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Chief Andrea Marquez: Hello, <Rank> <Name>! First off, let me congratulate you on your first successful investigation in Pacific Bay!
Chief Marquez: You did a great job, and I know Amy was thrilled, you really showed her the ropes!
Chief Marquez: You won't be working with her today, however. Frank's just got back from his anger management course and I'd like you to do a shift with him.
Chief Marquez: Here he comes. And yes, I know he looks like a bit of a slob, but he's a great detective. Deep inside...
Frank: Hello, Andrea, missed me? Anger management, what a bore! If taxpayers knew how we waste their money! Went to Beerfest instead!
Chief Marquez: That's Chief Marquez, if you don't mind. And we'll have a talk about this Beerfest thing a bit later.
Chief Marquez: For now, let me introduce you to <Rank> <Name>. You'll be working together from now on.
Frank: Oh, so you're the new cop in town, <Rank> <Name>. Funny you chose to come to this hellhole of a city.
Frank: Anyway, why don't you let me show you around, <Rank> <Name> Amy showed you the bright side of Ocean Shore, I'll show you the underbelly...

A few yards away from the station...
Frank: Can you smell it, <Rank> <Name>? Exhaust fumes, alcohol and piss... The true blend of Pacific Bay!
Frank: This neighbourhood is usually busy, but no scum on the horizon, here. Everything's quiet. Too quiet...
Frank: GOD DAMN!
Frank: WHAT THE...
Frank: It's those street racers again! Those creeps like to show up in big cars, riding the streets like it's a race track, causing accidents everywhere they go!
Frank: Guess you're right, <Name>. We'd better go take a look. I've got a feeling this is going to be a long night.

Chapter 1

Investigate Car Crash.
Frank Knight: What did I tell you? Street racers! Worthless scum! Nah, this kind of scene is the reason why I need to down a drink every morning!
Frank: Let's rule out accident, <Rank> <Name>, this is murder! This creep looks like he wanted to play rough, but he ended up like an open egg!
Frank: That would explain why everyone left the crime scene. Those punks didn't want to be involved! But you've got a point, we can register the car as our murder weapon.
Frank: His wallet says his name is Carlos Antonio. He'll be better off in the autopsy room. With this makeover, he's just Roxie's type, now.
Frank: Are you sure you want to repair those car pieces? Well, you're the one who leads here, so let's see what you can do!
Frank: Uh-oh, that GPS device you just picked up seems locked. And let's be honest, I'm not computer compatible. So first round's on me if you manage to decode it!

Autopsy the victim's body.
Roxie: Oh boy, the body you brought me was such a mess! Did you see his skull? It was wide open like a strawberry jam jar! What a masterpiece!
Frank: See, <Rank> <Name>? I told you she'd like him. So Roxie, what happened to our victim, exactly?
Roxie: Well, the cause of death is obvious. The contact of his skull against the concrete while the car was driving turned his brain into a real slushie!
Frank: Thanks for the image, Roxie. Now I want to throw up everything I drank yesterday at Beerfest. Anything else?
Roxie: Well, yes. The victim had many fresh bruises on his fists, which proves he didn't go down without a fight. He must have punched his killer very hard before yielding.
Frank: That means we're looking for someone with bruises! That shouldn't be too hard to notice, <Name>!

Examine Car Pieces.
Frank: Alright, so you've repaired the car's steering wheel. And what do you intend to do with it now, genius?
Frank: Oh, alright, I guess Yann could have a look at that wheel for us. He doesn't look like a car-expert to me, but he's surprised me before.

Analyze Steering Wheel.
Yann: Sending me this steering wheel was a brilliant hunch, <Name>. I found out Carlos' killer forced the ignition to steal the car!
Yann: Clearly your killer has good knowledge of mechanics because those fancy cars can't be stolen by your run-of-the-mill delinquent.
Frank: Well that's because the steering wheel came from a street racing car. Goddamn street racers! If Andrea let me do it my way, all this flotsam would already be in jail!
Yann: Temper temper, Frank! As a monk told me when I was in Tibet: "Preoccupied with a single leaf, you won't see the tree!"
Frank: If... you say so. Let's just keep in mind that our killer is good at mechanics, shall we, <Rank> <Name>?

Examine GPS Pad.
Frank: Well, <Rank> <Name>. Looks like you managed to decode this GPS device! This ain't too bad, I guess.
Frank: Now you did this, we'll know where the killer's car was coming from before it crashed here.
Frank: Argh, how does this thing work? Oh, I see. The last entry of the GPS is: "42, Sunny Glades Estates, Ocean Shore".
Frank: Glades Estates? Talk about high standards! <Rank> <Name>, you drive!

Later on, at 42, Sunny Glades Estates...
Frank: Hey! Anybody home? Wakey wakey, it's the Pacific Bay PD! The door was unlocked, that's not very safe, you know!
Derek: Hey yo, wassup! Woah, Frank, it's you! How do? I'm having the worst hangover here... Hosted a party last night... Gotta get my hands on painkillers...
Frank: Derek Stone! YOU live here?! You really went up in the world. Last time I saw you, you were living in a piece of trash project in the suburbs!
Derek: I know, right! Did you ever think I'd be living in such a lavish crib? But tell me, who's the new cop, yo?
Frank: It's <Rank> <Name> to you, Derek. And we're here because some punk named Carlos Antonio was killed with a car. And it's trail leads straight to your apartment.
Frank: So just sit tight, and shut up. <Rank> <Name> will search your place and ask you a few questions.

Question Derek Stone about the killer's car.
Frank: All right, <Rank> <Name>. Don't let this Derek guy con you, there's more to him than some brain-dead party banger. Believe me, he knows how to trick people.
Frank: He's been running many illegal errands. Smuggling, stealing, drug trade, you name it. And somehow he's never been caught. Yet.
Frank: Oh, crap. Derek's back, we should talk to him.

Frank: So, Derek. Carlos was killed with a car, skull rubbed in half, in the middle of a street race.
Frank: And the GPS of the car proved it parked in front of your place some time before Carlos was murdered?
Derek: You followed a GPS? Pretty clever of you, but I didn't think you knew how they worked, Frank! And anyway, what's it got to do with me?
Frank: You're the one who hosted the party, you must have seen something. That is if you didn't kill Carlos yourself!
Derek: Easy, easy, there! You know how messed up things can get when the party's getting crunk, man. I was too busy with the girls to care about Carlos, yo!
Derek: And why bother, anyway? Carlos was a sorry-ass broke douche, always asking people for money. He would always treat me as his personal social worker or something. Embarrassing, yo!
Derek: Looks like I can't help you. I don't know anything about any car, and pretty much anyone could have killed Carlos! Good luck finding who, <Rank> <Name>!

Investigate Apartment.
Frank: A pile of panties. Seriously? I'll let you handle them, <Rank> <Name>. I don't know what happened here exactly, but I'll leave it to your imagination!
Frank: And that photograph you picked up is torn to shreds. Seems someone wasn't too happy about this picture.
Frank: You might wanna try and sort this mess out, please? I'm still feeling groggy from yesterday's Beerfest...

Examine Panties.
Frank: Well, <Name>? It appears you found a lost phone among the panties left over there.
Frank: It's locked? I'll let you take the helm on this one, <Name>. Those stupid computered phones and I, we don't get along too well.

Examine Phone.
Frank: You managed to find the right code for this phone you found at Derek's apartment. Not bad at all, <Name>, I should let you program my VCR one day!
Frank: How vain can this guy be, picturing himself on his phone screensaver? You're right, at least we know it belonged to our victim!
Frank: But even though you seem to have skills, letting Hannah take care of the phone would be wiser, don't you agree? Let's ship it to her.

Analyze Phone.
Hannah: Thanks for bringing me the victim's phone, <Name>. Reading the messages totally brought me up to date on the latest slang going on around town.
Hannah: Here's one message sent to your victim that caught my eye. It was sent a few hours before the killing: "Act right, or I'm gonna chop your body up. Just sayin'..."
Hannah: The name of the sender is Shawn Bailey. I retrieved his address and uploaded it to your tablet, <Rank> <Name>.
Frank: A tablet? What happened to pen and paper? Anyway, <Name>, let's go find this Shawn Bailey!

Question Shawn Bailey about his threat sent to the victim.
Shawn: Carlos was killed? For real? Oh man... Carlos and I were friends. I'll be missing him, yo.
Frank: Is that so? If we are to consider the last message you texted him, you had it in for him.
Shawn: I was just kidding with him, that's all! This text was just a joke, you know what I'm sayin'?
Shawn: Sometimes he'd just go ballistic randomly, and I was here to bring back to some kinda sane. But even though he was the violent kind, he was my brother, yo!
Shawn: Carlos always wanted to prove he was a tough guy. Arm-wrestling, gambling... You name it. He meant trouble, many people wanted him gone, yo!
Shawn: But, I, personally, never had any beef with Carlos. I loved him, you know what I'm sayin'? So whoever killed him, I really hope you bag them soon, <Rank>. True that!

Examine Damaged Photograph.
Frank: Looks like you managed to fix this photo you found at Derek's apartment, after all, <Name>!
Frank: You're right, this is our victim, Carlos Antonio. He looks like he's having the time of his life, but who's the girl on his arm?
Frank: Blondies like her are a dime a dozen in this town. How are we supposed to track this particular one down?
Frank: Good idea, <Name>. Let's have Hannah activate her geeky people-radar protocol on this picture!

Analyze Photograph.
Hannah: The girl on the picture you found in Derek's apartment is Memphis Banach.
Hannah: She dropped out of school when she was 15, and found shelter in the street racing community. That's how she became your victim's girlfriend.
Frank: I'll never understand how you can figure this stuff out. Do you get through people's garbage or what?
Hannah: It was all on her Friendnet profile. You know Friendnet, right? It's what the kids call a social network.
Frank: Well, "the kids" can go shove it! But you're right, <Rank> <Name>. We need to have a talk with this Memphis Banach right away.

Ask Memphis Banach about her relationship with the victim.
Memphis: Oh Carlos! My poor Carlos! I told him it was too dangerous to stay in this street racing game. And now he's dead! Oh what am I gonna do, <Rank>?
Frank: We were told you and Carlos were in a relationship, is that right? How did you meet him?
Memphis: I met him at the strip-club. I was just starting this whole new career. He spent all his money on me, that was so cute! And then he showed me his ride, and well, you know...
Frank: Do you have a clue about who might have killed him?
Memphis: Hum, Carlos had many rivals in this car racing thing. But he wouldn't tell me about it. He said I couldn't understand this street business.
Memphis: The only thing he asked from me was to love him and be pretty. And I did just that!
(After talking to Memphis Banach)
Frank: Well, this Memphis kid looks quite harmless. And the crying was not an act.
Frank: But you're right, <Name>. As Yann would say: "Things are seldom what they seem." Or like I say: "This stinks". So let's keep an eye on her.

Later, at the Station...
Frank: Alright, <Name>. The Beerfest got me a massive headache, but let's try and sum up the whole thing, okay?
Frank: Carlos Antonio, some low-rent gangsta, was killed with a car during a street race.
Frank: So far all we know is that our killer is a good mechanic and that they got away with a few bruises.
Frank: The car Carlos was killed with came from Derek Stone's place. And he claims, of course, that he was hosting a party there while the murder occurred.
Frank: As for Shawn Bailey, we've got proof he threatened Carlos, but he pretends it was just some kind of bro' joke.
Hannah: <Rank> <Name>! You gotta see this! Your murder has gone viral!
Frank: Viral? What does a virus have to do with a good old car crashing?
Hannah: I mean it's all over the Internet, Frank! Someone has uploaded a video of the murder on TrendVid, the online videos website! You've got to take a look at this!

Chapter 2

Hannah Choi: <Rank> <Name>, you're here! Quick, you gotta see this! Videos of Carlos Antonio's murder ended up on TrendVid, the online videos website!
Hannah: Unfortunately, you can never see the car's driver, but one of the videos shows the car parked in front of a tattoo parlor, "Oceanic Tattoos", before the murder.
Hannah: The video is the work of a certain Becky Walden, some phone-addict blogger with a taste for the sensational.
Frank: A death enthusiast with a camera? Agreed, <Name>. Something's wrong with this Becky Walden. Let's go talk to her!
Frank: And following the car means following the killer's trail! Let's have a look at this "Oceanic Tattoos" place.

Question Becky Walden about her video of the murder.
Frank: So, Becky. Tell us why you posted those videos of Carlos Antonio's murder on TrendVid!
Becky: Well, duh! For people to see it! It's the most popular video on the site!
Becky: At first, I just thought this was some sort of stunt for a movie. But when I saw this poor guy's skull smashed like a piñata, I knew I'd make a big hit!
Frank: You're one pretty weird lady, hope you know that! And how convenient that you didn't take one single shot of the car's driver! Almost like you tried not to!
Becky: Believe me, if I could have gotten that shot, I would have! But I still have a bunch of pictures left to check, maybe I'll get lucky.
Frank: Don't bother, kid. Just give <Rank> <Name> your phone so we can have a look at these pictures ourselves.
(After talking to Becky Walden)
Frank: Well, <Name>. There's a bunch of pictures of our killer's car in this phone. Do you see any common elements?
Frank: Alright, the same motorbike pops up on most of the photos, but there's never a good shot of it. So, I'm not sure I get your point, <Name>...
Frank: You think we can create a mockup of that bike by comparing the different photos together? Sure, we can give it a try!
Frank: And be "we", I mean "you". I quit since telephones started to behave like spaceship consoles.

Examine Becky's Phone.
Frank: So, the motorbike you spotted on the photos Becky Walden took with her phone is a "Sawa Motorcycle"!
Frank: You're right, <Name>. Hannah can track the owner of this one motorbike model. Let's just send it to her.

Analyze Motorcycle.
Hannah: I had a look at the motorcycle you identified on Becky Walden's pictures. It appears it belongs to Naomi Suzuki.
Hannah: She's been keeping tabs on street racers in the past few years, hoping to have them locked up. She's never broken the law, but has gone pretty close to it.
Hannah: That's why people on the internet started to call her "The Justice Rider". And she customized her bike herself, needless to say she's a true mechanics whizz!
Hannah: Dude, I'm so in love with her. She's so hot on her Japanese "Sawa" motorcycle. Oh, and the suit she's wearing? Va-Va-Voom!
Frank: Wait, don't you have a girlfriend... boyfriend... whatever?
Hannah: I do have a girlfriend, Frank. But it doesn't mean I can't have a crush on someone else!
Frank: Oooookay. Well you're right, <Name>. Naomi's not only against street racers, but she was around our crime scene. More than enough to go have a chat with her!
Hannah: Hey Frank, give the girl a chance, she's on our side! I know she's innocent, so go easy on her, OK?

Ask Naomi Suzuki what she was doing on the crime scene.
Frank: Miss Suzuki, we know you were on the crime scene when Carlos Antonio died. Did you see anything?
Naomi: Well I saw a street racing car with a guy strapped to the hood. Of course I stopped to watch it!
Naomi: I wish I had seen who was driving it, I'd have shaken their hands!
Naomi: Carlos and his gang put the lives of citizens in jeopardy! Somebody has to stand up, because you, the Police, are too slow!
Naomi: The way Carlos died should be the fate reserved to all those street racing scums! I hope what happened today will set an example!
Naomi: I'll let you ponder on that, while I'll be doing YOUR job!
(After talking to Naomi Suzuki)
Frank: Now that's one woman on a mission! And with a serious grudge going on, too!
Frank: You're right, we need to keep her in our suspect book. Who knows how far she might have gone to make sure Carlos wouldn't be a problem anymore?

Investigate Tattoo Parlor.
Frank: Well, <Name>? Have you found further proof that the killer stopped here before the murder?
Frank: A bunch of magazines? Nah, I'll let you do the digging. I'm short of sleep, can't think straight and all.
Frank: Good call! This shift sheet could tell us who was working here when the killer parked outside.
Frank: But it's faded, what a bummer. Could you give it a try?

Examine Stack of Magazines.
Frank: Well, <Name>? Searching through this stack of magazines from the tattoo parlor, you found... a butterfly knife?
Frank: It's been a while I haven't seen one of these babies. And this one's seen some action. What was it used for?
Frank: Gotcha, <Name>. Let's not take any chances and ship this knife off to Yann for analysis.

Analyze Bent Butterfly Knife.
Yann: Do you remember me telling you Carlos' killer had stolen that car by forcing the ignition on the steering wheel, <Rank> <Name>?
Yann: Well, my instincts told me the butterfly knife you found in the tattoo parlor had something to do with it, so I compared it to the damage on the steering wheel.
Yann: And there can be no place for doubt: this butterfly knife was used by your killer to steal the car!
Yann: And that's not all! The killer left you a valuable souvenir on that knife: particles of marijuana on the knife handle. Your killer was smoking weed while they forced the ignition!
Frank: Couldn't wait for a proper fix, then? You're right, <Name>. No matter how high this killer is, all we need to remember is that they're partial to marijuana!

Examine Shift Schedule.
Frank: That shift schedule you just fixed says that Shawn Bailey was working when the killer parked right in front of "Oceanic Tattoos"!
Frank: You're right, we already know he was close to the victim. And there's something with this not so friendly text he had sent him before he died.
Frank: So if he saw something, we're going to make him talk. Right, <Name>?

Ask Shawn Bailey what he knows about the killer's car.
Frank: Do you recognize this car, Shawn? It parked where you work, at "Oceanic Tattoos".
Shawn: I see what car you're talking about. It's a beauty. And I know my stuff, mechanics are more than a hobby to me.
Frank: Good! Carlos' killer parked it there. So who was driving it?
Shawn: Whoa! Many people came during my shift, and we keep no records of them! They just come, get tattoos and go. It could have been anyone!
Shawn: All of this is weird, you know. Last time I saw Carlos, he was having a good time at Derek's party. I just can't get that he's gone, man!
Shawn: I just hope Memphis is doing fine... It's a man's world out there, you know what I'm sayin'? And she needs a good man to look after her.
(After talking to Shawn Bailey)
Frank: Of course Shawn hasn't seen anything. They never do, anyway...
Frank: Shawn mentioned going to Derek's party. Seems most of our suspects went there at some point or another.
Frank: Better go have another look at that flat, then!

Investigate Living Room.
Frank: I suppose you picking up these shreds of paper is another one of your superior hunches, <Name>?
Frank: Don't mind me, you're just reminding me of the old days. All that enthusiasm, it's exhausting!

Examine Torn Paper.
Frank: This document you just fixed is a complaint form, saying that Memphis Banach was about to press charges against... Carlos Antonio? What did that punk do to her?
Frank: Don't know for you, but all that legal nonsense is giving me a headache, <Name>. Let's just send this over to Hannah, she's the one qualified.

Analyze Complaint Form.
Hannah: Judging from this document you brought me, Memphis was about to press charges against Carlos Antonio, for... assault and battery!
Frank: Assault and battery? So Carlos was beating on Memphis? More and more it sounds like that punk is better dean than alive!
Frank: You got a point, <Name>. Now the question is: who tore the complaint form? Was it Carlos, Memphis, or somebody else?
Frank: You're right. Whoever did this, we gotta go ask Memphis about that complaint!

Talk to Memphis Banach about the victim beating on her.
Frank: Memphis, we know about the beatings. Did Carlos keep you from turning him to the police?
Memphis: Oh, you fixed this form. Why would you do that? I could never have testified against him, you know how men are... It's nothing to get all upset about.
Memphis: I get so impulsive sometimes you know. Sometimes I just can't think straight. But once I cooled down, I knew I had to get rid of the complaint form. So yeah, I tore it off. So what?
Memphis: Carlos was a sweet person, you know. All he cared about was me and his car. He even gave me mechanics lessons, because he thought his girl should know her way under a car's hood...
Frank: I can imagine. Well, at least "sweet" Carlos won't beat you up ever again!
Memphis: Haven't you listened to me? Carlos was an angel! You don't know anything about anything! Just get out of here, you jerk!
(After talking to Memphis Banach)
Frank: Memphis's got a temper! Maybe she just figured out a better way to get rid of her problem... I almost hope that's what she did, <Name>!

Later, at the Station...
Frank: All those basket cases we've been dealing with, they're getting on my nerves. I'm gonna need a sip of "Gold Stag", here.
Frank: So! We have that dweeb who gets her kicks out of filming murders. Isn't that just sick?
Frank: And let's not forget our high-tempered stripper, who may just have snapped and murdered her boyfriend who used to beat her up!
Hannah: <Rank> <Name>! You gotta hear me out! I've been digging into Naomi Suzuki's past and what I've discovered is shocking!
Hannah: Her whole family died in a car crash years ago... And you'll never guess who was driving!!

Chapter 3

Hannah Choi: <Rank> <Name>! I've been digging into Naomi Suzuki's past and what I've discovered is shocking!
Hannah: Her whole family died in a car crash years ago... And your victim, Carlos Antonio, caused the accident!
Hannah: And the worst thing is... he got away with it! They never got enough evidence to prove it was him!
Frank: So that explains Naomi's grudge against street racers! What if she took her revenge on Carlos by killing him, <Name>?
Hannah: Look, I don't want to say this, but I've also got proof she stopped by the tattoo parlor before the murder. You should probably have another look there.
Frank: Let's go, <Name>. We gotta strike while the iron's hot! What's your pick? "Oceanic Tattoos", or another chat with Naomi?

Talk to Naomi Suzuki about her losing her parents in a car accident.
Frank: We know about your family, Naomi. Did you kill Carlos to avenge the death of your parents?
Naomi: Stop bullshitting me, I didn't kill him! But he would have deserved it, that swine! He killed my parents and got away with it! What kind of justice is that?
Naomi: When I realized that nobody else cared, I decided to make sure such a thing would never happen again. Those street racers wouldn't get away with it any more!
Naomi: Since Derek Stone took the helm of this whole game, things have never been so out of control! And you're turning a blind eye to that!
Frank: You're preaching the converted, girl! But there are still laws to contend with, like it or not!
(After talking to Naomi Suzuki)
Frank: Can't blame Naomi for hating Derek's guts. I've been trying to arrest this punk for years, now...
Frank: And you know what? I'm starting to think that with you on my side, I finally got a chance to nail him. So let's go and make him squeal!

Talk to Derek Stone about him organizing street races.
Frank: Your big party sounds like a very convenient alibi, Derek. What tells us you didn't just slip out, kill Carlos, then come back to your flat?
Derek: Hey man, just chill! Why would I go street racing when I got the hottest chicks crankin' up in my crib, yo?
Derek: You know, all this street racing game was just a joke in the beginning. At first I was doing it to smuggle marijuana from Mexico.
Derek: But now that marijuana's got legal in Pacific Bay, it's not cracked up as it used to be, you know what I'm sayin'?
Derek: Still, nothing better to get a party off the ground than weed. Just ask Shawn or that Memphis chick, they smoked most of my stash!
Frank: I don't care if those congress wimps just made weed legal, Derek. I'll find something to kick your ass to jail, you can be sure of that!
(After talking to Derek Stone)
Frank: How am I supposed to "manage" my anger when we have to deal with punks like Derek!
Frank: Good guess, <Name>. Mr Street Racer must be good at mechanics. One more point against him...

Investigate Design Table.
Frank: "Help catch Carlos' killer"? What the hell is that sticker about?
Frank: Looks like there's only the half of the message. Would you care to try and fix it, <Name>?

Examine Sticker.
Frank: Crap, I thought that if you fixed the sticker you found at "Oceanic Tattoos", there would be something more than just a scrawl.
Frank: Really, <Rank> <Name>? You're saying this thingie is actually useful? We'll just ship it off to Hannah, then.

Analyze QR Code.
Hannah: Wait a minute, Frank. You're saying you've never seen a QR code before in your life?
Hannah: It is a pattern you can scan with a videophone in order to reach a web page on the Internet. And this one's linked to the murder video Becky Walden's posted on TrendVid.
Hannah: She's clearly getting off on her newfound popularity. And this looks like she's using it to call a manhunt through town!
Frank: You're right, <Name>. This is starting to look like Becky planned the whole thing out. Let's go make her squeal!

Ask Becky Walden why she called a manhunt on the killer.
Becky: Hey, you found one of my stickers, <Rank> <Name>! I left them everywhere I saw the killer's car. Isn't that the best idea ever?
Becky: And I gotta say, it got me SO popular on the Internet. Now I just hope my video makes it to the news on TV, so that the whole Pacific Bay can see how cool I am!
Becky: Oh hey, can I take a picture of you and me, <Rank> <Name>? Maybe someday you'll be famous, I don't want to miss that!
Frank: No you can't! And stop posting bullshit on TrendVid, you're just messing with our investigation, here.
Becky: Hey, more views means more witnesses! You should be grateful, instead of bullying me. I was just trying to make a few more clicks, here. That's no biggie!
Frank: Or you might drag the killer's attention and come to a swift end! Ever thought about that, kid?

Later, at the Station...
Frank: OK, <Name>. We're closing in on the killer, I can feel it. So let's just say we're done interrogating suspects.
Frank: Do you mind? I need a little pick me up!
Chief Marquez: Frank! What are you doing?
Frank: Oh hi, Andrea. I mean, Chief Marquez... What's going on?
Chief Marquez: City Maintenance's just called. If you're not there within 10 minutes, they're towing your murder weapon out of the streets!
Frank: Duh of course, the car! I knew I'd forgotten something, <Name>!
Frank: This whole case revolves around that car the killer used to waste Carlos. Let's hurry before they tow it to scraps!

Investigate Street Race Car.
Frank: Why was Andrea in a tiff? I knew you'd have time to find what we need, <Name>!
Frank: Hey, those chains look exactly like the ones which were used to strap Carlos to the car! Since you've found them, I suggest you handle the searching.
Frank: But nice catch on the headrest! Did you see the gash on it? Maybe you should try to isolate something off of it.
Frank: Now <Name>, I gotta say, I haven't felt such a thrill since my first arrest many years ago! I can't wait to see you catch our killer!

Examine Leather Headrest.
Frank: Well, it looks like you managed to isolate some residue off of that headrest from the killer's car. Cheers to that, I guess.
Frank: Just kidding. Great find! Let's just ship it to Yann and hope he gets on it double quick!

Analyze Residue.
Yann: I'm impressed, <Rank> <Name>. It took a keen eye to spot this gashed leather headrest in the killer's car!
Yann: The shock from the crash had your killer's skull shaken like the one of a crash test dummy. And the residue you found turned out to be diamond powder!
Yann: And given the angle and shape of the gash, I can assess that the killer you're looking for is sporting diamond earrings!
Frank: Now THAT's helping! So our killer is wearing a diamond earring? We should take a look at our suspects' files to see who does.
Frank: We're closing in on the killer, <Name>. We're almost there!

Examine Box of Chains.
Frank: If the killer touched those chains to tie Carlos on that hood, then you can bet he also touched that towel you found!
Frank: No time to lose then, let's have a closer look at that towel, <Name>!

Examine Towel.
Frank: Now you've isolated the substance from the killer's towel, we'll just send it to Yann for analysis!
Frank: Getting closer, getting closer, <Name>! Can you feel it?

Analyze Substance.
Yann: Analyzing the substance you isolated from the killer's towel brought its bunch of good news, <Rank> <Name>!
Yann: The substance turned out to be a mix of sweat and after-care cream. But not any after-care cream. That one was especially made for tattoo wearers!
Frank: Great! Our killer is sporting a brand new tattoo, then? That shouldn't be too hard to notice!

After completing all tasks...
Frank: Well, <Name>. You've gathered enough clues to smoke Carlos Antonio's killer out! Congratulations!
Frank: Time to end this. Please lead the way, <Name>. I'm peckish for a little drama.

Take care of the killer now!
Frank: Of all our suspects, you seemed to be the most composed. So yeah, I was a bit confused when <Rank> <Name> found out you were the one who killed Carlos.
Frank: What happened, Shawn? Didn't you say you and Carlos were friends?
Shawn: Friends? How could I be friends with scum like him? He took the woman I love, and then he beat her up!
Shawn: I've been in love with Memphis since the day I met her. But I was too soft for her. Girls like Memphis, they always fall for the wrong guy, you know?
Shawn: I tried to convince her to turn Carlos in, file a complaint but Carlos had her completely brain-washed, she wouldn't go through it!
Shawn: So I tried to reason Carlos, but he just ignored my text! I was helpless, yo!
Shawn: That's when I realized the only way I could get Memphis out of harm's way was to get rid of Carlos! That way I could prove to her I had what it takes to protect her, yo!
Shawn: "Live by the car, die by the car". That's what Carlos would always say. So I decided to hijack a racing car I knew was parked near where I live.
Shawn: After loitering around town to blur my trail, I headed to Derek's party to convince Carlos to run in that night's race.
Shawn: When we got out of Derek's flat, I punched that punk K.O., strapped him to the car hood and gave him his last ride. That's my tribute to him, yo!
Frank: It looks like this is the last ride for you, yo. Please, <Rank> <Name>. I wanna see you put handcuffs on this loser.

Honorable Dante: Shawn Bailey, didn't you know that street racing was illegal? Therefore, you will be condemned to five years in-
Frank: Hum, your Honor... The suspect actually killed someone. Carlos Antonio. With a car, I mean... killed.
Honorable Dante: Did he, now? Why, yes. Don't worry, I was coming to that, of course.
Honorable Dante: Well that's 15 more years for you, young lad. That brings us to 20, I'm afraid.
Shawn: Say what? 20 years? For cleaning the streets of a wife beater? I saved Memphis from this dangerous Carlos scumbag!
Shawn: I made this out of love! I saved her, I'm innocent! You can't just put me in jail! I saved her, we're meant to be together now!
Honorable Dante: Don't take that tone with me, young boy! All you did was bring more terror in her life! This Court is adjourned! Away with you, now!

Frank: I must say, <Name>. You did very good on that case. Looks like there's still hope for this doomed city after all.
Frank: Glad we got the killer, but can't say I'm feeling sorry for the victim. Hope that Memphis kid will turn out okay.
Frank: Should we be worried over Becky's dangerous behavior as well? It seems she doesn't realize she's been dealing with hot stuff, here.
Frank: Nah, I worry too much. Let's call it quits and have a drink to your success, <Name>!

Additional Investigation

Frank Knight: So, <Name>, are you ready for that celebratory drink? I know this bar close by, best whiskey you'll ever dri-
Hannah: <Name>! I'm so glad you're still here! You have to see what I've found!
Hannah: I kept an eye on Becky Walden's page, in case she got something interesting on camera again... Anyway, look! She's just posted a picture of Naomi!
Frank: Alright, so she got a picture of your heroine... Are you jealous or something? You know we can't arrest her for taking pictures, right?
Hannah: Would you just look at the picture, Frank?! Naomi is in trouble! She's visibly hurt! And Becky added a comment stating: "The Justice Rider had a fight!"
Hannah: "Justice Rider" is the nickname people have given Naomi for her vigilante role! She's classy, smart, brave, definitely hot and... Anyway, she's seriously badass!
Hannah: But she's not a police officer, she's alone against guys like Derek! And she's in trouble right now... We can't let her fight on her own! We have to protect every citizen of Pacifi-
Frank: Okay, fine! We'll help her, cut it out, Hannah! You're right, <Name>, the picture was taken in front of the Tattoo Parlor. I guess it doesn't hurt to check if she's there.

Investigate Tattoo Parlor.
Frank: Alright, I don't see any sign of Naomi being here, <Name>, do you? Hannah won't like it if we don't find her. Trust me, the girl's small but she can be terrifying...
Frank: Which is why I hope you're right, and there is something useful in that case you picked up! Let's have a look inside!
Frank: What a drag... And we should talk to Becky again, maybe she saw where Naomi went? Lead the way, <Name>, we might still have time for a little drink afterwards!

Examine Tattoo Tools.
Frank: Well, <Name>, this torn picture you found in the case seems familiar, doesn't it? I've seen how good you are at this shtick, think you can fix it up?

Examine Torn Photo.
Frank: Not bad, <Name>! Is that Memphis on the picture you restored? Looks like she's getting her life back on tracks...
Frank: But more importantly, Naomi's on that picture too... I agree, Memphis should know how her new friend got those bruises!

Ask Memphis about Naomi's whereabouts.
Frank: Hello, Memphis, we need to know more about this picture <Rank> <Name> found. We're looking for that girl behind you, Naomi Suzuki.
Memphis: Naomi? Well, I'd love to help you but she left as soon as she could. We talked a bit and I offered to take her to my house, but she said she'd be safer on her own...
Memphis: Girl was covered in bruises when she came in the tattoo parlor... I know a bit about how to take care of that stuff, y'know, so I helped her out!
Memphis: See, us girls have to look out for each other! And I've decided to be more like Naomi. She doesn't take any crap from anyone! From now on, I'll do the same!
Memphis: My new tattoo is a symbol of my fresh start! It's also thanks to you, <Rank> <Name>, so here! I got these awesome new clothes, they'll suit you!

Ask Becky Walden what happened to Naomi.
Becky: Naomi Suzuki? Do you mean the Justice Rider? No, I don't know where she went after I took my photo...
Becky: But I'm SO glad I took it! I never thought I'd get a picture of her so easily, and what a picture! The hero of the city, all bruised from her fight against evil!
Becky: Just with that picture, I got so many HITS! Imagine if I had caught the fight and put it on TrendVid!
Becky: I think Naomi came from the street where that guy got killed... Hey, if you go there, can I come with you and take pictures?
Frank: What the hell? No, you're not coming with us, you punk! Let's go, <Rank> <Name>, I can tell you want to check that street.

Investigate Car Crash.
Frank: <Name>, I think you've found Naomi's helmet! Looks like she gave as good as she got!
Frank: How about we check who that blood belongs to? You should collect a sample, I'm tired of hearing Yann say I'm not cautious enough with those things!

Examine Helmet.
Frank: Alright, <Name>! This sample you took from Naomi's helmet should be enough for Yann to tell who the jerk who beat up our vigilante is!

Analyze Blood Sample.
Yann: Hey, <Name>, I had a bit of trouble with the sample you got me from that helmet, identifying Naomi's assailant wasn't easy!
Yann: But I wouldn't worry about her. Seeing how the blood was splattered on her helmet, she probably threw it at her assailant. And, trust my experience, that hurts a lot!
Yann: There was this biker guy in Thailand who thought I had insulted him and he-
Frank: Straight to the point, Yann, this little chase added to our previous murder investigation is really getting on my nerves.
Yann: As patient as ever, Frank... Alright, to make it short, the guy Naomi fought is Derek Stone!
Frank: Derek?! You gotta be kidding me! Hannah will go craz-
Hannah: The heck! How could Derek hit Naomi! The guy has no morals really!
Frank: No, nothing is too low for him to do! Don't worry, Hannah, <Name> and I will talk to him... I can't wait to see the bruises Naomi put on this scum's face!

Question Derek Stone about his fight with Naomi.
Frank: So, Derek? Stepping to new lows like hitting women now? What did Naomi do to you, exactly?
Derek: Look, crazy chick comes out of nowhere, head-butts me with her helmet, and I'm supposed to let that fly?
Derek: It was self-defense, man! Anyway, I don't have time to chat, I'm a busy man! Lots of parties to organize and street races to plan!
Derek: By the way, next race is soon, and I'll be driving. <Rank> <Name>, I strongly suggest you stay off the roads for a while... It'd be too bad if there was another accident, know what I mean?
Derek: Come on, <Rank> <Name>, you look a little pale, you sure you're alright? Here, eat something, I got a lot of food from my last party! Don't want you to faint here...

Later, at the Station...
Hannah: <Name>! I've got some news about Naomi! I was monitoring Derek's internet activity, hoping I could track him down, and-
Frank: Hold on, Hannah, are you sure that's legal? I mean, I don't really get this internet stuff, but you could get in trouble, stalking people...
Hannah: Don't worry, I merely Friendnet-stalked him. That's totally legal, you could even say that's the purpose of the website!
Hannah: Anyway, Naomi has left him a message: "I'm watching you! Getting into your house was easy, the door was wide open... Enjoy my little gift!"
Frank: Well, I hope she's left him a bomb or something, I'll write the case as a gas explosion if that's what it takes to get rid of Derek...
Hannah: That's not funny, Frank! You HAVE to check his place before Derek notices anything, <Name>! Who knows how bad his revenge could be if she angers him!

Investigate Apartment.
Frank: Wait, you found a speeding ticket in Derek's mess? Talk about ironic! I wonder how much that scum owes us... Think you can do something about it?

Examine Speeding Ticket.
Frank: I think I like working with you, <Name>, the surprises never end! Seems Derek owes the Police Department quite a bit of money! This speeding ticket is overdue!
Frank: And let me read the note written over it... "Don't forget your due dates!" signed "Justice Rider"! That's quite clever of Naomi!
Frank: The king of Pacific Bay's street racing, caught driving above the speed limit? I agree, <Name>, reminding him of his debts will be a real pleasure! Let's wait for him here...

Force Derek Stone to pay his fine.
Derek: What are you doing here, <Rank> <Name>? I'm busy, the mad chick who attacked me broke into my house! Wait, since you're here, make yourself useful, yo! Here's my depos-
Frank: It's not <Rank> <Name>'s job to take your deposition, punk. You always leave your door open anyway! You'd never be able to prove anything...
Frank: Actually, we're here about this ticket. You were supposed to pay this weeks ago! It'd be too bad if we had to confiscate your car, huh?
Frank: Pay up, Derek, or I'm suspending your driving license permanently!
Derek: Dammit, you cops are worse than taxes! Here, I have plenty of money, anyway, take this and get out! But I won't forget that, <Rank> <Name>, you better watch your back!
(After talking to Derek Stone)
Frank: We finally got Derek, <Name>! Let me tell you, this minor fine is only the beginning of this scum's fall!

Back at the Police Station...
Hannah: <Name>, you're here! I've got good news! Look who visited us after I managed to send them a Friendnet message!
Naomi: Hello, <Rank> <Name>!
Frank: Naomi?! What the hell! We've been looking everywhere for you!
Naomi: Well, I was...
Hannah: Don't be rude, Frank! After Naomi's stunt on Friendnet, I was going stir crazy! I monitored every site I could, until she came back online, and asked her to come over!
Naomi: I'm sorry for the ruckus I caused, <Rank> <Name>, I snapped! Derek was there, planning another street race as if nobody could stop him... He needed a serious punch in the face!
Naomi: After our fight, I just couldn't let him get away with this! I went to his place to trash it, but... Well, it was already a disgusting mess...
Frank: That's when you found that ticket, then? That was well played! Thanks to this, we finally got one over Derek!
Naomi: Yeah, but I wish it'd make a real difference... I'm worried, <Rank> <Name>. Derek is up to no good!
Hannah: Definitely! You know, you should come to my place. My girlfriend will be SO happy, she's always been a fan of the Justice Rider, just like me...
Frank: Alright, Hannah, we'll let you take care of that! I'm optimistic for once, though. Now that you're here, <Name>, we might finally have a chance to arrest Derek for good!

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