Geert De Haan, acting as a minor character in Criminal Case, appeared in multiple flashbacks during the events of The Poisoned Truth (Case #54 of Grimsborough).


Geert was a Pilgrim Reverend who lived around the 1600s and sported a Pilgrim Suit with an Elizabethan ruff around his neck, and a Pilgrim hat. Geert sported the same mustache shared with his descendant, Kirk De Haan. Geert was known to be a practitioner of the Bible, was known to believe in God and miracles.

Events of Criminal Case

Geert was the Reverend of the Pilgrims and the first person to lead a leader-less Pilgrim Village we know it as being present-day Grimsborough.

In the beginning of the player's investigation of the Secret Cave (after following Rosie Gatewood's dying words, "White Acres"), a decomposed skeleton with hairs analyzed by Grace uncovered some surprises about the so-called "Miracle Baby" story (as told by Ashton Cooper): Harriet Gatewood was the mother of the miracle baby. Kirk De Haan was called into questioning, and stories of how Geert conceiving a child with the colonial prostitute Harriet came to light--things the Crimson Order masked as Geert finding a miracle baby in the woods as a part of the Order's quest of deceit.

When Harriet approached Geert that the baby she was expecting also belonged to Geert, he became agitated as he knew Harriet as being a sinner due to her prostitute lifestyle. To ensure that Geert's wrongdoings did not get noticed by the public, Geert wanted Harriet to give birth to the child in the secret cave so this way no one would know that Geert and Harriet conceived the child.

Moments after Harriet gave birth to the "miracle baby", Harriet wanted Geert to enjoy the moment of their newborn child but before Harriet was able to spend the last few moments with her newborn baby, Geert stabbed Harriet to death as if Geert just wanted to pretend that he did not know Harriet at all. After Harriet's death, a Crimson Order member (or possibly the leader) came in and found a solution to help Geert hide his guilt of his hidden affair with Harriet: The Order would pretend that Geert found a newborn baby from the woods as a gift from God if he would accept the Order's offer to lead the village thanks to the miracle baby. Alas Geert accepted the Order's offer to lead the village with influence coming from the miracle baby--in which 4 centuries later would be a fraud as Grace discovered through the analysis of those decomposed hairs not to mention Baxter Trask telling the truth behind the Order's manipulation of the baby's status.

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