Hannah appeared as a quasi-suspect in Winter Murderland (Case #14 of Supernatural Investigations).


Hannah is the 142-year-old Roundhead Lake monster with purple scaly skin and black eyes. She has three white horns on the top of her head, along with two fangs and yellow webbed parts along her body.

Height 6'8"
Age 142
Weight 575 lbs
Eyes black
Blood X

Events of Criminal Case

In Montana, Hope informed the team that Hannah had been blamed for a murder at Roundhead Lake, prompting Luke and the player to head to the scene.

Mid-investigation, the villagers attempted to kill Hannah as they were afraid that she was going to kill them, believing that she was responsible for farmer Wyatt Ewing's murder. Luke and the player managed to convince the villagers to give Hannah the benefit of the doubt, prompting them to leave.

After arresting Wyatt Ewing's killer, Felix and the player accompanied environmental activist Zeke Davis to meet Hannah, who emerged from the lake, shocking Felix. Hannah tried to communicate with them, but they were unable to understand her. Felix constructed a sonar voice converter and altered a cow collar in order to strap it onto Hannah.

Using the voice converter, Hannah said hello to the group and thanked the team for clearing her name. She then asked that they recovered her pearl necklace, which the victim had stolen from her. They found the necklace in the well and Zeke and the player returned it to her, who thanked them and said farewell.


  • Being 6 feet, 8 inches tall, Hannah is the tallest character of the game.
    • She is also the tallest female character in the game.
  • Weighing 575 lbs, Hannah is the heaviest character of the game.

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