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Gloria Hayes: <Name>, I can't believe that we finally dealt the decisive blow to DreamLife!
Gloria: Rozetta and her lead scientists are in jail for developing a mind-altering serum to render people docile and compliant!
Amir: Yeah, unfortunately I got to experience that first hand! Thank goodness we stopped Protozane from distribution, and handed over the dome to the appropriate authorities!
Gloria: Sadly, our victory wasn't painless: our dear friend Rupert, and our unlikely ally, Tony Marconi, both lost their lives...
Gloria: And Jones had to deal with his girlfriend being driven to murder as a result of trauma. The Chief had to put him on leave until he's fit to work again.
Amir: Jones, didn't resign from the force, thanks to your unwavering support, <Name>. I hope he'll be with us again soon.
Amir: But, for now, I'm more worried about Rozetta's parting words: what did she mean when she said we "won the battle but not the war?" And we never found out what DreamLife created the Protozane for!
Gloria: That's why the Chief wants us to look into Rozetta's past. We know she attended Grimsborough University as a young teen, and she founded DreamLife straight after graduation.
Chief Parker: Speaking of the university, Dean Donna Walker just called! She found a dead body at the university entrance!
Gloria: A murder at the university?! How horrible!
Chief Parker: Your first priority will be solving this murder at the campus, but don't let Rozetta Pierre stray too far from your minds!

Chapter 1

Investigate University Entrance.
Gloria: How horrifying, <Name>! That young woman was cut in half!
Gloria: And they left her here at the entrance, in broad daylight! Who'd do such a thing?
Donna: <Rank> <Name>, thank goodness you're here! This is a crisis... I don't know what to do!
Donna: I've had to deal with murders at the University before, as you recall... but nothing could have prepared me for this scene!
Gloria: You must be Dean Walker. Are you able to identify the victim?
Donna: Yes, that's Cindy McMinn. I can't imagine who could've done this to her!
Gloria: If you'll wait over the steps, we'll be with you in a moment. Dean Walker. <Rank> <Name> has some questions for you.
(Donna leaves.)
Gloria: <Name>, I see you've bagged a clue already! The name on that essay is Cindy McMinn. The Dean said that was the victim's name!
Gloria: Looks like Cindy got a good grade. I'll grab your dusting kit so we can see what her essay was about!
Gloria: <Name>, we were supposed to come to Grimsborough University for a look into Rozetta's past, but first, we must find out who murdered Cindy McMinn!

Ask Dean Walker about the victim.
Donna: <Rank> <Name>, I cannot believe this is happening! There hasn't been a single incident at the university in five years!
Donna: I am just beside myself with the thought that a new wave of violence will start again at Grimsborough University!
Gloria: We truly hope not. But it would help if you could tell us more about Cindy McMinn.
Donna: She was a freshman here, new to the school. Miss McMinn took her studies very seriously, according to her academic records for this year so far.
Donna: Believe me, security will be strengthened after what happened to Cindy. And I may have to impose a curfew on the student body until you get the killer behind bars!
Gloria: Rest assured, <Rank> <Name> will do just that. We'll be in touch as the investigation progresses, Dean Walker.

Examine Faded Term Paper.
Gloria: Apparently, the victim's essay was called "The Final Girl: A Study in Film Feminism." Sounds pretty intense!
Gloria: It was for what looks to be a film course taught by someone named Luke Harris...
Gloria: Oh, you know Luke Harris, <Name>? You met him during an old investigation? And he was engaged to one of your old teammates?
Gloria: So you guys have some history... well, looks like you'll have a chance to catch up! Let's go see Professor Harris and ask him about the victim.

Question Professor Harris about the victim's essay.
Luke: <Rank> <Name>, long time no see!
Gloria: Profesor Harris, unfortunately, we're here on police business. We found an essay written for your Film 301 class. You gave a very high grade to Cindy McMinn!
Luke: Well, she deserved it! Cindy's most recent paper on the concept of the "Final Girl" in slasher films was pure genius!
Luke: My "Film 301" class is in the slasher horror movie section of the course. Gruesome slayings and pretty girls...
Luke: And the "Final Girl" in those movies is the last girl alive. She is usually the one who rids the world of the evil killer!
Gloria: Well, that's not what happened to Cindy... She was murdered earlier. She was cut in half.
Luke: Cut in half?! You mean, for real?
Luke: You know, Cindy was acting in a student film, a horror movie! She and the other students involved were shooting out on the island in the university lake.
Gloria: The victim was in a student horror movie? We need to get out to that island, <Name>!

Investigate Movie Set.
Gloria: Professor Harris said that the victim was shooting a horror movie here. I wonder if anyone besides us is on this island?
Gloria: Hello? Grimsborough PD! Is anyone here?
(Gloria stands, speechless.)
Gloria: Looks like it's just us, <Name>! So I guess we'd better go through that crate! There could be something worthwhile hidden inside!
Gloria: And you're right, <Name>, this Dinky camera doesn't look like you can shoot a movie with it. So it can't be a part of the film crew's equipment.
Gloria: Let's unlock the camera to see who could have left it here!

Examine Crate.
Gloria: You found a university badge in that crate? There's no name, but it does belong to someone on the landscaping crew...
Gloria: What would a landscaper's badge be doing there? Totally bizarre...
Gloria: Maybe if you check his face in the database, we could get a name!

Examine Badge.
Gloria: So the owner of this badge is one Gunnar Burns... And he's the chief of the landscaping crew at Grimsborough University.
Gloria: We'd better go talk to Gunnar Burns and ask him why his badge was on the set of the victim's student film!

Ask Gunnar Burns why his badge was at the film set.
Gloria (showing her badge): Gunnar Burns, you must be aware that a young student was murdered on campus, Cindy McMinn.
Gunnar: A student got murdered?! That's a shame, but it's nothing to do with me!
Gunnar: Besides, I wouldn't know this Cindy to look at her... All these dang kids with their faces glued to their phones...
Gloria: So you don't know her? Any idea how your badge ended up in the gear for the student film she was acting in?
Gunnar: How would I know? I go to the island sometimes to clear my head. Maybe I lost it.
Gunnar: Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get to the Cut-Rite store for some supplies!

Examine Locked Camera.
Gloria: So you unlocked that Dinky camera! But there are way too many files on this thing! I think this is a project for Cathy!

Analyze Camera Files.
Cathy: <Name>, this investigation reminds me of when I went to Grimsborough University...
Cathy: Remember when I helped your investigations anonymously as "the @rtist?" All those horrible murders back then...
Gloria: I'm sorry that this investigation is bringing back such bad memories, but we must press on! What was on that camera?
Cathy: Well, I looked through all the files on that Dinky camera and...
Cathy: <Name>, I'm warning you... What you're about to see is gruesome!

Start footage...
Cindy: What is this, some sick joke? Why are you wearing that mask?
(The Killer stands, speechless.)
Cindy: Can't you talk? What the heck's wrong with you?
(The Killer is seen with a chainsaw on his hands.)
Cindy: What... what are you doing... Who ARE you?!
(The Killer starts activate the chainsaw.)
(The Killer kills Cindy.)

End footage...
(Gloria stands, speechless.)
Gloria: <Name>, did we just see the murder with our own eyes?
Cathy: I'm afraid so, although it's unclear whether it was recorded by the killer on purpose or by accident.
Cathy: And, what with the mask and the contact lenses they wore to completely hide their face, I unfortunately can't tell you who they are. However, the camera brought other answers...
Cathy: This type of camera is specifically used to go underwater. In addition to the murder, there was a lot of underwater footage on the camera.
Cathy: The killer goes scuba diving a lot, based on the footage!
Gloria: Good to know... so the killer likes to sink to the depths of the sea... I'm not sure they could sink any lower than they did when they murdered Cindy McMinn!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Martine: Hello, <Name>! This murder is right out of a 1970s horror movie!
Martine: Cutting someone in half with a chainsaw is a classic horror film death!
Gloria: Really, Martine? I had no idea you were such a fan of the genre...
Martine: Oh, I watch them for, you know, research...
Gloria: What can you tell us about the victim?
Martine: Well, the laceration of the victim's torso was complete, going through the epidermis, the rectus abdominus muscle, the -
Gloria: Thank you, Martine. You can spare us the details. Did you find anything else?
Martine: Absolument! When the killer touched the victim's torso, they left traces of all the ingredients in chili!
Gloria: So the killer eats chili... well, things are about to heat up for them with you on their trail, <Name>!

Later, on the island...
Gloria: <Name>, I don't know about you, but, even on this beautiful sunny day, this investigation is chilling me to the bone!
Gloria: We were supposed to come to Grimsborough University to look into Rozetta's time as a student...
Gloria: Instead, we found university freshman Cindy McMinn cut in half by a deranged person in a weird costume!
Gloria: To top it all off, we saw actual footage of the murder! It was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen!
Gloria: We've spoken with Dean Walker, who is beside herself with worry for the students' safety on campus... 
Gloria: That Gunnar Burns, though... As landscaping chief, he would've had access to a chainsaw... and he's just, well, odd.
Gloria: And another thing-
Gloria: <Name>, what the heck was that?! I thought we were alone on the island!
Gloria: Whoever it is, they better not have a chainsaw!
Gloria (pointing her gun): Grimsborough PD! Hands where we can see them!

Chapter 2

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, I don't know about you, but, even on this beautiful sunny day, this investigation is chilling me to the bone! 
Gloria: We were supposed to come to Grimsborough University to look into Rozetta's time as a student... 
Gloria: Instead, we found university freshman Cindy McMinn cut in half by a deranged person in a weird costume! 
Gloria: To top it all off, the killer left behind actual footage of the murder! It was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen! 
Gloria: And isn't it odd that we haven't met anyone from that student film the victim was acting in?
Gloria: We still don't know who could've-
Gloria: <Name>, what the heck was that?! I thought we were alone on the island! 
Gloria: With a chainsaw-wielding maniac running around, we'd better not take any chances!
Gloria (pointing her gun): The sounds seems to be coming from that trailer! Grimsborough PD! Come out with your hands up!
Toby: Whoa! What's going on? I'm Toby Hansen! I'm the student directing the film being shot out here!
Toby (sweating): I lost my phone and I got a little frantic looking for it! Could you please put down your guns?
Gloria: Alright... but we have a few questions for you, Mr Hansen!

Question Toby Hansen about the film the victim was in.
Gloria: So, Mr Hansen, you say that you're the director of the student slasher film?
Toby: Yeah, it's called "Butcher Lake".
Toby: Well, it was... without Cindy, who knows if this movie will ever be finished?
Gloria: So you're aware that Cindy was murdered...
Toby: Yeah... it's so messed up. Cindy was our star. She was our "Final Girl." She was playing the only character who ends the film ALIVE!
Toby: Do you know how hard it is to find a girl who is that pretty and who LIKES slasher horror? She was one in a million!
Toby: If you think searching the makeup trailer will help you find who killed her, be my guests.
Gloria: Don't mind if we do... Come on, <Name>, let's check out that trailer!

Investigate Trailer.
Gloria: Holy moly! That locker has "Killer" written on it!
Gloria: The film crew must keep costumes and props in there! We need to unlock it!
Gloria: And there's something written on that hand mirror, addressed to the victim! It says, "Cindy, I'll cut you down to size!"
Gloria: Given how the victim died, this has to be a threat from the killer!
Gloria: That pink powder on the mirror might tell us something about the killer, you're right, <Name>! We need a sample!

Examine Hand Mirror.
Gloria: You got a sample of that pink powder from the mirror! Excellent! We'd better get it to Amir!

Analyze Pink Powder.
Amir: Hey there, <Name>! This investigation is pretty freaky, huh? I mean, the victim was supposed to be the Final Girl in a slasher film.
Amir: But in real life, she was cut down in her prime... literally!
Amir: Any way you slice it - sorry - that pink powder you found on that mirror gave me a better picture of the killer!
Amir: It was crushed diphenhydramine, a well-known anti-histamine!
Gloria: Anti-histamine? That's for allergies and hayfever, right?
Amir: Yeah, it's funny that the killer chose landscaping equipment for the murder considering how bad their hayfever is!
Gloria: So the killer has hayfever! Well, there won't be much pollen for them to deal with in prison!
Gloria: And the sooner we get them to prison, the better! We should probably get back out to that island and see what else we can find!

Investigate Filming Equipment.
Gloria: Nice catch, <Name>! That looks like the victim's backpack! Let's rummage through it!
Gloria: I wonder what's written on that torn stationery! Once you have it pieced together, we'll find out!

Examine Victim's Backpack.
Gloria: What in the heck is that silver cube you found in the victim's backpack, <Name>? It looks super weird...
Gloria: Good call, let's get this odd cube back to Gabriel. He might know what it is!

Analyze Mysterious Cube.
Gabriel: <Name>! This box you brought me was indeed very odd... it is a replica of the "Spell Cube" from the Hellcaster horror movie franchise...
Gabriel: In the movies, the Spell Cube is used to cast spells on other people, with gruesome but sometimes hilarious consequences...
Gabriel: And spell casting is EXACTLY what the victim was doing with this cube, <Name>! She was trying to cast a love spell, which involves putting dolls of the intended lovers inside the cube.
Gabriel: When I managed to open it, there were two dolls inside: a tiny light-skinned female doll with a C on her shirt, and a tiny dark-skinned male doll with an L on his shirt.
Gloria: Tiny dolls with initials? Alright, C probably stands for Cindy... But the L...?
Gloria: You're right, that L HAS to stand for Luke Harris, her film professor! We'd better go talk to Professor Harris about this love spell...

Question Professor Harris about the victim's love spell.
Gloria: Professor Harris, were you aware that Cindy McMinn had used a Spell Cube from the Hellcaster series to cast a love spell on you?
Luke: Oh no... I knew she liked me, but I didn't know she was that unhinged...
Gloria: Unhinged? It sounds like Miss McMinn just had a crush!
Luke: A crush? More like an obsession. Cindy hit on me. A lot. She read up on my hobbies and asked me to teach her how to scuba dive...
Luke: She brought me special teas that were supposed to help my hayfever... but I told her I only use that pink stuff from the pharmacy!
Luke: It got to the point where I ate the Garlic Death Chili from the cafeteria before my office hours just in case she dropped by and tried anything funny!
Luke: She just could not take no for an answer, <Rank> <Name>... But I WILL NOT date a student. It's against my principles!
Gloria: Well, I sure hope murder is against your principles, too!

Examine Torn Paper.
Gloria: Hmmm... this note you pieced together was addressed to Dean Donna Walker from the victim's parents!
Gloria: But it looks like you'll need your dusting kit if we want to read the rest of the note!

Examine Faded Note.
Gloria: This note from the McMinns to Dean Walker says that they "can no longer support Grimsborough University" with "donations!"
Gloria: Sounds like there was a financial dispute between the Dean and the victim's family... If so, why? We'd better go ask!

Ask Dean Walker about the note from the victim's family.
Gloria: Dean Walker, we found a note from the McMinn family to you stating that Grimsborough University would no longer receive any donations from them. What was that about?
(Donna stands, speechless.)
Donna: Cindy's parents had made a few generous donations to the university...
Donna: But then they accused me of paying for my scuba diving lessons with that money!
Donna: The donations were for grants and scholarships! Something people like Cindy don't ever have to worry about!
Gloria: That's a lot of pent up anger you have there, Dean Walker!
Donna: Yes, I was frustrated, but obviously not enough to cut her in half!

Examine Locked Locker.
Gloria: <Name>, this is the costume the killer was wearing in the footage of the murder! The locker's full of them!
Gloria: So Cindy's killer wore the costume of the movie's villain?! And look, there's one costume missing!
Gloria: Whoever plays the killer in the movie is an obvious suspect. Maybe we can get their name off that faded tag on the hanger!

Examine Name Tag.
Gloria: So the name of the person who plays the killer in the movie is "Sally Hoop"! She's the one who usually wears this gruesome costume!
Gloria (holding her phone): So the first name is Sally... Let me check the university student listings...
Gloria (holding her phone): Well, there's no "Sally Hoop," but there is a "Sally Hooper!"
Gloria: If Sally Hooper wears that costume, we definitely need to talk to her!

Ask Sally Hooper about her missing costume.
Gloria: Sally Hooper, you were playing the killer in that student horror film, "Butcher Lake", right?
Sally: Yeah, we were supposed to shoot the scene where the slasher - that's me - walks underwater at the lake today. I had my diving gear ready, but I guess that's not going to happen now...
Gloria: Cindy's dead, she was killed by someone wearing the costume of the movie's villain. And one is gone from your locker.
Sally: What are you implying? That I cut Cindy in half, just because I played a killer in a film?
Sally: It was just a movie. It's all pretend. Even the blood is just corn syrup and red food coloring!
Sally: And as for the costume, it just up and disappeared yesterday, including the mask! I have no idea where it could be!
Gloria: We've already got our eyes peeled for it, Miss Hooper. And when <Rank> <Name> finds it, we'll have the killer dead to rights!

Later, at the precinct...
Gloria: <Name>, this investigation is a doozy! Cindy McMinn was cut in half with a chainsaw!
Gloria: The person who killed her was wearing a creepy mask during the murder...
Gloria: And it turns out that it's the same mask worn by the fictional slasher in that student film!
Gloria: Sally Hooper, who was playing the killer in that film, claims that the costume and mask the killer wore just "disappeared" from the makeup trailer.
Gloria: And the victim was uncasting
Mia: <Rank> <Name>! We need your assistance!
Mia: Your suspects are fighting!

Chapter 3

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, this investigation is a doozy! Cindy McMinn was cut in half with a chainsaw!
Gloria: The killer was wearing the exact same costume and mask as the fictional slasher in Cindy and her classmates' student film...
Gloria: In addition, we still haven't found the murder weapon! And it's not like chainsaws are that easy to hide!
Mia: <Rank> <Name>! We need your assistance!
Mia: Someone is threatening a student with a weapon at the university entrance!
Gloria: An armed assault at the university? <Name>, we'd better hurry over there!

Later, at the university...
Gunnar (holding a hedge clippers): You stupid kids and your stupid movie! I had to spend my whole weekend patching the campus green after your nonsense last week!
Toby (sweating): Look, man, I'm sorry! We didn't even know we'd cause any damage!
Gunnar (holding a hedge clippers): You drove a truck over the main lawn, you almost knocked over a 200-year old tree, and you didn't even know?!
Gloria: Mr Burns! Put down those hedge clippers!
Gunnar (holding a hedge clippers): Oh, come on... Let me scare this twerp a little bit longer! He needs to learn a lesson!
Gloria (showing her badge): Gunnar Burns, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for attempted criminal assault!
Gunnar: Fine! But don't come crying to me if a tree falls on somebody!
(Gunnar leaves.)
Gloria: I sure hope we don't have any more interruptions like this, <Name>! The staff at this university needs to keep it together for the sake of the students!
Toby: <Rank> <Name>, thank you so much! You saved my life, I swear!
Gloria: Try to stay out of trouble, Mr Hansen. Now go off and study while we take another look at the crime scene!

Investigate Bench.
Gloria: One thing is clear from that defaced photo you found, someone definitely had a major problem with Cindy McMinn! Look, they drew evil horns!
Gloria: That red goo used to draw on that photo seems a little too sticky to be blood, but it could be! We need a sample!
Gloria: If you think that garden toolbox might have a clue, we need to unlock it!
Gloria: And "Butcher Lake" is the student horror film Cindy was in!
Gloria: That's Cindy McMinn's copy of the script! There's more written, but we'll need your dusting kit to read it!
Gloria: We're going to catch this killer, <Name>, before the end credits roll!

Examine Defaced Photo.
Gloria: You got a sample of that red goo from that defaced photo of the victim! I bet you can figure out what it is with the microscope!

Examine Red Goo.
Gloria: So the red goo from the defaced photo of the victim was fake blood, made of corn syrup and red food coloring?
Gloria: Good memory, <Name>! Sally Hooper said they used the exact same ingredients to make fake blood for their student film!
Gloria: Makes me wonder if Miss Hooper might know anything about how the victim's photo got defaced... Let's go ask her!

Talk to Sally Hooper about defacing Cindy's photo.
Gloria: Miss Hooper, we came across a photo of the victim defaced with exactly the fake blood mixture you mentioned using for the film. Would you know anything about that?
(Sally stands, speechless.)
Sally: Alright. If you MUST know... Cindy and I, we had bad blood.
Gloria: Bad blood? Funny, you didn't mention this before...
Sally: Of course, I didn't! I knew it would look bad. And I didn't realize she'd kept that photo...
Sally: I have no idea why, but Cindy hated my guts. She would've done anything to get me off the film! She'd already started a bunch of disgusting rumors about me.
Sally: She told Toby that I sneezed a bunch of snot into the chili I made for him and the crew one night!
Sally: Sure, I have bad allergies, but I wouldn't have served nasty food to my friends! Since then, though, nobody working on the film wants to hang out with me!
Gloria: And maybe feeling cut out of social life made you want to cut Cindy in half! We're watching you, Miss Hooper!

Examine Faded Script.
Gloria: So according to the script notes ,it looks like Cindy wanted Toby to "rewrite her character entirely!"
Gloria: And would you look at Toby's reply? He wrote "NO MORE CHANGES!"
Gloria: So the victim was stressing Toby Hansen out with her insistence that her character be changed. But did she stressed him out enough that he could commit murder? We need to grill him about this!

Ask Toby Hansen about his dispute with Cindy over the script.
Gloria: Toby, we found Cindy's shooting script. She wanted you to make changes to her character. That must've been annoying...
Toby: Annoying? You think? Cindy was a MASSIVE PAIN all the time.
Toby: The worst was while we were shooting. She'd change the lines, she'd ignore my direction and just do whatever she felt like!
Toby: Working with her was shredding my nerves to pieces! But I had to keep her! No one else could have played the Final Girl!
Toby: I was going to take a scuba diving weekend getaway to get my head together...
Toby: But, of course, my hayfever started acting up...
Toby: Besides, I can't waste any more time! If I don't finish this film, I won't graduate! And my parents told me that they won't pay for another year of film school!
Toby: I have to get my diploma, or... GET A JOB!
Gloria: Oh wow... what a terrifying prospect. I can see why you're so desperate to finish this film! I just hope your desperation didn't lead to Cindy McMinn's murder!

Examine Gardening Box.
Gloria: <Name>, you found a chainsaw in that gardening toolbox!
Gloria: And the blade has "245A" printed on it... You're right! The chainsaw in the video the killer made also had "245A" printed on it!
Gloria: But this saw is so clean! Do you think it still could be our murder weapon? We'd better send it to Rita to be sure!

Analyze Chainsaw.
Rita: <Name>, you definitely found the murder weapon! This chainsaw is the very one that killed the victim!
Rita: The chain surrounding the moving blade left a distinctive tearing pattern through the tissue of the victim's torso! But then, human flesh and tree bark aren't the same thing...
Gloria: But how could this chainsaw be the murder weapon? It was spotless when we found it!
Rita: You're right, the murder weapon was cleaned and oiled with professional-grade products. It's not something you can find at the grocery store.
Gloria: Professional-grade cleaning products, huh? Sounds like something the chief landscaper, Gunnar Burns, would have access to!
Gloria: If Mr Burns cleaned the murder weapon, he is at the very top of our suspect list!
Gloria: Good thing Burns is already in custody! Let's go to the interrogation room and have another chat with him!

Confront Gunnar Burns about cleaning the murder weapon.
Gloria: Mr Burns, we found the chainsaw used to kill Cindy McMinn. And it turned up in a toolbox used by YOUR landscaping crew!
Gunnar: Of course! When I found that saw it was a red hot mess, so I cleaned it!
Gloria: Did you realize that you were cleaning the murder weapon in an active murder investigation?!
Gunnar: Well, what did I know? All that red crud just looked like my homemade chili!
Gloria: Nice act, Burns. Do you really think playing dumb will work on me and <Rank> <Name>?
Gunnar: I'm not playing dumb! I decided to clean it to save me a trip to the Cut-Rite store! That doesn't mean I killed that girl!
Gloria: Well, I guess the saving grace is that you're already in custody... If you did kill Cindy McMinn, we know exactly where you are!

Later, at the precinct...
Gloria: <Name>, in all my years as a homicide detective, I've never heard of a suspect unwittingly cleaning a murder weapon!
Gloria: Does he really think we're going to buy that dumb act of his?
Gloria: You're right, <Name>. Even though he looks good for this, we can't ignore the fact that both Sally and Toby had clashes with the victim over that student film.
Gloria: At least we've found the murder weapon... but the killer's mask is still missing! If you can find that, we could get exactly what we need to put them behind bars!
Gloria: Good call, <Name>! We need to make another sweep of the makeup trailer!

Investigate Trailer Desk.
Gloria: Well spotted, <Name>! That makeup box could hold a clue for us! Have a rummage through it!
Gloria: And those bloody torn pieces of rubber look like they could be the killer's mask, you're right! We'll know soon enough with you piecing them together!
Gloria: We're closer than we've ever been to catching Cindy McMinn's killer! I just know it!

Examine Torn Mask.
Gloria: You were right, <Name>! The torn pieces of rubber are the killer's mask from the video! Amir will want a look at this STAT!

Analyze Killer's Mask.
Amir: Man alive! When I saw this mask arrive, I almost jumped out of my skin! It's one of the creepiest things I have ever seen!
Amir: Analyzing it wasn't exactly the most pleasant thing I've ever had to do, but it is just latex, after all...
Gloria: What about the blood spatter on the mask?
Amir: Well, the blood on the mask was the victim's. And the spatter proved it was the mask the killer wore during the murder.
Amir: And on the inside of the mask, I found a gel with antibacterial properties. It's usually used to heal deep scratches so that they don't leave scars!
Amir: Whoever was wearing this mask when they killed the victim has scratches on their face and neck!
Gloria: So our killer has some deep scratches! I guess they're itching to get caught!

Examine Makeup Box.
Gloria: Looks like you found a contact lens holder in that makeup box, <Name>! And they look weirdly familiar...
Gloria: Hey, good eye, <Name>! The killer was wearing contact lenses just like these in the video they took of the murder!
Gloria: We need to get these contact lenses to Amir!

Analyze Contact Lenses.
Amir: <Name>, I compare these contact lenses to the footage of the murder, and there's no doubt: they match!
Gloria: So does that mean you were able to get something about the killer for us from those contact lenses?
Amir: I do have something that should bring the killer into focus, so to speak.
Amir: The initial DNA markers have come back as male. So it was definitely a man who was wearing that slasher film costume when he committed the murder.
Gloria: So the killer is male... that narrows down things down a bit, Amir! We're one step closer to catching this slasher!

After completing all the tasks...
Gloria: Well, <Name>! That's a wrap on this investigation! We have everything we need to arrest Cindy McMinn's killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Gloria: Toby Hansen, you're under arrest for the murder of Cindy McMinn!
Toby: Why would I kill the Final Girl of my own slasher film?
Gloria: You did say you were fed up with her stalling the production... You even threatened her!
Toby: Whatever. Cindy was popular, and that means that she got a few threats from idiots!
Gloria: Well, I guess you're an idiot, then! You thought tearing up your mask would fool us, but <Rank> <Name> found it!
Toby: Yeah, right. Sure... And I'll remind you that Sally Hooper played the killer in the movie, not me.
Gloria: But it was your DNA we found on the contact lenses Cindy's killer wore!
Gloria: Time to stop lying, Toby, we have the footage of the murder!
Toby: You have the footage?! I need it back!
(Toby stands, speechless.)
Toby: FINE! I did kill Cindy!
Gloria: Why? Just because she was a pain on the set?
Toby: No, I could handle that. But she was going to transfer to another university!
Toby: I would never have been able to re-shoot the entire movie to replace her! Everything would have been ruined!
Toby: Then it clicked. If Cindy was leaving, I might as well kill her!
Toby: I would film the most realistic death scene in all of horror cinema... because it'd be real!
Gloria: You mean you filmed her murder on purpose?!
Toby: Of course! I told her to meet me on campus. I said we had to talk. Then you know the rest.
Gloria: Yes, we saw... it was horrific and brutal and-
Toby: It was PERFECTION! The most intense slasher death in the history of the genre! That's what everyone will say when they see it!
Gloria: No, Toby. No one outside the legal system will ever see that footage. No film festivals for you. You're under arrest!

Judge Powell: Toby Hansen, you stand before this Court charged with the homicide of Cindy McMinn, who you cut in half with a chainsaw...
Judge Powell: I am aware of the horrific murders that took place at Grimsborough University from five years ago. This one tops them all! Why did you film it, for heaven's sake?
Toby: As an auteur, I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by...
Judge Powell: If that university is swarming with other students as sick as you are, my daughter is definitely not enrolling there!
Judge Powell: Given the violent, bloody murder you premeditated and filmed, Mr Hansen, the Court hereby sentences you to 50 years in prison!
Toby: FINE! I'll shoot a prison horror movie! You'll see! My genius will not be ignored!

Gloria: Whew, <Name>! I sure am glad that student slasher film director is behind bars... To think he cut that poor girl in half with a chainsaw over his senior project...
Gloria: Whatever academic pressures there may be, most students get through their university years without committing murder!
Gloria: But speaking of old enough for university, do you remember that Rozetta Pierre entered Grimsborough University when she was 14?
Gloria: There are still a lot of things we don't know about Rozetta... It's time to get back on her trail!

Original Sin (1/6)

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, I am really pleased that we can put that slasher murder behind us!
Gloria: Now it's time to refocus our attention on Rozetta Pierre. When we arrested her, she said we had "won the battle but not the war..."
Gloria: No idea what she's got cooking, but we do know that Rozetta attended Grimsborough University.
Gloria: If we want to know more about her past, we should speak to Dean Walker. I'll meet you over at the university!
Luke: <Rank> <Name>! Glad I could catch you! I need to speak with you about something concerning that student slasher film!
Gloria: That slasher film? I thought we were done with that gruesome nonsense?
Luke: Well, you see, it's just that-
Martine: Did someone say slasher film? I want to hear all about it, Professor Harris! Unless <Rank> <Name> needs to go talk to Dean Walker first!

Ask Dean Walker about Rozetta Pierre.
Gloria: Dean Walker, thanks for meeting us. We're conducting an investigation into a former student: Rozetta Pierre.
Donna: The disgraced founder and CEO of DreamLife? That Rozetta Pierre?
Gloria: Exactly. We know she attended Grimsborough University as a young teen, and founded DreamLife straight after graduation.
Donna: Unfortunately, I can't help you. I was teaching at Ruxpin University during the years she attended, so I never knew Rozetta as a student.
Gloria: Can we go to the administrative archives and look for her files ourselves?
Donna: Sadly, no. The archives were all digitized in an effort to reduce paper... But soon after, a network breakdown wiped out a decade's worth of student archives.
Donna: But I do have a suggestion! There was a temporary display of famous alumni at the entrance. With a bit of luck, you might find some of the material around the steps.
Gloria: Then we're off to the university entrance once again, <Name>!

Investigate University Entrance.
Gloria: That torn poster could be part of the presentation on famous alumni that the Dean mentioned!
Gloria: And I think I see Rozetta's face on one of the pieces! But we'll only know once you piece the poster back together, <Name>!

Examine Torn Poster.
Gloria: We need any information on Rozetta that we can get, and there's a lot of info about Rozetta on this poster! Way to go!
Gloria: It says here that Rozetta attended Bettie Mann Elementary School and that she graduated from Busters Brownce High School at age 13.
Gloria: And her parents are said to be John and Jayne Smith...
Gloria: And she finished her entrance exam to Grimsborough University in 37 minutes and 58 seconds. She set some kind of record!
Gloria: I agree, <Name>. We should ask Cathy to check this information on Rozetta.

Analyze Presentation.
Cathy: You know, <Name>, I went to GU a few years after Rozetta graduated, but I remember vague rumors about her... Something about a child genius with a bright future...
Cathy: Too bad I never really paid any attention to it... I was too busy trying to impress you with my mad hacking skills, <Name>!
Cathy: I've spent the past few days searching for Rozetta's records everywhere... But there's literally nothing about her online or anywhere else!
Gloria: Well, the good thing is, we sent you this poster chock full of info!
Cathy: Actually... it's weird, because none of the info on that presentation thing checks out!
Cathy: It says here that Rozetta's parents were John and Jayne Smith. So already the last names don't match...
Cathy: And none of the people named Smith in Grimsborough had a child the year Rozetta was born!
Gloria: Hmmm... I agree, that's odd. What about the other stuff?
Cathy: Well, Bettie Mann Elementary doesn't exist! Neither does Busters Brownce High School! Every detail in this presentation was a dead end!
Gloria: Seriously? But Rozetta can't be a ghost! She must have parents, or extended family, and a past of some sort!
Gloria: You're right, <Name>, this is just further proof that Rozetta's one of the shadiest characters we've ever dealt with!
Gloria: First, the Dean tells us that a mysterious network breakdown wiped out hundreds of student records... and now this!
Gloria: If the presentation is a dead end, what can we do now?
Cathy: Well, there's one thing you can still do! I was able to identify the author of this poster through his fingerprints: a certain Azeeb Patel.
Gloria: You're right, <Name>, it might be worth asking this Patel kid where he got his info for his presentation!

Ask Azeeb Patel about his presentation on Rozetta Pierre.
Gloria (showing her badge): Mr Patel, we're here about a presentation you made about Rozetta Pierre.
Azeeb: That thing? It was an assignment on famous Grimsborough University alumni.
Azeeb: I interviewed Rozetta last year when she came to give a speech at the campus. That's when she told me about her background.
Gloria: Uh-huh. The thing is, nothing on that presentation poster is true! All the personal details about her childhood, for example, they're fake!
Azeeb (sweating): What do you mean her details are fake?
Azeeb: You don't think I made them up, do you? I just wrote down what she said!
Gloria: Well, this certainly doesn't help our investigation, <Name>!
Azeeb: I'm really sorry to have caused any confusion, <Rank> <Name>...
Azeeb: Please take a donation to your police orphans fund!

See what Professor Harris wants to say.
Luke: Thanks for meeting with me, <Rank> <Name>. I know that what I am about to ask isn't normally police business...
Martine: Yes, you said it was about that horror movie before... We're listening...
Luke: Well, even though Toby committed a heinous crime, and is rightfully behind bars for most of his natural life, that doesn't mean his film shouldn't be completed.
Luke: I feel awful for the other students. They worked so hard on it. I think they could get some closure by finishing the project.
Martine: Finish the film? That sounds like a really great idea, but how can Grimsborough PD be useful in any of this?
Luke: I've overheard some of the students talking in class, and it seems there's some fabled hard drive with all the footage.
Luke: The hard drive is apparently on the island, but, since the island hasn't been cleared for civilian use yet...
Martine: ... You want us to go to the island and find the hard drive! I am loving this idea more and more!
Martine: What do you say, <Name>? Let's grab a boat and head for the island!

Investigate Movie Set.
Martine: Wow! These students sure know how to party! But I don't see a hard drive anywhere...
Martine: Do you think the hard drive with their film could be under those empty cans?
Martine: We'd better search through those cans and find out!

Examine Empty Cans.
Martine: Your hunches do have a knack for paying off, <Name>! That bit of plastic you found in those cans look like an external hard drive!
Martine: Add to that the sticker that looks like the killer's mask from the student film. This thing has to contain the existing footage from the film!
Martine: You're right, <Name>! Alex could help us dig through the files on this hard drive! Let's get it to him!

Analyze Hard Drive.
Alex: Hello there, <Name>! Thanks so much for including me in this! Pretty crazy little movie projects these kids had going...
Martine: So you were able to recover footage of "Butcher Lake" from the hard drive?
Alex: You betcha! And thanks to that shooting script from the evidence locker, I was able to determine which scenes were missing!
Alex: It appears that the students only need to film the final scene, where the Final Girl ends the slasher's reign of terror at Butcher Lake!
Martine: That's great news! So... in the final scene, only the slasher and the lead female character are involved...
Martine: But Cindy McMinn, who was playing the female lead character, is dead! So who should we give the footage to?
Martine: You're right, <Name>! Sally Hooper played the slasher character! We should tell her we've found the footage so she and the other students can finish the film!

Return the film footage to Sally Hooper.
Martine: Miss Hooper, we have some great news for you! We recovered the footage of "Butcher Lake" out on the island!
Martine: Now you can finish the film! The only thing missing is the final scene where the Final Girl confronts the Slasher!
Sally: That's great, but... after all that's happened, will anyone who worked on it want to finish it with me?
Martine: Professor Harris did tell us that the other students want to complete the movie...
Sally: Well, I guess it's worth a shot, but we need a Final Girl... Hey... wait a minute. You're about Cindy's height and weight...
Sally: All you need is the right wig and the right lighting and no one will ever see the difference!
Martine: Well... I know from my modeling days that a person can look totally different with the right makeup and lights...
Sally: So will you do it? Will you be our Final Girl?
Martine: I'm in! Playing a Final Girl in a slasher film would be a dream come true for me!
Sally: So now all we need are the fake blood bags! They're in a cooler in the makeup trailer! I'd go out and get them, but... it's still got police tape on it!
Martine: Not to worry! <Rank> <Name> and I will go to the trailer to get those bags of blood! But first, a snack! All this excitement is making me hungry!

Investigate Trailer Desk.
Martine: That does indeed look like a cooler, but it's locked! Maybe the fake blood bags are inside! Can you open it, <Name>?

Examine Locked Cooler.
Martine: Well, those are bags of fake blood in that cooler, alright! No doubt about it! Let's go get them to Sally!

Give Sally Hooper the bags of blood.
Martine: Sally! We have the bags of blood! Is that all we need to shoot the final scene of "Butcher Lake"?
Sally: Wow! You're really ready to get going, huh? Well, we do have everything we need, you can get into costume, Martine!
Martine: Excellent! See you in a little bit, <Name>!
(Martine leaves.)
Sally: <Rank> <Name>, thank you not only for helping us finish the project, but also for helping me restore my reputation with my friends...
Sally: Please take this token of appreciation!

Back at the precinct...
Gloria: It's a shame that all that Patel's kid information was fake! We could really use a lead on Rozetta!
Gloria: But what's all this about Martine being in a movie? I think I must have missed something...
Gloria: You mean, Martine's about to film the final scene of that slasher film?! This, I have got to see! Let's go watch!

At the movie set...
(Sally is seen in The Killer's costume and mask.)
Martine (holding an axe and wearing Cindy's outfit and wig): Say goodbye to Butcher Lake, you FREAK!
(Martine puts an end to The Killer.)
(The Killer is seen with an axe on his head, starts falling.)
Martine (wearing Cindy's outfit and wig): Was that alright? Did I say it okay?
Sally (wearing The Killer's costume and removing her killer mask): You did great! That was perfect, Martine! You're a natural!
Sally (wearing The Killer's costume): "Butcher Lake" will be the best student slasher film ever!

Later, at the precinct...
Gloria: Holy moly, Martine! I barely recognized you on that film set! That was amazing!
Martine: I am just happy that I got to be a part of shooting the final scene! Now I can scratch playing a Final Girl off my bucket list!
Gloria: Just don't run off to Hollywood and leave us without a coroner, ok?
Martine: Don't worry, <Name>! I'm not going anywhere! Grimsborough has all the excitement I need!
Gloria: Speaking of excitement... <Name>, here comes the Chief to see what we've found out about Rozetta Pierre!
Chief Parker: I understand that some of Grimsborough University's student files got wiped out in an IT malfunction some years ago... and Rozetta's file was one of them.
Gloria: Yes, that's what the Dean told us. And when Cathy checked out what little background information we did find on Rozetta, it all turned out to be fake!
Chief Parker: <Name>, it's clear that Rozetta doesn't want anyone to find out about her past... The absence of any and all information about her past is definitely not a coincidence.
Chief Parker: This lack of information makes her last statement to us even more of an enigma. If shutting down DreamLife was only one battle, what is "the war"?
Chief Parker: I want you to keep investigating, <Name>! The smallest clue about Rozetta's past or present is top priority!

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