Fabrizio Gallardo was the victim in The Ship of Dreams (Case #37 of Pacific Bay).


Fabrizio was an artist with curly black hair and dark brown eyes. At the time of his death, he wore a white shirt with a red neckerchief and dark green pants. In addition, he carried a paintbrush in his right hand and a palette in his left hand. It is known that he knew Morse code.

Murder details

Frank and the player found Fabrizio dead in a pool on the set of Gigantic with a flare dislodged into his right eye. They sent his body to Roxie, who said that the heat from the flare gun punctured and melted Fabrizio's eyeball before heating up his brain, killing him. Roxie also found germs on Fabrizio's body; given Fabrizio's health, this meant that the killer caught a cold and had sneezed on Fabrizio.

The team also found the flare gun used to kill Fabrizio. They sent the black grains they found on the gun to Yann, who identified them to be caviar, meaning that the killer ate caviar.

Relationship with suspects

Before his job as an artist, Fabrizio was a beggar who was arrested for begging on the Ivywood streets. Jupiter Crane bailed him out of prison and then took him under his wing to build him as an artist, all the while trying to indoctrinate him in the way of the Utopian Cult. However, Fabrizio grew to be an anti-Utopian activist, even designing the logo for the movement himself, frustrating both Jupiter and Holly Hopper. Fabrizio was an artist hired in the production of the Gigantic movie. Fabrizio had an affair with the lead actress, Lizzie Dion, even buying them tickets for a romantic getaway to Florence. However, Lizzie broke off the affair. Producer Tyler Snakes was extremely possessive of Lizzie and so threatened Fabrizio to back off. For the movie, Fabrizio gave Gigantic survivor Maggie O'Mally a tour of the set, but Maggie got mad at Fabrizio for "sullying the memory of the victims" by making a naked painting of Lizzie for the movie.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Lizzie.

After denying involvement, Lizzie then admitted to the murder. Lizzie confessed to having an affair with Fabrizio that led to her getting pregnant. Wanting to preserve her career and her engagement to Tyler, Lizzie lured Fabrizio to the movie set and shot him to death with a flare gun. Judge Dante sentenced her to 20 years in jail.


  • Fabrizio may be an allusion to Jack Dawson from the 1997 film Titanic, which revolves around a fictionalized account of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. This is possible because, interestingly enough, the Gigantic liner featured in this case is itself a parody of the RMS Titanic.
    • He may also be an allusion to Jack Dawson's Italian companion in Titanic, also called Fabrizio.

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