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Amy Young: Hey, <Name>! Is it true you've already solved a murder AND a robbery? And we've only just arrived in Paradise City!
Amy: And guess what: I've just heard that the circus is in town!
Amy: <Name>, can we go and have a quick look? The circus is such a fascinating world - the animals, the clowns, the magicians...
Amy: Pretty please?
Amy: Great! Surely nothing bad can come from a quick stroll by the circus and some cotton candy! Let's go!

Chapter 1

Investigate Circus.
Amy Young: Oh no, <Name>! That girl... she was hung by the neck with that red rope! She's... dead!
Amy: I agree, the way she's suspended above the stage, it's like someone put her on display on purpose... <Name>, there's no doubt this wasn't an accident - it's another murder!
Amy: But I see you're already onto something, <Name>! The acrobat on that poster you found looks like the victim, the costumes are identical...
Amy: And there's a name on the poster, too: "Annie Capri"! You've identified our victim, <Name>!
Amy: But you're right: someone wrote "Die" on this poster! It's a threat from the killer!
Amy: And the poster has some white substance smeared on it! Could you collect a sample?
Amy: Wait, you've picked up a megaphone? I see, there's some faded writing on it. Go on, work your magic so we can read it!

Examine Poster.
Amy: Nicely done, <Name>! You collected a white substance from the poster you found at the circus! Let's get it to Yann!

Analyze White Powder.
Yann: Hello, <Name>! I hear you ran away with the circus... only to bring back more lab work for me!
Yann: Anyway, the white powdery substance you collected from the poster was a highly purified form of calcium carbonate... commonly known as limestone.
Yann: To be exact, the soft, powdery variety of limestone the killer left on the poster is chalk!
Amy: So the killer uses chalk? Maybe they like to play hopscotch when they aren't killing people... but only until <Name> catches them!

Examine Megaphone.
Amy: <Name>, the megaphone you found at the crime scene has the owner's name written on it: "Ziegfeld"!
Amy: Hmm, you're right, if this Ziegfeld works in a circus and has a megaphone, chances are he's... the ringmaster!
Amy: So it won't be hard to track down Mr Ziegfeld and ask him about the victim! Let's go!

Ask Orsino Ziegfeld what he knows about the victim.
Orsino: Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages! Welcome to Paradise Circus! Orsino Ziegfeld at your service: how may I entertain you, <Rank> <Name>?
Amy: We're here on serious business, Mr Ziegfeld. <Rank> <Name> is investigating the murder of Annie Capri. She performed in your circus as an acrobat, right?
Orsino: What?! Annie's dead? But... she was my most breathtaking attraction!
Orsino: Annie was the most amazing acrobat who ever walked the earth... I mean the air! She was going to turn my circus into the most spectacular show in town!
Orsino: What am I going to do without her, <Rank> <Name>? The circus is a tough world, and talented artists are hard to find!
Amy: Well... you can help <Rank> <Name> find her killer! When did you last see Annie, Mr Ziegfeld?
Orsino: After last night's show, all the artists went to a rooftop party.
Orsino: Of course, none of them thought to invite me! If I find out any of them harmed Annie, I'll unleash the tigers on them, <Rank> <Name>!

Amy: Hmm, Mr Ziegfeld sounds genuinely upset that Annie's dead. Apparently, she was a talented acrobat...
Amy: Nice catch, <Name>, he also mentioned a rooftop party which Annie must have gone to. Let's go and check it out!

Investigate Rooftop Terrace.
Amy: So, we know the victim was at a party here last night... Any new leads on her murder, <Name>?
Amy: A box full of costumes? Looks like a good place to hide something... can you search through it, <Name>?
Amy: And you're so good at restoring torn pieces like these, you'd put a magician to shame!

Examine Costume Box.
Amy: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! The world-famous <Rank> <Name> presents... a balloon animal? Found in the box in the rooftop!
Amy: Sorry, <Name>... I know this is a serious clue... there's even some faded writing on the balloon. Can you make it readable again?

Examine Balloon Animal.
Amy: <Name>, you've uncovered the writing on the balloon animal! It reads, "Coco says: play nice, Annie!" That message was intended for our victim!
Amy: But that name, "Coco"... That doesn't sound like a real name at all! Someone named Coco, who writes on balloon animals...
Amy: Oh, you genius, <Name>! Coco must be a clown in the circus, of course!
Amy: Well, hopefully Mr Coco can still give you some serious answers, even if he's a clown. Let's go talk to him!

Talk to Coco about his message on the balloon animal.
Coco: What do you want? The circus isn't open yet!
Amy: Well, I... I'm sorry to bother you, Mr Coco, but we have some bad news.
Coco: Bad news? I hope it's not a busload of schoolchildren, I'm not in the mood to work overtime!
Amy: I'm afraid it's been worse, Coco. Annie Capri has been murdered.
Coco: Annie's dead? Great! That's one less person pointing and laughing at me today! Anything else?
Amy: You're happy that your colleague died? That's very insensitive, even for a... grumpy clown like you! Not to mention suspicious!
Amy: Did you have a workplace conflict with Annie? Is that what you meant by your message on the balloon animal, telling her to "play nice"?
Coco: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, you don't know anything about circus life! Being laughed at isn't so easy! Especially when it's your fellow artists who make fun of you!
Coco: Now excuse me, I have to practice falling over my own shoes for tonight's performance. Come back tonight if you like! Or don't, what do I care?

Examine Torn Paper.
Amy: Good work, <Name>, you've restored the torn paper you found on the rooftop! And hey, it's a photo of our victim, you're right!
Amy: Someone wrote a message on the poster... "Annie, YOU are the freak!" And it's signed by "The Hanoi Sisters"...
Amy: Hmm, who do you think these Hanoi Sisters might be, <Name>?
Hanoi Sister #1: Hello, <Rank> <Name>! We heard our name... what can we do for you?
Amy: Eeee!
Hanoi Sister #2: Are you alright, miss?
Amy: Y... yes. Sorry, I've just never seen conjoined twins before!
Hanoi Sister #1: Don't worry, we're used to people staring at us. We're one of the attractions of the circus!
Hanoi Sister #2: We are literally joined at the hip, so we have to go everywhere together. But we also have two heads, so we don't always agree on everything!
Hanoi Sister #1: Hey, it's YOU who-
Hanoi Sister #2: Oh don't you dare start that again!
Amy: Ladies, please! <Rank> <Name>'s right, we need to talk to you about this picture you sent to Annie. We're investigating her murder!

Ask The Hanoi Sisters about their relationship with the victim.
Amy: Alright, ladies, what can you tell us about this picture? Why did you call Annie a freak?
Hanoi Sister #2: We were just teasing her! Annie was full of herself, like most beautiful girls. She thought having only one head made her better than us!
Amy: So you were jealous of her?
Hanoi Sister #1: I wasn't... but my sister was!
Hanoi Sister #2: What?! You said you hated her!
Amy: Ladies! If <Rank> <Name> finds out you killed Annie, both of you will go to jail, so there's no use fighting!

Amy: <Name>, I'd never met conjoined twins before! Imagine being stuck with someone for your whole life! I mean, Frank is hard enough to tolerate for fifteen minutes!
Amy: You're right, there are many strange things in life... and more in a circus! But I can't imagine what else this investigation will turn up!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: Hello, <Name>! I hear things are a bit up in the air with your latest investigation. Especially the victim!
Amy: Roxie, do you have a bad pun for every imaginable way a person can die?
Roxie: Actually, for this murder, I have TWO! You could also say the poor victim's life was hanging by a thread! Not only was she suspended in mid-air by those silk ropes...
Roxie: ... but the silk rope served as the murder weapon to strangle her!
Amy: So, a circus artist killed with her own props... But what about the killer? Did you find anything that can narrow down the search?
Roxie: I did find a strange chemical in the strangulation wounds, which must have been transferred from the rope the killer used. It turned out to be fruit syrup diluted in water!
Roxie: The molecular structure of the solution indicated that the water was frozen! Which led me to believe that the mixture was... shaved ice!
Amy: Shaved ice? You mean those colorful icy desserts sold near amusement parks and... circuses? That makes sense...
Amy: So we're dealing with a killer who eats shaved ice... Well, their sweet tooth will be their downfall, <Name>!

Later, at the station...
Amy: <Name>, this case has more surprises than a magician's box!
Amy: We've found an acrobat hung from the circus ceiling, murdered. But who could have done it?
Amy: Coco the clown, wasn't on good terms with Annie... But grumpiness could just be his personality. Or do you think clowns get burnt out, too?
Amy: And the Hanoi Sisters were clearly jealous of Annie: she was pretty, successful... and perhaps cruel to the sisters because of their rare condition...
Hannah: <Name>! I've just found out your victim called the police before she died! She said her life was in danger!

Chapter 2

Hannah Choi: <Name>! I've just found out your victim called the police before she died! She said her life was in danger!
Hannah: According to the call log, the line got cut off before Annie could say anything else... but the interesting thing is that she wasn't calling from the circus!
Amy: So Annie knew someone was after her, and fled the circus? Hannah, we need to know where she went!
Hannah: I know. That's why I checked the cell tower data, and found the call was made from the Wax Wonders wax museum. Big rip-off, if you ask me, but that's where Annie called from!
Amy: A wax museum? You mean those places where you can see wax lookalikes of celebrities? I've always found them creepy?
Amy: You're right, <Name>, if our victim went to hide in that wax museum, we'd better go and have a look around!

Investigate Wax Museum.
Amy: So, <Name>, did you find any trace of Annie's presence in this museum?
Amy: You found a phone? You're right, it could be hers! Let's unlock it quickly so we can access the data!
Amy: And this banner shows our victim's face, too!
Amy: But who is the man with her? Do you think you could find his name in the database, <Name>?
Amy: And I don't know what you expect to find in this box, but I'll let you look through it, you've always been faster than me!

Examine Cell Phone.
Amy: Good work unlocking the phone you found in the wax museum, <Name>! Let's send it to Hannah!

Analyze Phone.
Hannah: Hello, <Name>! I've checked the phone you found in the wax museum. It's definitely the phone Annie used to make the emergency call before she died.
Hannah: But aside from that, Annie barely used her phone! No pictures, hardly any contacts, no browsing history... That girl had no life even when she was alive!
Amy: Well, it's hard to take selfies while twirling on a rope... Besides, all the witnesses keep saying circus life is tough... she must have worked day and night!
Hannah: There was, however, one guy who messaged her about 50 times just days before her death!
Hannah: I managed to trace the number back to a certain Freddy Gomez. Surprise, surprise: he works at the wax museum!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, it's time to turn the spotlight on this Mr Gomez!

Ask Freddy Gomez about his messages to the victim.
Freddy: How may I help you, <Rank> <Name>?
Amy: Um... Hello, Mr Gomez. We're investigating the death of Annie Capri. How... did you get to know her?
Freddy: I'm a big fan of the circus! I saw Annie perform. I was so enthralled I dropped my shaved ice! She was beautiful and talented! Like an angel!
Amy: Is that why you kept messaging her? It sounds a bit like harassment, to be honest.
Freddy: I was only trying to be friendly! Annie kept saying she was fine, but I could tell she was in need of protection.
Freddy: I finally convinced her to come hide in my wax museum. But she didn't stay long. She said my sculptures creeped her out!
Amy: Mr Gomez, Annie called the police before she died. From here! She said her life was in danger!
Freddy: And I tried to protect her! Surely you cannot blame me for her own failure to stay her, where she was safe?
Freddy: I'm very sorry to hear she's dead... Another poor, vulnerable girl swallowed by the underbelly of Paradise!

Amy: Ugh, <Name>, this Freddy guy gives me the creeps! Annie must have been desperate for a hiding place to ever give him the time of day!
Amy: Anyway, everything seems to hinge on Annie's last moments before she ran away. You're right, we should have another look at the rooftop, since she came from there.

Investigate Rooftop Corner.
Amy: Do you think something could be hidden in that big storage box, <Name>? You'll have to unlock it to find out!
Amy: And you've picked up a decoration, too? A wooden moon... You're right, Annie's name is written on it! Can you reveal the rest of the text?

Examine Storage Box.
Amy: Great, you unlocked the storage box you found on the rooftop! Now you just have to rummage through the contents!

Examine Open Box.
Amy: Oh, <Name>, that piggy bank you found in the storage box is cute! Look, it has a clown face!
Amy: Hmm, you're right, it's broken! And there's a message written on its side: "Coco, I'll pay you back - Annie".
Amy: It looks like Annie took money from Coco the clown! You're right, <Name>, we have to ask Coco about this!

Ask Coco about the piggy bank.
Amy: Mr Coco, you told us last time that you and Annie didn't get along! She looked down on clowns and made fun of you. But you didn't tell us everything, did you?
Coco: Oh, there's always more, <Rank> <Name>! Like when Annie threw a bucketful of ice over me, pretending it was part of her show, just to make fun of my love of shaved ice!
Coco: She thought it was funny! But it ruined my makeup! It takes hours to apply this chalk, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: How about when Annie stole money from you, Coco? Tell us how that happened!
Coco: I'd been saving that money for years, <Rank> <Name>! I wanted to go to drama school! Of course, Annie mocked that, too. She said I'd never be an actor...
Coco: And one day, the money disappeared... and so did Annie! All she left was that message on the piggy bank... She ran away with my savings!
Amy: Well, if her adventure ended in tragedy because of you, <Rank> <Name> will have the last laugh, Coco!

Examine Faded Moon.
Amy: <Name>, you've revealed the writing on the wooden moon you found on the rooftop! It reads: "Annie, you'll hang from a Tau cross for this!"
Amy: I have no idea what a Tau cross is... but someone threatened to hang Annie, and that's exactly how she died!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, there must be more to this than meets the eye... Looks like a job for Russell! Let's send the wooden moon to him!

Analyze Message on Moon.
Russell: Hello, <Name>! I don't mean to spook you, but this wooden moon is a very unsettling clue!
Amy: What do you mean? Did you figure out who wrote that message to Annie?
Russell: Several elements show that it was the killer! First, there's the threat of hanging, which is how Annie died.
Russell: But the choice of the moon and the Greek letter Tau is also significant. They're both ancient symbols of death, destruction and madness!
Russell (reading a book): Then it struck me. The killer was using Tarot imagery! The Tau cross refers to a card called the The Hanged Man, and The Moon is another card!
Amy: So... Annie's killer used these ancient Tarot card symbols to threaten her?
Russell: Exactly. The cards have very complex meanings; it could be betrayal, or revenge... All I can say is that the killer knows this tradition very well.
Amy: But <Name> knows the tradition of arresting killers even better! I'll write down this new evidence: the killer reads Tarot cards!

Examine Box of Spare Parts.
Amy: What did you find in that box of spare parts? A top hat? Isn't it just a prop for the statues?
Amy: Oh, of course, there's the circus logo on the top! It must belong to Orsino Ziegfeld, the circus master!
Amy: But... how could his hat have ended up here, in the wax museum? Do you think Ziegfeld followed Annie here, and lost his hat while he was spying on her?
Amy: I agree, <Name>, we need to question Mr Ziegfeld about this!

Ask Orsino Ziegfeld about the hat found in the wax museum.
Orsino: Roll up, roll up, ladies and ge-
Amy: Mr Ziegfeld, <Rank> <Name> found this hat in the wax museum. It looks amazingly like the one you have on your head. Did you go to the museum recently?
Orsino (sweating): Well... As a matter of fact, I did, yes. Thanks for bringing me my spare hat back, <Rank> <Name>.
Amy: Mr Ziegfeld, we have proof that Annie ran away from the circus and hid in the wax museum shortly before she died... Did you follow her there?
Orsino: Of course I did! When my employee runs away from her duties, it is my RIGHT to bring her back!
Amy: I see. Why did Annie want to run away, exactly?
Orsino: She complained that I made her work too hard! Bah! The circus is only meant to be fun for the audience, <Rank> <Name>! For the artists, it's blood, sweat and tears!
Orsino: But I'm their Master, and they owe my loyalty! I had to set an example and discipline her, lest all the artists threaten to leave me!
Amy: Discipline her? What exactly did you do to the poor girl, Ziegfeld? Drag her back to the circus and kill her on stage, to teach the rest of your employees a lesson?
Orsino: That's nonsense! I told you, I needed Annie, she was my best acrobat! Besides, I never found her in the museum!
Orsino (sweating): I even bought her shaved ice, to show her I forgave her, to cajole her back... But I never had the chance to give it to her! She disappeared!

Amy: <Name>, who knew the circus was such a harsh world? Orsino Ziegfeld apparently thinks that if the artists aren't suffering, they don't work hard enough!
Amy: Annie tried to escape, but she didn't get far... The question is, who stopped her? Let's keep investigating and find out!

Examine Circus Banner.
Amy: So the man on the circus banner with Annie is another acrobat: a certain Mikey Bolero. He was Annie's stage partner!
Amy: Hmm, he certainly looks like he can dazzle the audience, this Mikey...
Amy: I mean... we must question Mr Bolero about our victim! Let's go, <Name>!

Ask Mikey about being the victim's stage partner.
Mikey (crying): Annie's dead? But... that can't be! My life is over!
Amy: It's nice to finally talk to someone who's genuinely upset at Annie's demise, Mr Bolero! What was your relationship to her?
Mikey: We performed together in a double act! Annie and Mikey, the two airborne angels of Paradise!
Mikey: What am I going to do without her? I can't do a double act alone, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: I know this is hard for you, Mr Bolero, but when did you last see Annie alive?
Mikey: After last night's performance... I washed the chalk off my hands and had a cup of shaved ice to relax... I wanted to spend a quiet evening, but Annie went out to party.
Mikey: Oh, <Rank> <Name>... if only she'd stayed with me, she might still be alive!

Later, at the station...
Amy: <Name>, this case is such a roller-coaster! We've learned that Annie was afraid for her life, so she decided to leave the circus...
Amy: ... which made the Ringmaster very angry. Apparently, Ziegfeld rules the circus with an iron fist, though he claims he didn't do Annie any harm.
Amy: Annie stole money from Coco the clown, to finance her escape. Coco wasn't amused!
Amy: She then sought refuge at the wax museum, with the help of Freddy Gomez. He sure makes my skin crawl... but is he a killer?
Hanoi Sister #1: <Rank> <Name>! We have to talk to you! It's a matter of life and death!

Chapter 3

Hanoi Sister #1: <Rank <Name>! We have to talk to you! It's a matter of life and death! It's about Annie's killer!
Hanoi Sister #2: My sister didn't want to come, but I insisted, and...
Hanoi Sister #1: What?! YOU didn't want to come!
Amy: Oh, for Pete's sake, stop fighting! If you have any information about Annie's killer, you must tell <Rank> <Name> immediately!
Hanoi Sister #2: The cards do not reveal the identity of the killer... But we know they'll kill again if you don't catch them in time!
Hanoi Sister #1 (holding tarot cards): We see death and violence in the cards! Even you might be in danger, <Rank> <Name>!
Hanoi Sister #2: The cards have also shown us a strange place: a museum full of wax figures! That's where Annie's killer is going! That's where you'll find the answers!
Amy: Enough of this nonsense! The police don't rely on fortune-telling to catch killers!
Amy: <Rank> <Name> will interrogate you again, ladies. You can leave your cards in the evidence locker.
Amy: But you're right, <Name>, we'll go back to the wax museum just to make sure everything's in order. Let's go!

Find out what The Hanoi Sisters really want.
Amy: Alright, ladies. Spare us the fortune-telling nonsense and stick tot he facts; we know you and Annie didn't get along. So why are you suddenly so keen to help the investigation?
Hanoi Sister #2: <Rank> <Name>, the circus is a small, closed world. If there's a killer among us, we want to help you find them before they kill someone else!
Amy: Alright. Well, did you notice anything unusual in the circus lately?
Hanoi Sister #1: Well, one night someone drank my shaved ice, but I think it was my sister...
Hanoi Sister #2: Liar! And I know you stole the chalk I use to mix our makeup, don't deny it!
Hanoi Sister #1: What?! That's ridiculous, I never-
Amy: Oh, this is not helping... What about Annie? Did you know she wanted to leave the circus?
Hanoi Sister #2: Nobody leaves the circus, <Rank> <Name>! We told you, it's a small world. We all live and die there!
Hanoi Sister #1: It's our fate. It's written in the cards!

Investigate Wax Museum Entrance.
Amy: <Name>, you found Annie's suitcase - there's her name on it! Open it, let's see what's in there!
Amy: And you think that broken thing is a clue? Alright, piece it back together... but hurry, we have to stop the killer before they kill again!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Amy: <Name>, those pieces you restored were fragments of a face!
Amy: I don't know why, but it's sending shivers down my spine... You're right, we should send this face to the lab at once!

Analyze Plaster Mold.
Yann: <Name>, this plaster face you sent me is a mold for making wax statues!
Yann: The first step of making a wax statue is to make a plaster mold, like this, but putting a layer of hot gypsum directly on the person's face, and then...
Amy: Yann, we don't have time for an art lesson now! We're worried about what the killer might do next if we don't stop them in time!
Yann: Alright... I found some DNA inside the mold, and it matched the DNA of Annie Capri!
Amy: So the mold is of our victim's face! Somebody wanted to make a statue of her?!
Amy: Ugh, <Name>, you're right. It could only be that creepy museum guy, Freddy Gomez! Let's go talk to him!

Ask Freddy Gomez why he made a wax mold of the victim's face.
Amy: Mr Gomez, <Rank> <Name>'s found out about your little art project involving Annie Capri!
Freddy: Ah, yes! I wanted to immortalize her in wax! I'm an artist, and she was a beautiful girl...
Freddy: I offered her a place to stay, so letting me turn her into wax was the least she could do in return!
Amy: Except the mold was broken. What happened?
Freddy: Annie had trust issues, <Rank> <Name>. When I showed her my sketches of her, she freaked out for no reason... She even broke my chalk crayons.
Freddy (holding tarot cards): I tried to reassure her by reading her fortune with my Tarot cards, but she went completely hysterical. I told her the Hanged Man didn't mean anything bad, but she wouldn't believe me!
Freddy: I don't understand these young girls, <Rank> <Name>! They always run away from me! Annie was safe here, she would still be alive if she stayed with me!

Examine Annie's Suitcase.
Amy: Great, you unlocked he victim's suitcase you found in the wax museum!
Amy: Now you only have to search through Annie's belongings. I'm sure you'll be deft like an acrobat, <Name>... just don't end up dead, like one!

Examine Annie's Belongings.
Amy: <Name>, you found a map in Annie's suitcase! And there's a message on it: "Mikey, run away with me! Love, Annie"!
Amy: Looks like Annie asked her partner, Mikey Bolero, to leave the circus with her!
Amy: But why didn't Mikey mention this before? You're right, <Name>, we'd better talk to him again!

Ask Mikey about Annie's offer to run away.
Amy: Mr Bolero, <Rank> <Name> found the message Annie left you on this map. Why didn't you tell us she wanted to run away with her?
Mikey: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, Ivywood was just a dream for us! Life is hard in the circus, and Annie was often unhappy... We all need something to look forward to!
Mikey (holding tarot cards): I promised Annie our dreams would come true one day, I read it in my Tarot cards!
Mikey: And it was true: we'd just perfected our double act! Even if our life was tied to the circus, it wasn't always bad!
Amy: But then... why did Annie run away, alone?
Mikey (crying): I ask myself that question every day, <Rank> <Name>! If only she could've stayed strong... but now she's dead, and our dreams are shattered forever!
Amy: Mr Bolero, I feel very sorry for you... but if <Rank> <Name> finds out it was you who shattered Annie's dreams, it'll take more than tears to save you!

Later, in the office...
Amy: <Name>, we still don't know who killed Annie, and time is running out!
Amy: You discovered that Annie asked her partner, Mikey Bolero, to run away with her. We don't know what went wrong with their plan...
Amy: ... but we know that Annie sought refuge at Freddy's wax museum. She got frightened when Freddy tried to "immortalize" her in wax, and I can't blame her!
Amy: And the Hanoi Sisters just seem to want attention, with their fortune-telling and bickering, but it's hard to tell what they're playing at.
Amy: <Name>, you think we should go back tot he circus for the final act?
Amy: Well, I won't let you go alone! I'll catch you if you fall, you can count on me!

Investigate Circus Stage.
Amy: <Name>, you found a Tarot card! This can't be a coincidence, this must have been left behind by Annie's Tarot-loving killer!
Amy: There's some bright red substance on the card... Quick, <Name>, let's collect a sample! We're so close to catching this killer!
Amy: And you found a piece of fabric, too! You're right, it looks like part of Annie's outfit!
Amy: The fabric's stained with something. Can you collect a sample of that, too? Let's show the killer who runs the show in THIS circus, <Name>!

Examine Torn Fabric.
Amy: Good job, <Name>, you've collected a perfect sample of that white substance on the torn piece of Annie's costume!
Amy: Let's send the sample to the lab and let the curtains fall on this investigation!

Analyze White Substance.
Yann: <Name>, this white substance you collected from Annie's torn costume is beeswax!
Yann: Before you tell me to go faster, <Name>, let me clarify.
Yann: This wax was mixed with honey and natural oils... This is what gentlemen use to give one's mustache a healthy shine!
Amy: Mustache wax? You're right, <Name>, it's not something Annie would use... Which means it could only have come from the killer!
Amy: And now we know the killer has a mustache, it's time for the final showdown, <Name>!

Examine Tarot Card.
Amy: Great, you collected a sample of the red substance from the Tarot card you found in the circus!
Amy: Let's send the sample to Yann... I'm not fortune-teller, but I can predict our killer's luck is finally running out!

Analyze Red Substance.
Yann: <Name>, this red substance you collected from the Tarot card was an interesting compound of pigments, emollients and oil...
Amy: Any chance you could give us the short version, Yann? A sadistic killer's on the loose, and every minute counts!
Yann: Alright. This red substance is makeup! More precisely, a very resistant face paint used by performance artists.
Amy: Now you're talking! So the killer wears red face paint! Well, at least they can hide their embarrassment a little when <Name> arrests them!

After completing all the tasks...
Amy: <Name>, you've collected enough evidence to arrest the killer! The show is over - let's go get them!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Mikey Bolero, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Annie Capri.
Mikey: What?! I didn't kill Annie, <Rank> <Name>! She was all I had on this earth... and in the air!
Amy: Stop lying, Mikey! You systematically threatened to kill Annie, leaving clues everywhere! Like that poster on which you wrote "Die"!
Mikey: Nonsense, it wasn't me! I loved Annie!
Amy: Then why did <Rank> <Name> find your face paint on this Tarot card? Yet another way you tried to intimidate Annie!
Mikey (sweating and holding tarot cards): Death in Tarot means good luck, <Rank> <Name>! I told you, Annie and I planned our futures together!
Amy: Stop lying! You left your mustache wax on her torn costume, probably when you were hanging her from these ropes! How could you do this to your partner?!
Mikey: I see there's no point in pretending any longer, <Rank> <Name>. Yes, I did kill Annie. But only because she wanted to leave!
Mikey: The circus is my life, it's all I've ever known! I will never leave it! And because of our double act, I couldn't let Annie leave either!
Mikey: I wasn't unreasonable. I tried to make her understand she had nowhere to run, that I would always find her and drag her back here. But she wouldn't listen!
Amy: You thought you could force her to stay against her will?! But... what happened to loving her?!
Mikey: She was my partner, she owed me loyalty! I found her in the wax museum, took her back to the circus... and strangled her with her own ropes!
Mikey: I loved Annie, <Rank> <Name>, and I gave her the most glorious death an acrobat can dream of! Everyone will remember her forever, suspended above the stage!
Amy: And everyone will remember YOU as the crazy guy who killed her! Mikey Bolero, you've under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Mikey Bolero, you stand trial for the murder of Annie Capri. She was your acrobatic partner in the circus, right?
Mikey: Yes, Your Honor! And I loved her! I loved her more than she deserved, so I allowed her to die on the stage, beautiful and angelic forever!
Honorable Dante: So it was a work accident? Alright, the Court hereby orders a health and safety inspection of Paradise Circus! Apparently the working conditions leave a lot to be desired.
Mikey: No, no, I killed her on purpose, Your Honor! Killing is also a form of performance art! If <Rank> <Name> hadn't stopped me, I could have shown you all!
Honorable Dante: Lucky for us, <Rank> <Name> never sleeps. Mr Bolero, this Court sentences you to 30 years in jail. Please inform the prison wardens if you have escape artist skills, though. All rise!

Amy: <Name>, I'll never think of the circus the same way again! Who knew the happy façade hid such darkness and misery!
Amy: You're right, Paradise City only seems to be a paradise for con men, thieves and grifters... For ordinary people, it's the same daily grind as everywhere else.
Amy: But at least you're here to make it a little bit better, one case at a time... Onwards and upwards, <Name>!

The Big Heist: Part 2

Eugenia Hestentrope: <Rank> <Name>, the Mennagio is the biggest casino here, and I'm convinced Louis De Rico is planning to pull of the heist of the century and rob it!
Chief Marquez: Well, we need to go on more than just a feeling, Eugenia. But that's why I've given <Rank> <Name> the order to investigate and gather all the information needed.
Chief Marquez: And don't worry, unlike most people in Paradise City, you can count on <Rank> <Name>: they never lose!

Back to the present......
Honorable Dante: Ah, <Rank> <Name>! I was looking for you. That was quite a trial, hey?
Honorable Dante: I can't stop thinking about how badly people are treated in that circus. We need to do something about it! Will you help me?
Amy: You're lucky <Name> can never say no, sir. I'm sure they'll be happy to take you to the circus to have a look around!
(Honorable Dante leaves.)
Eugenia: <Rank> <Name>, there you are!
Amy: Miss Hestentrope! What do you want this time?
Eugenia: To stop the master thieves from robbing my casino!
Amy: As we said, we'll keep an eye out for suspicious activity, but we can't do much else.
Eugenia: Well, luckily I sent some of my men to keep an eye on Louis De Rico, and I'm telling you, he's putting together a team to rob my casino!
Eugenia: Apparently Louis was seen at some rooftop party talking to a clown! Does that sound suspicious of what?
Amy: Some days, anything seems possible! But <Rank> <Name> is right, we'll go talk to that clown. Which reminds me, <Name>, you also need to go to the circus with Judge Dante!

Ask Coco about his ties to Louis De Rico.
Amy: Coco, witnesses report seeing you speaking with Louis De Rico at the rooftop party. What did he want with you?
Coco: Why do you care who I talk to? Can't a clown have some privacy?!
Amy: Not when it comes to talking to master criminals who could be planning a huge casino heist.
Coco: Louis is preparing a heist?!
Coco: Look, Louis's a cousin of mine. I wish he wasn't, but he is. Joke's on me, I guess.
Amy: So what did Louis want with you then?
Coco: I don't know - he came by the rooftop party trying to talk to me, but I don't want anything to do with a thief, so I threw a pie in his face!
Amy: I agree, <Rank> <Name>, let's go search the rooftop: we need to see if Louis left anything behind!

Investigate Rooftop Terrace.
Amy: Did you find anything, <Name>? A trash can? Yes, I'm sure we can find some first iun there!

Examine Trash Can.
Amy: Okay <Name>, what did you find in the trash can? Apart from trash, of course.
Amy: A matchbox? And you're right, there's a message on it: "Plan heist at wax museum"...
Amy: What?! Do you seriously think these casino robbers could be so dumb as to write such a message on a matchbox?!
Amy: Well, that's true - it's not signed and nobody expects the cops to search through the trash, but still...
Amy: You're right, <Name>, I should stop thinking about the logic behind it and act on this new intel!
Amy: If they planned the heist at the wax museum, we need to go there now! Let's hurry!

Investigate Wax Museum.
Amy: So <Name>, did you find anything related to the heist? A tape recorder? I was expecting something a bit more exciting...
Amy: You're right, <Name>, I shouldn't jump to conclusions too quickly! This tape recorder might hold some juicy intel. We need to unlock it!

Examine Locked Tape Recorder.
Amy: Excellent work, <Name>! You unlocked that tape recorder you found in the wax museum in no time!
Amy: Let's hope it holds information on this "heist" we keep hearing about. Come on, let's send the recorder to Hannah!

Analyze Tape Recorder.
Hannah: I listened to that tape recorder you found at the wax museum, <Name>. The recording caught a man's voice, but the reverberations around the room made it impossible to identify him.
Amy: Drats! Did you at least hear anything about a possible heist?
Hannah: Did I ever! The man talked about nothing else but an elaborate casino heist! The biggest one of the century!
Hannah: And to pull it off, they'd need disguises and perfect timing. They said they couldn't rush this one.
Hannah: The man then asked somebody a question about creating wax body parts... and that's when the recording cut out.
Amy: Wax body parts? You're right, <Name>, he must have been talking to Freddy! I hoped I'd never have to see him again, but we need to go question him!

Ask Freddy about the heist.
Amy: We got you, Freddy! <Rank> <Name> has got proof you're involved in a big heist that's about to happen here in Paradise City!
Freddy: What? I'm just a humble artist, <Rank> <Name>! All I do is make wax statues, admire pretty girls, and lead a quiet life!
Amy: Stop lying, Freddy. We know your wax museum is somehow part of the plan! The heist leaders mentioned it in their secret correspondence!
Freddy: Well, maybe they're planning to rob my museum! I promise to let you know if any of my statues go missing, <Rank> <Name>!
Freddy: Maybe one day I'll have the honor of immortalizing YOU in wax, <Rank> <Name>! Until then, take this, as a token of good faith.

Amy: I agree, <Name>, Freddy was clearly playing dumb with us!
Amy: At least we're one step closer to finding proof that the heist of the century is being planned. Which means we're one step closer to catching those thieves!

Investigate Circus.
Honorable Dante: <Name>, I didn't expect the circus to look so much like the Courthouse: a big mess everywhere, official documents lying about, the writing all faded on them... I feel at home!
Honorable Dante: The paper says, "All genuine freaks"... You think you can retrieve the rest of the writing? You do it every day? Ah, yes, you work for the Police, alright, get on with it, then!

Examine Faded Flyer.
Honorable Dante: Oh, so that paper was on old circus flyer! Tell me, what's the featured act?
Honorable Dante: Conjoined twins! Wow, imagine that, having someone to talk to every minute of your life... though I guess I already talk to myself more than any person should!
Honorable Dante: But this headline, "All genuine freaks"... how dreadful! Those girls aren't freaks! They look so young here... Have they been in the circus their whole lives?
Honorable Dante: <Name>, we should try to learn more about those girls, I agree! You know someone who could compile some information for us? Splendid! Let's send that flyer to your lab!

Analyze Circus Flyer.
Hannah: <Name>, I had a look at th...
Hannah: Judge Dante?! What a surprise... Are you lost?
Honorable Dante: Of course not! <Name> let me tag along! I want to investigate how the circus members are being treated... It doesn't look good, judging from that flyer <Name> brought you.
Hannah: Right on the money, sir. I looked into the Hanoi sisters' background, and it isn't a happy story.
Hannah: <Name>, the flyer you found is from the show in which the Hanoi Sisters made their first appearance, just after they joined the circus.
Hannah: But they didn't quite "join" by choice... They were sold and bought by the circus!
Honorable Dante: Bought?! You mean someone bought those girls, like they were objects, or animals?
Hannah: Yes. The previous circus master found them in Vietnam and paid good money to their parents, promising a better life for their children in Pacific Bay.
Honorable Dante: Parading them around as circus freaks doesn't sound better to me! I agree, <Name>, we should go talk to these women, try to help them out!

See if you can help the Hanoi Sisters.
Honorable Dante: You poor girls! You've lived such miserable lives, being forced to work for the circus!
Honorable Dante: Here, come quick, with me. I'll help you escape! Not sure you'll be able to hide very well, but we'll find a way to save you!
Hanoi Sister #2: Excuse me, sir, you don't need to take us anywhere. We're just fine here at the circus.
Hanoi Sister #1: Yeah, we love the circus, actually. It's the one place where people look at us in awe and excitement, rather than in disgust.
Hanoi Sister #2: Plus we get paid, just to be ourselves!
Hanoi Sister #1: Not very much, though. The ringmaster barely pays us, and we are quite overworked. But when we complain, he just locks us up in the case!
Honorable Dante: What? That's terrible! Why don't you report him?
Hanoi Sister #2: We have no proof, and we're too afraid to go against him! He might fire us, leaving us with no work. Though I wouldn't put it past him to try to get revenge!
Honorable Dante: Well, you don't need to be afraid anymore. We've got <Rank> <Name> on the case! I bet they can find some proof of the ringmaster's bad treatment!
Honorable Dante: Shall we have another look around the circus, <Name>? This detective work is so much fun! But let's take a break first, I want to treat these lovely ladies to lunch!

Investigate Circus Stage.
Honorable Dante: <Name>, did you find anything that would help us prosecute the ringmaster? Hopefully not just some rings!
Honorable Dante: You think these torn pieces of paper would help? But my dear, you won't scare anyone with that!
Honorable Dante: Oh, you intend to piece it together for the real clue. Well, let's hope it's something fantastically clue-worthy!

Examine Torn Photo.
Honorable Dante: <Name>! That picture you restored is outrageous! I don't know what keeps me from hitting that man right on the top of his noggin with my gavel!
Honorable Dante: No, I will not calm down, <Name>! This man is locking the poor Hanoi sisters in a cage as if they were... as if they were animals! And I don't like it when people put animals in cages, either!
Honorable Dante: When I was a kid, I used to have a pet gerbil. Well, I never put him in a cage! Of course, I lost him after two days... but at least he was free!
Honorable Dante: Sorry, I'm digressing again. You're absolutely right, this is the proof you need to force Mr Ringmaster to quit his evil ways! Let's go confront him, <Name>!

Confront Orsino Ziegfeld with the proof of his abuse to the Hanoi Sisters.
Orsino: Your Honor! What a pleasure to see you in our humble circus! Take a seat, and be prepared to be amazed... We have freaks the likes of which you've never seen before!
Honorable Dante: This is precisely why <Rank> <Name> and I have come to see you, Mr Ringmaster. We do not like the way you treat those "freaks" you speak of!
Honorable Dante: Particularly the Hanoi sisters, splendid women who do not deserve to be locked up in a cage for speaking up about your inhumanity!
Orsino: Well, I need to be strict to be able to keep all my circus members in order! It's hard work, you know, managing a team... not to mention a team of outcasts!
Honorable Dante: Locking people up and not paying them would be considered VERY poor management skills, Mr Ringmaster, and unless you yourself want to be locked up, you'd better change your tactics!
Orsino (sweating): Your Honor! Please! I've got a circus to run! I've got children of all agres to please and entertain, you can't lock me up!
Honorable Dante: Well, then you'd better start paying all of your employees what they deserve... and that means TWO paychecks for the twins! And hand over the lock to that cage. Nobody's going in there anymore!
Orsino (sweating): Two paychecks! But... but... okay fine. If that will make them happy... Those two are positively too demanding!
Honorable Dante: They're demanding respect. We'll let you off with a fine this time, but if we hear you're still not treating your circus members right, we'll make sure it's your final act ever before life in prison!

Later, at the station...
Chief Marquez: Eugenia, <Rank> <Name> has made progress! We don't know if it's Louis De Rico yet, but someone is definitely putting a team together for a huge casino heist!
Eugenia: That's what I've been telling you! You need to make a move and arrest these thieves before it's too late!
Chief Marquez: No. First, we need to find out where they are planning the heist and we need to catch them in the act. It's the only way to put them away for good.
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, it's time we put together a sting operation! We need to watch the thieves' every move, and once we know which casino they're going to rob, we'll be waiting for them!

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