Elaine Seabrook was the victim in Hell Is Other People (Case #2 of The Conspiracy).


Titled as a desperate housewife, Elaine had blue eyes and wavy blonde hair. At the time of her death, she wore red lipstick, a gold necklace, sky blue pants, and a white buttoned shirt.

Married to Aaron Seabrook, Elaine was known to be a raging alcoholic, and would frequently eat at Fairview Steak House. She had also attended Grimsborough University, where she was on the cheer team with Rosamund Wilcox.

Murder details

Elaine was found on Elmwood Avenue, nailed onto her white picket fence. According to Martine, the killer first shot a nail into her brain that presumably killed her instantly. On the nails, Martine found traces of a sauce that came from peppercorn steak. This proved that the killer ate steak shortly before the murder.

Later the murder weapon, a nail gun, was found on the crime scene and then fibers were collected by the player before sending them over to Rupert for analysis. Rupert told the detectives that the fibers were from box calf leather. Since it was mostly dark on one side, he concluded it was worn out due to contact with human skin fluids, which meant that it came from the killer's watch. This proved the killer's possession of a watch.

Relationship with suspects

Years before, Elaine had gotten into an incident that included now Fairview High principal Rosamund Wilcox, who nearly got expelled and earned a black mark on her record due to the victim copying her coursework. Later, Elaine had married her husband, Aaron Seabrook, who hired a private eye to find proof of Elaine's infidelity as he wanted to divorce the victim without losing any of his assets. They also found out that the victim had rejected steakhouse waiter Tyler Schultz's invitation to a motel room, despite her sleeping around with a lot of people. Elaine had also gotten drunk at her neighbor Cynthia Lane's neighborhood dinner party and puked in her flower beds and annoyed family doctor Greg Gibbs with her frequent visits to his office to ask ridiculous questions.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Cynthia.

During the arrest, Cynthia admitted she killed Elaine for throwing up on her prized peonies. She said that she was tending to them well for Fairview's Best Kept Garden Competition and that she needed to win because of her obsessive perfectionism. Infuriated at Elaine sabotaging her chances of winning, Cynthia nailed her down to her fence with a nail gun. In court, Judge Powell sentenced Cynthia to 20 years in prison with access to psychological counseling.


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