Dolores Lovelace, appearing as a minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of Smoke and Mirrors (Case #10 of Pacific Bay).


Dolores was 24 years of age with brown hair and brown eyes. According to her "Missing" poster, she was seen wearing a tank top and a pair of sunglasses.

Murder details

Dolores was the first of three girls reported to be missing and was eventually murdered by Erikah Mabayo the same way the case's victim, Vanessa Kimmel, was murdered―strangled, having her eyes replaced with buttons and her mouth sewn shut by using a fishing line and hook, prior to the events of this case.

Events of Criminal Case

Hours after the arrest of Erikah for the murder of Vanessa Kimmel, Chief Andrea Marquez opted to reopen the case of the three missing girls that were previously investigated by Harvey Fitchner. After Harvey admitted that Vanessa knew more about the case than he did, Frank and the player volunteered to go to the treehouse the victim was supposedly hiding in.

Dolores ID

Frank Knight and the player managed to find Dolores' ID card in the treehouse.

The team found Dolores's ID card and identified her as one of the missing girls―in fact, she was the first girl who had disappeared. After collecting fingerprints off the card, Hannah revealed that some of the fingerprints belonged to Vanessa since she found the card, but the rest of the prints came from Alec Howard, the owner of Gator Land.

When encountered by the team, Alec admitted that he saw Erikah burying Dolores's body in the cemetery and immediately recognized her. However, he was caught by Erikah, who warned him that she would make the scene look as though he was responsible, and thus did not report it to the police. After telling the team where the body was located in the cemetery, which was signified by a bronze rose, Frank did not hesitate to arrest Alec for the obstruction of justice.

The team was able to find Dolores' grave, and after thirty minutes of digging, found the skulls of the three missing girls, thus solving the case. Frank told Harvey the good news and suggested he give her parents closure as to where their missing daughter went.

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