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In Alaska...
Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, as you know, we're in Alaska to offer protection for Unified Nations inspector Niilo Virtanen.
Chief Ripley: You've uncovered a serious threat on Virtanen's life, which, considering the current political unrest, cannot be taken lightly.
Chief Ripley: This USStay versus USNay debate has been stained with blood, and we cannot allow a member of the Unified Nations to be killed on our watch!
Chief Ripley: Not to mention SOMBRA might very well be behind this threat. After all, not only did they put a hit on the leader of the USStay movement...
Chief Ripley: ...They also funded the USNay movement through O.M. MediLab before you successfully shut that company down!
Chief Ripley: What they stand to gain from the current unrest is still unclear, but it's obvious SOMBRA's thriving on the current chaos. We cannot risk another murder!
Chief Ripley: Which is why Archer will disguise himself as Virtanen, acting as a decoy during Virtanen's planned inspection of the Bearing Straight weapons factory.
(Jack is in his full disguise, sans mask.)
Jack (putting mask on): Getting ready as we speak, Chief! And looking forward to the mission!
Elizabeth: Meanwhile, the real Virtanen will remain in the chalet that has been booked for his stay in Alaska.
Joel: You can't do this, Chief Ripley! You're risking one of your agents for no reason! This is Unified Nations jurisdiction, not yours!
Chief Ripley: <Name>, this is Joel Heller. He's in charge of Mr Virtanen's security.
Chief Ripley: Mr Heller, we appreciate your concern, but the Bureau has the clearance to keep Mr Virtanen safe.
Joel: We'll see about that! I'm calling my senior officer to report your reckless behavior!
Chief Ripley: You do that. Now, where is Jonah? You'd think he'd be excited to take part in this assignment!
Jonah: Reporting for duty, Chief! Let's do this, <Name>!
Chief Ripley: Excellent! <Name>, the inspection schedule must be respected. There's no time to lose! Get to the weapons factory!
Jack (fully disguised): Jack Archer, at your service, <Name>! Let's go to the weapons factory!

At Bearing Straight...
(Jack is disguised as Niilo.)
Jack: <Name>, we've been here for 15 minutes and no one has welcomed us! If I were really a Unified Nations inspector, Bearing Straight would get a failing grade from me!
Jack: I mean, why go through the inspection if-
(A gunshot rings out, and Jack is shot in the chest.)
Jack (collapsing): <Name>... I... ugh...
(Jonah grasps Jack, who has fallen unconscious.)
Jonah (holding Jack): JACK! I mean, Mr Virtanen!
Jonah: He's not responding! <Name>, I'll stay behind to look for the shooter! You need to get him to the hospital!

At the hospital...
Carmen: <Name>, what happened?! Jack was shot?! I can't believe this!
Carmen: Jonah called me, he said he couldn't find any trace of the shooter... He feels terrible about letting this happen.
Chief Ripley: I just spoke to the surgeon. Luckily the bullet didn't hit any vital organs. Jack's in intensive care, but his prognosis is good.
Carmen: That's great news! What a relief!
Chief Ripley: It appears Jack was shot with a 9mm, most likely a semi-automatic pistol...
Chief Ripley (holding and looking at her ringing phone): One moment, <Name>, Ingrid's calling...
(Chief Ripley picks up the phone.)
Ingrid (talking to her headset): Chief, <Name>! This is terrible!
Chief Ripley: Ingrid, Jack's fine! We successfully stopped the attempt on Niilo Virtanen's life!
Ingrid: You didn't! That's why I'm calling: Niilo Virtanen was murdered at the chalet!
Chief Ripley: WHAT?! Virtanen is dead?!
Chief Ripley (putting the phone down): <Name>, take Carmen and go to the chalet immediately! We need to secure Virtanen's body!

Chapter 1

Investigate Chalet.
Carmen Martinez: Virtanen was really shot!
Carmen: The body's still warm... He must've been shot at almost the same time as Jack!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>! We should get the real Virtanen to Grace straight away! Let's hope the jacuzzi water didn't compromise any evidence!
Carmen: And nice catch! There's a bullet hole in the window glass! Looks like Virtanen was shot from a distance!
Carmen: This explains why you couldn't find any more clues here in the chalet!
Carmen: You're right, we need to talk to Virtanen's security officer, Joel Heller! He has some explaining to do!

Ask Joel Heller why security was so lax.
Carmen: Mr Heller, how on earth could Jack's decoy Virtanen and the real Virtanen be shot at almost the same time?! Where were you?
Joel: Reporting your misconduct, <Rank> <Name>, and telling the Unified Nations to get the Bureau off of this mission!
Carmen: You were so hung up on protocol that-
Joel: YOU listen to me! If you'd followed my lead, your friend wouldn't be in the hospital!
Joel: Niilo Virtanen would've done the scheduled inspection, and I would've been able to protect him properly!
Joel: None of this had to happen, but the Bureau had to step in like they're the world police. It's your fault!
Carmen: No, it's the killer's fault! And, since you have some wishy-washy story about your whereabouts during the events, you're a suspect!

Carmen: Can you believe the nerve of Joel Heller, <Name>?
Carmen (holding and looking at her phone): Oh, the Chief just texted me! Good news! Jack's still at the hospital, but he's not in the intensive care unit anymore!
Carmen (putting her phone down): Now we can focus on the mystery we have on our hands...
Carmen: What are the odds that two people wanted to kill Virtanen at the same time? Assassins don't work in teams...
Carmen: You're right. There can only be one killer behind Jack's shooting and Virtanen's murder. But how could it be possible?
Carmen: Good point, the weapons factory where Jack was shot could hold some answers. Let's meet up with Jonah!

Investigate Production Line.
Jonah: I hear Jack's alright, that's a relief! But I hope you had better luck finding clues than I have, <Name>!
Jonah: I looked all over for the semi-automatic used in the attempt on Jack! There are a LOT of firearms in this factory, but none of them were fired recently.
Carmen: How about you, <Name>? Did you find anything?
Carmen: I can't read anything on that badge, but it's definitely from the Unified Nations! Grab your dusting kit, we need to recover that photo!
Carmen: And there's a tablet... If you can get it unlocked, we might have something to work with!

Examine Faded Badge.
Carmen: So you were able to get a face and title from that badge, but no name? How weird is that?
Carmen: And is it me, or is the face of that "Senior Assistant" seem familiar? Running it through the database might get us a name!

Examine Work Badge.
Carmen: The woman on that badge is Agrafena Raskolnikova?!
Carmen: She was that intense protester who kept showing up as a murder suspect all over Eurasia!
Carmen: Looks like Agrafena cleaned up and got a real job at the Unified Nations, <Name>...
Carmen: Let's find Agrafena and have a little chat about her recent career developments!

Talk to Agrafena Raskolnikova about her sudden career change.
Carmen: Agrafena! Long time, no see! We found your badge at the Bearing Straight weapons factory today... Looks like you've moved up in the world!
Agrafena: You have to know when you're beat, <Rank> <Name>... Protesting in the streets wasn't working. I only ended up a suspect in murder investigations...
Carmen: And here we are again, just like old times! So what does your title mean exactly? What do you do for the Unified Nations?
Agrafena: I am, I mean, I WAS the assistant to Mr Virtanen. I was assigned to him and this mission.
Agrafena: But now, I'm a suspect again... I'll lose my job and be back out on the streets...
Carmen: Unless you killed Virtanen, of course. Then you'll be going to jail. Stick around, Agrafena. We're not done with you yet!

Examine Tablet.
Carmen: Great! You unlocked that tablet! Now let's give our resident geeklet something to do!

Analyze Unlocked Tablet.
Elliot: <Name>, this tablet contains a new type of software I've never seen before. But it explains a lot.
Elliot: First, Lars found some gunshot residue on it, which confirms the tablet was used directly after the killer shot Jack!
Carmen: So the killer used this tablet! But what for?
Elliot: The killer used the tablet to fire a long-range rifle at Virtanen in his chalet!
Carmen: So you're saying the rifle was remote-controlled?! Is that possible?
Elliot: Absolutely! The newest one have built-in gyroscopes to stay steady in any situation!
Carmen: So this proves the person who shot Jack also killed Virtanen! The killer was in the warehouse all along!
Carmen: Was there anything else on the tablet that could help us catch the killer, Elliot?
Elliot: Not really... except the killer apparently enjoys reading Jack London...
Elliot: A digital copy of the author's collected works was the only other thing on the tablet besides the sniper software.
Carmen: So the killer reads Jack London... Well, <Name>'s about to give them an Alaskan adventure they didn't bargain for!

A few moments later...
Jonah: <Name>, wait up! Elliot told me about that remote-controlled rifle! Did you know both the patent for the rifle and the software on the tablet are owned by Bearing Straight?
Carmen: Bearing Straight? Fancy that... They also own the weapons factory where this all went down! Time to discuss this with their upper management...
Carmen: The company's owned by a Ms Kara Naylon... Let's go rattle her cage, <Name>!

Question Kara Naylon about the murder weapon.
Carmen: Thank you for meeting us, Ms Naylon. Funny you couldn't show up for your inspection earlier today...
Kara: I'm very busy. But Bearing Straight has nothing to hide! An inspection is an inspection. And companies have to comply with the requirements to get contracts!
Carmen: Ms Naylon, <Rank> <Name>'s found evidence that your company's implicated in the death of Niilo Virtanen.
Kara: I can assume you that Bearing Straight had nothing to do with that man's death! We bring tomorrow's technology to the world's armed forces for the greater good!
Carmen: Here's our problem: your technology of tomorrow, a remote-controlled rifle, was used TODAY to kill the very man sent to inspect your factory!
Kara: But our remote-controlled rifle is a prototype! There is only one! And you're telling me it's been stolen and used for murder?! We have to get it back right away!
Carmen: Ms Naylon, that prototype, if we can find it, is evidence. I advise you to forget about it until we find Mr Virtanen's killer.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Grace: <Name>, I'm so worried about Jack! I hope he'll be OK!
Grace: The good news is, I found a sniper round in the victim's body, which confirms that the killer took the shot from a distance!
Carmen: I don't get it... We know Virtanen was shot at almost the same time as Jack...
Carmen: How could the killer have known about our decoy plan? And if they were only after Virtanen, why shoot Jack at all?!
Grace: That, I couldn't tell you. But I do know the last thing the victim's killer did before loading the rifle was feast on king crab!
Grace: A swab of the bullet gave me king crab juice, butter, and garlic. Which would normally be in the victim's stomach, not their head.
Carmen: So the killer eats king crab! Well, that'll be their last seafood feast! <Name>'s on their trail now!

Carmen: This is some case, <Name>! Jack volunteered to impersonate Virtanen for the weapons factory inspection, and he ended up shot and in the hospital.
Carmen: Meanwhile, the same person used a remote-controlled rifle to shoot the real Virtanen!
Carmen: Our suspects include a wild card: Agrafena Raskolnikova! She's stopped protesting in the streets and started playing secretary to the victim.
(Carmen's phone starts ringing.)
Carmen: So far, only she and the victim's head of security, Joel Heller, would have known about the decoy plan...
Carmen (holding and looking at her phone): Who the heck's calling?
(Carmen picks up the phone.)
(Jack is in his hospital gown, is high on pain medicine, and is calling on his phone.)
Jack: CARMEN! It's your old buddy, Jack! I was te-phe-loning to let <Name> know I'm OK and I'm ready to catch the killer!
Carmen: Jack?! Where are you calling from?
Jack: The hop-si-tal! I mean, hos-pi-tal! But I'm fine, dude! I'm ready to fight bad guys!
Carmen: I don't think so. Get some rest. We're doing all we can to find the killer!
Jack: Well, keep me in the loopty-loopty-loop!
Carmen (putting phone down): Poor guy! He's completely out of it on pain meds! But at least he's alive and well!
Elliot: <Name>! I've got news! Authorities have intercepted a cargo ship full of Bearing Straight weapons!
Carmen: Bearing Straight weapons? What if they're trying to get rid of evidence?

Chapter 2

Carmen Martinez: I can't believe Jack got shot when impersonating Virtanen for the weapons factory inspection!
Carmen: Thank goodness he's going to pull through!
Carmen: Meanwhile, the same person who shot Jack with a semi-automatic pistol also shot the real Virtanen with a remote-controlled sniper rifle!
Carmen: How did the killer even know about our decoy plan?
Elliot: <Name>! Authorities have intercepted a cargo ship full of Bearing Straight weapons!
Carmen: The murder weapon could be there, <Name>! You'd better go search that ship!
Carmen: I agree, Jonah's expertise should come in handy. He should go with you!
Carmen: Meanwhile, I'll go visit Jack at the hospital!
Jonah: Here's hoping the weapons on that cargo ship will blow this case wide open! Let's go, <Name>!

Investigate Cargo Shipdeck.
Jonah: I'm glad you called me out into the field, <Name>!
Jonah: So you found some torn paper... If you think it's important, piece it together!
Jonah: Wait a minute! You found the prototype! There isn't another gun like this on the planet! This is the murder weapon! But what's it doing on this ship?
Jonah: We better dust the prototype for prints, you're right!
Jonah: And you found the rifle assembly sheet? No doubt, the killer must've read it!
Jonah: You're on the killer's trail now, <Name>! Hurry! We don't want that trail to go cold!

Examine Rifle Manual.
Jonah: You got a sample of the hair from that manual the killer used to assemble the murder weapon! We'd better send it to Lars!

Analyze Hair.
Lars: Hey <Name>! Thanks for bringing that sample round! I really needed to get my mind off Jack getting shot...
Jonah: I hear you! So what did you find? We know the killer used the assembly sheet <Name> collected the hair from, so it must be important!
Lars: You got it, bub! The sample you collected from the rifle assembly sheet was fuzzy wuzzy for a reason!
Lars: All those fuzzies were dog hair, but not just any kind of dog: a sled dog, an Alaskan malamute!
Lars: They have a waterproof double coat of fur that needs to be brushed every day - they shed like crazy!
Lars: That's probably why so much hair was transferred from the killer to the assembly sheet. They were hanging out with at least one sled dog!
Jonah: The killer spends time with Alaskan malamutes... Well, it's good to know the case hasn't gone to the dogs!

Jonah: This Bearing Straight cargo doesn't sit straight with me, <Name>. Why were they trying to ship all those weapons out right on the day of the Unified Nations' inspection?
Jonah: And let's not forget our murder weapon somehow ended up on that ship! There's more to this than meets the eye, <Name>...
Jonah: I agree, let's get back to the weapons factory and see if we can dig anything else up!

Investigate Crates of Weapons.
Jonah: That cardboard box's full of USNay stuff! Is someone at the factory a USNay supporter? You'll have to dig in to find out!
Jonah: And who would've left that smartphone here? Let's unlock it and get to the intel!

Examine Locked Smartphone.
Jonah: Elliot's bound to find something good in this smartphone! Let's rush it over to him!

Analyze Smartphone.
Elliot: <Name>, that Joel Heller must have a lot on his plate. The phone you brought me belonged to him.
Jonah: A Unified Nations security agent forgot his phone? That's some oversight!
Elliot: Well, Heller mostly took foodie photos: salmon, some king crab he ate at a restaurant...
Elliot: Still! There were interesting voice memos! It took me a while to understand what he was on about... He kept naming spaces inside the factory, then numbers...
Elliot: Then I figured it out! The numbers were angles!
Jonah: Angles?! Heller could've been calculating angles from where an assailant could take a shot at Virtanen.
Jonah: Or he could've been planning shots of his own!
Jonah: What do you think, <Name>? Why don't we track down Mr Heller and ask him about his voice memos?

Question Heller about his voice memos.
Jonah: Mr Heller, we found your smartphone. Leaving that around where anyone could find it... smart move, Mr Security...
Joel: No need to take that tone with me. I know I messed up.
Jonah: You sure did! Leaving a phone lying around with the best spots to take a shot at Virtanen?
Joel: Please understand me. That man was impossible to keep eyes on. I had to plan for any and every possibility!
Joel: I even tried to train some Alaskan malamutes to guard Virtanen!
Joel: He never stuck to any of the security plans. "The only value life has is what life puts on itself," as Jack London said.
Joel: But no, Niilo wanted to be a warrior! Sometimes I wished something would happen just to teach him a lesson!
Jonah: Did wishing become planning and then acting, Mr Heller? If the evidence leads back to you, you won't get special treatment!

Examine Cardboard Box.
Jonah: Whoa! Is that Kara Naylon holding a rifle at a USNay rally? Looks liek she doesn't like the Unified Nations so much...
Jonah: And a Unified Nations inspector might be even less welcome around here than she led us to believe!
Jonah: Good call, <Name>! We better get straight dope from Ms Naylon this time!

Interrogate Ms Naylon about her involvement in USNay.
Jonah: Ms Naylon, <Rank> <Name> was surprised to discover your affinity for USNay.
Kara: So? I'm allowed to believe what I believe! Speaking my mind isn't against the law!
Jonah: That's true, up to a point. If speaking your mind includes murder, then... not so much!
Kara: I didn't murder that Unified Nations snake, but I tell you what! If he came back, I'd sic my malamutes on him! He had no place coming into my business like that!
Jonah: Is that why you didn't show up for his inspection?
Kara: You're darn tootin'! The Unified Nations is not the boss of me or my company and it ain't the boss of the US either!
Kara: It's "master or be mastered, eat or be eaten." And I will not submit!
Jonah: Nice Jack London quote... Well, don't hitch up your sled dogs anytime soon. <Rank> <Name>'s got both eyes on you!

Examine Prototype Rifle.
Jonah: You got a perfect set of fingerprints off the murder weapon! Let's run them through the database!

Examine Fingerprints on Rifle.
Jonah: So the fingerprints belong to a certain Maniitok Jones. Says here that he's a local hunter...
Jonah: What do you say we go ask this Mr Jones why he got his mitts all over the murder weapon?

Ask Maniitok Jones why he touched the murder weapon.
Jonah: Mr Jones, <Rank> <Name> found your fingerprints on a prototype rifle. The same rifle was used to kill a UN envoy. Care to explain?
Maniitok: Oh now! I've been called many things, but not a murderer! I was helping to load the ship. And, you know, I saw this gun.
Maniitok: I'd never seen anything like it. And I'm a hunter, you know, so I was curious about it.
Maniitok: Like Jack London said: "Life lived on life."
Maniitok: But I only kill for food and furs. Seals, whale, caribou... you know, food! I told you, I am a hunter.
Jonah: So you keep saying. Well, stick to legal game, Mr Jones. And please don't touch any more weapons today!

Examine Torn Poster.
Jonah: The poster you restored is from some radio show called "Get the Truth."
Jonah: Why is there a picture of the victim in crosshairs on it? That's pretty belligerent!
Jonah: Looks like some guy called Travis Quaid is the host. Let's ask him about this poster!

Question Travis Quaid about his radio show poster.
Jonah: Mr Quaid, <Rank> <Name> found your poster. You have our murder victim in your crosshairs! What's the deal?
Travis: Hey, man, the crosshairs weren't a threat! They were a metaphor! I want to get the truth in my sights!
Jonah: Truth? What truth? What kind of questions did you need answered about Niilo Virtanen?
Travis: Like, for one, why is a Unified Nations inspector REALLY coming to Alaska? What was the real reason for the visit?
Travis: Someone's killed what Jack London called "the noblest game of all": a man! What do THEY not want us to know?
Jonah: I see. We'll ask the questions from now on, Mr Quaid. And <Rank> <Name> might be back to ask even more, so don't go any field trips.

Carmen: I just got back from the hospital! Jack's really out of it, but he's on the mend!
Chief Ripley: That's great, but the Unified Nations is demanding answers about Niilo Virtanen's murder.
Chief Ripley: I've assured them you'll find his killer, but they'll soon try to wrestle this investigation away from us! We need new leads!
Jonah: We've made some progress. Kara Naylon's definitely suspicious. She's way into USNay! Who knows what she would've done to a Unified Nations inspector?
Jonah: And <Name> found the murder weapon! Another suspect, Maniitok Jones, got his fingerprints on it.
Jonah: But I doubt Maniitok's the killer. He seemingly has no connection to Virtanen.
Ingrid: <Name>! Get back to the crime scene!
Ingrid: There's been a break-in!

Chapter 3

Carmen Martinez: I just got back from the hospital! Jack's really out of it, but he's on the mend!
Chief Ripley: That's great, but the Unified Nations is demanding answers about Niilo Virtanen's murder.
Chief Ripley: I've assured them you'll find his killer, but they'll soon try to wrestle this investigation away from us! We need new leads!
Jonah: We've got some strong suspects, and <Name> found the murder weapon!
Ingrid: <Name>! Cameras at the chalet are filming Travis Quaid breaking into the crime scene as we speak!
Carmen: Travis Quaid, that radio show guy?! He's breaking into the crime scene?! Let's go grab him, <Name>!

At the chalet...
Carmen (pointing her gun): Travis Quaid! Hands up!
Travis: Yes, ma'am! I'm unarmed, I swear!
Carmen: Sit down, Quaid! You'll explain to <Rank> <Name> why you broke into an active crime scene!

Ask Travis why he broke into the crime scene.
Travis: <Rank> <Name>, I didn't mean to interfere, but my listeners have the right to the truth! We all do!
Carmen: Mr Quaid, this is an active crime scene for a murder investigation! And you are a suspect!
Carmen: Why did you break in? Were you trying to hide evidence?
Travis: I wasn't trying to hide anything! I was going through Virtanen's stuff...
Travis: I was looking for proof! I know something's up! Something bigger than the weapons inspection!
Travis: Virtanen was just a pawn in someone else's game, man! Somebody killed him to make a point, I know it!
Carmen: Here's what WE know, Mr Quaid. If you return to this crime scene, <Rank> <Name> will arrest you for obstructing a murder investigation!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>. We better take a closer look at the chalet, especially now that it's had visitors.

Investigate Chalet Living Room.
Carmen: This shirt's covered in blood! It also has an embroidered monogram: "NV". Niilo Virtanen's initials!
Carmen: So this shirt definitely belonged to the victim. But he was in the jacuzzi when he was shot! He wasn't wearing this shirt.
Carmen: And that can't be the victim's blood. He would've died from a shot like that! A sample should tell us whose blood it is!
Carmen: And is that... Oh no, <Name>, it's a homemade bomb!
Carmen: There's an arming panel... I trust you, <Name>, but be careful!

Examine Homemade Bomb.
Carmen: Thank goodness! You defused the bomb!
Carmen: Now we must find out who put it here and why!
Carmen: Let's get that bomb to Jonah. He'll tell us who made it!

Analyze Defused Bomb.
Jonah: Hey, <Name>, looks like I missed some action, huh? Still, I got to analyze this bomb!
Jonah: It's rudimentary, definitely homemade... But it would've packed a punch if you hadn't disarmed it, <Name>!
Carmen: I wonder why someone'd want to blow up Virtanen?
Jonah: I don't know, but this isn't the bomber's first time...
Jonah: I compared the bomb to the others in the database, and found that it bore similarities to one I've analyzed before... in Russia.
Carmen: Remember, <Name>? Agrafena made a smoke bomb in Siberia! It can't be a coincidence that we've found a similar bomb here!
Jonah: But while a smoke bomb's harmless, this one definitely isn't!
Carmen: Seems like Agrafena's not only back to her old tricks, she's worse! Let's grill her about this bomb!

Interrogate Agrafena about her homemade bomb.
Carmen: <Rank> <Name> found your arts and crafts projects at the chalet. Care to explain?
Agrafena: Oh, no...
Agrafena: Look, I tried to be a pacifist, <Rank> <Name>. I thought I could effect change from the inside, but I quickly saw I couldn't change a thing...
Agrafena: I was a glorified errand girl. Ever since we got to Alaska, I've spent most my days playing fetch with the neighborhood sled dogs...
Agrafena: Then I found out Virtanen scheduled a king crab dinner with the CEO of Bearing Straight! She'd have buttered him up!
Agrafena: The Unified Nations is supposed to protect people, but Virtanen was rubbing shoulders with a weapons dealer! So I made this bomb and set it up in the chalet to prove a point!
Carmen: What kind of point was blowing the chalet sky high supposed to make, exactly?
Agrafena: I never intended to detonate the bomb! I just wanted to scare Virtanen into remembering he's supposed to be on the side of peace!
Carmen: Not buying your story, Agrafena. Who'd spend so much time on a lethal bomb with no intention of detonating it?
Carmen: If <Rank> <Name> discovers you killed Virtanen, you can think about peace from your jail cell!

Examine Bloody Shirt.
Carmen: You got a sample of the blood on the victim's shirt! Let's put it under the microscope! We need answers fast!

Examine Blood.
Carmen: The victim got seal blood all over his shirt?! But how?
Carmen: Good point, <Name>! Maniitok Jones is a hunter! He'll know why the victim's shirt was covered in seal blood!

Question Maniitok about the seal blood on the victim's shirt.
Carmen: Mr Jones, we found a shirt belonging to the victim with seal blood all over it. Did he go on a hunt?
Maniitok: That guy? Go on a hunt? You've got to be kidding me! No, I threw that seal blood at him!
Carmen: You threw blood at the victim?!
Maniitok: I wanted to make a point!
Maniitok: You see, the Unified Nations is trying to eradicate our way of life. They don't want us to hunt seals anymore.
Maniitok: But seals are sustenance for us! I mean, I like king crab as much as the next guy, but no one wants to eat it all the time!
Maniitok: Meanwhile, the UN does nothing about climate change! Ice sheets are melting. Pretty soon my malamutes are going to have to swim instead of running!
Maniitok: Either way you slice it, they just want my people gone from this planet. I wanted to show the world that our blood will be on the Unified Nations' hands!
Carmen: And you killed Virtanen to get your point across? The evidence won't lie, Mr Jones!

Carmen: This investigation is a doozy, <Name>! The killer didn't just kill Niilo Virtanen, they also shot Jack.
Carmen: We've plenty of suspects... But the killer's still on the loose!
Chief Ripley: Well, step on it! Unified Nations High Commissioner, Leila Malak, is on her way! She wants a full report!
Carmen: You got it, Chief! <Name> found the murder weapon on the cargo ship. We might find out more about the killer there! Lead on!

Investigate Cargo Deck.
Carmen: Hey! That box of ammunition's for sniper rifles! Do you think it could be the killer's?
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, a sample of that fuzz from the box might tell us more!
Carmen: And this could be the gun used by the killer to shoot at Jack!
Carmen: The serial number's been filed, but the killer left some skin cells on the gun handle! Let's collect a sample!

Examine Bullet Box.
Carmen: You were right, <Name>! This was the ammunition used in the prototype remote-controlled rifle!
Carmen: Let's get that sample to Lars! This could lead to evidence that solves the case!

Analyze Grey Shreds.
Lars: Thank you for another fuzzy sample to analyze! This time it wasn't of the canine variety! I'll give you a hint...
Lars: One of them had a very shiny nose and-
Carmen: I'll give you a bloody nose if you don't get the point, Lars! Don't you want to know who shot Jack?
Lars: Of course, I do! Jack's my bro! I want to catch this killer more than anything!
Lars: This sample was a chunk of hide from a reindeer, or caribou, as they're called in North America.
Carmen: So the killer transferred caribou hide to the box of ammunition they used to load the remote-controlled rifle...
Carmen: The killer must be wearing a significant amount of caribou hide to leave so much behind, but it won't help them hide from <Name>!

Examine Handgun.
Carmen: You collected skin cells from the semi-automatic handgun!
Carmen: The killer thought they'd get away with Virtanen's murder by using a remote-controlled rifle, but shooting Jack with this handgun will be their undoing!
Carmen: Lars needs this sample immediately! Let's go!

Analyze Skin Cells.
Carmen: Lars, I hope you got some evidence from those skin cells <Name> collected from the handgun!
Lars: I can tell you there was no pheomelanin! The sample showed that the killer has 100% eumelanin!
Carmen: Melanin... something to do with skin and hair color, I know, but we don't have time for riddles, Lars. Please just speak normal English.
Lars: Fine. The killer has black hairs.
Carmen: So we're looking for a killer with black hair! That narrows down the suspect list, <Name>!

After completing all the tasks...
Carmen: We have all we need to arrest the killer, <Name>! Let's get justice for Niilo Virtanen AND Jack!

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: Joel Heller, you're under arrest for the murder of Niilo Virtanen, and the attempted murder of Jack Archer!
Joel: That's ridiculous! I was reporting you to my superior officer when they were shot!
Carmen: How long would that conversation have taken? Ten minutes... TOPS. You still had time to shoot Jack and use the remote-controlled rifle to kill Virtanen!
Carmen: But loading the Jack London's Collected Works to that tablet was a rookie mistake...
Joel: That doesn't prove anything! Anybody could've downloaded that! Jack London is a popular author in Alaska!
Carmen: Maybe, but the Alaskan malamute hair you left all over the rifle assembly manual proves that it was you!
Joel: You're not making a convincing case. The CEO of Bearing Straight owns 12 of those dogs!
Carmen: But Ms Naylon didn't leave skin cells on the gun used to shoot Jack. We've got your DNA, Heller! It's over!
Joel: I knew this mission was impossible from the start... But I was doing my part, contributing to SOMBRA's greatest work!
Carmen: You work for SOMBRA?!
Joel: Officially, I work for the Unified Nations. Infiltrating them was child's play, as was gaining Virtanen's trust until he refused to go anywhere without me!
Carmen: I don't get it. Why would SOMBRA want Virtanen dead?!
Joel: Not just dead. Dead on US soil, during a tense time in international relationships.
Joel: Who do you think the Unified Nations will blame for this murder? A mythical organization nobody's heard of? Or homegrown US radicals?
Joel: I gave SOMBRA what it wanted: the tensions between the US and the Unified Nations are now at breaking point!
Carmen: I'm starting to understand. First, SOMBRA funds USNay to turn the American population against the Unified Nations...
Carmen: ...Then they anger the Unified Nations by killing an envoy on official business in America.
Carmen: But what does SOMBRA achieve by pitting the US and the UN against each other?
Joel: That's for you to find out, <Rank> <Name>. I shall watch with interest.
Carmen: You'll watch from behind bars! Joel Heller, you're under arrest!

Judge Adaku: Joel Heller, former security officer for the Unified Nations, you stand accused of murdering Niilo Virtanen and attempting to murder a Bureau agent.
Joel: That is correct.
Judge Adaku: There's one thing I don't understand. Why did you shoot Agent Archer if you knew he wasn't Virtanen?
Joel: I knew, but the public didn't. All they saw was Virtanen falling to the floor, shot. And the real Virtanen still died.
Judge Adaku: One would almost think you were pleased with your actions!
Joel: Of course I am. Despite the Bureau's meddling, I did exactly what SOMBRA asked me to do: shooting Virtanen in the most public way possible!
Judge Adaku: You won't be pleased for long. This Court hereby sentences you to life in prison without parole.
Joel: It was worth it! I contributed to SOMBRA's higher cause!

Carmen: <Name>, Heller's arrest has led to a worrying realization: SOMBRA's clearly trying to pit the US and the Unified Nations against each other!
Carmen: Part of Heller's plan was to shoot the UN inspector in the most public way possible, hoping the UN will blame the US for the murder.
Chief Ripley: And it worked! The Unified Nations High Commissioner is here and she's-
Leila: I'll take it from here. <Rank> <Name>, you'd better have answers for how such a blatant attack against the Unified Nations could've happened on US soil!

Edge of Darkness (4/8)

(Carmen's phone starts to ring.)
Carmen Martinez: <Name>, Heller's arrest has led to a worrying realization: SOMBRA's clearly trying to pit the US and the Unified Nations against each other!
Carmen (looking at her phone): Oh, Jack's calling!
(Carmen picks up her phone. Jack is calling from the hospital, still in his hospital gown, but no longer high.)
Jack: Carmen! <Name>! Good job getting the guy who shot me! I should've known that security guy was hinky!
Carmen: I still can't believe SOMBRA managed to infiltrate the Unified Nations!
Jack: SOMBRA made it pretty clear they don't fear anyone!
Jack: Listen, <Name>, could you come by when you have a moment? I have something important to ask you.
Carmen: Sure, buddy! We're on our way to the hospital!
Carmen (putting her phone down): <Name>, I'm so glad Jack's feeling better-
Chief Ripley: <Name>, Leila Malak, the Unified Nations High Commissioner is here, and she-
Leila: I'll take it from here! <Rank> <Name>, you'd better have answers as to how such a blatant attack on the UN could've happened on US soil!
Carmen: Ms Malak, it's more complicated than you think! Please, come this way and <Rank> <Name> will tell you everything.
Carmen: <Name>, I think Jack will have to wait a bit longer!

Debrief Ms Malak about Heller's SOMBRA ties.
Leila: So you're claiming that one of the top security agents at the UN was actually working for a criminal organization? I'm sorry, I don't buy that.
Carmen: Unfortunately, it's true. Heller admitted it himself!
Leila: You'll have to show me proof before I believe this story about Heller being with this SOMBRA thing!
Leila: It sounds like you're trying to deflate the US' responsibility in Virtanen's murder!
Carmen: The Bureau knows for a fact that SOMBRA exists! And it's not the first time they're stirring up political unrest for their own gains!
Carmen: But <Rank> <Name> is right. If you need proof, we'll bring you proof!
Leila: I'm sure you understand, <Rank> <Name>. We can't take anyone's word regarding such allegations.
Leila: But the Unified Nations will be happy to provide you with any funding you need to complete this research.

Carmen: How can we prove that Heller was working for SOMBRA? It's not like they sent him a paycheck...
Carmen: Excellent point, <Name>! Heller's plan rested on Virtanen's visit to Bearing Straight. Let's check the weapons factory again!

Investigate Production Line.
Carmen: That wallet could be Heller's! Let's look inside!

Examine Wallet.
Carmen: The weather report in the wallet could be the proof we need!
Carmen: Let's get this weather report to Elliot! He'll know if it's a SOMBRA message!

Analyze Weather Report.
Elliot: Hey, <Name>! This weather report definitely corroborates Heller's story!
Elliot: It was definitely SOMBRA code, and the order was to kill Virtanen in a very public way!
Carmen: That's perfect! Now Ms Malak will HAVE to believe us that a SOMBRA agent was responsible for the murder!
Chief Ripley: You're not serious about showing a weather report to the UN Commissioner, are you?!
Carmen: But Chief, it's proof that-
Chief Ripley: You can't just go in claiming secret messages in weather reports! <Name>, I want you to talk to Heller and get irrefutable proof from him! NOW!
Marina: <Name>, I think I can make Heller talk. Let me come with you!

Question Heller about his involvement with SOMBRA.
Joel: <Rank> <Name>, what a lovely surprise!
Marina: Mr Heller, I hope you don't mind if I sit in on this interview. I'm Marina Romanova, the Bureau's psychological expert.
Marina: It's rare to see a criminal mind like yours at work, I just couldn't resist...
Joel: If you think your sweet-talking will get a peep out of me about SOMBRA, you're dead wrong.
Marina: Oh, we wouldn't insult your intelligence with such an obvious ploy. Just look at the way you set up this devious murder. The UN's already blaming the US for it.
Joel: The USNay vs USStay campaign was fun, but SOMBRA has bigger ambitions on the international stage. It was time to raise the stakes.
Joel: Now I can sit back and watch the international community tear itself apart, undermining the strengths of governments until SOMBRA's ready to strike!
Joel: Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for my meal. Hardly five-star, but what can you do?
Marina: <Name>, Heller's given us enough food for thought! Let's discuss it over a meal!

Back in the office...
Marina: <Name>, Heller couldn't help giving away something of SOMBRA's plans! The USNay vs. USStay conflicts was just the first step of an international "divide and conquer" plan!
Marina: But you're right, this means it's more urgent than ever to get the UN on our side and convince them that SOMBRA's at fault here!
Marina: You're right, we know Heller hid the murder weapon on board the cargo ship. I agree, we'd better search it again!
Jonah: If you don't mind, buttercup, I think it's best if I search that cargo with <Name>!

Investigate Cargo Deck.
Jonah: <Name>, those weapons really are something! I wish I had time to try them out!
Jonah: But you're right, we're not here for fun. This briefcase might belong to Heller, let's open it!

Examine Locked Briefcase.
Jonah: The only thing in this briefcase is a faded paper with Heller's picture! Think you can recover the text, <Name>?

Examine Faded Paper.
Jonah: <Name>, you hit the jackpot! SOMBRA's logo is all over this paper!
Jonah: The info on it looks like Heller's résumé for the UN...
Jonah: Except for the line at the bottom: "Memorize this and destroy the document!" <Name>, I know what this is: fake personal info for an agent to learn before going undercover!
Jonah: We're lucky Heller didn't get rid of this! It proves that he infiltrated the UN under a false identity! We must show this to Ms Malak!

Show Ms Malak proof of Heller's SOMBRA allegiance.
Jonah: Ms Malak, <Rank> <Name>'s found proof that Heller was working for SOMBRA!
Leila: What's this? Heller's résumé?
Jonah: No, it's his fake identity! It shows that he infiltrated your organization on SOMBRA's orders!
Leila: <Rank> <Name>, I admit this is... concerning news. The UN will have to look into this SOMBRA business you keep mentioning.
Leila: I will convene a committee to approve further research into the subject.
Jonah: A committee? You think there's time for a debate?!
Leila: Protocol is protocol, <Rank> <Name>. I can bring all the relevant parties together in about... six months?
Jonah: Six months?! The Unified Nations has a massive security breach and you think you can just ignore it for six months?!
Leila: That's all I can offer, <Rank> <Name>. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got work to do.

Visit Jack in the hospital.
Carmen: What's up, Jack? Do you need your pillows fluffed?
Jack: No, it's about Lars. You know, we're bros... Or so I thought... He hasn't been to see me once!
Carmen: You know he's been busy helping us find who shot you! Between this case and being a single dad...
Jack: I know, I know... But can you check up on him anyway, <Name>? It would set my mind at ease.
Carmen: Sure, Jack. We'll track him down for you... Now, get back to resting!

Carmen: Jack seemed upset that Lars hadn't been to visit... Where the heck IS Lars, anyway?
Elliot: Last I saw him, Lars said he was going to the chalet... To clear his head or something.
Carmen: The triplets must exhaust him... <Name>, let's see if we can find him by the chalet!

Investigate Chalet.
Carmen: I don't see Lars anywhere, <Name>. Did you find anything?
Carmen: Some torn-up paper? Well, I trust your instinct, piece it together!

Examine Torn Paper.
Carmen: This paper looks like doodles and... a poem? Or a song?
Carmen: And then it goes: "You rock like granite slate... Other people do not rate... You're awesome in the extreme!"
Carmen: I'm no poet, but could Lars have written this? Maybe Marina will know!

Analyze Lyrics.
Marina: <Name>, these lyrics are really sweet. If somebody wrote a song like this for me, I'd never be sad again!
Carmen: How do you know it's a song and not a poem?
Marina: Well, this is Lars' handwriting. I compared it against his psych file.
Marina: Anyway, the lyrics are misleadingly simple, but they show one thing: Lars has finally turned over a new leaf after Angela's betrayal!
Carmen: Are you telling us Lars is dating again? Isn't that a bit fast?
Marina: Oh, I'm not saying he's dating... But there's clearly someone on his mind.
Marina: However, I'm worried about him tearing up the song. <Name>, I'd like to talk to Lars and make sure he's not repressing his emotions. Would you mind coming with me?
Elliot: If you're looking for Lars, I just saw him in the cafeteria, mumbling to himself. Looks like he could use some counseling!

Talk to Lars about his torn lyrics sheet.
(Lars has now removed his lab coat.)
Marina: Hey, Lars... How's it going?
Lars: Fine... Just a bit frustrated...
Marina: Something to do with the lyrics <Name> found?
Lars: Oh... This is embarrassing...
Marina: There's nothing embarrassing about thosee lyrics. It's great that you're getting your mojo back, after what you've been through!
Lars: But the song's crap! I'm stuck here, struggling to make it better, while my poor bro's in the hospital...
Marina: Lars... Is this song about Jack? Is this why you haven't visited him? Because you were still working on the lyrics?
(Lars stands, blushing and speechless.)
Marina: You do know Jack doesn't need a song to know you care about him, don't you? He's been asking after you! Why don't you come visit him with us?
Lars: I guess you're right... And the girls really want to see Uncle Jack...
Lars: At least, I have these cool Inuit sunglasses to give him! I have another pair, <Name>! They're yours!

At the hospital...
Lars: How's it going, dude?
Jack: Lars, bro! I was wondering if you'd ever show up!
Lars: Sorry, I... I'll explain later. But look who I brought!
April, May, and June (in unison): Uncle Jack! Uncle Jack!
Jack: Hey, munchkins! The nurse let you little beasts in here?!
May: Did daddy tell you we can identify moose scat now?
Jack: No... That's... great...
Jack: Anyway, bro, you got here just in time! They're about to discharge me!
Lars: That's great! <Name>, could you get the girls back to the station? I want to help Jack pack his stuff.

Marina: Chief, we've got good news! Jack will be discharged from the hospital in an hour!
Marina: It looks like Lars and Jack have a couple of personal things to figure out...
Chief Ripley: Well, they'd better figure them out fast! With SOMBRA trying to pit the Unified Nations against the US, time is not on our side!
Carmen: Heller revealed that creating discord between the US and the UN is just a step in SOMBRA's bigger plan: divide and conquer!
Chief Ripley: It's not the first time SOMBRA has tried that tactic! They created political unrest in Europe with the Promethian movement... They stirred up conflict in the Middle East...
Chief Ripley: But all of that looks like a warm-up for what's coming! Given the latest developments, the world could be heading for an international crisis!
Chief Ripley: The UN is now aware of SOMBRA's existence. But I won't hold my breath while they bounce the issue from committee to committee...
Carmen: I agree with <Name>: we shouldn't wait around! We should warn the US president!
Chief Ripley: You might have a point. The President is currently at Camp Rushmore. I could get us clearance.
Chief Ripley: Alright, let's do this. <Name>, pack your bags! We're going to see the President of the United States!

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