Officer Edna Owens was the victim in Stick to Your Guns (Case #34 of Mysteries of the Past).


Edna was a police officer for the Concordian Police Department. She had short black hair and dark brown eyes, and donned a blue police blazer with a badge over a white shirt with a black neckerchief at the time of her death.

Murder details

Edna's body was found at the wrecked police armory with multiple bullet wounds. Per Dick, she was killed with a .32 Besson revolver, a model the police did not use. By analyzing the bullets' trajectory, the coroner concluded that the killer was right-handed.

In the public toilets, the team found a .32 Besson revolver, which Rose filed as the murder weapon since its bullets matched those in the body. She also found traces of a sleeping draught on the handle, which meant that the killer took a sleeping draught.

Relationship with suspects

Edna's brother, Wilbur Owens, brought her up after their parents died when they were little. However, he thought she betrayed him when she arrested him for petty theft. Fellow officer George Blanton was previously engaged in an amorous relationship with Edna, but they broke up after she wanted to focus on her career.

On the night of her murder, Edna was on patrol at the police armory when it was broken into by the Italian gang. Gianna Verdino was tasked with driving into the station to penetrate their defenses. Additionally, Marvin Ferrari attempted to bribe her for unspecified reasons.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Wilbur.

After denying involvement at first, Wilbur admitted to the crime. The Italian gang had offered him a job he was too afraid to refuse. When he found out they would attack the police station, he threatened Edna to keep her away from going to work, but to no avail. Knowing that if Edna had fired her gun, both she and he would be dead, he shot her to spare his own life. Judge Lawson sentenced him to 20 years in jail.


  • Edna's death at the hands of her brother is one of the instances of domestic homicide in Mysteries of the Past.

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