Gilia La Bonne was a suspect in the murder investigation of jester Triboulet in Murder Is No Joke (Case #13 of Travel in Time).


Gilia is the 49-year-old scullery maid of the royal Chambord castle. She has green eyes and short blonde hair under a white bonnet. She wears a red-and-white maid uniform with an ink stain on the left collar. Additionally, her clothes and face are seen covered in soot stains. It is known that Gilia uses pig fat soap.

Height 5'5"
Age 49
Weight 125 lbs
Eyes green
Blood B+

Events of Criminal Case

Gilia became a suspect after Zara and the player (per Leonardo da Vinci) discovered that she had cleaned the victim's cushion with her pig fat soap. Unfazed by news of the murder, Gilia told the team that she did not feel sorry for the victim and excused herself to get back to work.

Gilia was spoken to again about her stealing from King Francis I. She admitted that she frequently stole from the king and that she had once been witnessed by the victim. While he had never addressed her about it, she worried that Triboulet would expose her in front of the king.

Gilia was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Charles Ferrial for Triboulet's murder. Later, Zara and the player asked Gilia if she had seen Penelope, who had gone missing. She told the team that Penelope had been in the banquet hall with musketeer Alexandre Devereaux, prompting Zara and the player to have a look around there.


  • In Murder Is No Joke's sticker album, it is noted in the suspect list sticker that Gilia is 5'3" when she appeared as 5'5" in her profile. This is most likely a developer oversight.

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