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Not to be confused with Daily Gifts or Daily Bonus.

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Free Gifts exist as a gameplay feature in Criminal Case.


Through this feature, the player can send 2 energy points per day to select teammates and receive 1 energy point in return (unless the teammate chooses to skip this step).

Likewise, the player can receive 2 energy points as a gift every day from their teammates, and can choose to send them 1 energy point in return by clicking the "Accept & Send" button in the Message Center.

The player can also earn trophies by sending certain amounts of Free Gifts to their teammates.


Due to the Message Center limitations:

  • The player cannot hold more than 100 "+2 energy" messages at once.
  • The player cannot hold more than 76 "+1 energy" messages at once.

Should the quota be exceeded, the ones received earlier will be dismissed in favor of the newly received ones.