Emma Tank, appearing as a minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of The Saddest of All Keys (Case #3 of The Conspiracy), Cross My Heart (Case #4 of The Conspiracy), and Hear My Cry (Case #6 of The Conspiracy).


Emma was the wife to Tank, a roadie for the rock band known as The Henge. At the time of her death, she had wavy blonde hair swept to the right, and wore a black leather vest over a sleeveless black shirt.

Events of Criminal Case

During the investigation into Ian Devine's murder, Jones and the player found out that Tank had destroyed a teddy bear given to him by the victim, who also wished him well about his wife. Digging deeper, Cathy found out that Emma had died. Tank said that he needed financial aid for Emma's hospitalization as well as for raising their daughter, Layla.

After Kevin St Kevin was arrested for the murder, Gloria and the player found out through Cathy and Izzy Ramsey that Emma's death looked like the deaths of nine other people in the city. All ten had high levels of amlodipine in their blood at the time of their deaths, much like the death of David O'Connell they had briefly investigated previously. Coupled with the fact that a shipment of amlodipine had been stolen from the zoo, the team decided to look further into the deaths, starting with Emma as a lead.

The team talked to Tank, who said that Emma had suddenly passed out on the dinner table with a dangerously erratic heart rate. Despite getting rushed to the hospital, the doctors could not save Emma. Tank confirmed that Emma did not take amlodipine. He then directed the team to the stage to get his belongings as he had kept Emma's food diary. After finding the diary, the team sent it to Martine for analysis. Martine said that while Emma did not take amlodipine, she drank Rocket Cow at the day of her death. Previously, David had died of a mixture of Rocket Cow and amlodipine, but the team did not know if the death was a suicide or a murder. Now with two cases with the same way of dying, Martine investigated further and found out that all the victims had drunk Rocket Cow, confirming the presence of a serial killer.

Later, the team would find out that Emma, along with the other victims, was a parent of a student in Fairview High School.

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