Eduardo Cortez, appearing as an unseen minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of Day of the Dead (Case #49 of World Edition).


Eduardo was the son of Ramon Cortez and Ingrid Bjorn. He was born prematurely, and died soon afterwards due to complications from the premature birth. He was then buried in Mexico.

Events of Criminal Case

While trying to help Ingrid face her past with Ramon, Marina and the player found a wooden box which said "Your daddy Ramon loves you" with a pacifier inside. Lars said that the saliva on the pacifier belonged to Eduardo and that it confirmed his parentage. Ingrid told the team that his death caused a rift between Ramon and Ingrid, Ramon coping by womanizing and drinking, and Ingrid coping by getting exceedingly distant and repressed. Later on, Ramon told Ingrid that he had honored Eduardo's memory every year during the day of the dead and that he wished to do it with Ingrid one day. The two reconciled after years of distance.

Case appearances



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