Dolores Zamora was the victim in Dearly Departured (Case #49 of The Conspiracy).


Dolores was a flight attendant working for Osprey Airlines with brown hair and green eyes. At the time of her death, she was seen wearing a white buttoned shirt underneath a dark blue flight attendant vest with golden linings and an Osprey Airlines' golden lapel. She also wore a matching flight attendant cap, along with a dark blue skirt, black stockings and blue heels. She also sported earrings and a yellow neckerchief with white linings and the words Grimsborough on it.

Murder details

Jones and the player soon found her body at the airport gate bar on the report of Mayor Joe Warren witnessing her convulsing and collapsing on the bar counter. They then sent her body to Martine, who confirmed the killer laced her protein smoothie with a pesticide called Pest-B-Gone. As the specific pesticide was discovered to be only available for purchase via Cloud Mall, a shopping magazine only available on airplanes, it confirmed that the killer read Cloud Mall.

Relationship with suspects

Dolores often worked with Osprey Airlines pilot Shane Redfern, who she once slapped after catching him sexually harassing her. Dolores was journalist Louis Leroux's main whistleblower, exposing uncomfortable truths about airline safety practices during their interviews. Dolores was in a relationship with Mayor Joe Warren before he ended things to save his reputation, although she never let go and kept sending him her lingerie. Dolores frequented Tamu Wanjiku's airport bar, often to berate her condescendingly regarding her job. Dolores had passenger Amity Malone forcibly removed from a flight as she refused to let go of her pet axolotl, which Amity tried passing off as a therapy animal. When Amity was finally able to board a flight the next morning, Dolores was assigned to assist her in going around the airport. When Amity saw her however, she angrily assaulted her.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Shane.

Upon admitting to the murder, Shane said that Dolores threatened to tell a journalist about the naps he took in the cockpit mid-flight if he were to harass her again, which would guarantee him getting fired. When the threat solidified after Dolores had told him that she was meeting with the journalist upon landing, he laced the smoothie that she ordered in the bar with Pest-B-Gone. Judge Powell sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

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