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David Jones: Hi, <Name>. I visited Zoe at the psychiatric facility today. She's going through a hard time at the moment.
Jones: I figured I'd come in for a late shift to take my mind off it all. I might as well go over your reports about Rozetta Pierre's past at the Grimsborough University.
Cathy: Yeah, Jones and I have been poring over everything, trying to find the missing piece.
Cathy: You've discovered Rozetta founded a secret society, Ad Astra, when she was at Grim U...
Cathy: ... And some of the current students re-started the group right around the time the meteorite fell in the forest!
Jones: Yeah, I bet that's no coincidence. But the group is shrouded in secrecy. Professor Kevin Charles and the group's current members are both keeping suspiciously quiet about it.
Jones: But what is Ad Astra? Who are they? And how do they fit into Rozetta's plans?
Jones: <Name>, I won't rest until I find out! I need to do this for Zoe!
Chief Parker: Those questions will have to wait, <Name>. A body's been found at the university workshop!
Jones: Another murder on campus? When it rains, it pours. Literally, it's bucketing out there!
Jones: Well, <Name>, let's get over to the university. I'll drive!

Chapter 1

Investigate Workshop.
David Jones: Dear God! That poor girl's had her head... crushed in a vise!
Jones (queasy): What a horribly painful way to die, <Name>. This is the work of a sick mind!
Jones: And look, the victim's hands have been restrained with plastic ties.
Jones: What on earth happened here, <Name>? We don't even know who this girl is... or what she was doing in this workshop so late at night!
Jones: You're right, reassembling those pieces of wood might offer up a clue. They were right next to the body.
Jones: We've got our work cut out for us, <Name>. The pressure's on to catch this ruthless killer before the night is over!

Examine Broken Wood.
Jones: Those wooden pieces are a plaque, <Name>: "Mr Fields says Safety First!"
Jones (looking at his phone): The university staff directory lists a certain Bradley Fields, a shop teacher. This must be his workshop.
Jones: Maybe he can identify the victim, <Name>! C'mon, let's see what Mr Fields can tell us!

Ask whether Mr Fields knows the victim.
Bradley (yawning): Officers, what's so important that you'd drag me into the police station at this time of night?
Jones (holding a photo): We'd like you to look at this photograph and see if you can identify this woman. Now be warned, it's pretty gruesome.
Bradley (holding the photo): That's Stephanie Griff! With... her head stuck in a vise! What on earth happened?
Jones: We were hoping YOU might be able to fill in some details, Mr Fields.
Bradley: Well, I can tell you Stephanie was one of my students. But she hated woodworking.
Bradley: She was at the university on a tennis scholarship. She only took my class because she had to.
Bradley: But her heart was never in it. She'd be out playing on the tennis court all the time if she could.
Jones: Thank you, Mr Fields, for helping us identify Miss Griff.
Jones: Now, <Name>, if the victim spent so much time on the tennis court, we should go check it out!

Investigate Tennis Stands.
(The tennis court is raining.)
Jones: Darn it, <Name>! On top of everything else, it still hasn't stopped raining!
Jones: At least you've found a clue. That's the victim's wallet... those are her initials! So she must've been out here earlier tonight!
Jones: Let's see if there are any clues hidden inside Miss Griff's wallet!
Jones: Good thinking, <Name>. That tool belt could've come from our primary crime scene! Maybe that leather engraving will offer up a new lead!

Examine Tool Belt.
Jones: This engraving says "Cut-Rite," <Name>. Darn it, I was hoping for something more than a brand name.
Jones: You recognize that brand, <Name>? You're saying that the university's groundskeeper, Gunnar Burns, uses this brand of tools?
Jones: Oh, right. He's that grumpy fellow who threatened a student with hedge clippers during a recent investigation!
Jones: Let's hope Mr Burns' mood has improved, because we need to ask him some questions about Stephanie Griff!

Find out if Gunnar Burns saw the victim at the tennis court.
Jones: Gunnar Burns? <Rank> <Name> would like to ask you about Stephanie Griff. She was murdered earlier this evening.
Gunnar: Another dead student? Bah, that figures.
Gunnar: Griff you say? Yeah, I know her. The university's number-one tennis star... a dang diva princess if you ask me!
Jones: Yeah, we're aware of your dislike of students. Just tell us what you know about her.
Gunnar: She'd be out here on the court all the time... even when it's raining cats and dogs, like now!
Gunnar: ... Playing with some guy, I can't remember his name. Tall fellow with bushy hair and a red headband.
Gunnar: Now, if we're done here, I'll be leaving!

Jones: You weren't lying, <Name>. That guy's a grouch!
Jones: But you're right, Burns did say he often saw Stephanie Griff with a fellow tennis player!
Jones (drawing with a pen and pad): Now, what was his description? Tall, bushy hair, red headband...
Jones: Let's run these features through the database and try to make a positive identification!

Examine Suspect's Description.
Jones: You've found a match on that physical description, <Name>! The other tennis player Gunnar Burns saw on the court is fellow student John McKenzie!
Jones: Which makes John McKenzie the perfect person to talk to about our murdered tennis star!

Question John McKenzie about the victim.
Jones: Mr McKenzie, we'd like to talk to you about Stephanie Griff.
John: Oh brother. Don't tell me she wants to practice again. We've been at it all day!
Jones: I'm afraid she won't be practicing again. Miss Griff was murdered earlier this evening.
John: Oh my God, Stephanie's dead? I can't believe it... how is that possible?
John: I... I hope you don't think I had anything to do with it. I'm not her rival or anything!
John: Stephanie and I were doubles partners, <Rank> <Name>. We were on the same side! I'd never hurt her!
Jones: Nobody's accusing you of anything, Mr McKenzie. But if you and Stephanie were close, maybe you'd know if anything strange was going on in her life?
John: Tennis was Stephanie's life, <Rank> <Name>! She didn't care about anything else! I wish I could help, but that's all I know!

Examine Victim's Wallet.
Jones: Are you seeing what I'm seeing, <Name>? There's a card in the victim's wallet that says "You'll die tonight!"
Jones: That's obviously a threat from the killer! This card must've come from them!
Jones: But what does it mean, "I'll send you to the eighth house"?
Jones: Let's see if Gabriel can make sense of this mysterious message!

Analyze Ominous Message.
Gabriel: "A buoyant energy surrounds you, evaporating your cares. Encourage this feeling of empowerment by trying something new!"
Jones: Um, Gabriel... what are you talking about?
Gabriel: That's your horoscope for today, <Name>!
Jones: Horoscope? I assume this has something to do with the killer's threat?
Gabriel: Indeed! It's the reference to the "eighth house" that's particularly telling. It's not an actual place, it's an astrological term!
Gabriel: You see, the 12 "houses" of astrology are symbolic representations of all aspects of human life, such as possessions, family and relationships.
Gabriel: The eighth house represents death, which is why your killer referenced it. This being the case, it's clear they believe in astrology!
Jones: Astrology or not, I bet the killer won't foresee you coming after them, <Name>!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Martine: <Name>, I've performed hundreds of autopsies on murder victims, but this one's been particularly upsetting.
Martine: Although a wound on the victim's head indicates she was knocked unconscious before being placed in that vise...
Martine: ... there's no doubt the increasing pressure and pain woke her up! She was conscious of what was happening to her as the jaws of the vise tightened!
Martine: Having your head crushed by a vise is a gruesome way to die, <Name>! But this is exactly what the killer did to your victim!
Jones: What kind of monster would do such a thing? I hope you've managed to find some sort of lead!
Martine: I have, <Name>. This particular monster was careless. On one of the victim's wrists, where she was restrained with those plastic ties, I noticed an allergic reaction.
Martine: The reaction was triggered by high concentrations of menthol and eucalyptus, which I've determined are traces of heat cream. The kind used to relieve muscle pain.
Martine: Clearly the victim didn't use heat cream, given she was allergic to it. Which means, when the killer tied her up...
Jones: ... they left heat cream residue behind! Now that you're on their trail, <Name>, the killer's going to feel the burn!

(The campus is raining.)
Jones: Our investigation into the mysterious secret society, Ad Astra, has been put on hold, <Name>. We're here, braving the rain and the dark, hunting for a sadistic killer!
Jones: Tennis star Stephanie Griff was tied up... before having her head slowly crushed in a vise!
Jones: We know she'd been playing tennis earlier today with her partner, John McKenzie...
Jones: ... but we've no clue how she ended up in that workshop. The victim's teacher, Mr Fields, had no explanation either.
Jones: As for Gunnar Burns, he clearly had-
(Jones shields his eyes due to light.)
Jones: Where's that light coming from, <Name>? Who's out there?!

Chapter 2

(The campus is raining.)
David Jones: Our investigation into Ad Astra has been put on hold, <Name>. We're here, braving the rain and the dark, hunting for a sadistic killer!
Jones: We know the victim was outside playing earlier tonight, but somehow her body ended up in the workshop.
Jones: We'll just have to keep-
Jones (shielding his eyes): Where's that light coming from, <Name>? Who's out there?!
Donna (holding a flashlight): Stop right there! You shouldn't be out here after curfew!
Jones: It's us, Dean Walker! <Rank> <Name> and Detective Jones!
Donna: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, thank goodness it's just you. All of these murders have me on edge!
Donna: That's why I've decided to personally keep an eye on the campus after dark!
Jones: We admire your dedication, Dean Walker. But you'd really be much safer inside.
Donna: You might be right, <Rank> <Name>. Now, I don't know if this will help, but I did see Stephanie Griff in the library this afternoon. Perhaps you'd like to take a look?
Jones: That's a useful tip, Dean Walker. <Rank> <Name> and I will search the library right now!

Investigate Library.
Jones: Let's make this quick, <Name>. This library is kind of creepy at night!
Jones: I wonder if that broken tablet belonged to the victim? It's sure seen better days.
Jones: Let's put this tablet back together and see if we can get it working.
Jones: And listening to what's on that voice recorder might offer us a fresh lead. Go ahead and crack the password!
Jones: We're just as determined as Dean Walker to protect her students, <Name>. There's a killer on the loose and it's up to us to catch them!

Examine Broken Tablet.
Jones: Judging by those initials on the back of this tablet, <Name>, it belonged to the victim!
Jones: It's still not working, though. But if anyone can retrieve lost data from this tablet, it's Cathy!

Analyze Victim's Tablet.
Cathy: The victim's tablet was pretty banged up, <Name>. It was difficult to retrieve any data, even for me.
Jones: Did you find anything at all, Cathy?
Cathy: Of course! It turns out the victim frequently used an online taxi service, booking rides about four times a week.
Cathy: Which isn't unusual... except for some suggestive reviews Miss Griff wrote for one of the drivers!
Jones: Suggestive reviews?
Cathy: Like this one... "I'm glad you had your eyes on the road, because I couldn't take mine off of you!" Or... "Never mind dropping me at my place, let's just go to yours!"
Cathy: All of these reviews were for the same driver... a certain Miranda Cohen!
Jones: Well, <Name>, the victim might've been a regular passenger, but maybe she was more than just a customer! Let's ask Miss Cohen!

Ask Miranda Cohen if she was involved with the victim.
Miranda (on the phone): Excuse me, officers. If you're after a ride, it'll have to be quick. I'm picking up a client from Walton Square in ten minutes.
Jones (presenting his badge): Miss Cohen, we're not after a ride. We're investigating the murder of one of your regular passengers.
Jones: And our evidence suggests that Stephanie Griff was interested in more than your driving skills.
Miranda: WHAT?! Stephanie's... dead? I... I...
Miranda: Yes, Stephanie often booked rides to the tennis court... And I won't deny it, we developed a mutual attraction.
Miranda (crying): Before long, we were seeing each other regularly! And now you're telling me Stephanie's gone forever?
Miranda (crying): All I can say is how perfect she was, <Rank> <Name>. The only thing we ever argued about was my heat cream... she hated the stuff.
Miranda (crying): I... I'm begging you, <Rank> <Name>! You have to find whoever hurt Stephanie!

Jones: What's that, <Name>? Yes, I noticed Miss Cohen's bow and arrow necklace, but I was trying to keep her calm. Do you think it's important?
Jones: Oh, right. That's the symbol for the star sign Sagittarius! If Miss Cohen wears an accessory like that, she must believe in astrology. Let's add that to her profile!
Jones: Meanwhile, it's probably a good idea to search that tennis court again, in case there's something we overlooked!

Investigate Tennis Court.
Jones: It seems the rain's stopped, <Name>. That's good news!
Jones: And you've found some more clues, which is even better! This looks like a university newsletter. With a cover story featuring the victim!
Jones: You're right, it looks like someone's scribbled something on the cover. I'll grab your dusting kit so we can retrieve what's written.
Jones: Oh, this is cool! It's a locked box, shaped like a tennis ball! I wonder if this belonged to the victim? Let's unlock it and find out!
Jones: I'm not as enthusiastic to go rifling through that trash can, <Name>. Would you mind doing that?

Examine University Newsletter.
Jones: Look at the message written on that newsletter, <Name>: "What about MY blood, sweat and tears, you diva princess!!"
Jones: Someone clearly had a snarky attitude towards the victim. But why?
Jones (looking on his notes): You're right, <Name>, "diva princess" is what Gunnar Burns called Stephanie when we spoke to him. So he wrote this message?
Jones: Gunnar Burns is a cranky old man who dislikes all students, but what if he had a personal beef with the victim? Let's find out!

Ask Gunnar Burns about his message on the newsletter.
Gunnar: You again, <Rank> <Name>! What is it now?
Jones: We'd like you to explain this snarky message about Stephanie Griff. What did your blood, sweat and tears have to do with her?
Gunnar: Everything! Stephanie wouldn't have been such a star player without my hard work!
Gunnar: Griff would call me at all hours, demanding I set up "her" court so she could practice, like I was some slave! Typical Gemini!
Gunnar: My muscle ache so badly from all the work, I can't go a day without my heat cream!
Gunnar: I complained to Dean Walker, but she said do whatever the dang "star player" wants. And if I didn't like it, I could leave!
Jones: And you're sure you didn't take your frustrations out on her?
Gunnar: <Rank> <Name>, you think I have time to go after every student who annoys me?
Gunnar (holding a leaf blower): Now get outta my way, I've gotta clean these leaves off the court now that the rain's stopped!

Examine Tennis Ball Box.
Jones: This tennis ball-shaped box is full of pills, <Name>. That's not what I expected to find!
Jones: But what kind of capsules are these? Let's put one under the microscope and find out!

Examine Pill Capsules.
Jones: <Name>, those capsules are anabolic steroids! The kind atheletes use to enhance their performance!
Jones: But you're right, Martine didn't find any steroids in the victim's system...
Jones: ... And the only athlete we've spoken to is the victim's tennis partner, John McKenzie. D'you think these are his pills?
Jones: There's just one person who can answer that question - John McKenzie himself!

Interrogate John McKenzie about the steroids.
Jones: Mr McKenzie, <Rank> <Name> found these steroid capsules. Care to explain?
John: It's... it's not what you think, <Rank> <Name>! Those aren't my pills!
John: I didn't want to rat her out, but... those are Stephanie's pills! She wanted us both to take steroids before our next tournament!
John: I was horrified! I knew she was desperate to win, but taking drugs goes against my sense of fair play!
Jones: So you're saying you refused to use them?
John: Of course I did! If either of us got caught, we'd lose our scholarships... and my career would be over!
John: So we argued, and I gave Stephanie a choice; play as my partner or take drugs! She couldn't have both!
John: Capricorns like me don't take chances! The only substance I'll use to enhance my performance is heat cream!
Jones: I hope for your sake you didn't put an end to your partnership permanently!

Examine Trash Can.
Jones: Your instincts were spot on, <Name>! There's a blood-stained scrap of paper in that trash can! It looks like some sort of receipt.
Jones: Let's see... we know Stephanie was playing tennis here before she was knocked unconscious and dragged to the workshop. So this could easily be her blood on the receipt!
Jones: I agree, <Name>, let's send this receipt to the lab to find more answers!

Analyze Bloody Receipt.
Amir (holding a burrito): ... Ulf lerwher grtl...
Amir (wiping his mouth): ... Sorry, <Name>. I shouldn't be talking with my mouth full, but I got so hungry tracking down this food receipt!
Jones: That burrito is making me hungry too, Amir. But <Name>'s right, let's deal with our clue first.
Amir: Of course. I've analyzed that blood stain, which was a perfect match for the victim.
Jones: So <Name>'s right: it could only have been the killer who threw that receipt away on the tennis court after they knocked Stephanie unconscious!
Amir: And that's not all, <Name>. I looked up the reference number on the receipt, and it turns out it's for a Kangaroo order, one of those apps where you can have food delivered. Jasper and I use it all the time on movie night!
Amir: Now, the victim doesn't have a Kangaroo account, and the killer uses an anonymous login. But it's clear the killer orders from the app on a regular basis.
Jones: I hope the killer enjoyed their meal, <Name>. It'll be bread and water from now on!

Examine Voice Recorder.
Jones: Alright, <Name>. Let's press play and listen to what's on this voice recorder.
Jones (holding the voice recorder): "So tell me, Stephanie. When your opponent is about to win and you're on the brink of defeat, what do you do?"
Jones: "I survive! I win at all costs! It's all about instinct, Lucius."
Jones: That must've be the victim's voice, <Name>. She was talking about defeat and survival instinct... I agree, it's pretty foreboding, under the circumstances.
Jones (looking at his phone): And the fellow asking her questions was someone named Lucius; a behavioral science student, according to the university records. Maybe this voice recorder belonged to him?
Jones: You're right, <Name>, if the victim spoke with Lucius Roth, so should we!

Question Lucius Roth about his interview with the victim.
Jones (presenting his badge): Mr Roth, <Rank> <Name> is investigating the murder of Stephanie Griff. We understand you spoke with her?
Lucius: That's correct. I interviewed Stephanie as part of my research drawing parallels between athletes and the human survival instinct.
Jones: Research? Like a psychological test?
Lucius: It's more than psychology, <Rank> <Name>, it's behavioral science. But I wouldn't expect you to understand the difference.
Lucius: I study the relationship between cause and effect, the ripples that a single pebble in a pond creates. The complex interactions between humans.
Jones: Right... And you're not the slightest bit fazed by Miss Griff's murder?
Lucius: This is hardly the first murder on campus. And isn't it YOUR job to worry about that?
Jones: Your compassion is touching, Mr Roth. Just make sure you stay on campus in case we need to speak with you again!

Jones: Our list of suspects is growing, <Name>... but who among them would be capable of crushing Stephanie Griff's head in a vise?
Jones: The victim's tennis partner claims those steroids we found belonged to her, but we've only got his word for it!
Jones: And then there's Gunnar Burns, who was fuming he had to pander to the victim's every whim or lose his job!
Jones: Lucius Roth seemed unfazed by the crime, but we can't arrest him for being pompous!
Jones: One thing is certain, we-
Jones: What's that noise, <Name>?
Jones: .........
(Tennis balls start hitting Jones.)
Jones: .........

Chapter 3

David Jones: Our list of suspects is growing, <Name>... but who among them would be capable of crushing Stephanie Griff's head in a vise?
Jones: What kind of monster does-
Jones: Wait, what's that noise, <Name>?
Jones: .........
(Tennis balls start hitting Jones.)
Jones: .........
Jones: Quick, <Name>! Turn that ball machine off!

Moments later...
Jones: This is great, <Name>. I'm already working the late shift, I get drenched in the rain, and now I'm attacked by a malfunctioning tennis machine?
Jones: You're right, it'll be safer doing another sweep of the library. As long as it gets us closer to solving this case!

Investigate Library Desk.
Jones: Holy donut sprinkles, <Name>! Look at what's written on that manuscript: "Tightening the vise!" That's how Stephanie Griff was killed!
Jones: Let's retrieve that faded text to figure out what this is about.
Jones: And that tennis bag belongs to Stephanie. You're right, searching through the victim's belongings is always a good call!
Jones: But that x-ray of a broken hand also has "Griff" written on it. Except Martine didn't mention the victim was injured... I wonder what it means?
Jones: You're right, vacuuming up a sample of that brown powder might explain this.
Jones: We're closing in on our killer, <Name>. It'll be game, set and match before they know it!

Examine X-Ray.
Jones: Vacuuming up that brown powder revealed the full text on that X-ray, <Name>. It says: "You'll pay for this, Griff!"
Jones: So this isn't the victim's hand, but someone else's... And that someone blames Stephanie for their injury!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, sending this powder to the lab might shed some light on this story!

Analyze Brown Powder.
Amir: You weren't barking up the wrong tree with that powder you collected off that X-ray, <Name>. Those were actually small fragments of the quercus fagaceae!
Jones: Curious... what?
Amir: Quercus fagaceae! It's the Latin term for oak wood. In other words, that powder is sawdust!
Jones: Sawdust? Like the kind you would find in a workshop? Then <Name>'s right, that X-ray must belong to Bradley Fields!
Jones: He never said anything to us about any injury, <Name>, but obviously Bradley Fields blamed the victim for it. Let's get his side of the story!

Ask Mr Fields what happened to this hand.
Jones: Time to tell us the truth, Mr Fields. We found what you wrote about Stephanie Griff on your X-ray!
Bradley: So you know about my broken hand. Well, it was all Stephanie's fault! Not only was she careless, Stephanie was downright dangerous around power tools!
Bradley: One afternoon, she wasn't paying attention to the mill press. In order to save Stephanie's precious "tennis star" hands, I had to injure my own!
Bradley: My hand's been permanently damaged! The pain is so bad sometimes, I have to use heat cream! And the worst thing is, the ungrateful twerp never even apologized!
Bradley: I was telling Mr Burns about her in the staff room, while we ate out Kangaroo orders. People with their head in the clouds don't belong in a workshop!
Jones: But Stephanie ended up with her head in a vise. Are you sure you didn't want to hurt her because she hurt you?
Bradley: Haven't you been listening, <Rank> <Name>? I risk my own health to protect my students, I don't go round murdering them!

Examine Manuscript.
Jones: <Name>, this document about "tightening the vise" is a thesis paper... written by Lucius Roth!
Jones: I thought Lucius was just an arrogant brat when we spoke to him, but now he's at the top of my suspect list! Let's go grill him!

Confront Lucius Roth about his thesis on torture.
Jones: Mr Roth, when we spoke before, you neglected to mention that torture was in your area of expertise!
Lucius: Are you talking about my thesis? That's just research, and I'm a sucker for provocative titles.
Lucius: That paper was purely theoretical. It explores how torture could be used to push a person to their braking point, beyond the boundaries of their will.
Jones: Theoretical? Stephanie Griff's head wasn't crushed in a theoretical vise!
Lucius: Let me break this down for you, <Rank> <Name>. If Stephanie's murder was an interrogation, it was a pretty sloppy job. You want the subject to talk, not die!
Lucius: And I'm hardly advocating torture! I'm a pacifist, like all Aquarians!
Jones: You don't strike me as a pacifist, Mr Roth. Mark my words, we've got our eye on you!

Examine Victim's Tennis Bag.
Jones: What the heck... there's a stun gun in Stephanie's bag! With a note attached to it.
Jones: The note says: "Next time I'll use this on you, babe!" This is no joke, <Name>... stun guns are extremely dangerous!
Jones: You think this note was written by Stephanie Griff's girlfriend? The term "Babe" does imply someone who was close to her.
Jones: But why? Miranda Cohen was crying before, but perhaps it was all an act? We'd better ask her and find out!

Question why Miranda Cohen threatened the victim with a stun gun.
Miranda (wiping her tears): Oh it's you, <Rank> <Name>. I've just ordered takeout from Kangaroo. John's offered some too and is coming over so we can console each other. Care to join us?
Jones: Well, Miss Cohen. What we need to understand is why you threatened to use a stun gun on your girlfriend!
Miranda (sweating): That wasn't a threat, <Rank> <Name>. Steph and I had... special interests in the bedroom. You know, whips, chains and leather and all that.
Miranda: It was Stephanie's idea to... take things up a notch. She wanted me to shock her with that stun gun.
Jones: Are you telling us that Miss Griff found electric shocks... pleasurable?
Miranda: Well, it might sound unusual to you, but it was completely consensual!
Jones: It also sounds completely suspicious, Miss Cohen, given your girlfriend was killer by having her head crushed in a vise!
Miranda: You're not suggesting I killed her? What we did in the bedroom is one thing, <Rank> <Name>, but outright torture is quite another!

Later, at the precinct...
Jones: Apparently, Stephanie Griff's life was more complicated than her tennis, <Name>.
Jones: The victim's girlfriend said Stephanie had a taste for pain in the bedroom... but does that explain the torturous way she was killed?
Jones: Speaking of torture, Lucius Roth wrote a whole thesis on the subject! I find that highly coincidental, <Name>!
Jones: We've always known this murder was the work of a twisted mind, but it's time Stephanie's killer paid for the crime!
Jones: I'm with you, <Name>. Let's take another look around the workshop!

Investigate Workshop Tables.
Jones: You've found the victim's tennis racket, <Name>! Her name is engraved on the handle. And look... the top is stained with blood!
Jones: We know Stephanie was knocked out before being strapped into that vise. The killer must've used this racket to do it!
Jones: Let's take a sample of those fibers on the handle, they must've been left behind by the killer!
Jones: And I agree, that locked box is the perfect place to hide evidence. Let's crack it open!
Jones: C'mon, <Name>. It won't be long before our sadistic killer is behind bars!

Examine Locked Box.
Jones: There's a bag of plastic ties inside that locked box, <Name>.
Jones: And you're right, these ties look identical to the ones used to restrain the victim!
Jones: If these are the same kind of ties, then the killer must've handled these. Let's get them to the lab!

Analyze Zip Ties.
Amir: Those plastic ties you sent me are a case-cracking clue, <Name>!
Amir: I compared the serial number that's on all of these ties to the one that was used to restrain the victim, and they're from the same batch!
Jones: So these ARE the killer's plastic ties, <Name>! Did you find anything else on them, Amir?
Amir: Well, I did find minute traces of Cyprus oil on them, a plant extract that's used to reduce the appearance of bruising.
Amir: Since the killer was the only one to handle these plastic ties, they must be nursing a nasty bruise!
Jones: Well, <Name>, our bruised killer is about to get a blemish on their record... murder!

Examine Tennis Racket.
Jones: Alright, <Name>. Let's not waste a second and rush these fibers you collected off the victim's tennis racket to Amir!

Analyze Fibers.
Amir: <Name>, those fibers you found on the victim's tennis racket have reminded me of Rupert!
Jones: Rupert? How do you mean, Amir?
Amir: Because of his fondness for wristwatches! Those fibers are thing strips of leather... the kind used for a watch band!
Amir: You see, Rupert explained that certain types of leather are specially treated, making them resistant to moisture and the oils of a person's skin.
Amir: These leather strips have been treated like that. They must've come from the killer's watch as they gripped the victim's tennis racket and struck her unconscious!
Jones: You know what this means, <Name>; it's almost time we arrested our killer. Keep your eyes peeled for their wristwatch!

After completing all the tasks...
Jones: We've gathered all the pieces of this puzzle, <Name>. Let's close this case and arrest Stephanie Griff's killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Jones: Gunnar Burns! You're under arrest for the cruel murder of Stephanie Griff!
Gunnar: Bah! I told you, I'm too busy to go around murdering students!
Jones: Well, you weren't too busy to murder Stephanie! You knocked her out with her own tennis racket after she finished practicing tonight!
Gunnar: Knocked her out? I dunno what you're talking about!
Jones: You know exactly what we're talking about! When she was unconscious, you restrained her and dragged her to the workshop! We found your plastic ties!
Gunnar: I'm a groundskeeper, <Rank> <Name>. I have all kinds of odds and ends like that. Doesn't make me a killer!
Jones: Stop lying, Burns! It's obvious you planned to kill Stephanie tonight, you even sent her a threat!
Jones: We know you thought Stephanie was a diva, but did you really crush her skull for that?!
Gunnar: Of course I didn't kill her for being a diva! I wanted to make her talk! I needed to know how much she-
Gunnar (sweating): Uhh...
Jones: You needed to know what? What did you want Stephanie to talk about?
Gunnar: Nothing! It was nothing, <Rank> <Name>!
Jones: C'mon, Burns! You must've had a reason to commit such a brutal act. Why not get it off your chest now?
Gunnar: <Rank> <Name>, I've already admitted that I did it. I killed Stephanie Griff. I ain't saying anything more!
Jones: Then I'll do the talking. Gunnar Burns, you're under arrest for the murder of Stephanie Griff!

Judge Powell: Gunnar Burns, you're charged with the torture and murder of Stephanie Griff. How do you plead?
Gunnar: I'm guilty, Your Honor.
Judge Powell: That's all? You have nothing to say in your defense?
(Gunnar stands silent.)
Judge Powell: Very well. This crime is particularly disturbing, extinguishing the life of a young woman in such a cruel manner.
Judge Powell: It's therefore the decision of this Court to sentence you to life imprisonment, without any possibility of parole!
Gunnar: Life? Dang it! This isn't how this was supposed to end!

Back at the precinct...
Jones: This was a harrowing case, <Name>. A bright tennis star, murdered by a cold-blooded killer in the most heinous of fashions!
Jones: But our arrest of Gunnar Burns has raised even more questions.
Jones: What does that mean, he wanted to find out what Stephanie knew? Burns is obviously hiding something!
Jones: There's much more to this case than meets the eye, <Name>! We must get to the bottom of this!

Original Sin (4/6)

David Jones: <Name>, I'll sleep easier tonight knowing that Gunnar Burns is behind bars for the murder of Stephanie Griff!
Jones: But his arrest has raised some troubling suspicions. Burns said he tortured the victim to find out "what she knew."
Jones: Whatever he's hiding, it was serious enough to kill over! And after all the recent murders at the university, I'd rather tie up any loose ends!
Jones: You think we should talk to the victim's girlfriend again, <Name>? You're right... if Stephanie did know a secret, perhaps she mentioned it to Miranda Cohen!
Gloria: That's a smart plan, <Name>. But we also must stay on Ad Astra's trail.
Gloria: We know the secret society Rozetta founded was re-started by current students about a year ago...
Gloria: But nobody wants to talk to us about it, so we still don't know what Ad Astra stands for! Or how they fit into Rozetta's plans!
Gloria: You're right, <Name>, the university library might hold some clues. I'm ready to take a look with you!
Jones: Go ahead and search for any leads you can find, <Name>. I'll meet you later to find out if Miranda Cohen knows anything about Gunnar Burns!

Ask whether Miranda Cohen knows anything about Gunnar Burns.
Miranda: Oh, <Rank> <Name>! I heard you arrested the monster who killed Stephanie! I hope he rots in jail!
Jones: Gunnar Burns won't be harming anyone ever again. But we still have some unanswered questions.
Jones: Apparently Stephanie was killed because of some secret she seemed to know about Burns. Did she ever mention anything to you?
Miranda: No, <Rank> <Name>, she didn't. Before today, I'd never even heard the man's name!
Miranda: But if you think Stephanie discovered something, it might be on her camera. She carried that thing all the time, snapping pictures of everything!
Jones: Thanks for the tip, Miss Cohen. If Stephanie Griff always had her camera with her, <Name>, we might find it at the tennis court.
Miranda: You must find out why that monster murdered Stephanie, <Rank> <Name>! And please take this, it was one of her most prized possessions!

Investigate Tennis Stands.
Jones: Great work, <Name>! This must be Stephanie's camera!
Jones: We'll know for sure after you've cracked the camera's password!

Examine Digital Camera.
Jones: This camera was definitely Stephanie Griff's. Here's a selfie of her and her girlfriend.
Jones: There are too many pictures for us to sift through ourselves, <Name>. Let's have Cathy go through this camera with a fine-tooth comb!

Analyze Stephanie's Camera.
Cathy: There are literally hundreds of pictures on this camera, <Name>, most of them taken on the university campus. It's sure brought me back to my college days!
Cathy: But there's a photo here you're going to want to see, taken a week ago. It's this picture of the university tennis court. The focus of the photo is the scoreboard in the foreground.
Cathy: But, if you look closely, you can see Gunnar Burns in the background... he's digging up the court in the dead of night!
Jones: Digging up the tennis court? Why on earth would Burns do that?
Cathy: You did say Burns had a secret, and Stephanie discovered it. This photograph might be proof that Burns was involved in something shady!
Jones: <Name>'s right, Gunnar Burns was the university groundskeeper, so if what he was doing was above board, Dean Walker will know. Let's ask her about it!

Show the photo of Gunnar Burns to Dean Walker.
Donna: Thank goodness you caught that cold-blooded killer, <Rank> <Name>!
Jones: Well, we actually have some loose ends to tie up. We wanted to ask you about this photograph Stephanie Griff took. Can you see Gunnar Burns in the background?
Donna: I can, but what's he doing? I never authorized any resurfacing work on that court!
Jones: Whatever he's doing, it might be what got Stephanie Griff killed.
Donna: <Rank> <Name>, if you think something untoward was going on, you have my permission to dig up that court!
Jones: We appreciate your cooperation, Dean Walker. If we're going to go out digging, <Name>, let's have a bite to eat!

Investigate Tennis Court.
On the tennis court...
Jones (holding a shovel): Alright, <Name>. We've got our shovels. Are you ready to start digging?
Jones: Remember to put your back into it!

A while later...
Jones (leaning on his shovel): <Name>, I think I put my back into it a little too much!
Jones: But I think we've found it... I can see something sticking out of the dirt. Let's see what's in this hole!

Jones: Holy cow, <Name>! This looks like a pile of bones! Those broken pieces could be a shattered skull!
Jones: My God, is... is it possible that Gunnar Burns was burying a body? And that Stephanie Griff saw him do it?
Jones: First things first, <Name>. It sounds pretty grim, but we should piece that skull back together!

Examine Broken Bones.
Jones: I'm no coroner, <Name>, but I think that's a human skull!
Jones: You're right, we'd better send this skull to Martine to see if she can identify these remains!

Analyze Skull.
Martine: As you probably already suspected, <Name>, this skull and the rest of those bones are the remains of a human being!
Martine: And from this crack in the top of the skull, it's clear they were murdered, killed by a blunt force trauma to the head!
Jones: What? You mean we've stumbled upon an unsolved murder! Martine, do we know who the victim is?
Martine: Yes, I consulted the Grimsborough dental records, and the victim was Clara Burns, Gunnar's ex-wife!
Martine: But the strangest thing is, although Clara Burns has been dead for at least 20 years, there was never a murder investigation. According to the census reports, Mrs Burns simply left town.
Jones: So, let me get this straight: Burns bludgeoned his ex-wife to death 20 years ago... and got away with it?
Martine: Apparently so... until Stephanie Griff took that picture of him burying the body under the tennis court!
Jones: But... why bury her now, after 20 years? And why on the university tennis court?
Jones: You're right, <Name>, only Gunnar Burns can explain that!

Interrogate Gunnar Burns about his wife's murder.
Jones: Alright, Burns. We know your dirty secret, the one you killed to cover up!
Jones: There's no sense lying about it now... did you murder your ex-wife 20 years ago?
(Gunnar is now wearing his prison uniform.)
Gunnar: Not unless you can prove it, I didn't!
Jones: We have all the proof we need. Starting with this photo Stephanie took, and your ex-wife's remains!
Gunnar: Consarnit! I knew she saw me out there!
Gunnar: I might as well tell you now. It's not like two life sentences is any longer than one!
Gunnar: My wife took everything I had in the divorce. Clara was a nasty woman!
Gunnar: So I bashed her head in with a brick and buried her in my backyard. Nobody was the wiser!
Gunnar: Until the dang local council came along with their fancy internet cable whatzits. They needed to dig behind the house. I had to move Clara!
Gunnar: So I decided to "resurface" the tennis court. But while I was working, I noticed Stephanie Griff in the shadows. I had to make sure she wouldn't talk!
Jones: In the end, she didn't! YOU were the one who tipped us off during your arrest!
Jones: It took 20 years, but justice has finally caught up with you, Burns! It's time you paid for your ex-wife's murder!

Investigate Library.
Gloria: If there's any trace of Ad Astra in this library, <Name>, we're sure to find it!
Gloria: Let's start out search by looking through that wooden chest!

Examine Wooden Chest.
Gloria: There's nothing but a bunch of dusty academic journals in this wooden chest. Even that book you've picked out is dry as a stale cracker, just census statistics.
Gloria: But you're right, <Name>. Everything inside this book is handwritten! And look, there's something here about Ad Astra!
Gloria: So this boring cover is just a disguise! This whole book is about the secret society!
Gloria: There's too much written in this book for us to go through, <Name>. But this'll be right up Gabriel's alley!

Analyze Ad Astra Volume.
Gabriel: This book was a marvelous find, <Name>! This jumble of notes is entirely about Ad Astra!
Gabriel: Some of the contributions are old, from Rozetta's time, while others were added recently. But the book is essentially an Ad Astra manifesto!
Gloria: Finally, we might get some answers, <Name>! What exactly does the book say?
Gabriel: There are various musings about a range of subjects, from the future of mankind to ethics.
Gabriel: But it all boils down to one central theme: the division of humans into those who are superior in intellect and stature, and the rest of society, deemed by Ad Astra to be mere "sheeple"!
Gabriel: According to their ideology, the superior individuals are meant to rule over the others, while the "sheeple" are better off without the burden of decision-making.
Gloria: So, Ad Astra believe that some people are naturally superior, right? Well, I can easily believe that Rozetta, a child genius, thought herself exceptional.
Gloria: And you're right, <Name>. The mind-altering drug Rozetta tried to unleash on Grimsborough fits in with her idea that the "sheeple" shouldn't think for themselves!
Gloria: <Name>, I think we've discovered the ideology DreamLife's whole scheme was based on!
Gloria: What else does that book say, Gabriel? Are there any leads on the current members of Ad Astra?
Gabriel: The book only mentions one name: Professor Charles. Apparently, he was the one who introduced Rozetta to the theory of selective superiority!
Gloria: Ah ha! So the Professor DOES know more about Ad Astra! He made a nervous exit before, but he won't slip away from us this time!

Confront Kevin Charles about being part of Ad Astra.
Kevin: <Rank> <Name>, what brings you here at this hour of darkness, when the pressing questions of our existence seem most poignant?
Gloria: We do have pressing questions indeed. It's time you told us the truth about Ad Astra!
Kevin (sweating): I... I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about!
Gloria: C'mon, Professor! We know you were the inspiration behind Rozetta Pierre's secret society!
(Kevin sweats, embarrassed.)
Kevin: Very well, <Rank> <Name>. You leave me no choice... But pray don't judge me too harshly.
Kevin: Rozetta was a brilliant pupil on a true quest for human greatness. But she was lonely, so I encouraged her to find like-minded friends.
Kevin: That's how Ad Astra started. A talented group of kids reading books and discussing the future of humanity together.
Kevin: But before long, I became uncomfortable with the direction their discussions were going.
Gloria: Why? Weren't you the one who taught them about superior humans who should rule over the "sheeple"?
Kevin: <Rank> <Name>, selective superiority is an age-old theoretical concept! One that should never be put into practice! But that's exactly what Rozetta and her friends wanted to do!
Kevin: You've seen the consequences of that yourself, <Rank> <Name>. Rozetta and her "DreamLife." I wanted no part of it!
Gloria: Then help us, Professor! Tell us who among the current students are part of Ad Astra!
Kevin: I was done with Ad Astra years ago, and I'd like to keep it that way! And that's my final word on the subject!

Back at the precinct...
Chief Parker: You've had quite a busy evening, <Name>. Not only did you arrest Gunnar Burns for the sadistic murder of Stephanie Griff...
Chief Parker: ... you literally unearthed evidence that he'd also murdered his ex-wife, burying the body under that tennis court!
Gloria: The university campus will be a much safer place with him behind bars!
Gloria: However, we've made some unsettling discoveries about Rozetta's secret society, Ad Astra, and it's connection to DreamLife!
Gloria: According to that book you found, <Name>, Professor Charles was the inspiration behind Rozetta's original group.
Gloria: Apparently, Ad Astra adheres to the notion that they're superior to the rest of mankind, and that they should rightfully rule over the unworthy "sheeple!"
Gloria: And her human experimentation to develop Protozane, a drug that renders people docile and compliant, seems to be her attempt to make theory a reality!
Chief Parker: So DreamLife's plan was to put Ad Astra's ideology into practice!
Gloria: And although we won the "battle" by shutting down DreamLife and their plans for Protozane, Rozetta's "war" may not be over.
Gloria: Could the students who've re-started Ad Astra have something to do with Rozetta's plans?
Chief Parker: If that's the case, <Name>, finding out who the new members of the secret society are is more desperate than ever! It's up to us to find out what they're planning!

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