Gregg was a suspect in the murder investigation of supernatural hunter Dolores Harper in The Hunted Hunter (Case #28 of Supernatural Investigations).


Gregg is a 173-year-old swamp monster. He has large green eyes with dilated pupils and green skin with mint patches around his eyes, mouth and chest. He has lime frills by his ears and around his neck, as well as lime lumps scattered across his body. He also has gills on his neck and on the sides of his torso. He also wears Spanish moss across his torso. It is known that Gregg eats gator fritters, writes songs and has dry eyes.

Height 6'1"
Age 173
Weight 175 lbs
Eyes green
Blood AB+

Events of Criminal Case

Gregg became a suspect after Luke and the player found his footprint at the crime scene. After identifying himself to the team, he told them that he did not know about the murder. He lamented on the fact that Dolores could not be as dead as his happiness, complaining that the love of his life had left him. He then asked the team to leave him alone with his sorrow.

Gregg was spoken to again about his blood on Dolores' mace. He revealed that they had fought as she approached him, drunk. Dolores believed that he had tried to hide her weapons, so she smacked his posterior with the mace. In response, Gregg's snake friends arrived and outnumbered Dolores, prompting her to run away.

Gregg was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Morgana Blackhawk for Dolores' murder. Later, Luke and the player asked Gregg if he had seen Chief Arrow pass by the swamp. After once again complaining about his lost girlfriend, Gregg revealed that he had seen a man fitting the chief's description at the swamp, inviting the team to have a look around.

After Gwen reunited with her ex-boyfriend, vampire Pierce Cromwell, Gwen decided to help Gregg find his girlfriend. They found a map which revealed that there was an urgent gathering of supernatural beings in Mississippi. Gwen, Pierce and the player informed Gregg that his girlfriend had gone to the meeting. Gregg informed the team that he had remembered his girlfriend mentioning the meeting, but had not been paying attention as he was writing songs at the time. After he allowed the team to hold onto the map, Gregg left to write a song for his girlfriend when she got home.

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