Emmett Scott was a suspect in the murder investigation of his brother, T.I.M.E. Agency Chief Christopher Scott, in Back to the Future (Case #16 of Travel in Time).


Emmett is the 69-year-old brother of the victim. He has wavy gray hair and wrinkles. He wears a white buttoned-down shirt under a gray waistcoat and a brown jacket with white accents. Additionally, he is seen holding a cigar in his right hand. It is known that Emmett drinks Rocket Sphinx, wears crocodile skin shoes and has an under-skin chip.

Height 5'9"
Age 69
Weight 190 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Emmett became a suspect after Amy and the player identified him as Chief Scott's brother. When he asked what the team was doing in the Chief's apartment, Amy explained that they were trying to understand what had happened, regarding the murder, before the cops. Emmett understood their distrust of the police, claiming that there were corrupt bullies. He then revealed that he had not seen his brother since the Chief had been fired. This led the team to discover that the Chief had never worked for T.I.M.E. in the alternate timeline. Emmett then prompted the team to talk to the Chief's landlord, Abrax Tiakken.

Emmett was spoken to again about him discovering the team's letter to the Chief that they had sent to him from New York, 1969. He explained that the Chief had become a recluse after losing his job at the research institute. When he came across the letter, he claimed that the world was not right and grew paranoid of his surroundings. When he tried to confront the Chief over his paranoia, the brothers got into a huge argument.

Emmett was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Abrax Tiakken for Chief Scott's murder.

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  2. Alive as of original 2029, deceased as of altered 2029


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