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Amy Young: If there's one thing we've learned since following Ammon Bast to medieval Mongolia, <Name>, it's that the Ptolemys will stop at nothing to preserve their reign in 2029!
Amy: After we thwarted Ammon's plans to seize the Age of Sail trade routes, he jumped back here to alter the balance of power in Asia.
Amy: Our time-traveling nemesis is now arming the Mongolians with 18th-century weapons, manipulating Ogedei Khan into igniting a war with China.
Amy: Ammon plans to destroy the Chinese dynasties before they become a superpower and rival to the Ptolemys.
Amy: Kai and Penelope are monitoring Ammon's activities with Ogedei's army...
Amy: ... using Astro to send us regular reports.
Theo: The rest of us, meanwhile, have been tasked with finding Ogedei Khan's daughter, who's been kidnapped by the Chinese!
Theo: Returning Princess Torgoljin - who's my direct ancestor - to the Khan could be the only way to prevent a conflict between Mongolia and China!
Zara: Torgoljin's being held captive in the city of Xiangyang. We must go to China and rescue her!

In Xiangyang, China, 1235 CE...
(Zara is seen wearing her merchant outfit throughout the case.)
Zara: Now that we're in Xiangyang, <Name>, where will we find Princess Torgoljin?
Zara: Ogedei Khan's general told us to seek out the Chinese Emperor. Surely the supreme leader of the Song Dynasty will know something.
Zara: We'll probably find the Emperor at his palace.
Chinese Peasant: Excuse me, but are you seeking an audience with His Majesty?
Chinese Peasant: Then fortune is smiling on you! The Emperor will attend a performance today at the opera house. You'll find him there!
Zara: Thank you, kind sir! Come, <Name>! Let's head to the opera house!

Chapter 1

Investigate Opera Stage.
Zara Tien: Look, <Name>! There's a dead man on the floor!
Zara: I don't think it's the Emperor, thank goodness. But judging by that head wound, this was murder!
Zara: Someone's smashed this guy's skull with that bell, it's covered in blood. That's gotta be our murder weapon! Let's send it to Janis with the body!
Zara: And look, I've found a portrait of Princess Torgoljin in the victim's pocket!
Zara (searching through her tablet): There are Chinese characters written on it. I'll run them through the translation matrix...
Zara (searching through her tablet): ... and it says: "Don't let anyone find her!"
Zara: Wait, <Name>. Could this man be involved with Princess Torgoljin's kidnapping?
Zara: If that's the case, finding his killer might help us find the princess!
Zara: And that faded fan could be our first clue. These fans were used by Chinese opera singers. If we can find out who this belongs to, we may have a witness!
Lizong: Who are you? And why aren't you bowing before your Emperor?
Lizong: Jin Bingxu has the right idea, lying prostrate on the floor!
Zara: Umm... our apologies, Your Majesty! But I'm afraid that man's dead!
Lizong: Dead? Well, that's unfortunate!
Zara: You seem to know this man, Your Majesty. Could we ask you some questions?
Lizong: Very well... but do hurry! The opera will begin soon!

Examine Faded Fan.
Zara: If my suspicions are correct, <Name>, there could be a name among these Chinese characters...
Zara (searching through her tablet): Any minute now... and yes! These characters here are a name... the English translation is Lian Wei!
Zara: If Lian Wei was around at the time of the murder, she might have important information!

Find out whether Lian Wei saw anything.
Wei: Where's the audience? The show's meant to start soon!
Zara: I'm afraid the opera will have to wait. Jin Bingxu's been murdered.
Wei: Murder? Oh, how awful!
Zara: Have you seen anything out of the ordinary at the opera house today?
Wei: No! Jin Bingxu was an honorable benefactor of the opera house, and he'd often come in early to watch rehearsals.
Wei: But I've been backstage getting ready for our performance of "The Legend of Wenlong."
Wei: Jin Bingxu did so much for us, I can't believe he's gone!

Speak with Emperor Lizong about the murder.
Lizong: Now, what's the meaning of this? Why is Jin Bingxu lying dead on the floor?
Zara: That's what we're trying to determine, Your Majesty! You said you know this man?
Lizong: Jin Bingxu is a prominent landowner. Many of the properties surrounding Xiangyang are his.
Zara (holding a portrait of Torgoljin): We believe Jin Bingxu was involved in the kidnapping of the Mongolian princess. Do you recognize this woman?
Lizong: Murder, kidnapping? This is very bothersome, I'm just here for the show!
Lizong: These tedious affairs are dealt with by my first minister. You'll find him on the armory field inspecting our arsenal.
Lizong: Now, when will the opera start? I want to drink my rice wine and see a show!
Zara: Thank you for your... help, Your Majesty. We'll seek an audience with your first minister on the armory field!

Investigate Cannon Field.
Zara: Look at those cannons, <Name>. The Chinese are armed to the death! If the Ogedei Khan does invade, the conflict will be devastating!
Zara: There's no sign of the first minister. But if he knows something about the victim's apparent role in Torgoljin's kidnapping, we must find him!
Zara: There may be something out here that'll help us find him. That badge with a golden bird on it, for instance.
Zara: While the system wasn't formalized until the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese used badges like these - called mandarin squares - as rank insignias for civil officers.
Zara: Let's run that image through our historical database, perhaps this badge belongs to the first minister!
Zara (searching through her tablet): And wait! That's Jin Bingxu's bag, it has his name on it! What are the odds we'd find anything to the victim out here? Searching through that might shed some light on the murder.
Zara: We still have no idea how Jin Bingxu is connected to Torgoljin's kidnapping, <Name>, but these clues could give us more information!

Examine Badge.
Zara: <Name>, this mandarin square features a golden pheasant, which the database explains designates the highest ranking civil officer... like a first minister!
Zara: And according to the records, Emperor Lizong's first minister is named Shi Miyuan!
Zara: Emperor Lizong quickly dismissed Torgoljin's kidnapping and Jin Bingxu's murder. Let's hope Shi Miyuan will be more helpful!

Question Shi Miyuan about the kidnapping and murder.
Miyuan: You there! You're not supposed to be on the cannon field!
Zara: First minister, we've been authorized to speak with you by the Emperor himself!
Zara: Mongolia's leader, Ogedei Khan has asked us to find his daughter, who was kidnapped by the Chinese.
Zara: And we believe we've found her kidnapper, a certain Jin Bingxu. But he was murdered in the opera house!
Zara: We realize this is a... delicate matter. But we hope you can help!
Miyuan: The Khan sent you? Good! You can tell him we have his daughter! And if he wants to see her alive again, he'll call off his army!
Zara: So YOU kidnapped Princess Torgoljin? What about Jin Bingxu?
Miyuan: I paid Bingxu to keep the princess locked up in Xiangyang after my soldiers had seized her.
Zara: And where was he keeping her?
Miyuan: I'm not telling you that. But she's safe, for the moment. And as long as the Khan doesn't do anything rash, she won't be harmed!

Examine Victim's Bag.
Zara: Now that you've unlocked the victim's bag, <Name>, let's look inside!

Examine Open Bag.
Zara: There's something written inside the victim's bag, <Name>.
Zara: Penelope's in Mongolia with Kai, so let's have Orlando translate this text!

Analyze Chinese Message.
Orlando: If only Penelope were here, <Name>. My ancient Chinese is pretty rusty!
Orlando: I know keeping tabs on Ammon's activities is important... I just hope she and Kai are alright!
Zara: I'm worried too. But they're doing their job, as are we. Which brings me to that text <Name> found in the victim's bag.
Orlando: The text is a partial quote from Confucius, one of history's most influential philosophers! His ideas on politics, government, justice and religion have shaped Chinese culture for centuries!
Orlando: The quote comes from the Analects of Confucius, a principal text of Confucianism. It reads "Death and life have their appointed time"...
Orlando: ... But then someone's added "and your time has reached an end!"
Zara: Your time has reached an end? That sounds like a threat from the killer!
Orlando: Indeed. The killer was clearly foreshadowing the victim's murder, and they're obviously well-versed in Confucian philosophy!
Zara: And yet they're distorted Confucius' teachings to justify their crime! Let's add this to the killer's profile, <Name>!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Janis: It sure makes my job easier when you send me the murder weapon and the victim's body at the same time, <Name>!
Janis: That bell comes from a bianzhong, a musical instrument consisting of a series of bronze bells.
Zara: So it must've been a weapon of convenience, something the killer grabbed inside the opera house.
Janis: Exactly. Now, apart from the fatal wound, there was another important clue on the body.
Janis: I found traces of dried jujube on the victim's wrists. These red fruits are a delicacy in China.
Janis: However, there were also purple welts on the victim's wrist, indicating he was allergic to dried jujubes.
Janis: Which means this fruit residue was left behind by the killer, probably during a struggle!
Zara: This clue is cut and dried, <Name>... the killer eats jujubes!

Zara: Our mission to rescue Princess Torgoljin is even more complicated that we'd thought, <Name>.
Zara: We'd hardly arrived in Xiangyang to search for Ogedei Khan's daughter, before discovering her captor's been murdered!
Zara: But the victim wasn't working alone... Princess Torgoljin's kidnapping was orchestrated by the Chinese first minister himself!
Zara: Shi Miyuan told us to send word to the Khan that his daughter is a political hostage, and that she won't be harmed if the Mongolians don't attack.
Zara: Expect Ogedei Khan is even more likely to invade China, knowing that his daughter is here. The first minister's strategy will completely backfire!
Zara: But I doubt we can convince Shi Miyuan of this... and the Emperor sees far more interested in entertainment that defending China against the Mongolian army!
Zara: I don't know how we'll do it, but-
Torgoljin: Get out of my way!
Zara: Princess Torgoljin? We've been sent to rescue you!
Torgoljin: Then don't just stand there... run!

Chapter 2

Zara Tien: Our mission to rescue Princess Torgoljin from Xiangyang is even more complicated than we'd thought, <Name>.
Zara: We'd barely started searching for Ogedei Khan's daughter before we discovered her captor's been murdered!
Zara: But the victim wasn't working alone... Princess Torgoljin's kidnapping was orchestrated by the Chinese first minister himself!
Zara: I'm worried about Torgoljin's safety, <Name>. If her captor is dead, what's to say the killer isn't after her too? We must find-
Torgoljin: Get out of my way!
Zara: Princess Torgoljin?! We've been looking for you! We're here to rescue you!
Torgoljin: Then don't just stand there... run! The guard's right behind-
Torgoljin's Sentry: Stop right there! Don't you move, young lady!
Torgoljin: Great... and I almost got away!
Zara (sweating): Excuse us, sir. We're here of behalf of... Emperor Lizong! That's right, the Emperor sent us to speak with this young lady about a murder!
Torgoljin's Sentry: The Emperor sent you?
Torgoljin's Sentry: Very well, you may speak with the prisoner. But I'll be watching!

See if Princess Torgoljin is okay.
Zara: Thank goodness you're alright, Princess Torgoljin. Your father sent us to find you. Are you being treated well?
Torgoljin: They haven't harmed me, and the bed's actually quite comfortable.
Torgoljin: And I've always wanted to travel to China... but not like this!
Torgoljin's Sentry: Enough pleasantries! What's this murder you wanted to talk about?
Zara: The princess' captor, Jin Bingxu, was murdered at the opera house earlier today.
Torgoljin's Sentry: What? My master is dead?
Torgoljin: So someone killed that awful brute? Serves him right, if you ask me!
Torgoljin's Sentry: Wait, my master was killed at the opera house? Then how did his riverboat get moved to the central canal? He doesn't let anyone touch that boat!
Zara: That's a good question. Let's go, <Name>... we should search that boat! We'll return for you later, Princess, we promise!

Investigate Victim's Riverboat.
Zara: I hated leaving Princess Torgoljin with that guard, <Name>. But her captor's killer could be after her too, so she's safer under lock and key.
Zara: Now, if the victim moored his riverboat at the opera house, only the killer could've moved it after the murder!
Zara: This cloth is identical to the victim's robes. It must've been torn during a struggle!
Zara: We'd better collect those blood-stained beads, they might give us a new lead!
Zara: And I agree, <Name>, let's search under that pile of equipment while we're at it! Leave no stone unturned!

Examine Torn Fabric.
Zara: Now that you've collected those beads from the victim's torn clothing, <Name>, let's send them to Theo!

Analyze Bloody Beads.
Theo: Darling, I heard you were confronted by Torgoljin's sentry! Are you alright?
Zara: I'm fine, Theo. But the sooner we find Jin Bingxu's killer, the sooner we can rescue your ancestor!
Theo: Well, those beads go a long way towards doing that! The blood was a match for the victim's, so there's no doubt they were left behind by the killer.
Zara: But what are they? Was the killer wearing a necklace or a bracelet?
Theo: Well, that's where my Asian heritage comes in handy! These beads aren't from jewelry... they're from a hand-held abacus!
Zara: An abacus? You mean those ancient counting frames?
Theo: Exactly! They were used as a means of quickly making complex calculations.
Theo: It wasn't uncommon for people to carry portable versions, like an archaic calculator!
Theo: So, the killer must've been carrying a small abacus at the time of the murder!
Zara: Now that we know the killer uses an abacus, their days of freedom are numbered!
Zara: We're on a roll now, <Name>! We know the victim was out on the cannon field, so let's take another look around!

Investigate Cannon.
Zara: Look, <Name>. That decorative box has a tag addressed to the victim on it. It's the same name that was on Jin Bingxu's bag.
Zara: I imagine this is some sort of gift, so let's open it up and see what's inside!
Zara: And look at that statue! It depicts Jin Bingxu bowing low to the around. Surely the victim wouldn't have made this figurine himself, in such a humble posture?
Zara: There's a liquid stain on the statue, <Name>. Let's collect a sample for analysis!

Examine Wooden Box.
Zara: Whatever this strange contraption is, <Name>, it was meant as a gift to the victim.
Zara: Normally, Kai would examine this device. But since he and Penelope are tailing Ammon in Mongolia, let's send it to Orlando!

Analyze Strange Device.
Orlando: This device you sent me is marvelous, <Name>! Can you guess what it is?
Zara: I have no idea, Orlando. That's why we sent it to you!
Orlando: It's a scale-model replica of Su Song's astronomical clock, which he constructed in the city of Kaifeng in 1092!
Orlando: Timepieces as we know them didn't exist in this era. Bu Su Song - a Chinese polymath - came up with a device to measure time, powered by moving water and liquid mercury. Quite ingenious!
Zara: Someone must've really liked our victim, to present them with such an extravagant gift!
Orlando: Quite the opposite! I believe this gift is meant as a curse!
Orlando: You see, the Chinese words 'giving a clock' sound exactly like the phrase for 'attending a funeral'. It's therefore considered bad luck to give clocks or watches as gifts in Chinese culture.
Zara: I'm impressed, Orlando! Without your insight, we might've missed an incredibly valuable clue!
Zara: But who would send the victim such a harbinger of bad luck!
Orlando: Well, there are smears of makeup on the clock, the kind used by Chinese opera singers.
Zara: Opera singers? Like Lian Wei? But why would the curse the victim, she had nothing but praise for her honorable benefactor!
Zara: Let's ask Lian Wei about this, <Name>!

Ask whether Lian Wei bore ill will towards the victim.
Wei: Ah, merchants! Have you found Jin Bingxu's killer yet? I'm so on edge, I can't stop eating these dried jujubes!
Zara: You say you're upset by Jin Bingxu's murder, yet we found this "gift" you gave him. Did you bear ill will towards your benefactor?
Wei: Like I explained before, Jin Bingxu was very generous. I'd need my abacus to count all the money he gave to the opera house.
Wei: But he thought his money meant he could run the place! Bingxu started exerting his influence over artistic decisions, as if he knew anything about opera!
Wei: Worse still, he was trying to get rid of me! He said I was too old, that we needed younger, more attractive singers. If Bingxu had his way, today would've been my last performance!
Zara: If Jin Bingxu was determined to end you career, that certainly gives to motive to end his life.
Wei: The thought had crossed my mind! But as Confucius says "when anger rises, think of the consequences." I didn't kill Bingxu, but I'm not sad he's dead!

Examine Statue of the Victim.
Zara: Alright, <Name>. I'll be quicker if we put this liquid sample you collected off that statue of the victim under the microscope!

Examine Clear Liquid.
Zara: That liquid you found on that statue of the victim is rice wine, <Name>.
Zara: Wait, you're right! The Emperor said he enjoyed drinking rice wine at the opera house. Could this statue have anything to do with him?
Zara: Let's seek another audience with His Majesty!

Question the Emperor about the statue of the victim.
Zara: Pardon our intrusion, Your Majesty. But we have some more questions about Jin Bingxu's murder.
Lizong: Are you still investigating that? I would've thought you'd solved his murder by now!
Zara: We're curious about this statue of the victim. Can you tell us what this means?
Lizong: That statue was a lesson in respect! Bingxu had become increasingly irreverent, failing to show me the honor I deserve!
Lizong: To begin with, he wasn't paying his land taxes. I know how to use an abacus, I could see he was withholding what he owed me!
Lizong: And lately, he wasn't even bowing properly!
Zara: I'm sorry... bowing properly?
Lizong: Exactly! Every time he'd enter the room, Jin Bingxu would only bow twice, and his face never even touched the ground!
Lizong: A proper kowtow is three bows, to the floor! That's why I had that statue made... to teach Bingxu some humility!
Lizong: As the great Confucius said, "without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?"

Examine Fishing Gear.
Zara: That's strange, <Name>. You'd expect to find spyglass like this on one of those big sailing ships, not amongst a small riverboat's equipment.
Zara: There's something engraved into the spyglass, but the characters are worn away. A closer look at whatever's written should tell us where this comes from!

Examine Spyglass.
Zara: This engraving isn't Chinese, <Name>. It's written in the Roman alphabet... and it reads "S. Sanchez". Wait, Santiago Sanchez is that explorer we met in Mongolia!
Zara: As I recall, Santiago Sanchez was a suspect in the murder of a nomad chief.
Zara: And now he's connected to another victim. Let's track down Señor Sanchez and find out what's going on!

Find out what Santiago Sanchez was doing in the victim's boat.
Santiago: Ah, <Name>! ¡China les da la bienvenida! I'm surprised to see you here!
Zara: A surprise indeed, Señor Sanchez. What are you doing in Xiangyang?
Santiago: Exploring, of course! China's a wonderful country, especially their food. I can't get enough of these dried jujubes!
Zara: And how did you end up on Jin Bingxu's riverboat? We found him murdered earlier today.
Santiago: What? Jin Bingxu's been killed? Qué tragedia!
Santiago: I met with Jin Bingxu, he was a fascinating man. For centuries, a person's status in Chinese society has been dictated by their ancestry.
Santiago: But Bingxu was a self-made man, attaining his wealth and influence by passing the civil exams.
Santiago: Education and intelligence are the new currency, radically altering China's power structure for future generations!
Zara: So you know nothing about his murder? Or about who might've wanted to harm him?
Santiago: I'd help you if I could, <Name>. But I know nothing!

Zara: Alright, <Name>, let's review the facts of this case.
Zara: The good news is we've found Princess Torgoljin. And she's safe, for the moment.
Zara: Unfortunately, she's still being held hostage. But we can't risk a rescue until her captor's killer is caught. For all we know, the princess is their next target!
Zara: We've learned that Santiago Sanchez is in China too, and that he met with the victim. Surely that can't be a coincidence.
Zara: Opera singer Lian Wei was unhappy that the victim was trying to ruin her career...
Zara: ... and even the Emperor had a bone to pick with the victim, claiming Jin Bingxu wasn't showing him proper respect!
Zara: With so many angry suspects, who could've-
Zara: <Name>, DUCK!

Chapter 3

Zara Tien: <Name>, let's review the facts of this case.
Zara: We've found Princess Torgoljin, but she's being held captive. And for now, it's safer to leave her under lock and key.
Zara: But her captor, Jin Bingxu, has been murdered. And for all we know, the killer might still be after the princess!
Zara: Although we'd like to rescue her, we-
Zara: <Name>, DUCK!
Zara: Did someone just fire a cannon at us?
Zara: First I get shot at with arrows in Mongolia, and now this. What's wrong with these medieval maniacs?!
Lizong: You again! Can't you see I'm firing the cannons?
Zara: Oh, Your Majesty! We hadn't realized it was you. You nearly hit us!
Lizong: I was curious to see how these cannons worked! I walk past them every day, you see, and I just wanted to try one out!
Zara: Don't let us stop you, Your Majesty. Just allow <Name> and myself to leave!
Zara: C'mon, <Name>. Let's do another search of the crime scene. There won't be any cannonballs flying around!

Investigate Opera Tables.
Zara: Those gold ingots you've found must be worth a fortune, <Name>. Who'd leave something so valuable lying around?
Zara: There's something engraved into these ingots. Let's dust them off and see what it says!
Zara: Meanwhile, someone's locked that scroll pretty tight. I wonder what's written in there?
Zara: And I agree, let's reassemble those metal pieces while we're at it!
Zara: Let's get to work, <Name>! The sooner we solve this murder, the quicker we can rescue Princess Torgoljin!

Examine Metal Pieces.
Zara: Look, <Name>. That's a necklace of the silver tree in Karakorum.
Zara: The only person in Xiangyang who'd have a silver tree necklace is Princess Torgoljin... which means she was on the crime scene!
Zara: But she's been locked up the entire time. Could the princess have snuck out and murdered her captor in desperation? We'd better speak with her again!

Ask whether Princess Torgoljin was on the crime scene.
Torgoljin's Sentry: State your business!
Zara: It's us, remember? We're investigating the murder of Jin Bingxu.
Torgoljin's Sentry: Right, you people. Very well, you may pass.
(Torgoljin's Sentry leaves.)
Zara: Princess Torgoljin, we found your necklace in the opera house, where Jin Bingxu was killed.
Torgoljin: That ogre confiscated all of my belongings, including that necklace. Looks like he broke it too!
Zara: So you're saying you weren't on the crime scene yourself?
Torgoljin: How could I be? I've been locked up for days, with nothing to eat but these horrid dried jujubes!
Zara: That's not entirely true... you did escape custody for a short time...
Torgoljin: I was only free for a matter of minutes! Bingxu was a despicable man, and I'm glad someone killed him! But I had nothing to do with it!

Examine Gold Ingots.
Zara (searching through her tablet): Those ingots are engraved with Chinese characters, <Name>. Our translation matrix is really working overtime!
Zara (searching through her tablet): Let's see now... the engraving reads: "Shi Miyuan, These aren't enough, pay me more!"
Zara: Someone was extorting the first minister? Wait, you're right, Shi Miyuan paid our victim to hold the princess captive... maybe Bingxu wasn't satisfied with his payment!
Zara: Were these ingots meant for the victim, but he demanded more? We'd better talk to Shi Miyuan about this!

Find out whether the victim was exorting money out of Shi Miyuan.
Miyuan: This better be important. You're interrupting my meditations on the Analects of Confucius!
Zara: We've found evidence that Jin Bingxu wasn't satisfied with what you'd paid him to hold Princess Torgoljin captive after you'd arranged for her kidnapping.
Miyuan: Argh, that man had no business asking for more money! I paid him everything I owed him, I counted it out twice with my abacus!
Miyuan: But then Bingxu discovered his hostage was a princess. Once he realized Torgoljin was the daughter of Ogedei Khan, he demanded I double his payment!
Zara: And rather than pay him more, you decided to eliminate the problem?
Miyuan: Of course not! I offered him one of my jujube fields instead, but apparently Bingxu was allergic.
Miyuan: I tried reasoning with Bingxu, but I wasn't giving in to his demands. He was rewarded handsomely for what he did!

Examine Locked Scroll.
Zara: Oh dear, <Name>. More Chinese characters! At least I'm starting to recognize the victim's name, it says Jin Bingxu right here!
Zara: As for the rest of this scroll, we'll need Orlando to translate!

Analyze Scroll.
Orlando: I'm getting the hang of this Chinese script, <Name>. Perhaps when Penelope returns, I can assist with her translating duties!
Zara: I'n sure she'd appreciate that. But what can you tell us about that scroll?
Orlando: These are copies of Jin Bingxu's civil exams.
Zara: Ah, right. Santiago Sanchez told us the victim had attained his status in society by passing those exams.
Orlando: Indeed. However, there are two versions here of his final exam. And when you compare the answers, one test is a significant improvement on the other!
Orlando: And I believe Señor Sanchez has reviewed these papers too. See here? Someone's written "Bingxu is a fraud!" in Spanish!
Zara: A fraud? I wonder what Santiago Sanchez means by that?
Zara: Only one person can explain this, <Name>, and that's Señor Sanchez himself!

Question Santiago Sanchez about why he thought the victim was a fraud.
Santiago: You haven't seen my abacus, <Name>? I seem to have misplaced it.
Zara: I'm afraid not. However, we did find copies of the victim's civil exams. What do you mean Jin Bingxu was a fraud?
Santiago: If you've seen his test, surely you understand? Jin Bingxu cheated on his civil exam!
Santiago: To keep the results of the exam impartial, participants' answers are copied by a scribe, so that their handwriting cannot be recognized by the examiners.
Santiago: Bingxu's original answers were so poor, it's obvious he had the scribe correct them in order to achieve a passing grade!
Santiago: Here I was, recording his story in my book of exploits, only to discover he was lying! Nobody takes me for a fool!
Zara: Did you confront Bingxu about it?
Santiago: Claro, of course! Confucius, this country's own philosopher, says "to see the right and not to do it is cowardice!" But he just laughed, saying nobody would believe a foreigner like me!

Back on the time machine...
Zara: Despite his status in society, <Name>, Jin Bingxu wasn't exactly a model citizen.
Zara: Santiago Sanchez, the Spanish explorer, discovered the victim attained his esteemed position by cheating on the civil exams.
Zara: Meanwhile, not only did Bingxu agree to hold Princess Torgoljin hostage...
Zara: ... he wanted more money from Shi Miyuan after discovering his prisoner was Ogedei Khan's daughter!
Zara: Jin Bingxu had certainly ruffled some feathers. But who was pushed to the point of committing murder?
Zara: If we want answers, <Name>, we're gonna need more clues. So let's do another sweep of the killer's getaway vehicle... Jin Bingxu's riverboat!

Investigate River Pier.
Zara: There's a depiction of Confucius on the cover of this book, <Name>. Could this be the killer's copy of the Analects?
Zara (holding a paper and book): No doubt about it! This circled passage inside the book is identical to the threat we found in the victim's bag!
Zara: Let's get a sample of those threads. They could bring us one step closer to solving this mystery!
Zara: And you think the killer might've thrown something into the river, <Name>? Then let's roll up our sleeves and fish through that seaweed!

Examine Seaweed.
Zara: Searching through that seaweed paid off, <Name>, you've found a blood-stained abacus!
Zara: And it's missing some beads, just like the ones we found before. Which means this abacus was dumped by the killer! Let's send it to the lab!

Analyze Abacus.
Theo: It's too bad that broken abacus was dumped in the river, <Name>. Almost all the forensic evidence was washed away.
Zara: Almost? That means you totally found something, didn't you, honey?
Theo: Well, there were some skin cells along the jagged edge. It probably scraped the killer's hands.
Theo: From that, I constructed a DNA profile of the killer, and I've determined they have brown eyes!
Zara: See? I knew you wouldn't let us down!
Zara: So we're looking for a killer with brown eyes, <Name>! They'll have to look us in the eye and confess to their crime!

Examine Confucius Book.
Zara: Let's rush these threads you collected off the killer's book to Theo, <Name>! If we're to have any hope of rescuing the princess, we need to work fast!

Analyze Threads.
Theo: You've spoken to my great great great... well, my ancestor, a few times now <Name>. What's the princess like?
Zara: Well, she's a... strong woman, Theo. I can see where your feisty side comes from!
Zara: Meanwhile, have you made any progress with those threads <Name> found on the killer's book?
Theo: I have. Those threads are from a piece of clothing, but not just any material.
Theo: I noticed the threads had multi-colored dye, suggesting the material has a pattern.
Theo: By laying the threads side-by-side under my microscope, a distinct fish pattern emerged, which the killer is obviously wearing!
Zara: A fish pattern should be easy to spot, <Name>! All we have to do now is reel our killer in!

After completing all the tasks...
Zara: Jin Bingxu's killer has eluded us long enough, <Name>. Their time is up!

Take care of the killer now!
Zara: Shi Miyuan, YOU were the one who murdered Jin Bingxu!
Miyuan: Nonsense! Jin Bingxu did a good job keeping Princess Torgoljin prisoner. I had no reason to kill him!
Zara: There's no point lying! We know you'd planned to kill Bingxu ahead of time, sending him that threat!
Zara: Bingxu obviously didn't go down without a fight, seeing that you broke your abacus during a struggle. After which you fled the scene in Bingxu's riverboat!
Zara: And for what? Because he wanted more money?
Miyuan: I didn't care about the money! I killed Bingxu because he was jeopardizing the whole operation!
Miyuan: He was going to take the princess back to Mongolia!
Zara: Take her back? Why would he do that?
Miyuan: He was going to pretend that he rescued the princess, claiming a hefty reward from Ogedei Khan!
Miyuan: Which I obviously couldn't allow him to do. So I needed to eliminate him!
Miyuan: I knew he was accustomed to visiting the opera. So I waited for him to arrive this morning, then attacked him with that bell!
Zara: You might've hidden your plans from the Emperor, but I think it's time we let him in on your secret!
Miyuan: Very well, but you're wasting your time. The Emperor always defers to my judgment. This won't be any different!

Moments later...
Lizong: What's this I hear, Shi Miyuan? Not only did you orchestrate the kidnapping of Ogedei Khan's daughter without my permission...
Lizong: ... but now I find out this murder business is your doing!
Miyuan: Yes, Your Majesty. It's part of a ploy to destabilize the Mongolians. Well within my purview as first minister.
Lizong: But murdering one of our own citizens? How does that "destabilize" the Mongolians?
Miyuan: You must trust me, Your Majesty. I assure you I have everything in hand!
Lizong: You have overstepped your authority this time! Guards, take him away!
Miyuan: But... Your Majesty! Since when do YOU make decisions for yourself?
Miyuan: Please, you're making a mistake!
(Miyuan leaves.)
Lizong: I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, merchants. Shi Miyuan will be punished to the full extent of my law!
Zara: What about the princess, Your Majesty? Will you allow us to return her to her father?
Lizong: Heavens, no! While I object to Shi Miyuan's methods, I cannot be seen as weak. I couldn't possibly just hand her over, I would be a laughing stock!
Lizong: No, Princess Torgoljin will remain here in Xiangyang! Now, away with you, I grow tired of this bothersome business!

Back on the time machine...
Zara: Even though Jin Bingxu's murder is solved, <Name>, I don't feel much like celebrating.
Zara: Because although the Emperor objects to Shi Miyuan's kidnapping of Princess Torgoljin, he refuses to let her go in order to save face!
Jack: It would make things a lot easier if the Emperor would allow us to return the princess to Ogedei Khan...
Jack: ... but since when have we let a little adversity stop us from ding our job?
Zara: You're right! If the Emperor won't help us, then we must devise a plan to rescue Princess Torgoljin and bring her back to Mongolia ourselves!

The Art of War (3/5)

Amy Young: Thanks to you, <Name>, the man who orchestrated Princess Torgoljin's abduction is behind bars for murder.
Amy: But the Emperor refuses to release her, claiming it would be a sign of weakness.
Amy: Meanwhile, Ammon's manipulating Ogedei Khan into annihilating the Chinese empire, before they become a significant rival to the Ptolemys.
Amy: And Princess Torgoljin's kidnapping will play right into Ammon's hands if Ogedei Khan blames the Chinese for it!
Amy: With or without the Emperor, we must rescue the princess!
Orlando: <Name>, I think I know how we can do just that! And believe it or not, it involves that opera singer, Lian Wei!
Amy: Lian Wei? How could she help us rescue the princess?
Orlando: I'll fill you in at the opera house, <Name>! I'll suit up and wait for you there!
(Orlando leaves.)
Amy: Even if our rescue operation succeeds, we'll need to convince Ogedei Khan the kidnapping was orchestrated by one man alone, and not the Chinese as a whole.
Amy: We must find proof that Shi Miyuan masterminded Princess Torgoljin's abduction!
Zara: The first minister spent his time strategizing on the cannon field, <Name> Maybe we'll find something there. Unless you'd like to speak with Lian Wei first!

Discuss Orlando's rescue plan with Lian Wei.
Wei: With that terrible murder behind us, I can finally focus on tonight's performance! If there's anything I can do for you merchants, just ask!
Orlando: There is something you can help us with. A young lady's being held captive in Xiangyang, a prisoner of Jin Bingxu. We're trying to rescue her.
Wei: Bingxu was holding someone hostage? That man was a true barbarian!
Wei: But how could I be of use?
Orlando: I believe we can free the young woman by disguising her as an opera singer. I'm an expert tailor, so I can create the appropriate gown.
Orlando: However, makeup like yours is a genuine art, and we are hoping you could help us in that regard!
Wei: I would be honored! With the right gown and makeup, nobody will recognize the young woman! I'll just need my makeup kit from the opera house!
Orlando: Leave that to us, we'll fetch your makeup kit!
Wei: Perhaps you'd consider getting a makeover too, <Name>? It would suit you!

Investigate Opera Stage.
Orlando: The engravings on this locked case suggest it belongs to Lian Wei, <Name>. Let's open it up!

Examine Locked Box.
Orlando: Perfection, <Name>! Look at this marvelous makeup! Our plan just might work!
Orlando: Madam Lian can take this to Princess Torgoljin's quarters and begin her makeover. As you did, she can say she's there by order of the Emperor.
Orlando: Meanwhile, I'll create a suitable opera gown for the princess. Join me when I'm finished!

Analyze Makeup.
Orlando: I must say, <Name>, creating an authentic Chinese opera gown has been a career highlight!
Orlando: Working with original Chinese materials and genuine traditional patterns is a rare opportunity!
Orlando (holding an opera gown): And I'm sure you'll agree, the result is magnificent!
Orlando: Now, let's join Lian Wei and see how she's done with the Princess' makeup!

Later, in Princess Torgoljin's quarters...
Wei: You are indeed an expert tailor, Orlando. The opera gown you've created is wonderful!
Orlando: As is your makeup job. I hardly recognized the princess!
Torgoljin: If I'd known I'd be receiving a makeover, I would've tried to be kidnapped long ago!
Orlando: Now comes the tricky part... convincing that guard you're not his prisoner. Are you up for the challenge, Princess?
Torgoljin: Don't you worry, I'll have that guard wrapped around my little finger!

Slip past the guard with Princess Torgoljin.
Torgoljin: Thank you for allowing us to visit the princess, sir. But it's time the four of us got going.
Torgoljin's Sentry: That's... quite alright...
Torgoljin's Sentry: Wait, four of you? There weren't two opera singers when you came in... were there?
Orlando: Of course there were! Don't you recognize the star of tonight's opera, "The Legend of Wenlong!"
Torgoljin's Sentry: Ohh... right! I thought you looked familiar! I'm... I'm your biggest fan!
Torgoljin: And I'm always grateful to meet my supporters.
Torgoljin: But we must be going. Do look after the princess!
Torgoljin's Sentry: Yes, of course! Your wish is my command!

Moments later...
Orlando: Well done, <Name>! I must say, that was exhilarating!
Torgoljin: Thank you so much for rescuing me, I cannot wait until I'm home in Karakorum!
Orlando: Before we depart, Princess Torgoljin, we must make travel preparations. You'll be safe at the opera house, we will meet you there soon!

Investigate Cannon Field.
Zara: <Name>, that diagram... that's the silver tree in Karakorum, where Princess Torgoljin was kidnapped!
Zara: And the name Shi Miyuan is written on it. This could have something to do with his original plot to abduct the princess!
Zara: There's more faded writing on the diagram. I'll grab your dusting brush so we can take a look!

Examine Faded Diagram.
Zara: <Name>, since Orlando's busy hatching a plan to rescue the princess, we'll have to translate these characters ourselves... which might take a while!
Zara (searching through her tablet): Okay, so this character goes... here... and that one must be...
Zara: So, the text says: "these pretzels are... making me thirsty?"
Zara: That can't be right, <Name>. Let me input those characters again!
Zara (searching through her tablet): Got it! This text reads: "Shi Miyuan, kidnap the princess and you'll be more powerful than the Emperor!"
Zara: So kidnapping Princess Torgoljin wasn't Shi Miyuan's idea? Someone suggested it to him!
Zara: Whoever it was might've left some forensic evidence on this diagram. So let's have Theo examine every square millimeter!

Analyze Diagram Details.
Theo: <Name>, I've discovered something important about that diagram you found... and it wasn't what I was expecting!
Theo: All of my standard forensic analyses came back negative. No fingerprints, no traces of latent substances.
Theo: Then I noticed something strange about the paper itself. It felt synthetic, unlike the parchments or scrolls you'd expect to find in the 13th century.
Theo: So I ran a temporal analysis on the paper, and the time signature of the material indicates it's from 2029!
Zara: 2029? But then... this diagram must've been drawn by Ammon! So he's the one who ordered the princess' kidnapping!
Zara: We should've known, <Name>. Not only is Ammon arming the Mongolians, he's coaxing the Chinese into the conflict!
Zara: We must warn the Emperor! He needs to understand that both sides are being played against each other... which will have disastrous consequences!

Inform Emperor Lizong of Ammon's manipulation.
Zara: Thank you for seeing us, Your Majesty. We bring you grave tidings!
Lizong: You did me a great service, revealing Shi Miyuan's deception. Please, tell me your concerns!
Zara: We've discovered that Shi Miyuan wasn't working alone. A foreigner from a far off land is manipulating both you and Ogedei Khan towards war!
Zara: This man is supplying the Khan with powerful weapons, and he persuaded your first minister to abduct the Mongolian Princess!
Lizong: Well, if that Mongolian brute wants a war, he'll get one!
Zara: With all due respect, I don't think you understand... someone's playing you and the Mongolians against each other!
Lizong: That's of no consequence! You've seen our arsenal. The Chinese will prevail!
(Zara stands, speechless.)
Zara: Well... if you're determined to fight, you cannot stand alone. Do you have any allies?
Lizong: Allies? I suppose so, but I wouldn't know who they are. Strategic affairs were Shi Miyuan's responsibility. Perhaps you'll find something of his on the cannon field?
Zara: Very well, Your Majesty, we'll see what we can find. <Name>, all this tension has left me famished, let's grab something to eat first!

Investigate Cannon.
Zara: This is madness, <Name>. The Emperor has confidence in his arsenal, but the Chinese will be defenceless against the Khan and his 18th-century weapons!
Zara: But since the Emperor is determined to fight, we must try to even the odds by finding allies to stand alongside the Chinese!
Zara: I don't see how this broken painting will help us, <Name>...
Zara: ... But if you think that portrait's worth reassembling, I trust your judgment!

Examine Broken Painting.
Zara (searching through her tablet): <Name>, this is a portrait of the Emperor, looking pretty chummy with someone who seems to be a Japanese Shogun named Yoshinobu Gojo.
Zara (searching through her tablet): According to the database, China was at peace with Japan during the Song Dynasty.
Zara: And although the Mongols launched three invasion attempts during the 13th century, Japan resisted Khan's army!
Zara: Let's inform the Emperor we might've found an ally!

Encourage the Emperor to ally with Japan.
Zara: Your Majesty, <Name> has found you a powerful ally! We believe Shogun Gojo from Japan could be convinced to stand alongside you against the Mongolians!
Lizong: I remember entertaining Shogun Gojo. Wonderful wine, but I didn't care for the sushi.
Lizong: But you don't expect me to go to Japan, do you? That's too menial a task for the Great Emperor of China!
Lizong: Not to mention there's an opera tonight!
Zara: With your blessing, Your Majesty, we can meet with Shogun Gojo on your behalf.
Lizong: Very good! Then consider this a formal decree; <Name> shall speak with the authority of Emperor Lizong, to recruit Japan as an ally against the Mongolian army!
Lizong: And you mustn't go empty-handed! Please, take this to fund your journey!

Back on the time machine...
Amy: The Emperor's insistence on fighting the Mongolians is madness, <Name>. The Chinese don't stand a chance against Ogedei Khan and his 18th-century weapons!
Amy: I'm hopeful we can still find a peaceful resolution. But for now, our best bet is to gather allies to support the Chinese.
Zara: But how will involving more people in a conflict prevent bloodshed?
Amy: By evening the odds, we can hopefully convince the Khan to stand down!
Amy: That's why convincing Shogun Gojo in Japan to stand alongside Emperor Lizong is so important!
Zara: But if we're traveling to Japan, how will we get Princess Torgoljin back to Mongolia?
Amy: Maybe we could ask Santiago Sanchez to take the princess back to Mongolia? An explorer like him might relish the opportunity to escort a royal to the Khan himself!
Zara: You might be right. Let's fetch Princess Torgoljin and speak with Santiago Sanchez!

Ask Santiago Sanchez to escort the princess to Mongolia.
Zara: Señor Sanchez, we were wondering if we might ask you a favor?
Santiago: Claro, of course! You have exonerated me from suspicion of murder not once, but twice! What can I do for you, <Name>?
Zara (with Torgoljin): Allow us to introduce to you Princess Torgoljin, the daughter of Ogedei Khan!
Zara: We request that you escort the princess home to her father.
Santiago: But of course! I'm great friends with the Khan! It's with his blessing that I travel unhindered throughout Asia!
Torgoljin: What? You're farming me off to this... Spaniard?
Santiago: Please, my lady! You could do far worse than to travel in the company of Santiago Sanchez... I can regale you with stories of my adventures around the world!
Torgoljin: Adventures? Well, I suppose that could be interesting.
Torgoljin: Thank you for everything you've done, <Name>. I will speak of you to my father in the highest regard!
Santiago: Rest assured, <Name>, Torgoljin is in safe hands! Come, my Princess! Let us away!

Zara (searching through her tablet): Just in time, <Name>! We're about to get our first update from Kai and Penelope!
Kai and Penelope: Hey <Name>! Are we glad to see you! We're doing alright, camped out near the Great Wall with Ogedei's army!
Zara (holding her tablet): We're glad you're safe. You'll be happy to know we've rescued Princess Torgoljin, and Santiago Sanchez is escorting her back to Mongolia!
Zara (holding her tablet): As for the rest of us, we're heading to Japan to convince the Shogun to stand alongside the Emperor. If China's going to war, they'll need all the allies they can get.
Kai: You don't know the half of it, <Name>. In addition to 18th-century guns, Ammon and his medieval Egyptians are building high-caliber cannons and catapults!
Zara (holding her tablet): Then our mission in Japan MUST succeed if we're to stop Ammon's plan to destroy the Chinese empire!
Penelope: You mustn't lose hope. Getting his daughter back might be enough to convince Ogedei Khan to stand down. There may still be a chance for peace!
Zara (holding her tablet): You're right. But time is of the essence. Stay safe, guys... we'll speak to you again soon!
Zara: For now, <Name>, let's get moving... we're heading to Japan!

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