Goodwill Ngele was a suspect in the murder investigation of journalist Jude Connelly in Diamond in the Rough (Case #40 of World Edition).


Goodwill is a 12-year-old Motswana child who is forced to work in the diamond mines. He has short black hair, wears a yellow shirt with diamond dust on his shoulders, is covered in dirt stains and usually carries a pickaxe.

Height 4'11"
Age 12
Weight 110 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

Goodwill was first spoken to after Carmen and the player saved him from falling off a cliff near the Victoria Falls. He said he did it to raise awareness about child labor, like the victim told him to. The victim was apparently writing a story about Goodwill's life in the mines to expose the truth about child labor. When informed of Jude's murder, Goodwill got scared since no one would know what is truly happening and kids would have to keep working in the mines. He felt it was because of his story that Jude died, and Goodwill decided to think of more stunts to raise awareness.

Goodwill was spoken to again about a picture of the victim scribbled with devil horns and a skull. He admitted to doing it, saying the victim had used him like everybody else. When Carmen asked what Jude was using him for, he said the victim wanted to steal the diamonds. Goodwill was saddened, saying the victim was never interested in his story or was going to help any of the kids working.

Goodwill was later proven to be innocent after Olivier Feraud was incarcerated for Jude's murder. He later went to the police station to report to Michelle Zuria and the player that he saw a person in a raincoat throwing some files into the falls. He said he could not see their face.


  • Goodwill is one of the characters (aside the victims) to have appeared as a clue in a crime scene.
  • Goodwill's height in the desktop version of the game is 4'11". In the mobile version, however, his height is 4'7".

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