Ernest Swanswaddle was the killer of his ex-girlfriend, Lady Georgina Upperton, in Let Her Eat Cake (Case #10 of Mysteries of the Past).


Ernest is a 38-year-old poet. He has short curly black hair. He wears a white collared shirt with a forest green tie and a dark grey vest under a forest green jacket with a lavender handkerchief in his pocket and a golden brooch. He is shown holding a feathered pen. It is known that Ernest eats truffles, plays croquet and drinks Sherry Cobbler.

Height 5'7"
Age 38
Weight 183 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Ernest became a suspect after the player and Maddie found a poem of his which happened to allude to Georgina's death. Though he was shocked to hear of a murder being occurred, he said he never spoke to the victim before. Instead, he was busy alone writing poetry, the fact that it alluded to her death was merely a coincidence.

Ernest was spoken to again regarding an inscription showing him and the victim. It was many years since their summer romance, and though it did not last long it was not forgotten. However, he maintained he never actually spoke to her that day, as he was caught up in a croquet match with Samuel Waldorf-Ridgewood. Though it will be tragic that he will never speak to her again, she will continue to live on in his poetry.

At the climax of the investigation, it was proven that Ernest was behind Georgina's murder. When he confessed to the murder, Ernest said that despite their brief romantic summer twenty years prior, Georgina turned him down and told him to come back when he was a prince. When Ernest became rich and famous due to his poetry, he approached her once again. She only laughed and implied he was not a proper suitor. Seeking revenge, Ernest stole the cyanide crystals prescribed to Lady Highmore and poisoned a frog-shaped cake she would later eat. In court, Judge Takakura sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

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