Dylan Mitvok was the victim in Resistance Is Fatal (Case #56 of Mysteries of the Past).


Dylan was a member of the resistance against Mayor Lawson's regime, initially planted as a spy on the resistance for the Justice Corps. He had short black hair, a mustache and a beard. He also had green eyes. At the time of his death, he wore a brown hat, a forest green shirt, and brown overalls.

Murder details

Dylan was found in the resistance's headquarters, with his legs stuck in a printing press. Analysis from Dick revealed that he was first knocked out with a blow to the head. He was then tied up with rope and laid upon the printing press, where the killer fed him into, feet first, which meant the printing press was the murder weapon. Dick also found traces of camomile tea on the body, which were left by the killer when moving the body. This meant Dylan's killer drank camomile tea.

Relationship with suspects

Dylan was planted in the resistance by Captain Bill Beatty of the Head of Clandestine Operations for the Corps, ordering him to report his findings at Smokey's Café, although the information began drying up just before his death. The café was owned by Dylan's father's best friend, Tomas Marin, although Dylan refused to talk to him recently, worrying him. Fellow resistance member Katherine Woolf was suspicious of Dylan and attempted to plant a camera to see if she could trust him. Dylan had a crush on the resistance leader, Giulietta Capecchi, although she constantly rejected his advances. Dylan had caught Mildred Takakura in the middle of making a bomb for the resistance and reported her to Giulietta, angering Mildred.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Bill.

Admitting to the murder, Bill said that the murder was his duty. Already suspecting that Dylan was withholding information from him, he decided to spy on his own and was led to the barn unwittingly by Dylan. When Bill asked Dylan for the information in the barn, he refused, having been convinced that the resistance was on the right side. To force the information from him, Bill knocked Dylan out and crushed him with a printing press, where he bled to his death. Judge Umbright sentenced Bill to life in prison.

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