The European Commissioner (real name unknown) appeared as a quasi-suspect in The Impossible Dream (Case #6 of World Edition).


The European Commissioner is the 59-year-old president of the European Commission. He has white hair and dark blue eyes, and dons a black suit with a European Union flag pin on the left collar. Beneath his suit, he wears a white shirt and a prussian blue tie with a square motif.

Height 5'8"
Age 59
Weight 187 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Jack and the player had to speak with the European Commissioner with hopes of canceling the referendum, which would unite Europe into one government. He made sure to inform the two that he did not have much time, so they got to the point and they told him the referendum should not happen. When he asked why, Jack pointed out the Promethian Cult and their plan to unite Europe by bombing its monuments. Jack also pointed out that if the Promethians were willing to go this far so they could get a 'Yes' vote, then who knew what other organizations would do if Europe was unified. The commissioner admitted to hearing about the Promethians, but never thought the issue with them was so extreme. He also said he could not just waltz in and cancel the referendum, so he said he was going to see what he could do. Word came in afterwards from Chief Ripley that the referendum was postponed.

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