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Zara Tien: <Name>, I can't believe someone sabotaged our time machine to strand us in the 1960s!
Jack: He tampered with our machine right before we left Egypt, and followed us to make sure it had worked! He left nothing to chance!
Jack: The video showed the saboteur reporting to someone...  so someone hired him to do this! But who?
Amy: We have a lot of questions and, for now, no answers...
Kai: I'm working on figuring out just what is wrong with the time machine. It seems that the saboteur wrecked the temporal navigational shaft, so we're marooned, my friends!
Amy: And protocol in case of a Time Marooning is clear: stranded teams need to leave a message in a safe place, to be found by the T.I.M.E. Chief in the team's present.
Amy: That's why we've come to New York City! T.I.M.E.'s future headquarters will be here.
Jack: I still don't know where in New York City we can leave a message and be sure Chief Scott will find it 60 years from now!
Amy: There's a list of recommended drop sites. I need to find locations that exist both in the late 1960s and in 2029.
Amy: As soon as I've found the best place on the list, I'll tell you!
Jack: Does that mean we have to stay cooped up in the time machine again? I wanted to stretch my legs!
Amy: Fine... You can go out, but put on your police uniform, and take <Name> with you! And please, stay discreet!

Later, in Manhattan...
(Jack is seen wearing a local police uniform throughout the case.)
Jack: Look at this place, <Name>! Grand Central Station, the heart of Manhattan! Classy buildings stay classy no matter the decade!
Jack: Still, I hope T.I.M.E. will rescue us soon and we'll-
Bucky: Officers, thank goodness you're here!
Bucky: A man just collapsed in front of my newsstand. Please, do something! Quick!
Jack: Oh... Yeah! We'll head to the newsstand! Because we're normal local police officers! We must do our duty!

Chapter 1

Investigate Grand Central.
Jack Archer: <Name>, this man didn't just collapse! He was murdered!
Jack: It looks like he was stabbed in the hip and bled out! What should we do, <Name>?
Jack: You're right. We're dressed as cops on a murder scene... We must investigate!
Jack: This wallet was close to the victim's body. It must be his!
Jack: Let's look through the wallet for some identification.
Jack: And those bloody gloves must've been the killer's! Let's get a sample of the brown bits on them.
Jack: <Name>, I'm sure we'll be rescued by T.I.M.E. soon... but for now, we have a job to do!

Examine Wallet.
Jack: The driver's license in the wallet says the victim's name was Billy Snapshot.
Jack: Good point, <Name>, maybe Billy Snapshot was a client of that newsstand guy! We need to get a statement from him!

Ask Bucky Johnson about the victim.
Jack (showing his badge): Excuse us, sir, <Rank> <Name> and I wanted to ask you a few questions about the man who collapsed.
Bucky: Whatever I can do to help, Officers! I guess the guy's dead, huh?
Jack: Yes... You must see a lot of people from your newsstand. Ever seen the victim before?
Bucky: Well, he came by here every morning to get a newspaper...
Bucky: He was always talking about that Workshop place, said he was an artist!
Jack: The Workshop? And artsy types... that sort of rings a bell...
Bucky: It should! They're kind of the "hip" thing these days in New York. The whole gang of them are led by that famous artist guy, Sandy Lemko.
Bucky: Art's not my thing, though. I'm what those kids call square...
Jack: Thanks for your time, Mr Johnson. Stay nearby. We may have further questions.
(Bucky leaves.)
Jack: Since the victim spent time there, it looks like we need to go check out this famous Workshop, <Name>!

Investigate Art Studio.
Jack: So, <Name>, this is the famous Workshop, huh? Sure is artsy!
Jack: And speaking of art, it looks like you found a canvas! I can't see what's painted, but there's a note: "For Billy, with love!"
Jack: The victim was an artist named Billy. This canvas must have been some kind of present for him! I'll grab your dusting kit so we can see more!
Jack (holding a giant silver banana): And this giant silver banana must be... art as well? But why would it be locked?
(The banana is seen moving, the person inside the banana calls for help.)
Jack (holding the banana): Oh no, <Name>, there's someone in this banana! We have to get this thing unlocked!

Examine Locked Giant Banana.
Jack (holding the unlocked banana): You've managed to unlock this silver banana thing! Let's open it, <Name>!
(Jack unzips the banana, revealing Sandy inside the banana.)
Sandy (inside the banana): Oh thank goodness! I thought I was going to die in there!
Jack (holding the banana with Sandy inside): Wow! Aren't you that famous artist Sandy Lemko?
Sandy (inside the banana): I am! And right now I need to find the megastar who locked that zipper! This was supposed to be an art installation, not a prank!
Jack (holding the banana with Sandy inside): Well, before you do that, Mr Lemko, we need to ask you a few questions about one of the Workshop artists!

Question Sandy Lemko about the victim.
Jack: Mr Lemko, what can you tell us about Billy Snapshot?
Sandy: Billy Snapshot? He's one of the future megastars I'm mentoring! I even gave him that new last name!
Sandy: I mean like, what's a real name anyway? Everything is fake. Fake is good. I like fake.
Jack: Well, it seems that someone didn't like Billy. He was murdered earlier today.
Sandy: Billy's dead?! But he had such potential! He could've been as famous as me one day! At least for a quarter hour...
Jack: I understand this must come as a bit of a shock, but-
Sandy: This might seem callous, but can I come to the morgue and film him?
Sandy: Without him, my film "Rubbish" just won't be the same... maybe his body can still... be in it?
Jack: Film a dead body?! No, of course that isn't possible! Stick around the Workshop. I have a feeling we'll be speaking with you again.

Examine Faded Canvas.
Jack: Who's the woman depicted on this canvas? Could she be the person who gave it to the victim "with love"?
Jack: Good call, <Name>! We'd better compare this painting to images of all the Workshop artists!

Examine Unknown Woman.
Jack (searching through his tablet): According to the list of Workshop regulars, the woman in that painting is an aspiring artist named Ellie Argent!
Jack: If this painting was a present from her to the victim, we'd better go ask Ms Argent some questions about Billy Snapshot!

Ask Ellie Argent about the victim.
Jack (showing his badge): Ms Argent, we need to ask you a few questions...
Ellie: Ask away! I can tell you anything!
Jack: Just the facts, ma'am. What can you tell us about Billy Snapshot?
Ellie: Billy? He's just the sweetest guy! We're gonna be megastars together in Sandy Lemko's new film, "Rubbish"!
Jack: "Megastars"? In an art film?
Ellie: Oh, you big silly... megastars are what Sandy calls his stable of artists!
Jack: I'm afraid you won't be a "megastar" with Billy, Ms Argent. Someone murdered him today at Grand Central Station.
Ellie: Billy was murdered?! That's awful!
Jack: Indeed. Please stay close to the Workshop, Ms Argent. We may have more questions.

Examine Bloody Gloves.
Jack: You've got a sample of the brown bits off the killer's gloves, <Name>! Theo should have a look at those!

Analyze Brown Bits.
Theo: <Name>! It feels good to be back in New York! I mean... we're stuck in the 60s... but at least I can get a decent bagel!
Jack: Theo, bagels are gluten bombs! Your body ages more quickly the more gluten it has to process!
Theo: Jack, you could do with a little bagel treatment yourself. Maybe an egg wash mask to tighten your pores...
Jack: Oh no! Are they enormous again? But I tried a pore treatment just the other day!
Theo: Settle down, Jack. I'm just teasing!
Jack: I know, <Name>, enough about my pores... So what about that sample from the gloves?
Theo: The sample appears to be loose tobacco for hand-rolled cigarettes!
Theo: The killer must've rolled quite a few cigarettes before stabbing the victim!
Jack: So the killer rolls their own cigarettes... that's a handy skill to have where they'll be going!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Janis: <Name>, Woodstock was fun, but I have to say, I'd hoped we'd be back home by now!
Jack: Me too, Janis, but I'm sure Amy can find the best way to reach T.I.M.E. soon! For now, what can you tell us about our victim?
Janis: His femoral artery was stabbed with a small, sharp object. Once it was removed, the victim bled out in about 30 seconds.
Jack: So he never had a chance. Did you find anything else on the body?
Janis: The killer held the victim's left shoulder as they punctured his leg.
Janis: As a result, the killer transferred traces of canned tomato soup to the victim's clothing.
Jack: So the killer eats tomato soup! Comfort food won't be a comfort to them for long!

Later, in the time machine...
Amy: Jack, what's this I hear about a murder investigation?
Jack: Amy, I swear, I only wanted to stretch my legs! But <Name> and I found a dead body, and we were dressed like cops... we were stuck!
Amy: Well, what's done is done. But try to finish this investigation quickly. We came here to leave a message for Chief Scott, after all!
Jack: We've already made headway! The victim was Billy Snapshot, an aspiring artist in Sandy Lemko's famous Workshop.
Jack: Snapshot was stabbed by someone in Grand Central Station and bled out in 30 seconds!
Jack: Ellie Argent, another aspiring Workshop artist, said that she and Billy were going to be in a movie by Sandy Lemko...
Jack: While Lemko himself wanted to film Snapshot's dead body, which is... creepy...
Janis: Speaking of the victim's body, I was going through the victim's clothes again before bagging them!
Janis: And I found proof that Billy Snapshot had a safe deposit box at Grand Manhattan Bank!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: <Name>, here we are stuck in the 60s in New York City! All because of that mysterious saboteur!
Jack: At least Amy has the protocol to contact Chief Scott at T.I.M.E in 2029 so that they can come rescue us!
Jack: She let us leave the time machine to stretch our legs...
Jack: But when we arrived at Grand Central Station, we found another murder, <Name>!
Jack: The victim was Billy Snapshot, an aspiring artist in Sandy Lemko's famous workshop.
Jack: Snapshot was stabbed and bled out in 30 seconds!
Janis: That he did, <Name>... And I was going through the victim's clothes again before bagging them...
Janis: And I found proof that Billy Snapshot had a safe deposit box at Grand Manhattan Bank! Number 1034! There's a paper stating that he was there today!
Jack: Good point, <Name>! Money is one of the top three motives for murder! Let's go to that bank!

At Grand Manhattan Bank...
Jack: Excuse me, ma'am. We're investigating the murder of one of your clients, Billy Snapshot.
Judy: Goodness gracious! A murder?
Jack: The victim was here earlier today, and we need access to his safe deposit box, number 1034.
Judy: Certainly, Officers! Please follow me to the vault!

Investigate Bank Vault.
Jack: You found box 1034, <Name>! We know it belonged to the victim, so please open it!
Jack: You also found a message to the victim! It reads, "Billy - All I need is 30 seconds to end you."
Jack: 30 seconds? The victim bled out in that amount of time! This is a threat from the killer!
Jack: There was something else printed on the paper used for the threat! You'll need your dusting kit!
Jack: And if you think those wood chips have anything to do with the victim, piece them back together please!
Jack: Bank vaults often hide secrets, so we're bound to find a clue to help us catch the killer in here!

Examine Faded Paper.
Jack: So... <Name>, what does the rest of the information on that paper mean?
Jack: In addition to the threat, there's a serial number of some kind... and "The Timbrelo"... what's that?
Jack: Orlando will be able to tell us what this paper is, I'm sure!

Analyze Threat.
Orlando: Ah, New York City... It's where I got my start, <Name>...
Jack: Sounds like there's a story there!
Orlando: There is. But today is not the day to tell it! You need information!
Orlando: That was quite a specific threat to the victim on the paper you sent me!
Orlando: Which, by the way, was a ticket for a Broadway musical called "Starshine" playing at The Timbrelo theater in 1969!
Jack: Um... musicals aren't my forte...
Orlando: Oh come on, Jack. You've heard of "Starshine"! Every song was a hit! The costumes influenced fashion for years!
Jack: Must've been before my time... so to speak...
Orlando: Well, the killer was front row center for "Starshine" and they wrote the threat to the victim on their ticket!
Jack: So the killer had a taste for the musical "Starshine"... and for following through on threats!
Jack: Speaking of stars, <Name>... we should go back to the Workshop and do another sweep for clues!

Investigate Studio Couch.
Jack: That bottle of champagne seems to be a gift thanking the victim for an invitation! We must discover what else is written on that tag!
Jack: And if you think something important is hiding in that crate of artsy stuff, rummage through it, <Name>! We need more leads!

Examine Blue Crate.
Jack: Okay... this thing you found in the blue crate is... I don't know what this is!
Jack: These are dolls... The boy doll is dressed like the victim, though, and the girl doll is... in a silver swimsuit...
Jack: I hope Orlando can look at these dolls and glean meaning from the attire!

Analyze Dolls.
Orlando: Hello, <Name>, back again for my expertise?
Jack: Of course! We sent you those strange dolls. One was dressed like the victim!
Orlando: That certainly makes a statement. We all tell the world about ourselves with our clothing.
Orlando: For instance, Jack, you're insecure about ageing! Your usual clothing is only slightly different from what you wore in your prime.
Jack: What I "wore in my prime"? But I'm still fit!
Orlando: Whatever you say... anyway, this boy doll is in fact dressed just like the victim...
Orlando: And he's tied to this female doll who is only clad in a silver swimsuit like a Hollywood star!
Orlando: They are bound in embroidery threads. Each has a different meaning: red for love, green for jealousy, blue for longing...
Orlando: Given the use of embroidery thread, this was probably made by an aspiring female artist, but one who wishes to project herself into a glamorous life.
Orlando: And this artist had a turbulent romantic relationship with the victim!
Jack: An aspiring female artist chasing glamour... You're right, <Name>, that doll could represent that wannabe Workshop "megastar", Ellie Argent!
Jack: So Ms Argent and Billy Snapshot had relationship complications... We'd better go have a word with her.

Interrogate Ms Argent about her relationship with the victim.
Jack: Ms Argent, you told us that you and Billy were shooting a film together, but you didn't mention your romantic relationship!
Ellie: Billy and I weren't together that way... even though I wanted to be...
Ellie: You know how they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Well, I gave him some of my tomato soup... he didn't dig that...
Ellie: When I made my intentions clearer, he rejected me! I still can't believe it!
Ellie: I must've rolled and smoked a million cigarettes that night, trying to figure out how he couldn't like me!
Jack: Well, I hope you didn't consider murder as a way to end your torment, Ms Argent.
Ellie: Not to worry, officers, I pour my pain into art!

Examine Champagne Gift.
Jack: The gift tag for the champagne was signed by B. Johnson...
Jack: Could that be Bucky Johnson, the newsagent? He gave the victim champagne?
Jack: So Johnson knew the victim better than he first said! We'd better go get the full story!

Ask Mr Johnson about his champagne gift to the victim.
Jack: Mr Johnson, we found the champagne bottle that you gave Billy at The Workshop.
Bucky: Yeah, I gave him champagne... like an idiot!
Bucky: Billy invited me to one of those cool parties... I was so excited! It was my chance to stop being a square!
Bucky: At first the party was amazing, like that musical "Starshine"... dancing and sparkly stuff...
Bucky: But all they had to eat was tomato soup, so the alcohol hit me pretty hard...I got distracted, and someone stole all my cigarettes that I hand-rolled earlier that day!
Bucky: They all seemed to like me, but it wasn't long before I realized that Billy only invited me to make me look like a fool!
Bucky: Once I'd made the connection, I stormed out!
Jack: And did you then plot revenge for the way Billy and his friends treated you?
Bucky: Why would I do that? I don't want any trouble, and I'll steer clear of artists from now on!

Examine Locked Deposit Box.
Jack: Is that a passport in the victim's safe deposit box, <Name>?
Jack: Wait... but that's a Soviet passport with a photo of Billy Snapshot!
Jack: I can't read the name written on the passport...
Jack: Good call, <Name>. Let's take this Soviet passport to Amy and ask her what we should do!

Back in the time machine...
Jack: Amy, we found this Soviet passport in the victim's safe deposit box... It's him in the passport photo!
Amy: the victim had a Soviet passport?!
Amy: I knew investigating this murder was going to be trouble...
Amy: We're in the 60s. The Cold War is on, <Name>! The US and the Soviets are pitted against each other: capitalism vs. communism!
Amy: Not only are the respective governments competing for ideology, but also space exploration and nuclear arms!
Jack: What can we do, Amy? We can't just drop the murder investigation!
Marina: Bozhe moy! A Soviet passport! Where did you find that?
Marina: And isn't that the victim? I thought his name was Billy Snapshot, but the passport says, "Rodion Glebovich Rizovsky"!
Jack: Exactly! This is why we need to know just WHO our victim is! And why he has a Soviet passport!
Jack: Amy, we need to ask the Soviet Embassy...
(Amy facepalms.)
Amy: Okay.. you can approach the Soviet Embassy and ask the ambassador. But you need to be very careful.

Ask the Soviet Ambassador about the suspicious passport.
Jack: Mr Ambassador-
Lev: Comrade. Comrade Lev Romanov. What would two of New York's finest want at the Soviet Embassy?
Jack: We're investigating the murder of a certain Billy Snapshot, or rather Rodion Riovsky...
Lev (looking at the passport): This... Rodion Riovsky... I've never seen him in my life...
Lev: But his having a Soviet passport is suspicious...
Lev: Either way, I assure you. We will... look into it. Good day.

Moments later...
Jack: We just spoke with the Soviet ambassador in the middle of the Cold War!
Jack: I hope we didn't create a major time ripple!
Jack: But we can't leave this murder unsolved! We must forge on!

Examine Wood Pieces.
Jack: Those wooden chips were a drink token. It could've been the victim's. It reads, "Billy's Drink Free"... but where, <Name>?
Jack: Oh, the flipside of the token says the Woodgate Inn! We'd better see if the lady stamped on the token knows the victim!

Question Martha Jefferson about the victim.
Martha: Hellllllooooo officers... how can the Woodgate Inn help YOU today?
Jack: We found a "Billy's Drink Free" token for your bar. We need any information about a Billy who had one of these tokens. He was murdered today.
Martha: You will have to be more specific. I know a lot of Billy's! I can't keep them all straight.I can't keep anything straight!
Jack: Billy Snapshot was his name.
Martha: Oh, THAT Billy! Somebody killed him? That's horrible!
Martha: He was here on Billy Night alright...
Martha: Sweet guy, but I can't quite remember his face... I keep this place dark for a reason...
Martha: But the lack of light has its disadvantages... I can't find all the cigarettes I rolled earlier or my Ruby Ruse lipstick!
Jack: Well, it's best if you don't keep us in the dark. We may be back with more questions.

Later, in the time machine...
Jack: Well, <Name>, this investigation is confusing!
Jack: We've learned that the victim played a prank on that newsagent Bucky Johnson...
Jack: And that he rejected the advances of aspiring artist Ellie Argent!
Jack: But, more importantly, the victim may not be who we thought he was!
Jack: We discovered his Soviet passport with the name Rodion Rizovsky!
Jack: But the Soviet Ambassador, Lev Romanov, claims never to have heard of him!
Jack: Hopefully, we haven't stumbled into some Cold War conspiracy!
Kai: Hey, <Name>! Got some news for you!
Kai: While I was working on the temporal navigational system, I was listening to the local police channel!
Kai: Someone is trying to get access to the victim's account at Grand Manhattan Bank!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: Well, <Name>, this investigation is confusing!
Jack: The victim, Billy Snapshot, may not be who we thought he was!
Jack: We discovered his Soviet passport with the name Rodion Rizovsky!
Jack: Hopefully, we haven't stumbled into some Cold War conspiracy!
Kai: Hey, <Name>! Got some news for you!
Kai: While I was working on the temporal navigational system, I was listening to the local police channel!
Kai: Someone claiming to be a relative of the victim's is demanding access to his safe deposit box at Grand Manhattan Bank!
Jack: Some stranger wants access to the victim's valuables? We need to get over there right away!

At the bank...
Judy (with Sandy): Officers, this gentleman is insisting that Mr Snapshot was a close blood relative of his, but we have no record of any relatives with access to the safe deposit box!
Jack: Don't worry, ma'am. We know this guy...
Jack: What are you doing here, Mr Lemko?
Sandy (with Judy): Mr Lemko? I...I have no idea who that is!
Jack: Uh-huh. Sure, I guess you like fake even more than you said you did, Lemko! But we still need to know why you want into Snapshot's safe deposit box!

Interrogate Mr Lemko about his attempt to access the victim's safe deposit box.
Jack: Mr Lemko, why did you want to gain access to Billy Snapshot's safe deposit box?
Sandy: Money! I know he had some, he always bragged about it!
Jack: So you admit that you tried to rob a dead man?
Sandy: Why bother suffering for my art when I can just use Billy's money? He doesn't need it anymore...
Sandy: And he owed me! He promised to finance my movie, "Rubbish"! But he never did!
Jack: There are better ways to finance your "Rubbish" film than stealing from the dead!
Sandy: Well, there's no way I'm going back to living on tomato soup while I scrape my pennies together!
Jack: Charming... if you did kill Billy for his money, you can forget your film!
Jack: Now get back to your Workshop! And be glad we aren't arresting you for fraud and theft!
Jack: As for us, <Name>, we need to have another look around the vault! We can't let this investigation go cold!

Investigate Deposit Boxes.
Jack: That note has a message to the victim on it! It reads, "You will pay for my surgery, Billy!"
Jack: The red substance the message was written in isn't blood... we'll need a sample!
Jack: And that locked pencil case has the initials "B.S." on it! It must've belonged to Billy Snapshot! Let's get it open!

Examine Note.
Jack: You have a sample of that red substance from the note! Let's get it under the microscope, <Name>!

Examine Red Substance.
Jack: Your analysis says that the red substance from the message is Ruby Ruse lipstick?
Jack: You're right, <Name>! That's the lipstick Martha Jefferson said she wears!
Jack: So Martha Jefferson told the victim he'd have to pay for her surgery! Let's go ask her why!

Ask Ms Jefferson about her message to the victim.
Jack: Ms Jefferson, why did you tell Billy Snapshot that hed be paying for your surgery? What happened?
Martha: It's a long story...
Martha: Billy Snapshot was not who he appeared to be... He was hiding something...
Martha: I tried to get him to tell me that he was gay...
Martha: He got so angry, <Rank> <Name>! He punched my face, kicked me in the stomach..
Jack: That's awful, Ms Jefferson! Did you have to go to the hospital?
Martha: Yes! He broke my nose! The doctor said I'd need surgery!
Martha: I wrote that message in a fit of pique, but even then, I never wanted to see Billy's face again!
Martha: And now, thank goodness, I don't have to!

Examine Locked Pencil Case.
Jack: You got the victim's pencil case unlocked, and... it's full of pencils!
Jack: But those pencils look odd...
Jack: You're right, <Name>, the eraser ends of the pencils ook like they're wrapped in microfilm!
Jack: I'm not sure Kai even has a way to analyze such primitive tech, but we have to try! Let's get all this to him!

Analyze Microfilm.
Kai: <Name>, thanks for sending me that cool, old school spy gear!
Jack: Spy gear? So with the double identity and now the microfilm, what was Billy Snapshot up to, I wonder...
Kai: Apparently, the victim was taking pictures of Lev Romanov!
Jack: So Billy Snapshot was spying on the Russian ambassador? Why would he be so interested in Lev Romanov?
Marina: I should ask you the same thing, <Name>! Why didn't you tell me that my GRANDFATHER was a SUSPECT?!
Jack: Lev Romanov is your grandfather?!
Marina: Yes, my mother told me he was in New York in the 60s, but I never knew what he did... until now!
Marina: There's so much I don't know about my family... could I tag along for this interrogation?
Jack: You want to talk to your grandfather? Not possible! The dangers of affecting the future are too great, Marina!
Marina: But what about Janis? She talked to her younger self!
Jack: Marina, we're dealing with a Soviet ambassador during the Cold War not a 13 year old at Woodstock!
Jack: Sorry, but we'll be questioning Mr Romanov about the victim spying on him without you!

Question Mr Romanov about the victim spying on him.
Jack: Mr Romanov, you may not know Billy or, rather, Rodion, but he knew you!
Jack: He had microfilm photos of you taken all over Manhattan!
(Lev stands, stumped.)
Lev: Okay... Billy was working for us, the Soviets...
Jack: So he was a spy! That explains the double identity... But why was he spying on you?
Lev: I'm not sure. Lately, he had failed to check in... And once or twice, I sensed he was following me.
Jack: So when you found out about his spying, you killed him!
Lev: Nyet. That would be so sloppy. If I killed him, I would draw far too much attention to our operations.
Lev: And besides, what could he have told them? That I kissed that sweet young workshop artist on the cheek at the opening night of Starshine?
Lev (laughing): Or perhaps that I prefer tomato soup to borscht? Or roll my own cigarettes?
Lev: Questioning me is pointless anyway, <Rank> <Name>! I have diplomatic immunity. Even if I killed "Snapshot", nothing would happen to me!

Later, in the time machine...
Jack: <Name>, I can't believe Billy Snapshot was a Soviet spy?!
Jack: But then he started spying on the Soviets! We're truly in the heart of the Cold War! Cloak and dagger, microfilm double identities!
Jack: Could his espionage have gotten him killed?
Jack: The only suspect aware of his double identity is Soviet Ambassador, Lev Romanov!
Jack: And Romanov just happens to also be Marina's grandfather! What are the odds?
Jack: But Romanov's not the only one with motive! Billy Snapshot beat up Martha Jefferson, and left her needing surgery!
Jack: <Name>, I have a feeling that the only way we're going to solve this murder is to find the murder weapon! Let's look around the crime scene again!

Investigate Newsstand.
Jack: <Name>, if you think that torn leather is a clue, then please piece it back together!
Jack: A look through the trash could be helpful, too!
Jack: We must wrap up this investigation so we can focus on getting home!

Examine Torn Leather.
Jack: That torn leather is a pouch for rolling tobacco!
Jack: We know that the killer uses rolling tobacco for their cigarettes! This pouch must be theirs! Let's get it to Theo!

Analyze Tobacco Pouch.
Theo: Hey, <Name>! The killer might've thought destroying this pouch would hide evidence, but they were wrong!
Theo: All they managed to do was leave skin cells behind on it!
Theo: From those cells, I determined that the killer has light eumelanin, and no pheomelanin.
Jack: Wait! I know this one! So that means that the killer is... blond?
Theo: A gold star for Jack! Great memory of your past cases! Maybe you're not ageing as quickly as you think!
Jack: Well, the killer may seem innocent with their golden locks, but looks won't deceive <Name>!

Examine Trash Can.
Jack: <Name>, this ice pick you found in the trash is covered in blood!
Jack: And Janis said that the victim was stabbed with a short, sharp object!
Jack: This ice pick may fit the bill! Let's get it to Theo!

Analyze Ice Pick.
Theo: <Name>, I know we need to get back to 2029, but being stranded's not so bad with Zara around. We're bonding... I think...
Jack: That's... great... but Earth to Theo, we need to know about that ice pick <Name> found in the trash at the station!
Theo: Well, that ice pick is definitely what killed Billy Snapshot! You found the murder weapon!
Jack: Excellent! Did you get anything else from it?
Theo: Indeed! I found traces of zinc oxide and hydrocortisone on the handle!
Theo: These are both ingredients in rash ointments! So your ice pick-wielding killer has been seeking relief from a rash!
Jack: Skincare for a rash will be the least of the killer's concerns soon enough, right, <Name>!

After completing all the tasks...
Jack: We've got everything we need to catch Billy Snapshot's, or rather, Rodion Rizovsky's, killer and deliver them to the authorities! Let's go, <Name>!

Take care of the killer now!.
Jack: Ellie Argent, you're going down for the murder of Billy Snapshot!
Ellie: What? I would never hurt Billy! I was in love with him!
Jack: So you say. But love wasn't on your mind when you followed him to Grand Central Station!
Ellie: I don't know what youre talking about!
Jack: Then you stabbed him in the femoral artery, knowing he would bleed out in under a minute!
Jack: You even threatened to "end" him in exactly 30 seconds. Time to come clean, Ms Argent. You killed Billy Snapshot!
(Ellie facepalms.)
Ellie: Yes. I did kill him!
Jack: Was it because of his double identity? We know Billy Snapshot was really Rodion Rizovsky, a Soviet spy!
Ellie: He was a Soviet spy?! I had no idea!
Jack: So was it the rejection? Did murder help distract you from heartache?
Ellie: No! Don't you see? I was Sandy Lemko's protegee! ME!
Ellie: Then in walked Billy! He became the golden child. I dreamed of us being a "megastar" couple!
Ellie: But when Billy blew me off, so did Sandy. Then the others stopped talking to me at parties. It was like I was invisible!
Ellie: I HAD to get back in the spotlight!
Jack: And since you couldn't join Billy in the spotlight, you killed him!
Jack: That's it, Ms Argent! We've heard enough! The courts will deal with you. You could face 20 years in prison!

Later, in the time machine...
Amy: <Name>, thanks for dropping Ms Argent and the victim's body at the Central Station precinct! They'll take it from here!
Jack: Isn't it ironic? A Soviet spy turned against his own country, but ended up getting killed because of his cover persona...
Jack: I really hope that our actions haven't affected the future in a bad way, but we had to solve that murder!
Amy: Jack, we've been stranded so long now, it's impossible to know what effect we're having!
Amy: That said, we cannot stand by while murders are happening!
Amy: But now that the investigation is over, we must focus on our rescue and return to 2029!

Times Are A-Changing (2/5)

Kai Malano: <Name>, I haven't made progress fixing the temporal navigational system...
Kai: The triphasal cortex is fried! No idea how the saboteur managed that!
Amy: Chin up, Kai! You'll get it figured out!
Amy: In the meantime, I've figured out what we should do according to the time marooning protocol!
Kai: Last I heard, we were supposed to leave a message in one of the designated locations for T.I.M.E. people to find 60 years from now, right?
Amy: Yes, and I know what the best location is! But I'll need Zara and Theo for this mission!
Kai: Why bother Theo? I'm sure I can partner with Zara!
Amy: Nice of you to offer, but I'll need you here. Protocol dictates that we must also set up a beacon to emit a signal to help T.I.M.E. rescue us.
Jack: Rescue! That word has a nice ring to it! Once you're done with that, would you mind swinging by to talk to Nebet with me, <Name>?
Jack: I've got this great idea! I'll tell you all about it!
Amy: I'm sure <Name> will see you once we're done talking about my plan, Jack!

Speak with Amy about her plan to leave a message to Chief Scott.
Zara (with Theo): Hey, Amy, you wanted to see us about leaving a message for Chief Scott in the future to come rescue us?
Amy: Yes, and I've identified the perfect place to leave the message: the bank!
Amy: We need to open a safe deposit box in the Chief's name, leave him a letter, and tell the bank to notify him in 2029!
Zara: Great idea! And we know the bank still exists in the future, so he'll be sure to get it!
Amy: Exactly. But we need a legit cover to open that account! Zara and Theo, I want you to go to the bank and pose as the Chief's parents!
Theo: I'd be delighted to pose as your husband, Zara... and I've known how to deal with upscale banks ever since I first accessed my trust fund!
Amy: Excellent. This letter contains an explanation of our problem, as well as the coordinates where T.I.M.E. can pick us up.
Amy: <Name>, please go along with them as their financial advisor. That will help sell the whole rich couple thing!
Theo: Well, Zara, let's go get kitted up like a rich couple in 1960s New York, then get ourselves to the bank!
Zara: <Name>, you should get dressed up, too, since we're going to speak with a fancy bank clerk!

Open a safe deposit box with Ms Strong.
(Zara and Theo are seen disguising as a rich couple and are seen with each other throughout the case.)
Zara (with Theo): So here we are at the bank undercover as Chief Scott's parents! Let's lay it on thick to convince them to let us open a safe deposit account for him!
Judy: Welcome to Grand Manhattan Bank! My name is Judy Strong. How may I assist you today?
Zara: Already such a high standard of customer service! I told you, honey, that this would be the right bank for our needs!
Theo: And what we need is to open a safe deposit account for our son.
Judy: Your son? I would assume this is a standard trust-type affair? To be accessed at some future time?
Zara: Yes, 2029, to be exact.
Judy: 2029?! That's... thinking ahead!
Theo: Will that be a problem? We could always try another bank if Grand Manhattan isn't capable of this sort of thing.
Judy: Oh no! Not at all! You'll just need form C-21-10-15... but I don't have any left on me!
Judy: I'll have to go down to the vault and look for one. But I'm rather new here, so it may take me some time...
Zara: Please allow us to help you, Ms Strong! I'm sure together we can find it in no time!

Investigate Bank Vault.
Judy: I'm sorry, Mr and Mrs Scott, but I can't find the form... But it appears that your financial advisor found some torn paper that could be it!
Zara (with Theo): <Name>, would you please piece that paper together to determine whether or not that is the form we need?

Examine Torn Paper.
Judy: Why, that must be the very last example of form C-21-10-15! You're in luck!
Zara (with Theo): Oh my, it appears that we will need quite a few documents!
Judy: Of course, we need proof of state residence, proof of financial resources... standard stuff.
Zara: Well, then, <Name>, let's just take this form to your "assistant", Orlando. He can gather all the necessary documents!

Analyze Bank Form.
Zara (with Theo): Hey, Orlando, how's it going with those documents? We need to open that safe deposit account and leave the letter for Chief Scott in the future!
Orlando: The documents took some time, but... here are your fake papers!
Orlando: Now you can return to the bank with these documents and the form as a very convincing Mr and Mrs Scott!
Zara: They look so real! I never would have imagined you could forge so many papers in so little time!
Orlando: Oh, my dears, that's nothing compared to building a corset!
Theo: Funny, I rather like pretending to be a married a couple, Zara...
Zara: That's a good one, Theo! Or are you secretly dreaming of wedded bliss?
Theo: Being stranded in time does make a guy rethink his priorities...
Zara: Rethink your priorities later! We need to get these papers to Ms Strong so we can open a deposit account and use it to store the letter for the Chief!

Return the completed paperwork to Ms Strong.
Judy: Hello again, Mr and Mrs Scott! You sure were fast with that paperwork!
Zara (with Theo): Well, we need to finish setting up the account as soon as possible. We'll be leaving on a trip soon!
Judy: Then let's set up this deposit box for young Master Scott, shall we?
Zara: Yes! And we must specify that we need the bank to contact him in 2029 to let him know about the contents, but not before!
Judy: Most certainly, ma'am!
(Judy leaves.)
Zara: We did it! And, after this clever ruse, I'm famished! Let's go grab a bite somewhere!

Speak with Nebet about Jack's great idea.
Nebet: Jack, you wanted to see me?
Jack: Yes! Nebet, since we're in the 1960s, it's a chance for you to see how the world's changed since ancient times!
Jack: We should go see the sights of New York City!
Nebet: Oh, I want to see this New York City more than anything!
Jack: And we want to show it to you! But I need a refresher on 60s New York City myself!
Jack: Let's all go to Grand Central Station and look for a guidebook at that newsstand, <Name>!

Investigate Grand Central.
Nebet: <Name>, this city is amazing! Who is the mighty king or queen of New York?
Jack: There isn't a monarch here! Wow... this must all be so strange to you!
Jack: Speaking of strange, <Name>, I couldn't find a guidebook... have you?
Jack: If you think those snacks could be hiding something, feel free to have look!

Examine Snack Stand.
Jack: You found a tour guidebook to New York City in all those snacks!
Jack: And on the subject of snacks... I know the first thing we should do!
Jack: I think Nebet should have a hot dog, what do you think, <Name>?
Nebet: A "hot dog"?! You eat dogs here?!
Jack: No! It's not a dog like the animal. It's a sort of sandwich!
Nebet: Hmmm... since I cook for the team, I guess I should try one. You seem to love them!
Jack: I do! And I don't want you to have just any old hot dog, Nebet! We've got to find the best one in town!
Jack (reading the guidebook): It says in the guidebook that the Woodgate Inn won an award for their hot dogs last year! And we know the owner! Let's go talk to her!

Buy an award-winning hot dog from Martha Jefferson.
Martha: <Rank> <Name>! What a lovely surprise! And who is this little slip of a thing?
Nebet: I am Nebet... And Officer Jack and <Rank> <Name> brought me here for a "hot dog"...
Martha: Oh, you must've read about our award! Well, you've come to the right place, sugar bee!
Martha: And I'll even let you have it on the house if you tell me who designed that outfit!
Nebet: <Rank> <Name>? What is "on the house"? Do we eat it on the roof?
Martha: Where did you find her? She's adorable! Sweetie, "on the house" means it's free!
Jack: That's very generous, Ms Jefferson, but I insist on paying for the hot dogs and whatever else Nebet wants!
Jack: As for you, <Rank> <Name>, you probably don't have time for sightseeing! See you back at headquarters!

Back in the time machine...
Theo (with Zara): Good news! Amy's letter to Chief Scott is in the vault of the Grand Manhattan Bank!
Zara: And he'll be notified about its existence in 2029 so T.I.M.E. can come rescue us!
Nebet (with Jack): I have good news, too! Jack bought me a hot dog! But it's not a dog at all!
Jack: Yeah, and we went all over town! Empire State Building, Central Park...
Jack: I figured we should make the most of being marooned in New York City, since T.I.M.E. will rescue us soon! Kai, is the beacon ready?
Kai: I'm afraid not! I'm missing a stabilizer for the homing beacon! I thought I had one, but...
Jack: Oh Kai... I think I know what's bothering you...
Jack: You're jealous because Amy assigned Theo and Zara's pretend husband on that mission...
Kai: What? I'm not jealous! You're acting like I'm Ramon Gutierrez on "Dos Caballeros, Una Mujer"!
Amy: Is that the telenovela you're always watching?
Kai: Yeah... that's the one... But I'm nothing like that guy...
Amy: I'm sure you're not, Kai. And as Chief Scott would say, "Let's not make mousehills out of mountains!"
Amy: Back to the beacon, what do you need to make it work?
Kai (holding a drawing of a stabilizer): I need a copper stabilizer like the one in this drawing! When the beacon sends the super suboctave homing frequency out, a cymatic shape is created in the air molecules inside it.
Kai: But without a stabilizer, the frequency could blow the beacon to bits!
Amy: That sounds serious, but I have no idea where we could find something like that!
Jack: I saw something that looked exactly like Kai's drawing at the Workshop! What did they call it, <Name>? A mobile! That's right!
Jack: Don't worry, Amy! <Name> and I will head to the Workshop and get that part!

Investigate Art Studio.
Jack: <Name>, don't the pieces in that mobile look like Kai's drawing? I mean, if you stack them on top of each other?
Jack: But you're right, we need to compare this mobile to Kai's drawing to be sure!

Examine Mobile.
Jack: Perfect, <Name>! If we stack these pieces of the mobile one on top of the other, they look exactly like the part Kai needs to complete the beacon!
Jack: But we can't just take this mobile... we should ask Sandy Lemko if we can have it!

Obtain art piece from Sandy Lemko.
Sandy: Officers, back again? What is it this time?
Jack: Well, Mr Lemko... there's an art piece we found here, this copper mobile...
Sandy: And what could the police want with that?
Sandy: You know what? Never mind. I don't want to know...
Sandy: If it can help you in some police matter, then take it!
Jack: Thank you, Mr Lemko. Now we need to get this mobile to Kai for him to examine, <Rank> <Name>!
Sandy: And thank you, <Rank> <Name>, for getting justice for Billy. You can have the mobile and, while we're at it, take this piece, too!

Analyze Beacon Part.
Kai: <Name>, that mobile you found is perfect!
Kai (holding a stabilizer): I just finished welding the pieces together, and now we have a stabilizer!
Kai (working on a beacon): Now let's get this bad boy in the beacon!
Kai (holding the beacon): Here we go!
(Kai turns on the beacon.)
Kai (holding the beacon): It works! Now this little beacon can send out the super suboctave homing frequency and remain in one piece!
Jack: And then T.I.M.E. can come pick us up and get us back to 2029!
Kai (holding the beacon): Now we just need to ask Amy where to put this beacon and we're all set!

A short time later...
Amy: Kai, thank you so much for making the beacon! T.I.M.E. is sure to receive the frequency and get us back to 2029!
Amy: Now grab your astronaut suit, <Name>! We're heading to Houston, Texas!
Zara: Houston? Astronauts? What?
Amy: Because landing one time machine in New York City was tricky enough. We need a place with more room, and a place where nobody would notice our beacon.
Amy: And Houston is home to S.A.R.A., the space research center that's working on sending astronauts to the moon!
Kai: Yeah, with all the S.A.R.A. research, no one will bat an eye if we set off the beacon!
Amy: Exactly! So let's get on down to Texas, "y'all", so we can get back home to 2029!

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