The time to invade Earth is upon us! We will take no prisoners as we ravage their world and drain it of its very life force!
—Demon Queen

The Demon Queen is the primary antagonist of Season 7 of Criminal Case. She made her debut in The Third Degree (Case #25 of Supernatural Investigations) after being mentioned multiple times throughout the season. She then appeared as a quasi-suspect in To Hell and Back (Case #30 of Supernatural Investigations), where she was defeated.


The demon queen was a red-skinned demon with large, matching wings. She had four black horns on her head and black eyes with yellow irises. She sported a flaming gold crown decorated with five rubies.

While imprisoned in the body of the late Lily Arrow, she resembled Lily entirely, having long, curly, dirty blonde hair and wearing a salmon cardigan with a floral pattern over a white shirt. The demon queen retained her own eyes, which were surrounded by veins.

Height 6'6"
Weight 116 lbs
Eyes yellow
Blood B+

Events of Criminal Case

Defeat in the demon war

According to supernatural hunter Falcon, all demons drew their strength from the demon queen. However, she was defeated by the rebels during a civil war.

Throughout the Midwest, Gwen kept experiencing visions of the demon war and the demon queen's defeat. After the team's minds were protected from demonic infiltration by witch Agnes Leek in Indiana, demon rebel Arthur Darkwood revealed that the queen was defeated in the demon war and that she was locked up by the rebels in a magical cage suspended somewhere between Earth and the Netherworld, which could be unlocked by five keys. Throughout the years, the queen's supporters — including her second-in-command Zeke Davis — had found four of the five keys. The fifth key's identity, however, was unknown except by the cage's creator, demon rebel Rathimael, who had been hunted down, tortured and killed years ago.

The Third Degree

After discovering the demon identity of Theresa Rosenthal's killer, the team discovered that Hope was the fifth key. Chief Arrow, Arthur and the player rushed to the between-dimension to stop Reggie from unlocking the cage. However, they were too late as Reggie used an unconscious Hope to unlock the cage. When the queen stepped out of the cage, Chief Arrow was shocked to discover that the queen looked exactly like his late wife, Lily.

To the Lighthouse

After discovering the demon identity of Bucky Johnson's killer, Chief Arrow and the player learned (per Felix) that Falcon was responsible for binding the demon queen to Lily's body. They confronted Falcon with the information, who admitted to sealing the queen in Lily's body. He revealed that he had joined forces with Rathimael to destroy the queen and that they had needed to put her in a cage made from a being that was completely pure. The only creature that fulfilled the criteria was a good fairy, prompting Falcon to reveal that Lily was actually a fairy. He described how he had lured a vampire to drain Lily's body of her blood and exhumed her body a week after her death. He then left while Rathimael imprisoned the queen and locked the cage with the five keys.

To Hell and Back

The demon queen sent a demon guard to capture Arthur and imprison him in the Netherworld. She then ordered the guard to capture the team and bring them to the Netherworld as well.

Mid-investigation, the guard warned the team to hide as the queen was heading their way. Believing that Arthur was still alive, she ordered the guard to bring him to her before Earth aligned with Saturn and Mercury. She also ordered him to bring the team as well as she wanted them to watch as she destroyed the world.

Later, the team discovered that Zeke was Arthur's killer. During the arrest, Zeke revealed that the queen needed Arthur's blood as she needed to drink her archenemy's blood just before the planets aligned in order to break open the veil. Since he did not want the queen to invade Earth, he killed Arthur in order to steal his blood. However, he gave the blood to Chief Arrow, unaware that he had defected to the queen's side. The demon guard then killed Zeke for his treachery as the queen revealed her true form to the team.

After Felix discovered that Hope needed to take on Arthur's demon form in order to beat the queen, Hope drank from a magical chalice containing water from the River Styx and assumed the demon form. Hope and the player confronted the demon queen, who ordered her guard to attack them. Hope blocked the guard's attack and immolated him with her flames, killing him. Following an intense battle in the sky, Hope attacked the queen with an explosion, killing her. As a result of their connection with the queen as a source of power, the queen's faithful perished.


  • At an infinite age, the demon queen is one of the oldest characters in the game.
  • The demon queen is one of the characters who animate (or move) during at least one cutscene in the game.
  • Being 6 feet, 6 inches tall, the demon queen is one of the second tallest characters in the game.
    • She is also one of the second tallest female characters in the game.

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