New Clue!

An in-game pop-up notifying the player that a new piece of evidence has been obtained.

Evidence, better known as "clues", are intriguing objects that help the player progress further during a murder investigation in Criminal Case.


As a homicide detective who needs to solve murders, the player will find many pieces of evidence—or "clues"—throughout each case in the game.

These clues are usually obtained either during crime scene investigations, after completing lab analyses, or when a suspect is generous enough to hand one to the player.

Forensic Kit Section

The player will need to access the Forensic Kit for a clue requiring examination.

When obtained, the player may need to either ship the clue to the laboratory for analysis or examine it by accessing the Forensic Kit. Completing this process will reward the player with a new lead in the investigation, such as a new suspect or an update regarding the killer's profile. Sometimes, if necessary, the player may need to examine the clue first and then also send it to the laboratory for analysis (or vice versa). Examining a clue requires a single star. On occasion, a clue may lead the player directly to a new suspect or to a new detail about the killer's profile without requiring any further inspection.


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