Donna King, appearing as a minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of Ashes to Ashes (Case #55 of Grimsborough).


Donna was a modern-day woman who sported long gray hair, green eyes, aged skin, and wore a black business jacket. Donna was the wife of Samuel King, Chief of Grimsborough PD, but was mentioned during the aftermath of Luna Hecate's indictment thanks to Cathy King. Little is known about Donna other than the basic facts.

Donna was the designer of the Nautical Museum, a Pilgrim Ship-like replica focusing on spreading awareness of Grimsborough's Pilgrim beginnings.

Murder details

Donna was murdered about 10 years prior to Ashes to Ashes and at the time the murder took place, it was said that Donna was killed in an act of robbery. The murder, however, was not autopsied as the killer was caught and incarcerated the moment after the murder took place.

Killer and motives

Donna was killed by Shane Kolinsky, a member of The Crimson Order.

At first, Shane killed Donna through a forced robbery, but when Jones and the player listened to an audio recording issued by Morgan Goodwin, the death by robbery was actually a cover-up by the Crimson Order as in reality, Chief King became disillusioned with the Order's ways and opted to leave the Order. The Order could not afford to let this happen as Chief King was too valuable to let go. They ordered Shane to kill Donna in order to blackmail Samuel into staying with them. The moment Shane was caught red-handed killing Donna, the police arrested Shane. Shane was eventually sentenced to 30 years in jail but 2 weeks after he was detained, he died of food poisoning. Whether Chief King did this as a retaliation move or not would never be known.

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