to Jones.
Jones: <Name>, please go away. I want to be alone.
Gabriel: Jones, we have something you'll want to read. It's a letter... from Zoe.
Jones: A letter? I... didn't know Zoe wrote me one!
Jones: "My darling David! You've stood by me through everything that's happened, which has meant the world to me."
Jones (crying): "I don't know what the future holds for me, whether I'll ever get better and go back to my old life."
Jones (crying): "But my only hope is that you, David, remember all the happy days we had, before all of this happened."
Gabriel: Zoe really loved you, Jones. I know you can't imagine a life without her now, but...
Gabriel: ... she would've wanted you to try and be happy.
Jones (crying): If that's what Zoe wanted, then I owe it to her to try. She saw the best in me, I shouldn't disappoint her.
Jones: Thank you, <Name>. For saving my life, for everything all of these years! You've been my friend for so long, you never let me down! I know it's not much, but take this as a token of my gratitude!

Talk to Leroux about Zoe's alleged powers.
Louis: <Rank> <Name>, what have I done? I killed one of my dearest friends. And for what? The pursuit of the truth?
Gloria: We're not interested in your guilty conscience or your empty remorse, Leroux! If it was up to me, we wouldn't even be standing here!
Gloria: We want you to tell us everything you know about Zoe's alleged abilities.
Louis: I know it's hard to believe, <Rank> <Name>. But just like police officers, journalists work only with facts... I have proof!
Louis: After I saw Zoe moving things with her mind, I knew I needed to record evidence of it.
Louis: I couldn't do it openly because she was afraid of anyone finding out. So I hid a camera in her room!
Gloria: You what?! That's despicable!
Louis (sweating): It wasn't to invade Zoe's privacy, <Rank> <Name>! I just needed proof of what I'd seen!
Gloria: I'll believe this "proof" when I see it. Let's go find this camera in Zoe's room, <Name>!
Louis: You might as well take this, <Rank> <Name>. I won't be needing it anymore!

Investigate Zoe's Desk.
Gloria: Is this just a wild goose chase, <Name>? I don't see Leroux's hidden camera anywhere!
Gloria: Oh, I see! There's a lens on that picture frame! And there's a keypad on the back.
Gloria: I'll leave decrypting the camera's password to you, <Name>!

Examine Camera Keypad.
Gloria: You've unlocked Leroux's hidden camera, <Name>. All we have to do is press play to see what's recorded.
Gloria: This feels like such a breach of privacy. But you're right, at least we'll know the truth about Zoe's alleged abilities. Let's watch the recording!

Start of recording...
Zoe: Three o'clock already? Time for a cup of tea!
(The teacup Zoe is seen holding is starting to flying.)
Zoe: Wait... oh my God, it's happening again!
(The teacup falls.)
Zoe: What's wrong with me?!

End of recording...
Gloria: I... I don't know what to say, <Name>. Did you see that?
Gloria: Leroux's telling the truth. Zoe COULD move objects with her mind!
Gloria: You're right, we can't proceed without orders from the Chief. Let's brief her on what we've discovered!

In the Chief's office...
Chief Parker: I've reviewed the recording you found of Zoe levitating objects, and I'm speechless, <Name>.
Gloria: So are we! Leroux's actions were despicable, but he wasn't lying about Zoe's abilities!
Gloria: Leroux wanted Zoe to undergo tests, to determine what caused these powers... but Zoe was understandably reluctant.
Chief Parker: So our question remains: were Zoe's abilities part of Ad Astra's development of a human resilience serum?
Chief Parker: I hate to say this, <Name>. But there's only one solution: Martine should autopsy Zoe's body, again.

Autopsy Victim's Body again.
Martine: <Name>, my autopsies are normally about examining traces of a crime, analyzing the impact of violence.
Martine: But finding evidence of telekinetic ability? Where do you start?
Gloria: We're definitely navigating unknown territory. Did you find anything at all?
Martine: I focused my examination on Zoe's brain, identifying a number of anomalies in the occipital lobe.
Gloria: Occi... the what?
Martine: The occipital lobe is an area of the brain. Zoe's showed signs of hyper-stimulation... something that can't be explained by natural causes.
Gloria: Could this anomaly have been caused by DreamLife's experiments with Protozane?
Martine: Absolutely not. Protozane affects a different brain area... and it inhibits activity, not stimulates it.
Martine: But I've found evidence that Zoe's occipital lobe was exposed to another substance... a different derivative of Berzelium.
Gloria: So this confirms Zoe was given the "superhuman serum," just like we thought!
Martine: Exactly! <Name>, you should show my autopsy report to Jasper and Amir. It could help them understand how the serum works!
Gloria: Amir is monitoring Jones' condition at the hospital, so let's brief Jasper on our findings!

Have Jasper review Zoe's autopsy report.
Jasper: My heart goes out to your colleague, <Name>, Such a tragic loss for Jones.
Gloria: We appreciate that, Jasper.
Gloria: Now, have you reviewed Martine's autopsy report on the mutations in Zoe's brain, and her strange telekinetic abilities?
Jasper: Yes, thank you! Zoe's mutations are fascinating, all the more since that's very clearly not what Dr Hoover and his team intended with their "human enhancement" serum!
Jasper: The documents you found in the dome were very clear. The serum was supposed to increase human resilience... Zoe's powers were an unintended side effect!
Jasper: Our research into Ad Astra's serum is just beginning, <Name>! This autopsy report will help a great deal in working out how it actually works!

Later, at the precinct...
Chief Parker: This has been one rollercoaster of a day, <Name>. My head hurts just thinking about it!
Chief Parker: Thanks to your quick action, Jones will make a full recovery.
Gabriel: That's in physical terms, Chief. His emotional recovery will be a long and painful process.
Chief Parker: Yes, Jones will need some time away from the department, to grieve and to heal.
Gloria: The best thing all of us can do is be there for him through this difficult time.
Chief Parker: Meanwhile, although we never got a chance to ask Zoe what she knew about the "human enhancement" project, we've learned a great deal.
Chief Parker: Our tests have confirmed Zoe was injected with Ad Astra's "superhuman serum"...
Chief Parker: ... except the telekinetic abilities she developed were not the intended effects. The serum was created to increase human resilience, not cause mutations.
Chief Parker: Jasper and Amir will continue to analyze Dr Hoover's research... there are still so many unanswered questions.
Gloria: There's of course the matter of Louis Leroux, Chief. He claims he's told us everything he knows about Zoe's abilities... 
Gloria: ... But what if he isn't telling the whole truth?
Chief Parker: I agree, <Name>. Leroux was a reporter, and he was a hell-bent on going after the truth. It's possible he's uncovered more than he's willing to share with us.
Chief Parker: <Name>, I want you to search Leroux's office at the TV station! He's the best lead we've got!

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