Elwood Grimes was the killer of forest creature Bigfoot in One Bigfoot in the Grave (Case #2 of Supernatural Investigations).


Elwood is a 43-year-old (now-former) lumberjack working for the Beaver Tooth Logging. He has brown eyes and a long black beard. He is seen wearing a yellow helmet and a brown plaid shirt with two front pockets and gray suspenders. It is known that Elwood eats trail mix, wears hiking boots and uses bug repellent.

Height 6'5"
Age 43
Weight 220 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Elwood became a suspect after Luke and the player found his safety vest at the crime scene. When asked if he had any bigfoot sightings to report, Elwood told the team that he had seen dark shapes moving in the trees and heard strange sounds early in the morning. When asked if he had ever seen a dead bigfoot, Elwood asked Luke if he was crazy. He then suggested that had a look around the bigfoot museum in town.

Elwood was spoken to again about the plaster cast of a bigfoot print that he broke. He revealed that he had broken the cast in retaliation for the Bigfoot breaking all of his logging equipment. If he told his boss what had happened, he would be a laughing stock, so he bought all-new equipment with his own money. Afterward, he passed the bigfoot museum and took out his rage on the cast.

In the end, it was proven that Elwood was the Bigfoot's killer. He admitted that museum curator Darius Wexler had offered to pay to replace his tools that the Bigfoot had destroyed if he could catch the Bigfoot alive. When Elwood went to the woods to set up the trap, the Bigfoot started attacking him. Elwood then grabbed a rock and bashed him to death. Chief Arrow then advised Elwood to get out of town before the rest of the bigfeet started coming for him in revenge.


  • Being 6 feet, 5 inches tall, Elwood is one of the second tallest killers in the game.
    • He is also thus far the second tallest killer in Supernatural Investigations.

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