Gérard Arnault was the victim in Bash of the Year (Case #18 of Travel in Time).


Gérard was the CEO of Gypt Technologies. He had tousled gray hair, brown eyes and profound wrinkles. At the time of his death, he wore a gray three-piece suit with a white shirt, a silver, navy and cobalt bow tie and a cobalt handkerchief in his left breast pocket.

Murder details

Gérard was discovered by Jack and the player in the Ptolemy Dynasty's head of intelligence, Ammon Bast's penthouse lounge, his head bashed in. Per Janis's autopsy, she confirmed that Gérard died from blunt force trauma to the head by a blunt object. She also noted that the killer had wanted to make sure he was dead due to the removal of the victim's bowtie to check his pulse on his neck. In doing so, the killer left traces of fava beans and herbs on the victim's collar, which were ingredients for an Egyptian dish, ta'meya.

Later, the detectives found a broken cat statue, which they restored and sent to Theo, who confirmed it as the murder weapon after finding minute traces of the victim's brain matter on the statue. He also revealed that the killer tried to wipe the statue clean, but they must've cut themselves on a sharp edge as Theo had found traces of the killer's blood. He then confirmed the killer's blood type was A negative.

Relationship with suspects

Gérard had been working with Ammon on his latest GyptChip in order to ensure that it met the government's needs, although the two of them did not work well together. Gérard's assistant, Neha Adarsh, discovered that Gérard had agreed to a secret tracking functionality on the latest GyptChip and was abhorred by it. At the party, Gérard argued with chef Philip Ramsey about the lack of French cuisine on the menu and was yelled at by his affair, Safiya Hanif, who had discovered that he was married. Gérard was also in a long-running feud with the face of the Ptolemy Dynasty, Eugene Donkin, after Eugene embarrassed him at an award ceremony.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Eugene.

Eugene admitted that Gérard had recorded him criticizing Pharaoh Ramses XLIII out of frustration over a rejection of his talk show idea. Fearing that the recording was essentially a death sentence, Eugene bashed Gérard's head in to silence him. The team handed him over to Ammon, who said that the Pharaoh would have his head for his crime. The team was able to secure a mere prison sentence however, claiming that France would not approve of capital punishment.


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