Elma Huckabee, acting as a minor character in Criminal Case, appeared in a flashback during the events of A Brave New World (Case #52 of Grimsborough).


Elma was a Pilgrim woman who lived around the 1600s. She was the mother of Pip Huckabee and the ancestor of Susan and Stuart Huckabee. She most commonly used to wear a Pilgrim hat and Pilgrim outfit.

Events of Criminal Case

In A Brave New World, after the team discovered that Pip was murdered by a secret society named the Crimson Order, the team decided to tell Susan Huckabee about it. Susan said that she wished the team never discovered this. Her words got the team angry and they then asked her why she did not tell them from the beginning. Susan replied and said that some secrets must be kept secret forever. So, she just told the team about Elma's story. Susan said that a Crimson Order member once went to Elma's house and threatened to kill her if she spoiled anything about the secret society.

After time, all the evidences proved that Stuart Huckabee was murdered by his own sister, who was none other than Susan. Upon the arrest, the team discovered that Susan, too, was threatened by the Crimson Order. The notoriously secret group warned Susan that if she spoiled anything about the Crimson Order, they would kill her as well as her family.

At the court, Susan tried to defend herself due to the murder of her only brother, Stuart. The court agreed to reduce Susan's sentence if she agreed to cooperate with the police forces and tell them everything she knew about the Crimson Order. Susan refused to cooperate as the Crimson Order would have killed her family if she spoiled anything about them. The police forces then promised to keep Susan's family safe, but she answered that the court did not understand that nobody was safe from the Crimson Order and that the only way she could protect her family was by not talking. For murdering Stuart and refusing to cooperate with the police forces, Susan was sentenced to life imprisonment by Judge Hall.

Jones could not believe that Susan was ready to kill her own brother just to appease the Crimson Order. He said that the team knew about the fact that the Crimson Order existed in 1642 and used violence, intimidation, murdering, and anything to ensure that they would stay secret and nobody revealed their secret. He was curious to know if Stuart, Susan, and Jason Palms were right about the Crimson Order controlling Grimsborough.

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