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Amy Young (excitedly): Hello, <Rank> <Name>! I feel like I'm on a roll again solving murders with you! Once I get going, I just can't stop!
Amy: What's next on the agenda, <Name>? You suggest visiting another film set? It's true, with all these murders lately, maybe there's a pattern we haven't spotted yet...
Amy (inspired): Actually, I've got an idea! There's a new film being made called "Legacy" that's all about gladiators!
Amy (fantasizing): The movie's being directed by Margaret Hatchman. She's a real role model as the leading female director in an industry filled with men.
Amy (pumping her fist): People doubt whether she can pull off such a big budget film that's an epic, which is usually geared towards men, but I admire her courage!
Amy (saluting with a wink): If you have no objections, let's head over to the gladiator set! Maybe we can even be extras in a gladiator scene!

A while later, on the set of "Legacy"...
Amy (excitedly): Wow, <Name>! It's like we were transported back in time to ancient Rome! The set looks so real!
Amy (pumping her fist): I've got this feeling that a gladiator battle could break out at any moment! With all these realistic weapons, chariots, even a body-
Amy (shaking her head): A body? Oh not again... Please tell me it's part of the set! Well, you know what to do, <Name>! Let's get our investigating gear on and check!

Chapter 1

Investigate Colosseum Set.
Amy Young (shocked): Oh no! That body I thought was a prop... That's the body of Margaret Hatchman, the female director I was telling you about! How awful!
Amy (angrily): She's been tied down with a shackle, meaning this wasn't her own doing... It's another murder, <Name>!
Amy (sweating, nervously): And the state she's in! The blood on her head and the stomach wounds... She must have been viciously attacked! Good idea, let's get the body straight to the lab!
Amy (grinning): What else did you find? This props box looks like a good place to hide something, doesn't it, <Name>? Let's dig in!
Amy: And that guy in the Roman painting looks familiar to me... Maybe he's an actor working on the movie? I agree, matching his face in our database will tell us who he is!
Amy (shocked): And look! That stone tablet has our victim's name carved in it! And blood splatter? This can't just be a movie prop.
Amy (winking): The rest of the text is faded... But if you retrieve it, I bet it'll reveal key information about this case!
Amy (pumping her fist): This day is off to an epic start, <Name>! But knowing your fighter spirit, we'll solve this murder in no time! Let's go!

Examine Props Box.
Amy (puzzled): What'd you find amongst all those gladiator props, <Name>? A card for a nail salon? That's unexpected!
Amy (shocked): Wait, you're right! It has our victim's name, Margaret Hatchman, and an appointment time for this morning!
Amy (inspired): That means Margaret was at the nail salon before coming to the movie set!
Amy (winking): What do you say to a trip to the salon, <Name>? I hope we're not just going for you to get your nails done, though!

Investigate Nail Salon.
Amy (pumping her fist): Even when going from gladiator sets to salons, your searching skills are top notch, <Name>! Will you reveal the details on that faded appointment book you found?
Amy (saluting with a wink): And that cell phone's got our victim's photo in the background... That's going to be useful! I trust you'll unlock it quickly!

Examine Faded Appointment Book.
Amy (excitedly): Great work, <Name>! That appointment book matches the appointment card from the crime scene! There's our victim's name, Margaret...
Amy (grinning): ... and the name of the nail technician she was with! Let's go talk to this Tamra Johnson!

Talk to Tamra Johnson about her appointment with the victim.
Amy: Ms Tamra Johnson, we're here about your client, Margaret Hatchman. She was found murdered just after her appointment with you.
Tamra (twirling her hair, unhappily): You mean that crazy blond lady who thought the world revolved around her finger?
Tamra (angrily): She was always raving about how fancy pants she was, which I'm used to hearing in Ivywood.
Tamra (shocked): But then she got personal and talked smack about my profession! She said she'd leave her mark on the world but me, I wouldn't even leave a footprint!
Tamra (sadly): I tried to stay nice, and even offered her a movie idea I had. It's about a nail technician who's also a spy! But all she did was laugh!
Tamra (shouting): She thinks she can dismiss me like that? How I wanted to throw a punch or two her way!
Tamra (twirling her hair, unhappily): But I'm a true professional, unlike her. I'm not surprised she's dead... She was an enemy-making machine!

Examine Locked Phone.
Amy (excitedly): Look at those fast fingers go, <Name>! You unlocked the victim's cell phone so quickly! What next, off to the lab? Okay!

Analyze Victim's Phone.
Hannah (winking): So you're getting back into the swing of things, Amy? Just don't let her do all the work, <Name>!
Amy (grinning): Don't worry. <Name>'s got it covered... as usual.
Hannah: So I dug around through your victim's phone. She must have been a busy lady, her messages are endless!
Hannah: Most were work related, but I found some angry messages sent by her husband, Phillip Hatchman.
Hannah: He sent one this morning saying "Enough gladiators! Come home and be a mom!" The "gladiators" must refer to Margaret's work on set.
Amy: I agree with <Name>, "come home and be a mom" means she wasn't a very present mother... It must've been hard balancing both career and family.
Amy (worried): Good intuition, <Name>, a rocky relationship can lead to impulsive acts... Let's go chat with Phillip!

Talk to Phillip Hatchman about his late wife.
Phillip (holding his baby, tearing up): So my wife died on her own movie set? How ironic... She lived and died exactly where she wanted.
Amy: I take it from your nonchalant tone and the angry messages that you two weren't on good terms lately? Problems at home?
Phillip (angrily): Problems at home? That was the problem... she was never home!
Amy: I'm sure she was really busy working. Directing is no easy task, but she sure led an exciting life!
Phillip: Well, she sure didn't find her home life exciting. She spent all her days on set! I had to quit my job in order to raise our kid all on my own!
Phillip (tearing up): I tried so hard to show her that family comes first, that family legacy was just as important as work.
Phillip (angrily): But she didn't seem interested in me anymore... How could I compete with the excitement of gladiator fights when I'm just a man with a baby?
Phillip (crying): Maybe in the end her death is a good thing... This way her son won't grow up knowing his mother never cared!

Examine Roman Painting.
(Before examining Roman Painting)
Amy (curiously): I agree, <Name>, the man on that painting must be one of the actors in the movie. Let's have a look at our database to find out who he is!
(After examining Roman Painting)
Amy (excitedly): Way to match the face from the fake Roman painting you found on the crime scene, <Name>! I knew he looked familiar! It's actor Tobias Frankenberger!
Amy (reminiscing): Duncan and I watched his films when we were kids... Oh Duncan...
Amy (saluting): Anyway, this painting means Tobias played in our victim's film! Let's go chat with him!

Ask Tobias Frankenberger about his involvement in the victim's movie.
Amy (excitedly): Mr Frankenberger, it's such an honor to meet you... I grew up watching your films!
Tobias (excitedly): Oh Golly, isn't that sweet! Go on, child, list all your favorite scenes I was in!
Amy (nervously): Actually, <Rank> <Name> and I are here about Margaret Hatchman's murder. She directed the movie you're starring in.
Tobias: Oh Margaret! What a tragedy! The fall of a great woman and great director. I had such high respect for her!
Tobias: I've been an actor many years, with several ups, a handful of downs. but I'm not the young dapper fellow I used to be, and knew that this was my last big chance.
Tobias (holding his fist, determined): I have to end my acting career with a bang! And Margaret promised me that this film would be an award winner for sure!

Examine Stone Tablet.
Amy: Nice job clearing the text on that stone tablet, <Name>! It says "Tuo legato non habebis prosperum"... That's clearly not English!
Amy (fantasizing): Considering the blood splatter and the victim's name... Maybe Russell can help us, <Name>? Okay cool, let's send it to him!

Analyze Message.
Russell (winking): Hi <Name>! And Amy, you're looking well. I haven't properly introduced Ivywood to you since you've been back... But I'd love to, later on.
Amy (affectionately): It feels great working alongside <Name> again! And you, of course...
Russell (biting his glasses): Anyway, <Name>, the message on this tablet must've been carved by a chisel, a carving tool used in the Roman times.
Russell (puts glasses away): The message reads "Tuo legato non habebis prosperum." It's Latin for "Your legacy will not prosper." by the nature of this message, plus the blood, no doubt the killer wrote it!
Amy (shocked): "Your legacy will not prosper"... Legacy! That's the name of Margaret's film! So the killer wanted her film to fail!
Russell (reading his book): Not necessarily... The killer could have been threatening Margaret's personal legacy, such as her work, her family, or her identity.
Amy (inspired): Whichever it is, <Name> just made a good point. From that message, we can deduce that the killer knows Latin!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie (shocked): Murders and tigers and bears, oh my!
Amy: I don't think that's how the movie quote goes, Roxie. You're missing the "lion."
Roxie (winking): Actually, Amy, it's you and <Name> who are missing the lion, because you'll need to find one to solve this murder.
Roxie: The wounds on the victim came from an animal attack, and by the tooth marks and feline hairs I found, it had to be a lion!
Amy (shocked): What? The killer's a lion?! How are we supposed to arrest an animal, <Name>?
Roxie: There was certainly still human foul play involved. The victim was tied down with shackles, so someone left her there to be eaten.
Roxie: Also, she was clearly knocked out by some hard object before being locked down. Good luck finding it, <Name>.
Roxie (winking): I did find distinct purple stains around the shackles. The smell clued me in on what it was, and a lab sample confirmed it...
Roxie (happily): The victim was drenched in wine! Sounds like my Friday night, but since I found no traces of alcohol in her blood stream, the wine must have belonged to the killer!
Amy: Our killer is a wino? Then let's make a toast... to having them put behind bars!

Later, at the station...
Amy (shaking her head): What a day, <Name>! Margaret Hatchman, a director I looked up to, was murdered on the very set where she was making her epic film "Legacy."
Amy: We've spoken to her husband, who seemed suspiciously nonchalant about his wife's death.
Amy: And we got to talk to the actor Tobias Frankenberger, who was really gunning for this film to succeed!
Russell (frightened): <Name>! You better come quick! Amy, if I were you I'd stay back.
Amy: What is it, Russell?
Russell (frightened): There's a lion in the symphony room!

Chapter 2

Russell Crane (frightened): <Name>! There's a lion running wild in the movie studio's symphony room!
Amy (shocked): A lion! Our victim was killed by a lion! This can't be a coincidence! ... I'll be right back, <Name>!
(Amy leaves.)
Russell (biting his glasses): Where'd Amy go, <Name>? And does this mean this lion might be your murder weapon?!
Russell (puts glasses away, curiously): Interesting! How the heck will you catch it?!
(Amy enters, wearing protection gear.)
Amy (saluting with a smile): Fear not, <Name>! I won't leave you to catch this lion on your own!
Russell (shocked): Amy, is that you?! Where'd you get that protection gear?
Amy (winking): As a White Peaks native, you never know when a surprise will jump out at you. Better safe than sorry! Plus, facing my fears is the only way to be the best cop I can be!
Russell (grinning): Wow... I must say, I'm impressed... Not too shabby, Amy.
Amy (grinning): Thanks, Russell. Ready to catch this lion, <Name>? I'll be by your side... if worse comes to worse just run, okay? Let's go to the symphony room!

Investigate Symphony Room.
Amy (excitedly): <Name>, we did it! We got the lion into the cage!
Amy (winking): Hope it didn't bite any of your fingers! Best to send it to Yann, considering this might be our murder weapon!
Amy: And this paper you found says "Legacy." It must be linked to Margaret's film! Think you can reveal more on it?
Amy (shocked): And yikes! There's blood on that gladiator shield you picked up! It must be from the movie set! Think it's connected to the victim?
Amy: That's right, <Name>! Roxie said our victim was bashed in the head with something... The killer used THIS shield to hit Margaret!
Amy (confidently): Good thinking! The killer might have left evidence on the shield's handle! Let's collect a sample off it!

Examine Shield Handle.
(Amy is now back in her work uniform)
Amy (pumping her fist): Excellent work collecting that pink substance off the shield handle, <Name>! Let's get it to Yann!

Analyze Pink Substance.
Yann (grinning): <Name>, according to the pink substance you brought me, it appears our murderer shared the victim's interest in Roman culture, at least for hygiene.
Yann: The Romans were known for their baths, and bathing was one of the most common daily activities.
Amy (confused): Wait, what does that have to do with the substance <Name> collected off the shield the killer used to knock out Margaret?
Yann (winking): The substance is bath salts!
Amy (puzzled): Our killer uses bath salts?! So somebody who likes bloody murder also likes being squeaky clean... I'll never understand these criminal types!

Amy (shaking her head): So our killer uses bath salts. In Roman times we could just search the thermal baths, but today... How will we know which suspects use them?
Amy (inspired): Good idea, <Name>! Detective Ramirez could help us! Let me ring him up!
Amy (on the phone): Hey, Ramirez, <Name> is trying to find a gladiatorial killer, and we need to know which suspects use bath salts. Can you help us?
Ramirez (on the phone, ecstatic): Hello! Bath salts you say? Hmm, things might get a bit bubbly, but certainly I'll help, <Name>!
Ramirez (inspired): And I've got the PERFECT costume for the task! I'll ring up when I've got the results!
Amy (appreciatively): Thanks Ramirez, it'll save time for <Name> to unlock some more great clues!

Examine Faded Sheet.
Amy (smiling): Nice work, <Name>! You revealed that the paper is a sheet music! It says "Score for Legacy"... Must be the music for Margaret's film!
Amy: The music was composed by someone named Hannah Simmer. <Name>, I'll tag along to chat with her!

Talk to Hannah Simmer about composing music for the victim's film.
Hannah (shocked): Margaret's dead? That's a terrible shame! It was such an amazing opportunity working with her!
Hannah (sadly): I know how Margaret felt, being a leading woman amongst men... I, too, have made a name for myself as the leading female composer in the music landscape.
Hannah (inspired): But the classical music world is quite small, so I figured it was time to take on a bigger challenge, something more... epic. Like films!
Hannah (takes out her conductor's wand): I wanted my first project to be a film that would last the ages, something glorious, where the story in itself is a melody!
Hannah (puts down the wand, inspired): That's why I chose to work with Margaret... I've always liked Roman culture, I've even learned some Latin to really immerse myself in it!
Hannah (sadly): Too bad we never finished this project together... it truly would have been a legacy we both could share together!
Hannah (raising her wine glass): Let's raise a glass of wine to the late Margaret Hatchman... May she be remembered as the greatest director of our time!

Analyze Lion.
Yann (shocked): I can't believe you brought me a lion, <Name>!
Amy: I hope we didn't put you in harm's way, Yann.
Yann (grinning): Actually with some warm milk, he fell right asleep! I then swabbed a sample from the lion's teeth and found blood and flesh that matched your victim's body.
Amy: That confirms that this animal is the murder weapon!
Yann: I also found a microchip clipped to the lion's ear. Animal owners often use them as tracking devices. I asked Hannah to look up the chip's information.
Hannah (excitedly): Hey guys! When Yann called me about a lion, I thought he was joking about Frank drinking again, but then there was a real live lion!
Hannah: I looked up the microchip numbers and matched them to the lion's owner, Brad Belinsky. If I were you, I'd talk to him, <Name>!

Talk to Brad Belinsky about his lion killing the victim.
Brad (excitedly): You found Brutus? Where was he? I need to see my lion! Please let me see him!
Amy: Sorry, Mr Belinsky, but we'll have to keep your lion with us for now since he was involved in a murder.
Brad (holding a whip and a hoop, defensively): But Brutus is my family! He can do cool tricks for you! I'll have him jump through this hoop! You'll see how friendly he is!
Amy: If he's so friendly, why would he attack Margaret? She wasn't even a threat, she was tied down and unconscious!
Brad (puts down whip and hoop, shocked): Was she bleeding? If Brutus smelled blood... Well, he's friendly, but he's still a wild animal...
Brad (picks the hoop and whip back up, angrily): That's just nature! The one you need to blame is the one who left her there to be eaten, not poor Brutus!
Amy (skeptically): Well, that's precisely why <Rank> <Name> and I are questioning you, Mr Belinsky. Are you that someone who left Margaret there?
Brad (puts down whip and hoop, grabbing his flask): Me? Of course not! I was home, cleaning the glass from the wine I drank last night!
Brad (puts down flask, shocked): I'm surprised Margaret was even there, she always goes to the nail salon in the mornings!
Brad (crying): <Rank> <Name>! If you aren't going to let Brutus go now, please hurry and solve this murder and bring me my cat back!
(After talking to Brad Belinsky)
Amy (nervously): Not sure what to think, <Name>. Brad thinks his lion is nothing more than a big teddy bear...
Amy: But he's still the person who could have most easily set the lion loose on poor Margaret! We can't let his tears fool us!
Amy: Anyway, what next? You're right, Brad did mention the victim always went to the nail salon. I can't believe she went every morning with such a busy schedule!
Amy (winking): Think we should have another look at the salon? I'll follow you anywhere, <Name>! Let's go!

Investigate Manicure Chair.
Amy (pumping her fist): You picked up those clues like magnets, <Name>! There's gotta be something useful inside that salon basket!
Amy: And this here's a storyboard card like they use to plan out movie scenes... What's it doing in the salon? It says "Legacy Scene 1"... It's for Margaret's film!
Amy (shocked): Oh my! You're right, someone wrote "You can't kill me" on it! The images are faded, but I know you can retrieve them!

Examine Salon Basket.
Amy (pumping her fist): Let me guess, <Name>. You'll restore those paper scraps you found inside the beauty supplies basket and find us the perfect clue!

Examine Torn Paper.
Amy (inspired): Way to quickly restore that movie ticket you found in the beauty basket, <Name>! It's for the premiere of Margaret's film, "Legacy."
Amy (curiously): Oh! Nice observation there, <Name>. The ticket is addressed to Tamra Johnson... She's the one working at the nail salon!
Amy: Tamra had complained about Margaret being rude... so what's with this ticket, and why was it ripped up? I agree, let's go see her!

Question Tamra Johnson about her invitation to the victim's premiere.
Amy: Ms Johnson, we were surprised to find your ticket for Margaret's movie premiere. Last we spoke, you complained she was rude.
Tamra (sadly): Yeah, and that's why I tore the ticket to pieces, but I shouldn't have. Margaret wasn't all that bad. She just had a lot of pressure to deal with.
Amy (skeptically): Wow, Tamra, this is like a 180 degree shift from what you said about her last time... Why the change of heart?
Tamra (pleasantly): I guess I was too harsh before. Once, Margaret broke down and told me everything, about her stressful life and everyone hating her.
Tamra (picks up her wine glass): It was morning, but I still offered her some of my wine to try to calm her down. She didn't drink any, but she thanked me and gave me that ticket.
Tamra (puts wine glass down, twirling her hair): I guess even with her fancy job, with all that stress she dealt with, she's the one to be pitied, not me.
Amy: You seem suddenly very sympathetic towards Margaret... You're not just saying these things to sound less suspicious, are you, Tamra?
Tamra (shocked): No way! I'm sad to have lost her as a client, I swear!

Examine Faded Storyboard.
Amy (smiling): You clear things up so quickly, <Name>! That's actor Tobias Frankenberger on this storyboard!
Amy (disgusted): Yikes, the storyboard shows him attacked by a lion in the opening scene! So that's why Tobias wrote "You can't kill me"... Margaret killed him off in the first scene!
Amy: I agree, <Name>! We need another word with him!

Question Tobias Frankenberger about his angry message on the storyboard.
Tobias (holding his fist, angrily): Epic film my big ol' butt! Sure, Margaret had a lion and some cardboard chariots, but that was as epic as it got!
Tobias (shouting): She promised me a prominent role, and then she decides to change the script and kill me off in the very first scene?!
Tobias: I said never in a million years! But my contract had me locked down to this project, meaning I had to live out this horrendous fate.
Tobias (shouting): I didn't learn Latin for the film just to be a lion's breakfast! I should have at least died an honorable death!
Tobias (holding his fist, angrily): I told her how important this last role was to me, to make it memorable... But if anyone actually saw the film? I'd be the butt of all the jokes!
Tobias (picks up a chalice full of wine): I'm getting flustered, I need a glass of wine. Turns out the only perk of this whole production was being able to wear a toga!

Later, at the station...
Amy (worried): <Name>, seeing a woman as strong and talented as Margaret Hatchman gone feels like a tragedy for women and the industry.
Amy: Actor Tobias Frankenberger would disagree. He was upset to get killed right away in his last ever acting role.
Amy (skeptically): Then there's Tamra Johnson who went from pissed at Margaret to pitying her... It's a bit suspicious, don't you think, <Name>?
(Phillip enters, holding his baby.)
Phillip (scared): <Rank> <Name>! Please, you have to help me!
Amy (shocked): Mr Hatchman? What is it? What's wrong?
Phillip (handing the baby over to Amy): Please, <Rank> <Name>, take my baby! I'm going to end my life... I can't go on without my wife!

Chapter 3

Amy Young (holding the baby): Mr Hatchman! Please get a hold of yourself! This is your baby you're talking about! Margaret wouldn't have wanted this!
Phillip (tearing up): You don't understand! Last night when she didn't come home I went looking for her, but when I finally found her in the symphony room, I was so mad she was working late again that I...
Phillip (crying): I asked for a divorce! ... I feel horrible! I just want to have her back!
Amy (nervously): You wanted a divorce? Alright, Mr Hatchman, please stop crying and take your baby back. <Rank> <Name> will speak with you once you're calm.
(Amy hands the baby back to Phillip, and Phillip leaves)
Amy: <Name>, things are getting out of hand here! I agree, let's check out the symphony room once more. We need to catch this killer!

Ask Phillip Hatchman about his fight with his wife.
Amy (skeptically): Mr Hatchman, you asked your wife for a divorce, then she died, and then you give us your baby?! Quite a few missing pieces to the puzzle here.
Phillip (holding his baby, crying): I just don't know what to do now that she's gone! I can't help but feel responsible for her death!
Phillip (nervously): I knew she was overwhelmed with work, and I wanted to help. I even learned some Latin to show I was interested in her new project.
Phillip (angrily): But then whenever I asked her to come home, she'd just go get her nails done!
Phillip (crying): I finally got fed up and asked for the divorce, but that's not what I really wanted! Now she's dead, and her last thought was thinking that I didn't love her!
Amy: Her last thought was probably hoping that the lion wouldn't eat her...
Phillip (starts to gulp down a bottle of wine): But I loved her! Now all I've got is wine to drink my sorrows away!
Amy (holding up her finger, sternly): Handing your baby over wasn't a good way of showing you cared, Mr Hatchman. Even if your tears are real, you're not off the hook yet!

Investigate String Section.
Amy (grinning): Nice detective eye, picking up those clues, <Name>! Seems like some broken toy you've got there, can you piece it back together?
Amy (taking out her notepad, excitedly): And they say don't go through people's trash, but I'm sure you'll find a big clue in that trash can! Let's dig in!

Examine Trash Can.
Amy (confused): Panpipes? You found panpipes in the trash can? Who threw them away?
Amy: And there's faded text on it? That's even more suspicious! Let's try to retrieve that message!

Examine Pan Pipes.
Amy (pumping her fist): Way to go, <Name>! You revealed the text on the panpipes! It reads "Back off Margaret" and is signed with the initials "HS."
Amy: That's right, <Name>! "HS" must stand for Hannah Simmer! But why would she leave messages to the victim on panpipes?! Let's go talk to her!

Talk to Hannah Simmer about her angry message to the victim.
Amy: Ms Simmer, you wrote "Back off Margaret" on these panpipes. Was she trying to steal them?
Hannah (shouting): I wasn't telling her to back off from my instruments, I wanted her to back off my terrain!
Hannah (picking up conductor's wand): Now I respected Margaret, we had each our own battles to fight, her directing the film and me creating a musical soul for it... and yet she felt she needed to cross over and own MY project!
Hannah (puts down the wand, angrily): For someone who doesn't know the difference between a ballad and a concerto, she sure had a lot of opinions on what she didn't like about my music!
Hannah (shouting): She might be the queen of film directing, but I'm the expert in music composition. My music, my vision, is mine, and nobody dare step on it!
Amy: Or else what, Ms Simmer? Would you kill in order to protect your vision?
Hannah (sweating, sadly): I'm just saying, boundaries must be set! Music is my territory, and she was trying to invade... I have to protect what's mine!

Examine Broken Toy.
Amy (shocked): What the heck, <Name>! That gnarled doll you pieced together, with the blond hair, the clothing... It looks like our victim!
Amy (fantasizing): Hmm... Russell helped us before, should we ask him about this doll? Great, I'm on it!

Analyze Doll.
Russell (relieved): Glad to see you're both okay after catching that lion earlier! Would've been tragic to see you guys as lunch meat, especially you, Amy...
Amy (blushing, nervously): Thanks, Russell... But we don't have time for chit-chat! What did you find about the doll?
Russell (winking): Well, this doll <Name> fixed is coincidentally also connected to our furry friend!
Amy: This doll belongs to the lion?
Russell (biting his glasses): I wouldn't say doll... Rather a chew toy. Just as pet owners give dogs a special toy to bond with, the same was made here for the lion.
Russell (puts glasses away, opens his book): With such an aggressive animal, however, giving the habit of gnawing at something will develop the habit of attacking similar objects... or people.
Russell (puts book away): The fact that this toy looks like your victim means whoever made it likely imagined her chomped by a lion in real life.
Amy: <Name>'s right. The only person who'd make that lion's toy is the lion tamer, Brad Belinsky!
Amy: I could see a killer making a doll like this... Better go talk to Brad now!

Ask Brad Belinsky why his lion has a chew toy resembling the victim.
Amy: Mr Belinksy, we'd like to know why you gave a chew toy shaped like our victim to your lion, especially since Margaret was then killed by said lion!
Amy (holding up her finger): One could say that by creating a chew toy resembling her, you were preparing your lion to do the same to Margaret!
Brad (shocked): Yes, I made that toy, but I wasn't training Brutus to kill Margaret!
Brad (picks up his whip, shouting): I know it looks suspicious, but making that doll was my personal way to get back at Margaret who mistreated Brutus and me!
Brad (picks up his hoop, angrily): She treated us like slaves, always overworking us, yelling at us, even throwing stuff at Brutus's cage when she was in a bad mood!
Brad (puts down hoop, shouting): She wouldn't let me feed Brutus until I learned some Latin phrases... I wasn't even in her dumb movie, but she still said I had to learn it if I wanted to work on her set!
Amy: You clearly harbored a lot of rage against Margaret. Do not stray far, Mr Belinsky. <Rank> <Name> may be back sooner than you think.

Later, at the office...
Amy (determined): What a colossal case, <Name>! But we're so close to finding Margaret Hatchman's killer! What else do we need?
Ramirez (dressed as a lion): <Name>! Amy! I'm back with the information you requested, about which of your suspects use bath salts!
Amy (shocked): Wow! That costume... You really take things literally with these investigations, don't you?
Ramirez: I live life on the wild side! But anyway, I asked at a local spa and they said that Hannah Simmer often books bath salts treatments.
Ramirez: And definitely the actor Tobias Frankenberger uses them... He's always talking about the benefits of bath salts in men's magazines.
Ramirez (excitedly): Finally, I saw the victim's husband buying some at the market! He yelled out when he saw my costume, but confirmed he uses bath salts often!
Amy (excitedly): Thanks Ramirez! This is key information to catching the killer!
Amy (determined): But <Name>'s right, it's not enough. Should we take one final look at the crime scene? Let's catch this killer!

Investigate Set Entrance.
Amy (grinning): Good thing you've got an eye for finding clues, <Name>! This movie equipment crate is surely hiding something, and you'll find it fast!
Amy: And what's this tool? A chisel, you say? Maybe it was used to carve something...
Amy (shocked): Oh my! That's right, <Name>! We know the killer used some tool to carve the stone you found on the crime scene! This must be it!
Amy (pumping her fist): If you pull off DNA on the chisel's handle, that will clue us in on the killer! Go get that sample, <Name>!

Examine Movie Equipment Box.
Amy: Hey, that padlock you found under the movie equipment says "lion's cage" on it!
Amy (shocked): Oh my, <Name>! It's gotta be the lock that opened the lion's cage!
Amy (pumping her fist): I agree, the killer had to handle that padlock to unleash the lion... and maybe they left a clue! Let's get this padlock to the lab!

Analyze Padlock.
Yann: Great find here, <Name>. The killer must have hid the lock after taking it off the lion's cage, but thankfully we've got your detective skills!
Yann (happily): While the killer thought to hide the lock, they didn't think to try to hide the evidence off it, at least not well enough.
Amy (impatiently): Great! Did you find fingerprints? Do they match our suspects?!
Yann (crosses his arms, grinning): Calm down, Amy, there weren't fingerprints. But I did find something unusual around the keyhole... tiny golden flecks!
Yann: The flecks could only come from jewelry. I also identified scratch marks around the hole that must come from a pin.
Yann (happily): Putting two and two together, the golden flecks and pin could only be one thing... a golden brooch!
Amy (pumping her fist): Amazing find, <Name>! Our killer might like golden brooches, but the only jewelry they'll have soon are shiny handcuffs!

Examine Chisel.
Amy (pumping her fist): Great! You collected some of what must be the killer's DNA off the chisel! Let's get it to the lab!

Analyze DNA.
Yann (winking): Great work sending the DNA sample to me, <Name>, because you've helped unlock a key evidence!
Amy (impatiently): Come on, Yann, get to it! <Name> gave you the killer's DNA, so couldn't you figure out who they are by now?!
Yann (sweating, nervously): Amy, you do know things aren't that easy...
Yann: The fastest result I could get is that this DNA belongs to someone with brown eyes!
Yann: Considering the victim had blue eyes, there's no way it belonged to her, meaning-
Amy (inspired): I got it! Sorry to cut you off Yann, but <Name> would've if I hadn't! The killer has brown eyes!

After completing all tasks...
Amy (saluting): You collected all the evidence, <Name>! The killer may have won the battle by killing Margaret, but by catching them we'll certainly win the war!
Amy (pumping her fist): Come on, <Name>! Let's go arrest the killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Tobias Frankenberger, you may be an actor, but that doesn't mean you can get away with the act of murder... especially for killing Margaret Hatchman!
Tobias (drinking out of his chalice): What's that, sweetheart? You caught me at Happy Hour...
Amy: We know you went to see Margaret at the nail salon with the storyboard... You must have been enraged to be killed off in the first scene.
Tobias (puts the chalice down): I was promised a leading role, you know, and to only appear merely for seconds left me feeling upset, but not in the mood for a murderous rampage!
Amy (holding her fist, angrily): You then convinced Margaret to meet you on set, where you knocked her out with a shield. <Rank> <Name> found your bath salts on the handle.
Tobias (innocently): So an old man took a bubble bath... Sounds harmless to me!
Amy (yelling): I wouldn't call using your golden brooch to unlock the lion cage harmless! You did it to unleash the lion on Margaret!
Tobias (laughing): But that's absurd! Why would I unleash a lion? I'd be scared for my own life!
Amy (grinning): That's why you shackled Margaret to the ground, so she'd be the easy target. But after attacking her, the lion came after you, chasing you all the way to the symphony room, where-
Tobias (shouting): Where I was clever enough to know where the emergency exit was! Yes, I killed her, but I planned it perfectly!
Amy (yelling): Oh you planned alright, enough to write a death threat beforehand! Your Latin couldn't out-fool <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: You clearly like things scripted, Mr Frankenberger, because this was premeditated murder! You're under arrest! And your acting skills won't hold up before the judge!

Honorable Dante (pleasantly): Tobias Frankenberger, is that you? Last I saw you, you played a grumpy old man with three ghosts and a ton of presents. Boy, were you evil in that!
Tobias (happily): Let's just call it good acting.
Honorable Dante: Apparently it's not just acting! You've gone and murdered someone? What happened? You used to be the lovable grandpa of cinema!
Tobias (holding his fist, angrily): I don't want to be remembered as a grandpa! I want to be remembered as a star!
Tobias: It's true, I haven't landed any great roles lately, and so I needed this last part to be epic, my final image as one of the greatest actors of all time!
Tobias: Our legacy is what matters most! Human lives are forgettable, but if we do something great, something memorable... those actions echo in eternity.
Honorable Dante (pointing a finger): Well, your actions ended you up behind bars, Tobias Frankenberger! This Court sentences you to-
Tobias (sweating): Wait! The Ivywood Film Awards are coming up! I can still attend, right?
Honorable Dante (holding the gavel): Fat chance, scrooge, they don't allow entrance to criminals! Now go on, you're sentenced to 20 years... or until you're a ghost yourself! All rise!

Amy (winking): Well done, <Name>! You solved another tricky murder and I got to wear my lion padding... all in all a successful day!
Amy: It's scary to think people actually kill for legacy... though there's no doubt you'll always be remembered as the top cop of Pacific Bay, <Name>!

Ivywood Confidential 6

Russell Crane: <Name>, we need to discover how the Utopians are brainwashing people, and put an end to this madness!
Russell: You're right, if we find what their exact plans are, we might prevent something from happening at the awards ceremony!
Russell (pumping his fist): We need to hurry and protect everyone from those crazy Utopians! We don't have much time until the Ivywood Awards...

Amy (biting her nails): <Name>, have you seen Russell?!
Frank (amused): Ha-ha, Amy, you look so worried! You know, I've never seen someone so anxious to see Russell before.
Amy (yelling): Stop it, Frank, this isn't funny! Russell's been talking about investigating the Utopians and their brainwashing plan... and now he's been missing all day!
Chief Marquez (crosses her arms, worried): Amy's right, <Name>. I'm also worried about Russell's disappearance. He isn't picking up his phone, which is quite unlike him.
Hannah (grinning): Well, I'm not much of a detective, but Russell left his diary hanging around and I took a look at it... He wrote something about investigating the Colosseum...
Chief Marquez (scratching her head): <Name>, can I count on you to go look for Russell at the Colosseum? I hope he's just out there inspecting the Roman architecture...
(Phillip enters the room with his baby.)
Phillip (panicked): Oh thank God, you're all here! I thought the Police station was empty! Please <Rank> <Name>, I need your help. It's about my wife...
Phillip (tearing up): She used to carry around a family portrait and I can't find it anywhere. It must be at the nail salon... where the killer went to see her. And I don't dare go there to look...
Chief Marquez (crosses her arms, compassionately): <Rank> <Name> is right, we have important things to do but we can't refuse to help a grieving man. Frank, I want you to go with <Name> to the nail salon.
Chief Marquez: <Name>, there's a lot of work for you to do: go to the Colosseum to look for Russell with Amy and to the nail salon to help Phillip. Good luck with both!

Investigate Nail Salon.
Frank (excitedly): I hope you didn't chip a nail while scavenging for clues, <Name>!
Frank (amused): Haha, I'm joking. So you picked up a torn photo? You think it might be the one Phillip is looking for?
Frank (grinning): You're right, the only way to know is by piecing it back together! I'll just sit down in one of those massaging chairs and watch...

Examine Torn Photo.
Frank (grinning): Nice going <Name>, you restored that photo in no time! And yeah, it's clearly a family portrait of Phillip, his wife and child...
Frank (sadly): Poor kid, he's going to grow up without a mom. Can you imagine?
Frank (sadly): All this violence in the world makes me sick... I sometimes wonder whether it was even fair to bring kids into this world, you know?
Frank (nervously): Sorry, <Name>, I don't know what's gotten into me. Ever since being in Ivywood, I can't stop thinking about my child.
Frank (excitedly): Good idea, I should try and set up a video call with my daughter for later! Now, let's go give Phillip his picture back!

Give the photo back to Phillip.
Frank: Hey Phillip, <Rank> <Name> found that family portrait you wanted...
Phillip (holding his baby, crying): Oh thank you, thank you, <Rank> <Name>!
Phillip (calming down): I particularly like this photo of us - it reminds me of happier times, when my wife was still a strong part of the family...
Phillip (crying): I blame Ivywood for taking her away from us! They always want more: they dazzle you, take you out, promise you great things... and eat you up!
Phillip: That's why I'm leaving this place so my kid can have a happier future. I'm just glad he has this photo to remember his mother by, if nothing else.
Phillip: Please, <Rank> <Name> would you mind taking these clothes as a thank you? I trust you'll know what to do with them.

Investigate Colosseum Set.
Amy (biting her nails): Oh <Name>, I can't see Russell! Did you manage to find him?
Amy (shaking her head): No...? Oh, I'm so worried. You also agree something could have happened to him?
Amy (worried): Knowing Russell, he wouldn't have just disappeared: he would have left something behind! You think we should search through that pile of rubble? Let's do it - but please hurry!

Examine Stone Pile.
Amy (nervously): So <Name>, what did you find in that pile of rubble from the movie set? A pair of glasses?
Amy: Oh, you're right! These are Russell's glasses! They're unmistakably his!
Amy (shocked): Oh no, but finding his glasses crushed like this... It means something bad must have happened to him! What if he got abducted?!
Amy: You're right, <Name>. Russell must have dropped these glasses on purpose for us to find. Quick, we need to scan them for clues!

Examine Russell's Glasses.
Amy (pumping her fist): Way to go, <Name>! You managed to collect some brown hair off of Russell's glasses! Russell is a perfect shade of blond so it's definitely not his...
Amy: Quick, let's not waste any time and send this sample to the lab! It might tell us something about Russell's abductor!

Analyze Hairs.
Amy (sweating, worried): Yann, did you manage to identify the hair <Name> collected off Russell's glasses? Do we know who abducted him?
Yann: Amy, calm down. I admit this is worrying, though... But all I can tell you about the brown hair in question is that it comes from a mustache.
Amy (holding her fist, angrily): So Russell's kidnapper has a mustache? Who do we know who fits that profile, <Name>? Ooh, you're right: Brad!
Amy (yelling): So Brad abducted Russell?! Quick, <Name>, we need to go and save Russell before he gets thrown to the lions!

Intercept Brad and save Russell.
(Amy and the player enter the movie set to find a brainwashed Brad holding a gun to Russell's head)
Brad (brainwashed): I will take Russell Crane to the symphony room! Failure is not an option...
Amy (holding her gun, shocked): Oh no, <Name>, Brad has been brainwashed!! What if they've asked him to... to kill Russell?!
Russell (sweating, nervously): Amy, listen to me! Brad's orders clearly do not entail hurting me. He's been trying to drag me off to the symphony room. Just calmly ask him to let me go, it should work!
Amy: Alright. But if he doesn't let you go, I'll shoot him!
Amy (pleading): Mr Belinsky! You must let Russell go! We will take him to the symphony room, I promise!
(Brad releases Russell)
Brad: I will take Russell Crane to the symphony room... Failure is not an option...
Amy (putting her gun away, nervously): Russell, are you okay?
Russell: Yes, I'm fine. Thank you both for coming to my rescue. I was looking into the Utopians at the Colosseum when Brad attacked me!
Russell (pumping his fist): I don't know why the Utopians wanted him to take me to the symphony room, but I trust you will figure it out, <Name>!
Amy (pumping her fist): Alright <Name>, let's go inspect the symphony room. But can we stop for a burger on the way? Now that Russell's safe, I think I can finally eat again.

Investigate Symphony Room.
Amy (angrily): Okay <Name>, Brad was supposed to bring Russell here. Did you find any clues that could help explain why?
Amy (pumping her fist): You found a briefcase? Great! Do you think you can unlock it, <Name>?

Examine Locked Briefcase.
Amy (excitedly): Excellent work, <Name>! You unlocked that briefcase in no time, and look, there's some kind of faded paper inside.
Amy (determined): You're right, since it was locked in the briefcase, this paper could be important. Do you think you can recover the message on it? It might give us clues as to Russell's abduction!

Examine Faded Paper.
Amy: What did you reveal on that faded document you found in the briefcase, <Name>?
Amy (shocked): Huh, there are some odd drawings on it. There's a television, a brain and... someone who's clearly being brainwashed!
Amy (inspired): You're right <Name>, we should sen this plan to Russell! He's the best when it comes to solving these kinds of puzzling mysteries!

Analyze Plan.
Russell (excitedly): This document you found in the symphony room is an amazing discovery, <Name>!
Russell (reading his book): Look at this: it shows a television which sends brainwashing waves to the brain...
Amy (puzzled): That just sounds like science fiction... Maybe it's just the plot for a new movie?
Russell (puts the book away): Amy, the television... the brainwashing... This plan obviously belongs to the Utopians! And if they use TVs, it must mean they are brainwashing people with a movie!
Russell (picks the book back up): The brain is so complex we still know very little about it, but it can be wiped clean and reprogrammed, a bit like a computer. That's what brainwashing is.
Russell (puts the book away): This movie they're showing. I don't know what it is, but they're also using ELFs, which stands for "Extremely Low Frequencies", to help wipe the brain.
Russell (biting his glasses): ELFs are sound waves which you cannot hear, but can definitely "feel".
Russell (puts glasses away): The Utopians wanted to take me to the symphony room. And this document talks about sound waves and fine-tuning them...
Russell (excitedly): Yup, you guessed it, <Name>. This document must belong to Ms Simmer, the music composer. The Utopians must be using her perfect hearing to get the sound just right!
Amy (pumping her fist): Okay, <Name>, we've got an arrest to make! Let's go make Hannah sing!

Arrest Hannah Simmer.
Amy (holding her gun): Ms Hannah Simmer, you're under arrest!
Hannah (shocked): What on earth for?!
Amy (putting the gun away, angrily): Ordering the kidnapping of a police officer and conspiring with the Utopians to brainwash people!
Hannah (defeated): Our great leader has warned me about you, <Rank> <Name>! I will not put up a fight...
Hannah (takes out her conductor's wand): But just know this: we Utopians are unstoppable. We have perfected the brainwashing process.
Hannah (puts the wand away): And soon will come the time of the Prophecy when we will be almighty!
Amy (pumping her fist): Don't count on it, Hannah: <Rank> <Name> always wins. It's written in the stars!

Later, at the station...
Frank: Well, I'm glad Phillip decided to bring up his child elsewhere than Ivywood. I hadn't realized what a bad influence it had on people...
Russell: <Name>, I've been thinking about the Utopians. You've already discovered that they're planning a big attack at the Ivywood Awards ceremony...
Russell: And now you've found proof that they're brainwashing people with a movie!
Russell (nervously): <Name>, 50 million people will be watching the Ivywood Awards ceremony on their TV!
Frank (confused): So? The same thing happens every year.
Russell (angrily): Frank, it's obvious that the Utopians are going to try and brainwash all those people who will be watching the awards! We have to stop them!
Russell (pumping his fist): And the only way to stop them is by finding their leader! They're clearly the brains of the operation! <Name>, we've got our work cut out for us!

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