Donald C. Barnes (1962–2015) was the victim in Death in the Desert (Case #8 of World Edition).


Donald was the 53-year-old American CEO of the oil company SandOil. Donald sported gray hair, had brown eyes, and wore a pair of glasses. At the time of his death, he wore a black suit with a handkerchief in its pocket, and a white shirt and a red tie underneath.

Murder details

Donald was found dead in the Najwa nomad camp half roasted in a campfire. An analysis from Angela revealed that it was not the fire what killed him. According to bruises on the neck, Donald was strangled with some sort of rope and then tossed onto the fire. A closer examination of the bruising suggested the rope was tied with a specific knot. The knot was the type used by Saharan camel riders to fasten harnesses around a camel's head, so this meant Donald's killer rides camels.

Carmen and the player later examined a crash site in the middle of the desert, and they managed to find a rope. Since Donald was killed with a rope, it was filed as the murder weapon, and a white substance was found on it. It was sent to Lars, and he confirmed the sample was goat's milk. This meant the killer drank goat's milk.

Relationship with suspects

Donald had hired Jonah Karam as his bodyguard in the desert, but Jonah said he had a hard time protecting the victim, who did not do his part to remain safe. Donald had gone to the Najwa camp where he tried to bribe the tribesmen to be his spies in the desert with an electric appliance he gave to tribe leader Anir Aznag, who angrily refused the gift. Meanwhile, Quadir tribeswoman Mama Yasmine hostilely told the victim that he was not welcome in the desert among the nomads. She then apologized and asked Donald if he had seen her son in America, but he simply laughed at her. Izzah Farid was also hostile towards the victim and other foreigners after her husband and several of his coworkers died in an accident in SandOil. Vacationer Benjamin Scott, meanwhile, stole Donald's lighter from him because he had cut in line in immigration at the airport.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Yasmine.

Initially unwilling to cooperate, Yasmine admitted to the crime. She was against Donald's refinery and foreigners exploiting her land and destroying nomadic traditions. She was pushed to her limit when Donald implied that her son would never be glad to visit her back from the United States, which made her strangle him with a rope and push his body into a campfire to destroy evidence. Judge Adaku sentenced her to 20 years in jail.

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