And you fell for it hook, line, and sinker! It's all been such fun, I'll almost be sad to see the demon queen destroy you!
—George Mathison

Agent George Mathison, appearing as a recurring character in Season 7 of Criminal Case, was a suspect in the murder investigation of property developer Jeremy Cross in The Curse of Black Ridge (Case #3 of Supernatural Investigations) before making quasi-suspect appearances in six different cases and four minor appearances over the course of the season. He became the player's partner in The Third Degree (Case #25 of Supernatural Investigations) before appearing as a suspect again in the murder investigations of FBI consultant Bucky Johnson in To the Lighthouse (Case #27 of Supernatural Investigations) and demon rebel Arthur Darkwood in To Hell and Back (Case #30 of Supernatural Investigations), where his true identity as the demon Maetheron was revealed.


Maetheron was a demon assuming the guise of a 48-year-old FBI Agent named George Mathison.

In his human form, he had black eyes and short, graying black hair. He wore a light blue shirt and a blue tie with brown stripes under a dark blue suit jacket with a gold FBI badge on his left lapel.

In his demon form, he had green skin, pointed ears, wings, and red eyes. He also sported black war paint across his eyes and forehead, black horns and carried a glowing blue axe in his right hand.

In his first suspect appearance, it is known that George read The Spectral Plane and was right-handed.

In his second suspect appearance, it is discovered that he knew electronics.

In his third suspect appearance, it is revealed that he bathed in the River Styx.

Height 5'10"
Age 48/
Weight 172 lbs
Eyes black/red
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

The Curse of Black Ridge

George became a suspect after he informed Luke and the player that Black Ridge was a federal crime scene and took them away for interrogation. He revealed that he had been contacted by Nevada PD after the victim's wife, Anika Cross, had called the police. After being questioned about the body's location, Luke admitted that it was in one of the team's trailers, claiming that they were ghost town historians. George then demanded the team to turn over the body immediately and leave Black Ridge. After their interrogation, Luke and the player informed Chief Arrow about what had happened, who told them that he would deal with George.

George was spoken to again about the victim being a suspect in a series of murders in Black Ridge. After Luke and the player returned his briefcase to him, they asked George about Jeremy being a suspect. Telling the team that it was classified information, he revealed that they had interviewed Anika Cross, not Jeremy. This prompted Luke and the player to question Anika.

George was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Rick Lewis for Jeremy's murder. Later, the team managed to put the soul of ghost Nathaniel Mason, the true killer, to rest. After doing so, George appeared before the team and demanded that they explained themselves to him. He was unable to make the team crack, resulting in him promising them that they had made a powerful enemy. He then demanded that the team left Black Ridge before he had them arrested.

Gut Out

After arresting Paul Etter's killer, Gwen discovered that her girlfriend, gold magnate Justine Bankston, had been arrested by the FBI for murder. They found George's laptop at Tacos Pueblo. Per Hope, there was undeniable proof that Justine had killed her sister. However, the detail that a tarot card had been slipped into the victim's pocket prompted Gwen to accuse Jesse Adams as the detail had reminded her of the murder that he had committed. Gwen and the player tried to convince George that Jesse was the killer, but George revealed that he was locked up in Saguaro Penitentiary. He then retook his laptop and ordered the team to get out of his sight.

Mad World

After arresting Dr Lucrezia Stein's killer, George interrupted Adam Enstrom's funeral and began to interrogate Ben and the player. Telling the team that he had caught them in possession of human remains for the second time, he threatened to send them to the Bureau for interrogation. Patient Savannah Austin then told George that she could vouch for the player. She explained that the only culprit was her late mother and offered to show him the patient files so that he could close the asylum down. George then told the player that he had his eye on them.

The Ghost of Murders Past

Mid-investigation, George barged in on the team's investigation and arrested Chief Arrow for possession of R.J. Fielding's body.

After discovering the identity of Fielding's killer, Felix and the player pleaded with George to release Chief Arrow. They revealed that Luke had been possessed by a ghost, which they could prove. They also told George that they could hand him a human killer. Skeptical, George released Chief Arrow. George then accompanied the team's investigation.

Upon finding Abigail Riley's notebook, the team tracked down Axel and Luke. After George detained Axel for the murder, Felix performed the exorcism on Luke and drove Abigail's spirit out of his body. Shocked by what he had witnessed, George collapsed. However, Chief Arrow quickly brought George to his feet.

George and the team later interrogated Axel and demanded to know how Abigail could find peace. After they found her ring, they summoned Abigail's spirit. Chief Arrow returned Axel's ring to her and told her that one day, he would reunite with her in the afterlife. Abigail told the team to tell Axel that she would wait for him and disappeared. George then apologized to the team for not believing them before.

Dead Heat

Mid-investigation, George told Luke and the player that he had managed to use his influence to grant the team access to racer Jerry McKenzie's body. He revealed that Chief Arrow had contacted him and told him about their suspicions that the murder had a supernatural element. Since their investigation near Devilman's Bridge, George had learned not to question Chief Arrow on such matters and assisted the team in giving them access to the body.

Winter Murderland

Mid-investigation, Luke and the player sent a restraining order taken out by the victim, farmer Wyatt Ewing, to Hope for analysis. When they went to collect the results, they encountered George, who explained that he had been contacted by Hope to help her uncover the subject of the restraining order. He informed them that the restraining order had been taken out against environmental activist Zeke Davis, prompting Luke to thank George for his help.

This American Death

After arresting Dan Kelly's killer, Gwen and the player found a box of cremated human remains whilst looking for the remains of the real Alice Kelly. They sent the remains to George for analysis in an FBI lab. Confirming that the remains belonged to Alice, George mentioned that the Kellys had a son: Kevin Kelly. After learning that the team had not encountered a son in their investigation, George feared that Kevin was missing. Gwen and the player spoke to association head Florence Brucker about Kevin. She told the team that the parents had claimed that he had gone to live with some distant relatives, although she had never believed them.

Don't Die over Spilled Milk

After arresting Todd Anderson's killer, George told Gwen and the player that he had looked into Kevin's disappearance and had discovered a couple of similar cases regarding missing children in the Midwest. He revealed that one of his leads had led to Todd, prompting Gwen and the player to look around Todd's apartment.

Scry for Help

After arresting Belinda's killer, Felix and the player found young witch Avery Mitchell and the rest of the kidnapped kids. Chief Arrow contacted George to take the kids home. After Avery and the player helped George find his car keys, George told the kids that he was taking them home, with their first stop being Chicago.

No Leg to Stand On

Mid-investigation, Gwen and the player found a dagger sheath, suspecting it to be the sheath of the murder weapon. They had George check the fingerprints in the FBI database to speed up the investigation. Upon receiving the results of George's analysis, Gwen and the player discovered that Chief Arrow had asked George to look into the thefts of the Scimitar of Carpathia and the Manuscript of Benbecula: museum artifacts with serious supernatural significance. George then informed Gwen and the player that the fingerprints on the sheath belonged to archaeology professor Theresa Rosenthal.

Niagara Fallen

Mid-investigation, Luke and the player contacted George to identify an agent ID number. George informed the team that the number belonged to Agent Bucky Johnson, a consultant for the Bureau.

After arresting Ronnie Hawk's killer, Hope and the player confirmed that Rathimael and The Pilgrim were the same person per an old FBI file. They concluded that Rathimael had been burned to death by the demon queen's loyal followers. Hope forwarded the file to George for more information on the case. He informed them that The Pilgrim was connected to an address in Salem, Massachusetts, prompting the team to head there next.

The Third Degree

George became the player's partner during the investigation as it had occurred inside of FBI headquarters. Together, George and the player discovered that FBI informant Reggie Pratt had driven Theresa to "suicide". However, before they could confront him, Chief Arrow asked Gwen to take over the arrest from George as he was unprotected against the demons' mind-reading capabilities.

To the Lighthouse

George became a suspect again after Gwen and the player found his FBI access pass at the lighthouse. He revealed that Bucky had called him for back-up. However, he was delayed by electrical issues with his phone, which meant that he was too late to save Bucky. He claimed that Bucky had not mentioned why he needed back-up, nor had he explained what he was doing at the lighthouse. George then left the team to continue with their sleuthing.

George was spoken to again about him having a mask of the victim. He revealed that he had had reason to believe that Bucky was a demon, saying that he was always appearing suddenly in strange places and had far too much stamina for an individual of his age. When he found the mask, he believed that it had been used by Bucky to disguise himself, so he confronted him about it. Bucky claimed that the mask had only been used by his colleague as a decoy on missions. After Gwen reminded him that demons could not be electrocuted, George accepted that Bucky was not a demon and told the team that he was more determined than ever to discover the identity of his killer.

George was found to be innocent again after the team incarcerated Edwina Pickles for Bucky's murder.

To Hell and Back

Maetheron became a suspect after Luke and the player found his demonic talisman. After he called them his "old friends", Maetheron transformed into George, shocking the team. Maetheron revealed that he had infiltrated the FBI on the orders of the demon queen in order to exploit all possible resources to find Arthur. After realizing that the team had made contact with Arthur in Oregon, he arranged to meet the team in Black Ridge in order to sow the seeds of their friendship. After transforming back into his demon form, he taunted the team about their inevitable defeat.

Maetheron was spoken to again about him being publicly humiliated by his fellow demons. He revealed that he was the laughing stock of the demon community as he had failed to catch Arthur. When he heard that Arthur was set to attend the supernatural conference, he set about to redeem himself by personally bringing him in. However, the demon queen had lost confidence in him, so she had sent a lackey to arrest Arthur instead, denying Maetheron his chance to redeem himself.

Maetheron was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Zeke Davis for Arthur's murder. After Hope's final battle with the demon queen, Maetheron and the rest of the demon queen's faithful perished as a result of their connection with the demon queen as a source of power.


As an FBI Agent, George has the responsibility of taking care of necessary analyses that are beyond the capabilities of the Supernatural Hunters, and to inform the team of such results after a certain amount of time or a speed-up process using Criminal Case Cash. His task-wait rates vary depending on the difficulty of the task, but they all cost 1 Criminal Case Cash per 30 minutes.

Below is the list of analyses George performs throughout the course of the game:

Case #16: This American Death

  • Human Remains (09:00:00)

Case #21: No Leg to Stand On

  • Fingerprints on Sheath (09:00:00)


  • George and Arthur Darkwood are the only non-main characters to physically appear in all regions in Supernatural Investigations.
  • At an infinite age, George is one of the oldest characters in the game.
  • George is one of the characters to appear as a suspect thrice.
  • George is one of the characters to appear as a quasi-suspect six times.
    • He is also one of the characters to appear as a quasi-suspect in two consecutive cases in Supernatural Investigations.
  • George is one of the characters to perform lab analyses without actually being an official lab technician of the police.
  • George is one of the characters who animate (or move) during at least one cutscene in the game.

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