Flavia Pulchra was the victim in When in Rome (Case #3 of Travel in Time).


Flavia was a Roman noblewoman with long, curly red hair, green eyes, a beauty sport under her left eye and another one on her right cheek. At the time of her death, she donned a purple dress with gold patterned lining under a gold cape clasped to her dress. She wore a gold necklace, matching earrings and brown sandals. Additionally, she sported blush, blue eyeshadow and dark red lipstick.

Murder details

Flavia was found strangled to death by Jack and the player at the Circus Maximus. After autopsying her body, Janis notified the team that the killer had bashed her head against a table while she was getting strangled, explaining the blood on her body. Not only that, Janis also found some red Pompeian wine on the body, leading to her confirming that the killer had drunk red Pompeian wine before killing Flavia.

After investigating the Circus Maximus again, Jack and the player found the murder weapon that was used to kill Flavia, a rope, which was hidden inside a broken flower pot. After the team got the rope to Theo, he confirmed it as the murder weapon and also told the team that he had found some skin cells on the rope. After analyzing the DNA on the skin cells, Theo was able to tell the team that Flavia's killer was younger than thirty years old.

Relationship with suspects

Flavia had forced her daughter, Claudia Pulchra, to become a Vestal Virgin against her will. She had also broken the arm of her lover, slave Scorpius, at her last orgy, where she also embarrassed her friend Balbina with a mosaic of her as a half-donkey. Additionally, she slandered her political opponent, Great Consul Octavian, in order to persuade the Senate into voting for Mark Antony instead. Furthermore, she blackmailed Roman soldier Brutus over his homosexuality.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Claudia.

Claudia had already hated her mother for forcing her to become a Vestal. During her confession, she admitted that Great Consul Octavian had sympathized with her and promised to marry her and break her free of her priestess life if she killed her mother. The team then took her to Octavian, who banished her from Rome.


  • Flavia's death at the hands of her own daughter is one of the instances of domestic homicide in Travel in Time.

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