Ezekiel Hersberger was the killer of student Tom Blackwater in The Devil's Playground (Case #36 of Grimsborough).


Ezekiel is a 45-year-old Amish farmer with blond hair and facial hair. He wears a sand colored straw hat, a royal blue shirt, and brown overalls. It is known that Ezekiel rides horses and wears boots.

Height 6'0"
Age 45
Weight 149 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Ezekiel was an Amish farmer and the father of Hannah Hersberger and Isaac Hersberger. At the end of the case, he was arrested for the murder of Tom Blackwater after all the proofs pointed towards him. He told Jones and the player that Tom wanted to buy his land and was also in love with Hannah. The victim wanted to take Hannah away from the Amish community, but Ezekiel could not let this happen as it was against the Amish rules to love a non-Amish. One day in the Amish farm, Ezekiel confronted Tom and the victim boasted about how much Hannah loved him and that she would choose him over Ezekiel any day. This angered Ezekiel to the fullest and he jumped on a horse and chased him with a pitchfork. Ezekiel strung up the victim like a scarecrow to symbolise that he wanted the non-Amish to stay away. Ezekiel called the outside world "The Devil's Playground" and hated the outside world. He wanted Tom's scarecrow death to symbolise outsiders to be scared off.

Ezekiel would be the first Amish in the history of Grimsborough to be indicted for a murder, and he would be sentenced to life in jail. Although Ezekiel would be permitted to wear his Amish clothing at the prison, the Judge did not think Ezekiel would be Amish based on the transgressions he committed on Amish soil.

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