Fiona Maris was a suspect in the murder investigation of her boyfriend, security guard Jon Benson, in Eve of Disaster (Case #59 of The Conspiracy).


Fiona is the 37-year-old girlfriend of the victim and the director of Grimsborough Nuclear Plant. She has long blonde hair tied back in a bun and holds a cream file folder labeled with pink and yellow sticky notes in her left hand. She wears a baby blue and white horizontally-striped buttoned-up shirt under a dark gray jacket and a matching skirt. Additionally, she wears a white and yellow nametag on her right lapel. It is known that Fiona wears vegan shoes.

Height 5'6"
Age 37
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes green
Blood B+

Events of Criminal Case

Fiona told Gloria and the player that although security had spotted Denise Daniels near the plant, they could not find her. She then told the team that there were signs of a break-in at the control room. The team then placed the plant on lockdown to prevent Denise from causing a nuclear earthquake.

The team then talked to Fiona after finding a S.A.R.A. container lid in the room. Fiona said that S.A.R.A. scientists often came to the plant to take samples although she had not authorized any that day. She then told the team that she would never have let Denise in.

Later, the team found a romantic collage Jon made for Fiona. Fiona confirmed that they had started a relationship recently although he was already showering her with gifts. She then told the team that she loved Jon and could never have killed him to help Denise.

Fiona was found to be innocent of the murder when S.A.R.A. lawyer Martin Davenport was discovered to be Denise's accomplice and Jon's killer. Later, however, after the team stopped the reaction that would cause the mega-earthquake, they discovered that she was Denise's second accomplice from inside the plant that had placed the core into the reactor. Fiona then told the team that Denise had threatened to kill her family if she did not comply. She then evacuated her family before following Denise's orders. The team then placed her under arrest before she told the team that she did not know where Denise went.

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