Ezra Porter is a minor character in Criminal Case. He made a video appearance during the events of Blood Lust (Case #1 of Supernatural Investigations).


Ezra is a journalist with dark skin, black eyes and a short black goatee. He wears a light gray top with gray zebra stripe pattern and a black hat with orange linings, which is also emblazoned with a light orange dragon, over an orange headband. He also sports a pair of diamond earrings, a gold chain as well as an access badge around his neck and is seen holding a microphone.

Events of Criminal Case

Mid-investigation, Gwen and the player found a video camera at the crypt before sending it to Hope, who then revealed to the team a footage of Ezra interviewing DJ Blood. In the footage, Ezra was seen wondering about Blood's rabid fan base before asking him about his restraining order against the victim, Lucy Winters, who was a fan of Blood. However, Blood denied talking about it and started to promote his new album instead.

Case appearances


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