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Chief Diane Parker: <Name>, no matter where we turn in The Greens, we keep running into DreamLife!
Chief Parker: First, we discover they've hired Marconi's security company to guard their crashed satellite in the forest...
Chief Parker: ... then it turns out that their VR game is not as innocuous as it would seem!
Chief Parker: Rozetta claims she had no idea about the "glitch" that makes people addicted to the game, but I'm not buying it for a second!
Jones: DreamLife can say they didn't know their game was addictive, but it doesn't change the fact that players get so invested that they forget to take care of themselves!
Jones: This game twists people's minds! Just look at Rupert, he's hardly been himself since he started playing!
Chief Parker: And that's why you need to go to the Tech Convention, <Name>! DreamLife will have a booth there, which means it's the perfect opportunity to investigate them further!

At the convention...
Jones: <Name>, the place is packed! I guess everyone wanted to attend DreamLife's conference about their VR game!
Jones: Shh, it's about to begin!
Juniper: Hello and welcome to DreamLife's first booth at The Green's annual Tech Convention! I am Juniper. You may have seen me in the game as your personal hostess!
Jones: <Name>, the lady who greets people in the VR game is also a real-life person?! I had no idea!
Juniper: I am here to present DreamLife VR, the game that lets you live the life of your dreams!
Juniper: It all starts with the VR headset! The player puts it on...
Juniper: ... like so, and can start enjoying the-
(Jones, shocked, is covered in blood.)
Jones: Juniper's headset's exploded!
Jones: This can't have been a malfunction, it must have been a premeditated murder! <Name>, you secure the crime scene while I evacuate the convention! There's not a second to lose!

Chapter 1

Investigate DreamLife Booth.
David Jones: Alright, <Name>, I've secured the scene. Let's have a look at the body!
Jones: God, what a mess. Poor Juniper... Her head just... blew off!
Jones: You're right, the headset she put on must have been booby-trapped! Which means we already have our murder weapon!
Jones: As for this bag, it's exactly the same style as Juniper's clothes! It must be hers! Let's look through it!
Jones: And how could I forget! We need to talk to Juniper's boss, Rozetta Pierre, right now! Let's do this, <Name>!

Ask Rozetta Pierre about the murder.
Rozetta: <Rank> <Name>, I don't have time for your questions, I'm in the middle of a PR nightmare! Killing the face of our company is a direct attack on DreamLife!
Rozetta: Not to mention that without Juniper, our whole marketing strategy has to be rethought! Do you know how expensive that is?
Jones: Yes, I'm sure Juniper would be devastated to cost you money. Rozetta, someone clearly tampered with Juniper's headset! Where did it come from?
Rozetta: Nobody touched that headset other than Juniper! She always wanted to use her own stuff. Said she was more comfortable that way.
Rozetta: And if I hadn't been lenient with her, none of this would have happened!
Rozetta: God, who is going to clean out Juniper's cubicle? This pea-brain has already cost me too much of my time! Now excuse me, <Rank> <Name>, but I have a few calls to make!
Jones: Actually, we're going to want to take a look at that cubicle before it's cleaned out! Let's head to the DreamLife offices, <Name>!

Investigate DreamLife Office.
Jones: This place looks so modern, <Name>! Maybe we should get their designer's number and try to convince the Chief to upgrade our breakroom!
Jones: I sure could use one of those digital photo frames on my desk... Oh, it's a clue you picked up, <Name>!
Jones: Of course I noticed that icon with Juniper's face on it! This photo frame must be hers! I'll let you crack the code to her account, <Name>!
Jones: And this torn paper looks like a lead. I'll get the tape!

Examine Locked Photo Frame.
Jones: Look, there's Juniper in the photo as a child! She really hadn't changed much!
Jones: I wonder who this man with her is... we'd better have a look through the database!

Examine Unknown Man.
Jones: That man in the photo with the victim is Tim Cooper! That's the cop we met when we investigated Ash Bison's murder!
Jones: I'm curious what his ties to Juniper are... Let's go ask Officer Cooper!

Ask Tim Cooper about his relationship to the victim.
Jones (presenting his badge): Hello Officer Cooper, may we have a minute? We're investigating the murder of Juniper, from the game DreamLife VR-
Tim: Juniper's dead?!
(Tim starts crying.)
Jones (sweating): Erm, I take it you two were close, Officer?
Tim (crying): Juniper was my sister!
Jones: Oh, I wouldn't have guessed! She looked a lot younger than you!
Tim: Our parents had Juniper late, 18 years after me. I left home soon after she was born, so I never saw her as much as I woud have wanted to.
Tim: Juniper was so sweet and full of life! And ambitious too, she wanted to become famous! Working for DreamLife was a literal dream for her!
Tim: Please, <Rank> <Name>... I need time to grieve...

Examine Torn Paper.
Jones: <Name>, look at the message on that note! "Juniper, I can't wait to watch your future burst into flames! Hope you enjoy your last demonstration, it's going to be the bomb!"
Jones: So that threat is addressed to the victim! And the note references a bomb! Just like our murder weapon! This note is obviously from the killer!
Jones: And all the letter "H"s are missing from the message... I wonder if it's supposed to mean anything...
Jones: You're right, <Name>! Let's send this note to Gabriel, he'll tell us more about it!

Analyze Threat.
Gabriel: Jones, <Name>, do you need to talk? The psychological trauma of seeing someone's head get blown off in front of your very eyes is not one to ignore.
Jones: Not right now, Gabriel. Catching this killer is what will make us feel better.
Gabriel: My door is always open. In the meantime, let me tell you about this note you sent me!
Gabriel: Of course, the first thing that caught my attention on this note was the fact all the "H"s were missing. I thought it might be some kind of code...
Gabriel: ... but it soon became clear the absence of the letter had been accidental. Which brought me to another realization!
Gabriel: As you can see from the indentations on the paper, this note wasn't printed out. It was typed out.
Jones: You mean on a typewriter? Do people still use those?
Gabriel: Your killer certainly does! And not just any typewriter! You see, the Rolington is infamous for the prosperity of its letter H to fall off!
Jones: So you're saying the killer uses a Rolington typewriter? Ha, <Name>, they might as well have written their own arrest warrant with it!

Examine Juniper's Bag.
Jones: <Name>, is that an iPear business card you found in the victim's bag?
Jones: iPear and DreamLife are bitter competitors, so why would a DreamLife employee have a card from their rivals?
Jones: The name at the top has been ripped off, but maybe you can decipher it, <Name>!

Examine Torn Business Card.
Jones: This business card you found in the Juniper's bag is from E. Cafferey! Why does that name sound familiar...
Jones: Oh right! It was on the news, he took over as iPear's CEO after Gigs' death!
Jones: So Juniper didn't just have the card from an iPear employee, she had a card from the iPear CEO! We'd better ask Mr Cafferey about this!

Talk to Eoin Cafferey about how he knew the victim.
Eoin: Oh <Rank> <Name>, how wonderful to meet you! No, you're not mistaken, it IS me, Eoin Cafferey!
Jones: Right... Mr Cafferey, care to explain why your business card was in Juniper's bag? DreamLife and iPear are fierce competitors.
Eoin: This is a networking event, <Rank> <Name>, everybody gets everybody's card!
Eoin: Maybe that Juniper girl was thinking about working for the real pros out there...
Eoin: Pity about her death... I overheard the commotion from the iPear booth when it happened! You should come check out our booth actually, <Rank> <Name>! I'm sure you'll find it to your liking! How could you not?
Eoin: In the world of tech, those that can't keep up become obsolete! And without their prized VR mascot, I doubt DreamLife will still be relevant in a year!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Martine: Oh là là, <Name>, I'd seen Juniper's face on promotional posters and she was a beauty! So sad for her to die in this way!
Jones: Yeah... can't look at that face too long now.
Martine: It's lucky, if I can frame it that way, that all the explosives had been placed on the right side of the headset. It means the left side of the headset was preserved!
Martine: Inside it, I found a battery and a radio-controlled detonator!
Jones: The killer detonated the bomb with a remote control? That means they must have been in the crowd!
Martine: Exactement! They must have wanted to enjoy the show, so to speak. But there's something more...
Martine: All the soldering and wiring was quite advanced. To be able to rig the headset this way, your killer has to know electronics!
Jones: The killer is going to need more than their knowledge of electronics to escape justice!

Jones: <Name>, I can't get rid of the image of Juniper's head going kaboom!
Jones: Our victim's headset was booby-trapped and exploded in the middle of her presentation, killing her in the process!
Jones: True to character, Rozetta was completely unfazed... She seemed to care more about the impact of Juniper's death on public relations!
Jones: Impact which Eoin Cafferey thought was going to benefit him! That iPear CEO is the prime suspect in my opinion!
Jones: And I never would have guessed Tim Cooper to be the victim's brother! Must be hard to lose a sibling like that!
Jones: <Name>, do you think-
Cathy: <Name>, I just got a call from the DreamLife offices! You need to get over there right away!
Cathy: Angry VR customers are out for blood! Things are going to get out of hand soon!

Chapter 2

David Jones: I don't think I'll ever get rid of the image of Juniper's head going kaboom, <Name>!
Jones: Who could have wanted to booby-trap the headset of DreamLife's VR hostess?
Jones: We've got a list of shady suspects, but when it comes to leads, we're pretty blindfolded.
Jones: <Name>, do you think-
Cathy: <Name>, I just got a call from the DreamLife offices! You need to get over there right away!
Cathy: Angry VR customers are out for blood! They're becoming hysterical!
Cathy: They're all convinced their VR headsets are going to blow up!
Jones: <Name>, we've got to go to the DreamLife offices before things get out of hand!

At the DreamLife offices...
Angry VR Players: Game devotion, not explosions! Game devotion, not explosions!
Jones: Please, everybody, calm down, you're all safe!
Angry VR Players: Tell that to Juniper, her head exploded! How do we know that won't happen to us?
Jones (presenting his badge): We're investigating the matter. You can stop using the headsets if you are worried. Now, please leave the premises!
(Angry VR Players leave.)
Jones: <Name>, that could have gone way worse!
Jones: You know, I've heard about this place. DreamLife set it up so VR players can come and play in a controlled environment! They call it a Player Zone. Let's have a look around!

Investigate Player Zone.
Jones: DreamLife sure knows how to manipulate its gamers! Look at this place, players have everything they need to keep playing for hours!
Jones: Wait, that's a ticket to the tech convention! <Name>, this might get us a new suspect, let's dust it for fingerprints!
Jones: But what about this leather case? Seems a little old-fashioned for such a high tech setting. I agree, we should unlock it!
Jones: And I'm sure piecing this broken badge back together will only take you a second! Let's do this, <Name>!

Examine Leather Case.
Jones: <Name>, that leather case was hiding a typewriter!
Jones: Oh, nicely spotted! The "H" key is missing, just like on the killer's threat!
Jones: This must be the typewriter our killer used! Let's send it to the lab, quickly!

Analyze Rolington Typewriter.
Amir: Hey <Name>, that's one fancy typewriter you sent me!
Jones: Shame the owner enjoys blowing heads up!
Amir: Yes. It's also pretty careless to have lost the "H" key and not have replaced it, but it seems that your killer isn't the fussy type.
Jones: What do you mean?
Amir: The typewriter was filled with assorted crumbs, most of them tofu!
Jones: Tofu? What kind of monster eats tofu?! It doesn't even have any grease in it!
Jones: <Name>, this killer scares me even more now! Let's go back to the DreamLife offices, there must be something we missed!

Investigate Office Staircase.
Jones: I always say you never know what your colleagues may forget in the office cupboard! Let's search it!
Jones: Oh and I see you found Juniper's laptop, there's her name on it! Let's crack that password!

Examine Red Cupboard.
Jones: What is that figurine you found in the cupboard?
Jones: That looks like a figurine of Rozetta, dressed like Juniper! Is this some sort of prototype?
Jones: I don't relish the thought of talking to her again, but we should ask Rozetta what this is about!

Ask Rozetta about a figurine of herself.
Jones: Rozetta, what is this figurine of you we found? Were you planning on replacing Juniper?
Rozetta: Please! You think I, Rozetta Pierre, electronics genius extraordinaire, would ever want to be the face of a software? I've got more ambition than that, thank you very much.
Rozetta: This doll was just to show Juniper she wasn't irreplaceable. You wouldn't believe the attitude she gave me.
Jones: Well, she WAS the face of your VR game... surely she deserved some recognition?
Rozetta: For what? She was just a pretty face.
Rozetta: And yet she had the nerve to ask for shares in the company, as if she was important!
Rozetta: This district is plagued with people too sure of their importance. It's like that hack, Eoin. He can barely build a robot from scratch and yet from hearing him you'd think he's a tech wizard!
Jones: Rozetta, if you killed an employee just to prove how disposable they are, you'll need to hire a new employee soon! One with a law degree!

Examine Locked Laptop.
Jones: You are a pro, <Name>! Let's send the victim's laptop to the lab!

Analyze Victim’s Laptop.
Jones: Cathy, what can you tell us about the victim's laptop? So much is stored on these devices, surely you found something!
Cathy: Not all laptops are created equal, <Name>. It would seem that your victim used hers to store cat gifs and photos. And that was in her "work" folder!
Cathy: However, when I checked out the security features, things got more interesting!
Cathy: Turns out someone had hacked her firewall system and installed a 24-hour recording device!
Cathy: The hacker was super sloppy, though. It wasn't hard to trace the IP back to none other than her brother!
Jones: Cooper was spying on his sister?
Cathy: Yep. Pretty disgusting violation of privacy if you ask me!
Jones: Why was Cooper spying on his sister?! <Name>, let's go see him!

Question Tim about hacking the victim’s laptop.
Jones: Cooper, we know you were spying on your sister! You hacker her computer!
Tim: Hacked? <Rank> <Name>, I may know my way around fixing a TV, but that's about the end of my technological knowledge! I still use a Rolington typewriter for my reports!
Jones: We traced the IP address back to you, Cooper. No use denying the facts!
Tim: Fine, but you have to understand, I just wanted to protect her. She was putting herself out there in the gaming world, and we all know what kind of crazies are out there.
Jones: And you don't think spying on her was a step too far?
Tim: Look, there was only so much I could do. I tried bonding with her, laughing at her jokes...
Tim: I even tried sharing tofu recipes with her when she decided to become vegetarian! But she kept drifting away from me!
Tim (crying): By hacking her computer, I could keep an eye on her without her feeling like she had an overprotective older brother!
Jones: Overprotective is one word for it... but I think we have different ideas of what protection is! We'll see you around, Cooper!

Examine Broken Badge.
Jones: That button says "Ronald Rooney Fan Club"... isn't that the actor who got killed on the red carpet a few weeks ago?
Jones: Oh, you're right! That's the badge Annie Schmidt wears, she's a huge fan of his!
Jones: The last time we saw Annie, she'd gotten so addicted to the VR game she'd stopped taking her medicine! We'd better check up on her!

Check on Annie Schmidt.
Jones: Annie, nice to see you again. We found your button...
Annie: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, how thoughtful of you to come all the way to the virtual world to give it back to me!
Jones: Virtual world? Wait, do you think we're in the VR game right now?
Annie: Of course we're in the game! The Greens is too perfect, it could never be a real place!
Annie: Where else could I have used my Rolington typewriter while having a fish foot bath? No way that happens in real life.
Jones: I promise you it IS the real world, don't you realize you can touch things?
Annie: Get real, <Rank> <Name>, I haven't had to fix my electric stove in weeks! This is obviously all virtual.
Jones: I see... Annie, please be careful, just in case it's the real world.

Examine Convention Ticket.
Jones: Gotcha! That convention ticket has perfect fingerprints. Let's track their owner down!

Examine Fingerprints.
Jones: <Name>, the fingerprints on that convention ticket... They're Rupert's!
Jones: He never mentioned going to the convention... Why wouldn't he come see us after witnessing such a murder?
Jones: I know he's been all about the VR game lately, but surely he hasn't forgotten he's part of the police! We'd better talk to him, <Name>!

Ask Rupert Winchester about his presence at the crime scene.
Jones: Rupert, do you have a moment? We found your ticket to the convention. We had no idea you were there...
Rupert: I'm sorry I didn't come to you, but I was so distraught!
Rupert (crying): Poor Juniper, I can't believe she's dead!
Jones: Oh, I didn't realize you knew her...?
Rupert: Of course I knew Juniper! I talked to her every day in the VR!
Jones: Ah, you mean the virtual Juniper, that-
Rupert: How DARE you?! She wasn't virtual to me!
Rupert: Thank God her spirit will live on. Speaking of which, I have a tea date with her in the game in five minutes. I'll see you later, <Name>!

Jones: Well, that was intense, <Name>! Rupert's even worse than I thought!
Jones: He's really addicted to this VR game... Let's just hope that was the extent of his contact with Juniper!

Jones: Well, <Name>, looks like the motive to kill our victim is hard to pin down.
Jones: Her brother, Tim Cooper, was unable to save her head from exploding despite monitoring her every move.
Jones: Her CEO, Rozetta Pierre, cannot stress enough how little she cares about Juniper, despite her being the face of her company.
Jones: Meanwhile, players like Rupert and Annie would have no reason to wish their virtual guide any harm...
Annie: <Rank> <Name>, I didn't mean to! I didn't mean to!
Jones: Annie? What is it?
Annie: Juniper! I killed her!

Chapter 3

David Jones: <Name>, whoever killed Juniper must've really had to resent her to blow her head up.
Jones: But honestly, I don't know who would have-
Annie: <Rank> <Name>, I didn't mean to! I didn't mean to!
Jones: Annie? What is it?
Annie: I didn't even know it was possible, I had these thoughts and I was angry, but it was an accident!
Jones: Take a deep breath, Annie. What are you trying to tell us?
Annie: I didn't mean to kill Juniper!
Jones: You killed Juniper?!
Jones: Annie, we need to talk to you. Let's go into an interrogation room.

Get Annie's confession.
Jones: From the beginning, Annie. You say you murdered Juniper?
Annie (crying): I killed her with the power of my mind! I really wanted her head to blow up, and it did!
Jones: I see. Annie, there was a bomb in her headset. It wasn't your psychic powers that killed her.
Annie: No, you don't understand, I was so sick of her!
Annie: You know how in the game you get those sponsored messages for food and stuff? Well, Juniper kept popping up to make me buy tofu!
Annie: Now I love tofu as much as the next person, but she'd go ON and ON about "our sponsor's yummiest tofu products!"
Annie: I just wanted her to SHUT UP! And then... I killed her!
Jones: Look, Annie, I really don't think you killed her. But, just in case, we're going to keep you in custody for now.

Jones: That was distressing, <Name>... Clearly Annie isn't thinking straight right now, but what if she actually DID rig the headset?
Jones: Either way, you're right. We don't yet have enough evidence to arrest anyone, not with absolute certainty! We need new leads!
Chief Parker: <Name>, the Tech Convention Center called!
Chief Parker: Companies have invested a lot of money in their stands and are in a rush to get the public back inside. I've convinced them to give you extra time for one final sweep, but hurry!

Investigate VR Products.
Jones: <Name>, what's this old phone model doing here? I didn't even think Mockia 6620s were still used!
Jones: I wonder how it ended up in the middle of all these high tech gadgets? We better unlock it and see who it belongs to!
Jones: Wait, is that a poster of Juniper? Someone scratched her head out and wrote "Attention cow" on it!
Jones: Someone was obviously very mad at the victim, and whoever they are, they left some brown flakes behind! Let's gather them up!

Examine Mockia 6620.
Jones: <Name>, this is Rupert's phone! There's his name on the screen!
Jones: Strange of Rupert to have forgotten his phone at the crime scene! Let's send it to Cathy!

Analyze Rupert's Phone.
Cathy: <Name>, I don't like being nosy, but I did have a look into Rupert's messages and calls...
Cathy: And I gotta say, I didn't expect our Rupert to be into texting people!
Jones: Oh really? Who was he texting?
Cathy: That's the interesting bit! He sent messages to Juniper!
Jones: Juniper, our victim? From the VR game? He messaged her in real life?!
Cathy: Yes! It seems he wanted to have tea with her. But Juniper sent him back "lol totes basic" and he never replied after that.
Jones: This is unexpected... <Name>, we need to talk to Rupert again!

Ask Rupert about the texts sent to the victim.
Jones: Rupert, I'm afraid you have some explaining to do. We found your phone and the messages you sent Juniper pleading to meet with her.
Rupert (sweating): Oh dear, this is quite embarrassing...
Rupert: Juniper and I got on so well in the virtual world, I thought we'd also click in the real world!
Rupert: I wrote her a letter on my Rolington typewriter... but then realized I probably needed to be more modern about it.
Jones: And she did answer. So did you two meet in real life?
Rupert: Of course we didn't! You saw that message! She wasn't at all the sophisticated woman she'd been in the game!
Rupert: After that I just didn't see the point in pursuing her in the real world...
Rupert: To think all I wanted was someone to enjoy a nice cup of tea with. The virtual Juniper was so knowledgeable about leaf fermentation...

Examine Dirty Poster.
Jones: Quick as a flash, <Name>, let's put these brown flakes from the poster under the microscope!

Examine Brown Flakes.
Jones: <Name>, these flakes are pipe tobacco...
Jones: Eoin Cafferey has a pipe! Could HE have defaced the poster of our victim?
Jones: Only one way to be sure! <Name>, let's go ask Eoin!

Question Eoin about the defaced poster of the victim.
Eoin: <Rank> <Name>, I knew you'd be back, No one leaves without asking my card!
Jones: Um, we're actually focused on police business. You know, Juniper's violent murder?
Jones: We found the poster you vandalized! Care to enlighten us?
Eoin: Oh, that... that was just a temporary loss of temper.
Eoin: I mean, how am I supposed to react when HER face is plastered everywhere even though I'M the youngest CEO at the head of a Forpes 300 company?
Eoin: Magazines only want to talk about her and that stupid VR game and that stupid Rozetta.
Eoin: Who would want to read about Rozetta Pierre eating tofu and using a Rolington typewriter?!
Eoin: I EAT TOFU TOO! But nobody wants to do a story on MY funny quirks!
Eoin: At least now that the face of the VR game is gone, the media spotlight is sure to land on its true star: ME.

Later, at the precinct...
Jones: <Name>, I don't know what to think anymore...
Jones: First we have Annie, accusing herself of killing Juniper with the power of her mind...
Jones: Then we have Eoin, who sounds like he might have just blown her head up to let off some steam!
Jones: At least Rupert doesn't seem like much of a suspect... right?
Jones: Well, there's one way to make sure, you're right! We know the killer left their typewriter at the Player Zone... we should have a final sweep of the place!

Investigate Nap Pods.
Jones: <Name>, this remote control has a sketch of a VR headset on it...
Jones: ... and a big BOOM on that red button!
Jones: I agree, this has to be the remote the killer used to activate the bomb in the headset!
Jones: Lucky for us, there seems to be some fibers caught on one of the screws... let's collect some!
Jones: Thanks, <Name>, a snack WOULD help calm my nerves...
Jones: Oh, you think something could've dropped in that tray? Right, let's search it! We're close to getting answers, <Name>, I can feel it!

Examine Trail Mix Tray.
Jones: <Name>, what's this button you found in the tray?
Jones: You're right! That must be the missing "H" button from the killer's Rolington typewriter!
Jones: <Name>, there's no time to lose, let's send this typewriter key to the lab!

Analyze Typewriter Key.
Jones: What can you tell us from that key we sent you, Amir?
Amir: Well, <Name>, we all know how handy "H"s can be, and this one is no exception!
Amir: I found traces of tofu on the key, just like in the typewriter! But that's not all, there were also a few blood cells!
Amir: Since we've established the Rolington typewriter belongs to your killer, I worked my magic on those blood cells, and...
Amir: ... I can tell you that your killer's blood type is O-!
Jones: Blood typing, now that's a technology I will always trust! <Name>, we're close to catching our killer!

Examine Remote Control.
Jones: Expertly retrieved, <Name>, as always! Let's send this sample you picked up from the killer's remote control to the lab!

Analyze Brown Fibers.
Amir: <Name>, I'll be relieved once you've caught the killer! I don't like knowing Rupert is a suspect.
Amir: At least, here's something that should bring you a step closer: that brown string you got from the killer's remote is cotton!
Amir: More specifically, treated cotton fibers used in clothing.
Jones: So this came from our killer's clothing?
Amir: Yes! But that's not all. While dirty, the fibers themselves were devoid of any dyes. On the contrary, they contained a powerful bleaching agent!
Amir: <Name>, I can tell you without a doubt that those fibers came from white fabric!
Jones: So our killer wears white! They'll be as white as their clothes when we catch them!

After completing all the tasks...
Jones: <Name>, we have all we need to put this killer behind bars! Let's go arrest them!

Take care of the killer now!
Jones: Tim Cooper, you're under arrest for your sister's murder!
Jones: I can't believe you stood there and watched your sister's head explode!
Tim: <Rank> <Name>, you're joking? Me, murder my baby sister Juniper?!
Jones: Then how come we found traces of your tofu lunch on the Rolington typewriter you used to type your threatening note?
Tim: So I eat tofu, big deal! This is The Greens, everybody eats tofu!
Jones: But not everybody knows electronics like you do. Must have been useful for fastening that bomb to the headset!
Tim: <Rank> <Name>... I'm on your side! I'm one of the good guys!
Jones: Are you kidding? You stalked your own sister! Who does that?!
Jones: Look, we got your blood on the key that fell of your typewriter! We know it was you, just tell us the truth!
(Tim clutches his chest while sweating.)
Tim: Fine! It WAS me! I murdered Juniper! She HAD to be punished!
Jones: Punished? For what?
Tim: If you must know, she killed our father!
Jones: She... what?
Tim: Juniper was always dad's favourite. When he got sick, the only person he really wanted to see was her.
Tim: But she never came to visit! She was always too busy, too important!
Tim: When he was hospitalized, I begged Juniper to come, told her he probably didn't have long to live...
Tim: And her only response was to send our dad one of those stupid headset so he could talk to her in the game!
Tim: Dad became addicted to that thing! He loved Juniper so much he played the game all the time! It didn't matter that I was there beside him, it was like I didn't even exist!
Tim (crying): And one day I came to the hospital and he was... gone. He let himself DIE and it was because of HER!
Jones: So... your father passed away.... while talking to your sister's virtual self.
Tim (crying): Yes! And when I confronted Juniper about it, she showed no remorse! Said it was just Dad's time! I lost my dad and she couldn't care less!
Jones: So you decided to blow her head off... how did you think that'd make anything better?
Tim (crying): I didn't need things to be better, I just needed her to pay!
Jones: Oh Cooper... I hope one day you realize how wrong you were.
Jones (presenting his badge): But for now, you're under arrest for murder!

Judge Powell: I can't believe what I'm reading in these files. Officer Cooper, how could you possibly think that killing your sister would make things right?
Tim (crying): She had already lost her heart and become nothing but a pretty face. My father couldn't see it, but I knew she didn't deserve his love.
Judge Powell: But a father's love is unconditional! You had no right to take out your grief and frustration on your sister. Officer Cooper, how do you plead?
Tim: Guilty, your Honor, someone had to be punished!
Judge Powell: Taking a life is not a punishment, it's a crime! As a police officer, you should know that! I believe 40 years in prison will give you ample time to reflect on your actions.
Tim: I have officially lost everything...

Jones: <Name>, I can't believe a cop thought murder was a fitting punishment for anything! Cooper really lost himself!
Jones: And now not only is his father dead, but his sister as well! What a waste...
Chief Parker: <Name>, well done on solving Juniper's murder. But your job is far from done!
Chief Parker: We've left DreamLife to their own dubious devices for too long. It's time we take action!

Is This Just Fantasy? (6/6)

Chief Diane Parker: <Name>, I'll be succinct: Juniper's murder may have had nothing to do with DreamLife or the VR, but we need to get to the bottom of that company's intentions!
Jones: Yeah, but how? It's not like they'll let us snoop around their offices!
Chief Parker: Actually, I haven't officially closed the investigation, which means you still have access to DreamLife's private offices.
Cathy: Great, because we also need to force them to shut down their VR game! You've seen what it did to Annie, and to Rupert! This game is dangerous!
Cathy: <Name>, I'm convinced the "glitch" that makes players not realize how much time they're spending in the game isn't a glitch at all. But I need proof!
Chief Parker: <Name>, I'll leave you to take care of this. Give me a full report on what you find on DreamLife!
(Chief Parker and Cathy leave.)
Jones: Alright, <Name>, I guess you're off to Cathy's la-
Tony: <Rank> <Name>, can we talk?
Jones: I think my eyes are playing tricks on me, <Name>! Marconi, coming to a police station, voluntarily? Are we in the real world?
Tony: Very funny, Jones. <Rank> <Name>, I'm here on serious business. It's about DreamLife.
Jones: Hm, I guess we can spare you a few minutes. <Name>, I'll take Marconi to the interrogation room, you can join us once you've talked to Cathy!

See what Marconi wants.
Tony: <Rank> <Name>, I've already told you I didn't trust DreamLife...
Jones: You mean, like we don't trust you?
Tony: You should trust me, Jones, because I'm your best chance at figuring them out. So anyway, you know they've hired my company to guard their satellite in the forest...
Tony: Well, they've been paying me from a temporary account that they regularly top up.
Jones: This is possibly the most thrilling piece of information we've ever had, Marconi. I hope you're getting somewhere!
Tony: Obviously, I decided to find out exactly where this money was coming from. Turns out, the account was refilled not only by DreamLife but also by an anonymous contributor!
Jones: Okay, I admit THAT's shady... Did you find anything about this mysterious contributor?
Tony: I looked into it and got an account number, but it didn't bring anything up!
Tony: I figure <Rank> <Name> might have more luck! Here's the account number!
Jones: Hm, <Rank> <Name>'s right, whatever this mysterious account is, it's obviously tied to DreamLife. Maybe we could find info about it in their offices!
Tony: I knew I could count on you, <Rank> <Name>! Please keep me updated. Here's a little something for the ride.

Investigate Office Staircase.
Jones: This shredded document must have been important! Let's restore it, <Name>!

Examine Shredded Paper.
Jones: <Name>, this looks like some kind of money donation for DreamLife...
Jones: And that's the same account number Marconi gave us!
Jones: So that means that mysterious account did not only pay Marconi on DreamLife's behalf... they also donated even more money directly to the company! But why so much secrecy?
Jones: Good idea, maybe Ramirez can figure out who's hiding behind that account! Let's get this paper to him!

Analyze Donation Form.
Jones: Ramirez! Were you able to find anything more about DreamLife's mysterious benefactors?
Ramirez: It wasn't easy, because the people who made those donations really didn't want anyone to know about them...
Ramirez: ... but I did some digging, called in some favors, and I figured it out!
Ramirez: The people behind this anonymous account are a cult called The Higher Truth!
Ramirez: They've been around for a year or so. They're all about enlightenment and reaching higher planes... it all sounds like mumbo-jumbo if you ask me!
Jones: Not to mention, why would a cult pay Marconi to guard the DreamLife satellite?!
Jones: Well, at least we've got some part of the answer. <Name>, let's reconvene at the office once Cathy's done looking into the game!

Talk to Cathy about the VR game.
Cathy: <Name>, DreamLife says they didn't mean to get players artificially addicted. But how can we trust that they weren't purposefully manipulating the light in the game?
Cathy: I find this "code glitch" awfully convenient. As if they wouldn't have tested and retested it!
Cathy: And that's what made me realize... If it's NOT a glitch, then it will have to be heavily documented! So if we could access their work files, we'd know for sure!
Cathy: There's a few things I need to work on here, but I've found the perfect partner for you, <Name>!
Alex: Happy to help, <Name>! Baby Sammy is with the sitter, so I'm completely free to come check these offices out with you!

Investigate DreamLife Office.
Alex: <Name>, if I was working on something I didn't want anyone to find out about, I'd definitely store it in this kind of safe. Let's crack it open!

Examine Safe.
Alex: The safe containe a hard drive? Must be pretty important to be kept under lock and key!
Alex: I'm tempted to check it out myself, but we both know my wifey is much faster than me when it comes to hacking! Let's send it to her!

Analyze Hard Drive.
Cathy: <Name>, that hard drive you found at DreamLife was exactly what I needed! It contains the entire code for their VR game!
Cathy: Not only does the code still feature that glitch which tweaks the lighting so you lose all sense of passing time...
Cathy: ... but there are also emails and memos proving that the "glitch" was designed on purpose. It was then tested, validated and put into production!
Alex: So we have the proof we need. DreamLife can claim all they want that they didn't intend for people to get as hooked as Annie did, but their code betrays them!
Cathy: Exactly! <Name>, I'll meet you in the Chief's office with this info once we've got all the evidence we need against DreamLife!

Later, in the Chief's office...
Chief Parker: <Name>, have you found anything on DreamLife?
Jones: We have! They've been receiving VERY generous donations from a cult!
Chief Parker: Excuse me, did you say a cult?
Jones: Yes, called The Higher Truth, and they're based here in Grimsborough!
Jones: They've been sending regular donations to DreamLife, and they've also helped pay for the satellite's protection in the forest!
Chief Parker: While I agree it's yet another troubling piece of the puzzle, receiving donations is not against the law. Did you find anything else?
Cathy: Oh yes, we did!
Cathy: You know how Rozetta pretended the tricks that make players lose all sense of time when they're in the VR game was a glitch...
Cathy: We've got proof right there that it was carefully planned out and validated! They did this on purpose!
Chief Parker: I'll be darned! <Name>, you've got more than enough to confront Rozetta! I'd like to see how she'll weasel herself out of this one!

Confront Rozetta about what we've learned.
Jones: Rozetta, the charade is up! We've got proof you intentionally turned your VR players into addicts!
Rozetta: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, you're catching this train late! I've been working on this problem for days.
Rozetta: Do you really think I authorized such a thing? DreamLife is a serious company, we do not need "tricks" to make our players love our games!
Rozetta: The team responsible for this development has already been fired, and in a couple of days, we'll officially take our VR game off the market.
Jones: Okay... well... that's good...
Jones: But wait! What about all the players who are already addicted to the game, huh? You're just going to leave them like that?!
Rozetta: Of course not. We have devised an end for the game, something that will ease the transition with the real world for players and give them closure.
Jones: Right. And we're supposed to take your word for it?
Rozetta: If you don't believe me, have a look at the program yourself, there's probably a copy of it still at the convention.
Jones: Well, we WILL have a look.
Jones: But before we leave, we also have questions about The Higher Truth, that cult that's giving you money!
Rozetta: DreamLife is a thriving company that attracts many people. Last I checked donations aren't against the law, and we have no reason to look into the people who give us money.
Rozetta: Now, <Rank> <Name>, you sound like you had an exhausting day, how about you have a snack on your way out? It's on me.

Jones: <Name>, I don't know about you, but I'm not believing for a second Rozetta didn't know about the addictive code.
Jones: But I guess the important thing is that they're shutting down the VR game!
Jones: Still, we'd better have a look at that supposed "Game Over" program she talked about. Let's go back to the convention!

Investigate DreamLife Booth.
Jones: I can't see anything that looks like it'd hold a program... but if you think we might get lucky looking in those freebies, let's do it!

Examine Freebies Tray.
Jones: This USB stick hidden amongst those freebies has "GAME OVER" written on it! It must be the end of the game Rozetta was talking about!
Jones: Let's get this USB key to Cathy. She'll be able to confirm if DreamLife's program will really help players quit the game!

Analyze USB Key.
Cathy: I had a close look at the USB key you sent me, <Name>, and Rozetta wasn't lying!
Cathy: The end of the game on this key reintroduces night and day, so players will realize how long they've been playing for.
Cathy: It's all done very smoothly, with the use of proper lighting to ease players back into reality.
Cathy: And they also have Juniper gently pushing players out the door. It's actually quite moving, do you want to have a look at it?

In the VR...
Juniper: Dear PLAYER, it's been so great playing with you! I will always cherish these memories!
Juniper: I will never forget you, PLAYER! All our fun missions, our secret talks...
Juniper: But now it's time for you to go back to the real world, and be with your real friends.
Juniper: They miss you so much, they can't wait to have you back in their lives to share new adventures!
Juniper: I'll always have you in my heart, and rejoice knowing you are back in your own world!
Juniper: Goodbye, PLAYER! Go back to your life and to your friends, there's so much to see!

Back in the real world...
Jones: Saying goodbye to Juniper does bring closure, <Name>.
Jones: But I wonder if all of this will be enough for players like Annie. That game was her entire life...
Cathy: I have the same doubts, which is why I've called for help!
Gabriel: Hi, <Name>! I'd actually been wondering about how to help Rupert wean himself off the game for a while, so this request came in at the perfect time!
Gabriel: What we need is to help the players slowly take control of their actual lives again, with simple daily tasks that will give them a purpose outside of the game.
Gabriel: By following the game's logic but applying it to the real world, players should be able to realize they don't need the VR!
Cathy: Gabriel has devised a five-step program to walk players through it all. Combined with the end of the game, it should be enough for the players to wean off the virtual world.
Jones: That all sounds perfect! Hey, <Name>, maybe you and Gabriel should go tell Rupert the news! It's about time he got back to the real world!

Help Rupert quit the VR game.
Rupert: Oh, <Name>, I was meaning to talk to you and apologize. I feel like I wasn't very helpful during your last couple of investigations... and I can't believe I was a suspect in this one!
Rupert: I was too wrapped up in the game... It's just that... it's so hard to stop!
Gabriel: Well, we have good news for you Rupert, we have exactly what you need!
Gabriel: DreamLife has created an end game to help players like yourself let go of the VR world!
Gabriel: And I have also come up with a five-step program to guide you back into the real world and completely out of the VR!
Rupert: Oh... well... yes, I guess I ought to at least try and stop playing...
Rupert: I shall give this a go! Thanks for your help, <Name>. Oh, and please, take this. I think it's best for me to dispose of all my VR-related possessions!

A bit later...
Amir: <Name>, Rupert told me about the VR and how he's going to wean himself off it! I am so relieved!
Jones: Even better, DreamLife is officially shutting their VR game down!
Jones: Rozetta weaseled out of this, but we know she's up to no good! We'll keep an eye on her.
Jones: Anyway, I doubt this is the last we'll hear about DreamLife... Between this and the satellite they keep in the forest, they've clearly got big ambitions!
Jones: Not to mention that cult that's giving DreamLife tons of money!
Chief Parker: Yes, I've been giving this cult story some thought... since they're clearly tied to DreamLife, investigating them might tell us more about Rozetta's plans!
Chief Parker: Which is why I want you to look into The Higher Truth, <Name>! I've heard they're based in the Old Town!
Jones: I guess that means we're headed to the Old Town then! I'll-
Zoe: David, oh David!
Jones: Zoe, what are you doing here? Is something wr-
(Jones and Zoe kiss.)
Zoe: David, I remember you!

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