Edgar Woe was the victim in Graveyard Shift (Case #44 of Mysteries of the Past).


Edgar was a poet with brown hair and blue eyes. He wore a black bowler hat and black round glasses. At the time of his death, he wore a black jacket over a gray waistcoat, a white collared shirt, and a black tie bearing his initials in gold letters.

Murder details

Edgar was found bloodless in the graveyard, lying against a tombstone with two puncture marks on his neck. Per Dick, Edgar died when his killer injected his carotid artery with a syringe and used a pump to drain all of his blood. Near the puncture wounds, Dick found cat hair, confirming that the killer owned a cat.

After visiting the cemetery again, the team found a blood pump. Per Dick, the mechanism matched the killer's method, leading the team to file the pump as the murder weapon. The coroner also found blond hair stuck in the pump, meaning that the killer had blond hair.

Relationship with suspects

The night of the murder, Edgar was drunk with his friend, Callum Edwards, who sent him to break in to Count Blutsauger's castle. Edgar then said Blutsauger's vampire impersation was unconvincing, calling him a circus clown, angering the Count. Blutsauger's housekeeper, Amelia Bats, disliked Edgar for often trespassing and breaking dishes in the castle. Callum had sent him to the castle hoping to see him get punished because he thought that Edgar constantly bragged to him, even courting Callum's love, Annabel Leigh, just to show off. Annabel claimed that Edgar wanted to experience all of the emotions through poems written to her, writing about pining for her and leaving her, although he never actually meant it.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Annabel.

Upon slipping up, Annabel admitted that she had killed Edgar for his infidelity. She said that she found out that Edgar was sleeping around with many women upon reading his secret notebook. Enraged, she injected his carotid artery with a syringe and used a blood pump to drain the blood out of him. Judge Lawson sentenced her to life imprisonment without parole.


  • Edgar's name is a reference to renown American writer Edgar Allan Poe.
    • Furthermore, all three of Edgar's known lovers have names that reference Edgar Allan Poe's works: "Annabel Lee", "Lenore", and "Morella".

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