Dudley was a suspect in the murder investigation of Queen Catherine of Aragon in A Tudor Murder (Case #11 of Travel in Time).


Dudley is a 41-year-old former peasant-turned-beggar on Houndsditch Passage. He has brown eyes and long, messy brown hair. He wears a messy, torn and stained light brown shirt with dirty orange fabric sewn onto it under a dirty brown-and-red jacket. His nose and cheeks are flushed red due to a cold and he is often seen with a rat on his shoulder. It is known that Dudley eats wild boar.

Height 5'4"
Age 41
Weight 110 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O-

Events of Criminal Case

Dudley became a suspect after he approached Nebet and the player with information about the Queen. He informed the team that he was one of the peasants that Catherine used to feed. He then explained that Catherine had treated the peasants with some food from a tavern. Upon promise of a reward, he told the team that Catherine had taken them to the Mangy Lion, prompting the team to investigate the Mangy Lion.

Dudley was spoken to again about the Queen sentencing him to two days in the stocks. He told the team that he had no idea why Catherine had wanted to put him in the stocks. He explained that he had gone to her to propose that he became her peasant liaison officer as he was tired of begging. Enraged by his suggestion, Catherine decided to have him punished.

Dudley was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Agnes Manners for Catherine's murder. Shortly after the arrest, Dudley was locked up in the stocks after the guards decided to execute Catherine's punishment order on him. Later, Nebet and the player (with help from Janis) baked an apple pie to share with Dudley. When they went looking for him, they were surprised to find him in the stocks and resolved to free him. After they found the key to the stocks and freed him, Nebet and the player gifted Dudley with some of the pie. Dudley thanked them for their kindness and left.

Case appearances


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