Gordon Michelli was the victim in Death by Crucifixion (Case #7 of Grimsborough).


Gordon was the director of a construction company called "Red Company" with crew-cut brown hair and brown eyes. Gordon sported a black suit on top of a white shirt with a black tie and an orange construction jacket with the "Red Company" logo on.

Murder details

Gordon was found nailed to a cross on his company's construction site. Nathan discovered that he was flogged, crucified, and died of blood loss. He also discovered that the killer was a Christian, due to the way Gordon was murdered. During the investigation, the player discovered that Gordon was murdered with a screw gun. Gordon also had traces of whiskey on his skin.

Relationship with suspects

Most of the suspects knew Gordon because of his work in the Red Company, especially on their current construction site. Per company psychologist Dr. Bishop (who was apparently kicked out of practice), the union representative, Ed Miller, had a "persecution complex" against the victim. Ed expressed his disagreement with Gordon's decision to tear down one of the town's oldest churches for the construction site, and so did crazy woman Linda Lovara who apparently vandalized the site. However, gypsy leader Nikolay Woloch was also arrested for vandalizing the site. Furthermore, project manager Frank Janovski also worked with Gordon.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be a psychologist Dr. Bishop.

Gordon destroyed the town's oldest church for profit, Dr. Bishop saw that as a Capital Sin, so he killed him hoping he would atone Gordon's sins. He claimed Gordon came to him with a wish to die, because of the guilt that tormented him.

Dr. Bishop was sentenced to confinement in a psychiatric institution for criminals.

Case appearances