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Chief Andrea Marquez: <Name>, I'm not sure what to make of Colonel Spangler's story about this train crash and the escaped alien...
Amy (confused): What's there to understand? Spangler's clearly lost his mind! Too much top secret work isn't good for your mental health.
Chief Marquez: I'm tempted to agree, but <Name>'s right, the only way to prove that Spangler is delusional is by investigating this nonsense.
Chief Marquez: Spangler left us a message saying we should look for answers at the Pacific Bay Space Agency's launch pad, so that's where we're going next.
Chief Marquez (nervously): And tomorrow is a big day for PASA: Examiner-1, the first manned expedition to Mars, will be launched! Every precaution is justified.
Amy (excitedly): A manned expedition to Mars! How exciting! It must be the biggest thing that ever happened in Rhine Canyon!
Chief Marquez (winking): That's why I want my best cop to visit the launch pad, and make sure all's in order! Ground control to <Rank> <Name>, prepare for liftoff!

Chapter 1

Investigate Launch Site.
Amy Young (shocked): My goodness, <Name>, that man has a hole in his chest big enough to see through it! I've never seen anything like it! He's dead, without a doubt.
Amy (sadly): Good point, <Name>: the victim's wearing a spacesuit... so he must be an astronaut!
Amy (aghast): Wait a minute... I recognize him! It's Tom Nelson, the astronaut who was meant to go to Mars! Girly Gossips interviewed him last week about the mission. He was so excited!
(Amy takes out her pen and notepad.)
Amy: An astronaut dropping dead one day before a space mission! And look how he died... <Name>, we're dealing with another murder!
(Amy places her pen and notepad away.)
Amy: That paper has the victim's name on it! It appears to be his schedule... Better make the rest of it legible!
Amy: And you've also found a tiny spaceship? Hmm, is that screen asking for a password? Go on, hack it, <Name>!

Examine Schedule.
Amy (excitedly holding her notepad): <Name>, you've revealed new details on the victim's schedule! It says "Rhine Canyon Training Facility."
Amy (puts away her notepad and pumps her fist): So PASA trained their astronauts in the desert... And if Tom Nelson went to this training facility, we should go too!

Investigate Desert Base.
Amy (excitedly): Are we still on planet Earth, <Name>? It sure looks like Mars! Now I understand why PASA trains their astronauts here!
Amy (gasping): Oh, you've found the victim's spacesuit helmet! And it has a message written on the visor: "This is your last ride, Nelson"!
Amy (angrily): I agree, that threat could have come from the killer! And what's that substance it's written in? We'd better collect a sample!
Amy (curiously): You also picked up the cover page of a... PhD thesis! It says "Supervisor: Tom Nelson." Can you make the rest of the writing visible?
Amy (happily): And that's a lovely photograph! Two friends sitting by a fire... and you're right: one of them is our victim!
Amy (curiously): But who's that other guy in the knitted hat? Alright, let's check the database, <Name>!

Examine PhD Thesis.
Amy (curiously): <Name>, you revealed the rest of the writing on the PhD thesis! So, Tom Nelson supervised a student called Brad Raybury. Let me get you more info...
Amy (on the phone): Hannah? Could you look up a Brad Raybury for <Name>?
Hannah (on the phone): Let's see... Brad's a post-grad at Innovation Valley College, studies astrophysics... and he's an intern at PASA, doing research for his thesis. Hope this helps!
(Amy and Hannah hang up.)
Amy (pumping her fist): Perfect! So Brad Raybury was writing his thesis under Nelson's supervision. Brad must have known the victim well. Let's find him!

Ask Brad Raybury about the victim.
Brad (shocked): What a tragedy, <Rank> <Name>. Tom Nelson was the greatest scientist alive! Now the Examiner-1 will not go to Mars...
Brad (picking up his books): I'll never win a Nobel prize without him! This is the saddest day of my life, even sadder than when my cat fell into the particle accelerator! He was never the same again.
Amy (manipulatively): Our sympathies, Mr Raybury. But you could still make a big contribution to science if you helped us find Tom Nelson's killer...
Brad (smacking his head): Find a killer? That's nothing! <Rank> <Name>, you should try finding a single quark in the quantum field!
Brad (holding his books and giving a smirk): Tom was the smartest person on Earth, it's not like someone could catch him unawares! Whoever killed him must be an even bigger genius! Good luck competing with that kind of intelligence...
Brad (sweating nervously): Now excuse me, but the first chapter of my thesis is due in tomorrow, and I'm light-years behind!

Examine Spacesuit Helmet.
Amy (pumping her fist): Good work, <Name>, you collected a sample of that strange substance the killer used to write on Tom Nelson's helmet! Let's send it to the lab!

Analyze Strange Paste.
Yann (excitedly): Hello, <Name>. I've identified the substance you've collected from the victim's helmet!
Yann (pleasantly): It's mashed pepperoni pizza, with extra protein and vitamin B, preserved at high temperature to keep for 80 years, and compressed into a tube.
Amy (disgusted): Bleurgh! Who'd want 80-year-old pizza, from a tube?
Yann (grinning): Mainly astronauts. It's a very common space food. Not very tasty, but nutritious. And as you can see, easy to write with.
Yann: I ordered a pack of space food online just to cross-check my initial results. I must say I prefer traditional pizza.
Amy (excitedly taking out her notepad): Alright, so we know our killer eats space food! That's the strangest evidence I've ever taken down, <Name>, but fear not, it's in my notebook now!

Examine Photo.
Amy (curiously): So the man sitting by the fire with the victim on this picture is a certain Randolph.
Amy (taking out her notepad): According to the database, his last name is unknown... No address listed... But it does say Randolph always wears winter clothes, even in summer! How odd!
Amy (pumping her fist): I agree, let's find this Randolph and ask him how he knew the victim!

Ask Randolph how he knew the victim.
Randolph (happily): Hello, I'm Randolph! Randolph loves talking to people!
Amy (nervously): Well, hello, Randolph. This is <Rank> <Name>. We're investigating the death of Tom Nelson, an astronaut. It appears you knew him?
Randolph: Tom was my best friend! He was training here in the desert, preparing his big trip to Mars. We talked a lot!
Randolph (sadly): The desert is lonely, and Randolph is homesick. And cold. Especially without my friend. Randolph will miss Tom!
Amy: You're... not from around here, Randolph? You must come from a very hot place if you're cold in the desert!
Randolph (whispering): Well... alright, I'll tell you a secret: I'm an alien from planet Krep-9! I crash-landed on Earth forty years ago, and I've been here ever since!
Amy (shaking her head): Oh, dear... not another alien-obsessed lunatic! Thank you, Randolph, we'll... be in touch if we need anything else.
(After talking to Randolph)
Amy (holding her hands up in disbelief): <Name>, Rhine Canyon seems to be filled with crazy people who think they are aliens... Looks like we have another one on our hands.

Examine Mini Spaceship.
Amy (pumping her fist): <Name>, good job cracking the password on that miniature spaceship! Which turned out to be a USB key!
Amy: You're right: this USB key was next to the victim... What was it doing on the crime scene? Let's ship it to Hannah!

Analyze Spaceship USB Key.
Hannah (nervously sweating): Hello, <Name>! I'm embarrassed to admit this USB key you found on the crime scene was a real headache.
Amy (grinning): Really? Don't you just plug it into a computer? It's not rocket science!
Hannah (angrily): When it belongs to an astronaut, it IS rocket science! The files on the USB deleted themselves as soon as I plugged it in! Those guys at PASA take their data protection seriously!
Amy (shaking her head): Oh, great! So we have no idea what was on the USB?
Hannah (optimistically): Luckily, I've found a bug in the script that encrypts the owner's name, and discovered that the USB key belongs to a certain Megan Steel. I looked her up: she's a lead scientist at PASA.
Hannah (grinning): Megan Steel was in charge of the Examiner-1 program, the Mars mission your victim was part of. She was Nelson's supervisor.
Amy (pumping her fist): I agree, <Name>, time for more rocket science. Let's ask Ms Steel what her USB key was doing on the crime scene!

Ask Megan Steel about the Examiner-1 mission.
Amy (taking notes): Ms Steel, <Rank> <Name> found your USB key next to a dead PASA astronaut. We suspect the murder could be linked to the mission you led.
Megan: The Examiner-1 is a top secret research program. The public only know that it's the first manned mission to Mars, and I'm not authorized to tell you more.
Amy (putting her notepad down): Hmm, everything in Rhine Canyon seems to be top secret... What about Tom Nelson? Who do you think wanted to harm him?
Megan (nervously sweating): Tom Nelson was a brilliant scientist. A great loss for PASA. I'm sorry, I don't remember much else about him... I mean, it's, erm, classified.
Amy: I guess you don't remember how your USB key ended up on the crime scene, either?
Megan (sweating): Tom borrowed it from my desk. Or did I give it to him? I'm not sure... Forgive me, <Rank> <Name>, my hands are tied, and...
Megan (nervously): Between you and me... sometimes, after a particularly trying day, I feel like my brain just gets wiped! I can hardly remember my own name!
Amy (grinning): Thank you, Ms Steel. I hope the other scientists at PASA aren't as scatterbrained as you... or you might accidentally send your mission to the wrong planet!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie (nervously): <Name>, I thought I'd seen every conceivable way to take a person's life... but this astronaut's death almost defies science!
Roxie (shocked): See this enormous hole in the victim's chest? His heart, lungs, rib cage are all gone. But the surrounding tissue is intact! There's no blood or bruising!
Roxie (pondering): Whatever did this completely cauterized the wound. Seriously, when you find the murder weapon, <Name>, let me know! I guarantee you it's not an ordinary weapon!
Amy: hmm, if the victim was a PASA astronaut, perhaps his enemies weren't ordinary criminals either!
Roxie (excitedly): Well, there's one thing about the killer that's perfectly ordinary: they're right-handed!
Amy (confused): How did you figure that out, Roxie?
Roxie (grinning): The victim was found propped up against a car. The car wasn't damaged, which means the body was moved there post-mortem.
Roxie (excitedly): Where he'd been moved, the victim was leaning slightly to the right. This shows the killer's right side is stronger than the left, which in turn means they're right-handed!
Amy (excitedly taking out her notepad): Whoa! Knowing you, <Name>, this small detail will be a giant step forward in the investigation! I'll write it down: the killer is right-handed.

Later, at the station...
Amy (shaking her head): <Name>, this case is going nowhere at the speed of light! Tom Nelson, an astronaut, was killed the day before going to Mars.
Amy: There was a big hole in his chest, and Roxie thinks his injuries were caused by a weapon no-one has ever seen before!
Amy (in disbelief): PASA is reluctant to reveal anything about the Mars mission: the chief scientist, Megan Steel, is either forgetful, or pretending to be.
Amy (angrily): The PhD student, Brad Raybury, is sad that his mentor died... but his head is too high up in the stratosphere to be useful for the investigation.
Amy (holding her head): And Randolph is... a bit simple. Apparently, he thinks he's from another planet!
(Colonel Spangler runs in the room.)
Spangler (aghast): <Rank> <Name>! I'm glad you're here!
Amy: Colonel Spangler! Perfect timing! You've led us to this investigation, and we'd really like to know why!
Spangler (nervously sweating): <Rank> <Name>, you must never tell anyone I was here! My superior will have my head if he finds out!
Spangler: Listen: deep in the desert, the Army has a secret war room! Only the highest-ranking officers have access.
Spangler (holding his fist with panic): The current password is "starlight", but it will change in two hours. You must go there now! I can't say more, but hurry and you'll see for yourself!

Chapter 2

Spangler (holding his fist with panic): <Rank> <Name>, you have to listen to me! I don't have much time, and no-one should ever find out I was here!
Amy: Colonel Spangler! Perfect timing! Are you going to tell us why you led us to investigate Tom Nelson's murder?
Spangler (nervously sweating): I didn't know he would die! But it only confirms my suspicions!
Spangler: Listen: deep in the desert, the Army has a secret war room. The current password is "starlight", but it will change in two hours. You need to go there, now!
Amy (in disbelief): And why exactly should we trust you, Colonel?
Spangler (holding his fist with panic): I'd come with you and explain, but there isn't time! I'm in big trouble already for coming here, my superior must never find out! Now, go, before the password changes!
(Colonel Spangler leaves.)
Amy (saluting): You're right, <Name>: if the password is only good for two hours, we don't have time to hesitate! We must go to the war room now!

Investigate War Room.
(Before investigating War Room)
At the secret Army location...
Amy (holding her fists): This is the secret room, <Name>! Go on, let's see if the password works!
(After investigating War Room)
Amy (whispering): Shhh, <Name>! Let's be quiet! If anyone finds us here, it's not just Colonel Spangler who'll be in trouble!
Amy (quietly gasping): And look, that's the Army's Top Secret file on Tom Nelson!
Amy: I agree, we should treat this as a clue, and look through the file... But be quick, before they discover us!
Amy (cautiously): And you've also found some broken pieces? Alright, put them back together, but don't make any noise!

Examine Top Secret File.
Amy: <Name>, you've found a photo in Tom Nelson's file? Yes, it's definitely our victim, though he looks much younger!
Amy: But who's that girl with Nelson? Apparently, the Army classified her as a "security risk"!
Amy (nervously): <Name>, we'd better put this folder back so it looks like we never touched it... Let's just take that one photo to the lab!

Analyze Photograph.
Hannah: <Name>, the girl in the photo you found in the Army's war room is a certain Astrid Saucer. She's Tom Nelson's childhood friend.
Hannah (curiously): Astrid's also a well-known UFO fanatic. She has an Alien Encounters blog, with thousands of followers, which might explain why the Army considered her a security risk.
Amy (shaking her head): Oh, great... aliens again! Just what we needed!
Amy (pumping her fist): But you're right, <Name>: we should talk to this woman. If she was the victim's friend, maybe she'll tell us something useful about him!

Ask Astrid why the Army considered her a security risk.
Astrid (sadly): Tom and I grew up together. We both had a passion for the stars, even as children. We used to sit on the roof at night, snacking on space food, gazing at the sky.
Astrid (excitedly): We've always known there were aliens walking among us! We just had to prove it!
Amy (in disbelief): Aliens, walking among us? Riiiight.
Astrid (optimistically): I know you don't believe me, <Rank> <Name>. But Tom was going to bring mankind a step closer to the truth!
Amy: Miss Saucer, why did the Army think you were a security risk? Is it because you were planning to hurt Tom?
Astrid (furiously): What? The Army didn't consider me a danger to Tom, I was a danger to them! They tell people aliens don't exist, and they're afraid of me because I know the truth!
Amy (seductively): Thanks for your help, Miss Saucer. Oh, and one last thing... Our tech expert loves your Alien Encounters blog! Would you mind signing this card for her?
Astrid (excitedly holding a pen): Sure! Where should I sign? I hope you find Tom's killer, <Rank> <Name>!
(After talking to Astrid Saucer)
Amy (amazed): Did you see that, <Name>? Astrid signed her name with her right hand! I thought giving her that card was just the kind of trick you'd do! Now we can add right-handed to her profile!
Amy: Well spotted, <Name>, she also mentioned eating space food!

Examine Broken Device.
Amy (nervously biting her nails): <Name>, you restored the broken device! Is that a... a gun? It's certainly very odd looking... It could be dangerous, better send it to the lab!

Analyze Gun.
Hannah (excitedly): <Name>, believe it or not, this gun you found in the Army's war room is a laser gun!
Hannah (shocked): What's more, this gun is your murder weapon!
Hannah: I had Roxie run comparisons against the victim's wounds, and she's categorical: this gun's laser beam is what burnt the hole in your victim's chest, instantly cauterizing the wound.
Amy (shocked): This sounds so strange! I didn't think laser guns existed outside science fiction!
Hannah: Me neither. But this gun is most likely an experiment by the Army. Without an advanced knowledge of astrophysics, you could never fire it!
Amy (pumping her fist): So we know the killer knows astrophysics!
Amy: You're right, <Name>: Brad Raybury and Megan Steel are both scientists who worked with the victim! This moves them to the top of our suspect list!

Amy: <Name>, you're right: we found the murder weapon at the Army's secret facility! A place where only high-ranking Army officials can enter!
Amy (nervously): Could the Army also be involved in this murder? How else could they have acquired the gun after the murder?
Amy (taking out her notepad): You're right: Colonel Spangler said he was helping us behind his superior's back... I've already checked: it's a certain General Freeman.
Amy (putting down her notepad and pumping her fist): We have to question General Freeman and find out what he knows about this murder!

Ask General Freeman about the murder weapon.
Freeman (shouting): So you're the ones who entered the war room without my permission! Did that coward Spangler help you? If we were at war, you'd be shot for this!
Amy (sternly holding up a finger): We're not at war, General Freeman, we're investigating a murder, and you've been found in possession of the murder weapon.
Freeman (scratching his head): I found that gun in the desert, already broken! I picked it up and brought it back to the base, following standard security protocol! Firearms are not to be left lying about in the desert!
Amy (confused): So you didn't kill Tom Nelson with it, and then attempted to hide the evidence?
Freeman (shouting): I've killed better men than Tom Nelson with my bare hands, <Rank> <Name>! But only in battles I fought for YOUR freedom! I've never committed murder!
Freeman (scratching his head): I know the Army's developing new high-tech weapons, but this research malarkey isn't for me. I'm a soldier, not a nerd! Science is for girls!
Amy (grinning): I'll take that as a compliment, General Freeman.
Freeman (angrily): Go back to the desert, <Rank> <Name>. Or go to Mars, what do I care! Just stay out of the Army's affairs! Dismissed!
(After talking to General Freeman)
Amy (agitated): <Name>, who does this General Freeman think he is, talking to you like that? Ordering you to go to the desert, like he's your boss!
Amy (thinking): Hmm, maybe he wants us to stay out of the desert, and that's his way of bamboozling us? Hah! Not so easy to dupe you, <Name>! Back to the desert we go, right?

Investigate Training Capsule.
Amy: I see you've already found some clues, <Name>! That faded note has Megan's name on it! It's a message from Nelson's boss!
Amy (grinning): Can you make the rest of the writing visible? Megan was very secretive when we spoke to her, perhaps this will explain why!
Amy: And what's that... broken object? You're right, <Name>, it's too odd to ignore. You'll have to restore it to find out what it is!

Examine Faded Note.
Amy (curiously): Hm, Megan's note to the victim is just an equation! You're the smartest person I know, <Name>, but can you understand advanced math?
Amy (gasping): Wait, you're right! The writing looks like an equation, but on closer inspection, the letters form words! I K-i-1-1... equals... U... n-E-1-S-0-N! "I kill you Nelson"! It's a threat against the victim!
Amy: I agree: Megan has some explaining to do!

Question Megan Steel about her threat against the victim.
Amy (looking over her notepad): Ms Steel, <Rank> <Name> found your message to Tom Nelson. You said he was a brilliant scientist, but it turns out you wanted to kill him!
Megan (sweating nervously): Oh! So you found out!
Megan (angrily): Alright, <Rank> <Name>, I didn't tell you the complete truth last time. Nelson WAS a brilliant scientist, but I was sick of his defiant behavior!
Megan (furiously): Can you believe he stole space food from my lunch-box? And told me I should cook real food because I was a woman? I'm leading the mission to Mars, for Pete's sake!
Amy: So you threatened him because he didn't respect you?
Megan: That wasn't everything! Because of Nelson, I received constant complaints from the Army, too!
Megan (angrily): Now I have both the Army and the Police breathing down my neck, thanks to him! If he wasn't already dead, I'd stuff him in the rocket launcher myself!

Examine Broken Object.
Amy: <Name>, the strange broken thing turned out to be a potted plant... but what kind of plant is it? Is it even real?
Amy (holding her hands up in shock): I mean, I've never seen a plant with a blue egg growing out of it!
Amy: At least there's a sticker that says "For Tom"... so we know it was given to the victim.
Amy (nervously): I agree, it's definitely something to send to the lab! But don't touch it with your hands, <Name>, just in case it... does something!

Analyze Weird Plant.
Yann (winking): Congratulations, <Name>! You've discovered a new plant species! This plant you found in the desert doesn't match any of the 400,000 known species on Earth!
Yann (excitedly): I'd really like to study this plant, <Name>... Do you think I can look after it until you close the investigation? I'd hate to see it wither...
Amy (optimistically): You can study it all you want, but how about giving us some useful info first?
Yann: Well, the plant might be a mystery, but at least we know where the pot came from: there is a sticker on it from Gardening Supplies.
Yann (optimistically): I called them, and the shopkeeper remembered the guy who bought it: a strange fellow wearing thick winter clothes.
Amy (inspired): Winter clothes in the desert? You're right, <Name>: it can only be Randolph! We've already met him, he was the victim's friend.
Amy (pumping her fist): Alright, let's ask Randolph about this plant!

Ask Randolph about the strange plant he gave to the victim.
Amy (looking in her notepad): Randolph, you said Tom Nelson was your friend. Is that why you gave him this strange plant?
Randolph (optimistically): The plant is from Krep-9! I gave it to Tom because he was my best friend!
Amy (hesitantly putting her notepad away): So... the plant is from an alien planet? Like... you?
Amy (nervously): Look, Randolph, no offense but it's hard to believe that a PASA astronaut was friends with a... someone like you. What did you two talk about?
Randolph (excitedly): We talked about astrophysics! Tom was smart! And kind: he brought me the yummiest space food from PASA. Randolph loves space food!
Randolph (optimistically): You don't believe me, Earthling <Name>? Randolph is from Krep-9! Traveled across galaxy to Earth! Astrophysics is easy for Randolph!
Randolph: Tom was nervous about his trip to Mars, I told him not to worry. Randolph knows every corner of the galaxy! I said, Tom, take me with you. You drive, I read the map. I want to see my beautiful planet again!
Randolph (humiliated): But Tom says no, impossible, the mission is secret, Randolph can't come. Tom was a bad friend! I was angry, I told him to get lost in space forever!
Amy (shocked): So you were angry with Tom because he wouldn't let you on his spaceship? That's why you broke his plant! What else did you do to him, Randolph?
Randolph (shedding a tear): I didn't hurt him, Earthling <Name>! I was angry, but now I have nothing from Krep-9! And I have no friend either! Randolph sad!

Later, at the station...
Amy (shaking her head): <Name>, this case is a black hole that swallows the light of reason. Let's see if we can make sense of it!
Amy (taking out her notepad): You've found the laser gun that killed Tom Nelson. It was developed by the Army.
Amy (puts her notepad down): General Freeman found the gun in the desert, but denies involvement in the murder.
Amy: You've also discovered the victim had some odd friends: Randolph, who believes he's an alien and was angry because Nelson had refused to take him home on his spaceship!
(Amy's phone starts to ring)
Amy: Megan Steel, the victim's boss, hated Nelson because of his disrespectful behavior... Wait, is that the phone?
Amy (on the phone): Hello? Who's this?
Brad (on the phone): <Rank> <Name>? It's Brad, the PhD student whose thesis Nelson supervised! Listen, the Army was here! They stormed in and confiscated all our research! It was like war!
Amy (shocked): What? The Army raided the PASA site?
Brad (furiously): I told you, they took everything! It's like they're trying to erase all traces of Tom's existence!

Chapter 3

Amy Young (on the phone): Hello, who's this?
Brad (on the phone): <Rank> <Name>, it's Brad, the PhD student whose thesis Nelson supervised! The Army stormed in and confiscated all our research!
Amy (shocked): What? The Army raided the PASA site?
Brad (angrily): They stormed in and took everything! It's like they're trying to erase all traces that Tom Nelson never existed!
(Amy and Brad hang up)
Amy: You think the Army's trying to hide evidence from us, <Name>? Why else would they confiscate our victim's research?
Amy: But then, there's only one place where they could have taken the evidence: the secret war room!
Amy (holding her fists): <Name>, we only have ten minutes before the password to that room expires! Let's hurry back before it's too late!

Investigate Constellation Orb.
Amy (gasping): <Name>, Brad Raybury was right: a lot of stuff here looks like it was taken from PASA's labs in a hurry!
Amy: And that box sure looks like a hiding place! Can you sift through the contents without much noise, <Name>?
Amy (holding her fists): What else did you find? A pie chart? If you think this may be linked to the victim, you'll need to retrieve the faded text!
Amy (pumping one fist): And you think that torn paper is worth restoring, too? I trust your instincts, <Name>! I know you'd go to the dark side of the moon to find this killer!

Examine Faded Pie Chart.
Amy (gasping): <Name>, this pie chart has our victim's name on it! It's titled "Reasons I'll fail my PhD"... and the main reason is Tom Nelson!
Amy (angrily): You're right: the only person who could have drawn this chart is Brad Raybury, our victim supervised his thesis!
Amy: Brad seemed to have a lot of respect for his mentor... Was it all an act? Did he hate Nelson?
Amy (pumping her fist): I agree, we must question Brad again. Time to light the rocket under this investigation, <Name>!

Ask Brad Raybury about his pie chart accusing the victim.
Amy: Brad, why were you so angry with Tom Nelson? <Rank> <Name> found this chart. Care to explain?
Brad (nervously holding his books): So you found out... Alright, I got a little impatient with Nelson. But only because I was eager to learn more!
Brad (shouting): Nelson was hiding crucial research from me! He kept saying the mission was top secret. But scientists shouldn't keep secrets from each other!
Amy: So you killed him to teach him a lesson?
Brad (smacking his head): Are you listening to me? What use is a dead supervisor to me? I needed him alive, at least until I finished my thesis!
Brad (angrily holding his fist): Nelson never involved me in any serious work. I was in charge of photocopies and the space food orders. I like space food, but that's not what I'm at PASA for!
Brad (sweating in panic): Now I'll fail my exams, and it's his fault! I might as well tie myself to a Soyuz rocket and die, <Rank> <Name>!

Examine Top Secret Box.
Amy: <Name>, that ball you found in the cardboard box has the victim's face on it! What's it for?
Amy (inspired): Oh, I know: you're supposed to squeeze it to release stress!
Amy: So someone found it relaxing to crush Tom Nelson's face! We need to send this ball to the lab for fingerprints!

Analyze Stress Ball.
Hannah: <Name>, I've analyzed this stress ball you found in the war room, with the victim's face on it.
Hannah (optimistically): The material made it hard to find good prints, but I pulled through! The stress ball belongs to General Freeman!
Amy (looking over her notes): General Freeman! He never mentioned he hated the victim... We should definitely have a chat with him!
Hannah: One more thing, <Name>: the deformations of the ball also show that the General is right-handed. That's part of the killer's profile, right?
Amy (putting her notepad away and clenching her fists): Yes! All the more reason to round up Freeman with the speed of light, <Name>!

Ask General Freeman about the stress ball with the victim's face.
Amy (in disbelief): General Freeman, <Rank> <Name>'s discovered you like to exercise by squeezing Nelson's face! What did he do to annoy you?
Freeman (furiously): You don't know what it was like to work under Nelson's command! That stress ball was the only thing that kept me from punching the real guy in the face!
Amy (confused): Wait, what? How did you end up working under Nelson's command? You're an army General, and he was a simple astronaut!
Freeman (scratching his head): Trust me, I didn't ask for it! I told you science wasn't my thing. But I was ordered to be First Officer on the Examiner-1. And on a space mission, even an army General must take orders from the astronauts.
Freeman: PASA decided they needed someone on the mission to protect the astronauts from potential hostile aliens. Safety first!
Amy (in disbelief): PASA needed you to protect Nelson from aliens? Wow, they really prepared for the most unlikely eventuality!
Amy (holding up a finger): But Nelson still got killed... Could it be because taking orders from an astronaut annoyed you so much that squeezing that ball wasn't enough?
Freeman (furiously): I told you, I'm not a murderer! Something in their space food drove my blood pressure through the roof, that's all it was!

Examine Torn Paper.
Amy (curiously): <Name>, you've restored the torn paper! And it's an article: "Life on Mars Impossible, Says Astronaut"... hey, that's Tom Nelson in the picture!
Amy (gasping): But somebody wrote a message on the paper: "Liars shouldn't go to space!"
Amy: And the message is signed by "Astrid"! You're right, that must be Astrid Saucer, Tom's friend who believes in aliens!
Amy (clenching her fists): We must find Astrid. And we have to act fast, <Name>!

Ask Astrid why she accused the victim of lying.
Amy: Astrid, <Rank> <Name> discovered you accused Tom Nelson of lying! What was that about?
Astrid (sadly): Alright, I see there's no use lying to you: I was mad at Tom.
Astrid (with regret): Tom and I both trained to be astronauts. I scored higher in astrophysics than he did! But I quit, and never graduated.
Amy (wondering): You quit astronaut training? Why? Wasn't it the perfect opportunity for you to prove that aliens exist?
Astrid (furiously): I wish! But PASA and the Army wouldn't have let me tell people the truth! They keep denying aliens exist! I wasn't going to join them!
Amy (holding up a finger): But your friend Tom did. And you felt betrayed. Is that it? You didn't want him to go to Mars and so you killed him?
Astrid (crying): I regret sending him that message now. Bitterness got the better of me. But I didn't kill him, <Rank> <Name>. Tom was my only friend, and now I'm truly alone in my quest.

Later, at the station...
Russell (excitedly): <Name>, I did a little research: two of the clues you've collected contain handwriting samples from suspects!
Russell (biting his glasses): Based on the equation jotted down by Megan Steel, I can confirm that she's right-handed...
Russell (putting on his glasses): And so is Brad Raybury, whose handwriting was on his pie chart.
Amy (playing with her hair): That's amazing, Russell, thank you!
(Chief Marquez walks in the room)
Chief Marquez: <Name>? Come into my office, I have news!

In Chief Marquez's office...
Chief Marquez: <Name>, I've just heard that Colonel Spangler's going to be court-martialed for high treason!
Amy (in aghast): His superiors must have found out he'd given us access to the war room! Spangler's in trouble for helping us!
Chief Marquez: Exactly. Much as I dislike Spangler, I don't want the Police mixed up in a military affair. You must catch Nelson's killer to prove we all acted in the public interest.
Amy (clenching her fists): Of course! I'd never forgive myself if something happened to him on the one time he was helpful!
Amy (wondering): Could there be more to this than meets the eye, <Name>? Could this all be linked to Nelson's murder?
Chief Marquez (pointing a finger): It's up to you to find out, <Name>, and quickly! Go back to the PASA launch site immediately. The countdown has started!

Investigate Parking Area.
Amy: <Name>, the hole in that can looks strangely familiar...
Amy (gasping): You're right: the edges of the hole are sharp and clean... exactly like the hole in the victim's chest!
Amy (clenching her fists): I agree: this can must be the killer's work!
Amy: What about that substance on the surface? Looks like dust... Can you collect a sample of it?
Amy (curiously): And that piece of fabric is the same color as the victim's spacesuit! It also seems to be stained with something...
Amy (clenching her fists): You think you can collect a sample of that stain, too? Be quick, <Name>, we have to catch the killer before Colonel Spangler is court-martialed for helping us!

Examine Empty Can.
Amy (pumping her fist): Good job collecting a sample of dust from the killer's can! Let's send it to the lab! This clue might free Colonel Spangler, and put the killer behind bars!

Analyze Red Dust.
Yann: <Name>, I've analyzed the dust from the can you found at the murder scene. It's a very fine but pervasive red dust, only found in the desert. Especially hard to get out of clothes.
Amy (clenching her fists): Well, we know the killer must have touched the can, so what does that tell us about them?
Yann (grinning): Considering the shape of those marks, the killer probably transferred the red dust from their hand to the can. They must have gotten stained before going to the launch site.
Amy (pumping her fist): So you're telling us the killer has some red dust on their clothes? Ha! This discovery will propel them to Planet Prison, <Name>!

Examine Orange Fabric.
Amy (pumping her fist): Great! Let's get the sample you've collected on Tom's spacesuit to the lab, and show the killer who's the real rocket scientist around here!

Analyze Substance.
Yann (excitedly): <Name>, the substance you collected from Tom's spacesuit was sweat!
Yann (optimistically): The killer must have sweated while moving the victim's body. It's hard work! But for you, it's a lucky break!
Amy (disgusted): Does that mean we're looking for someone with disgusting sweat marks on their clothes?
Yann (grinning): No. The sweat contained enough DNA for me to identify a physical trait: the killer's eye color!
Yann: <Name>, the killer has blue eyes!

After completing all tasks...
Amy (holding her fists): <Name>, you've collected enough evidence. All systems go! Let's arrest the killer, and prove that Spangler did the right thing by helping us!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Brad Raybury, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for Tom Nelson's murder.
Brad (holding his books with a grin): Unproven hypotheses could be embarrassing, <Rank> <Name>. Take the Static Universe Theory. Einstein never lived it down!
Amy (sternly holding up a finger): Drop the attitude, Brad. You didn't think something as small as your handwriting on a pie chart would be your downfall, did you?
Brad (smacking his head): That's your proof? Handwriting? Oh, please. That's about as scientific as a horoscope.
Amy (angrily): Interesting that you'd mention science. You're a post-grad in astrophysics, just like the killer!
Brad (sweating): Is it still against the law to study the planets and the universe? I thought the Inquisition ended a few centuries ago, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: What about your DNA on the victim's spacesuit? You sweated when you moved the body! Is that scientific enough?
Brad (panicked): Alright, alright! I did it! I shot Nelson, but I didn't know that gun worked! It's against the law of physics!
Brad (sadly): I found the gun in the lab, and I decided to prank Nelson... I didn't expect to kill him for real! Laser guns only kill people in movies, <Rank> <Name>!
Brad (panicked): I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the hole in Nelson's chest... I didn't mean to kill him, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: I see: you're trying to play the accident card... but even accidental homicide violates criminal law, Brad. You're under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Brad Raybury, you stand trial for the murder of Tom Nelson, the astronaut.
Honorable Dante (confused): I don't get it, Mr Raybury... Nelson was going to Mars, 140 million miles away from you! He'd hardly have bothered you from that far! So why take the trouble to kill him?
Brad (furiously): It wouldn't have happened if Nelson hadn't kept all his research hidden from me! How was I supposed to learn?
Brad (shaking his head): If only he'd warned me not to play with that gun, I wouldn't have shot him by accident!
Honorable Dante: Given the mitigating circumstances, Mr Raybury, the Court sentences you to eight years in prison, with the possibility of parole. We can't afford to keep clever people like you locked up forever.
Honorable Dante (holding the gavel): You seem keen to share knowledge, so I also sentence you to teach physics to the inmates.
Brad (nervously): Oh, great... a genius like me, reduced to teaching idiots!

Amy (happily saluting): Congratulations, <Name>, you've solved another mystery! It goes to show that even scientists make mistakes, including murder!
Amy (curiously): Still, what a pity Nelson never got to go to Mars! Who knows what he might have discovered there?
Amy (gasping): But you're right, I'm forgetting about Colonel Spangler! We'd better go make sure the Army isn't going to court-martial him! I'll see you at the station!

Map to the Stars: Part 5

Previously, on Criminal Case...
Chief Andrea Marquez: <Name>, I can't believe Spangler claimed he helped an alien escape from the army. AN ALIEN!
Chief Marquez: I'm still convinced he's playing an elaborate joke on us to make us look foolish
Chief Marquez: And yet...I do have those memories... <Name>, I think we haven't seen the last of these alien theories!

Back to the present...
Chief Marquez: I'm glad you managed to close this investigation despite the hassle from PASA and the army, <Name>!
Chief Marquez: And I have good news, Colonel Spangler won't be court-martialed! Your success proved he was right to give us access to the Army's facilities!
Chief Marquez: Both them and PASA are eager to hide things from us, though... you should inspect the launch site again. I'd rather know what they're planning!
Chief Marquez: Also, Astrid Saucer asked to talk to you, <Name>. She seemed shaken, don't make her wait too long.
Amy: Alright! <Name>, do you want to start with Astrid or go to the launch site?

Ask Astrid Saucer what's wrong.
Astrid: <Rank> <Name>, I think I found an alien! A real one, living among us!
Amy: Not this alien nonsense again...
Astrid: You know Randolph, that guy who acts like a lunatic?He isn't Human, haven't you noticed?! Everything makes sense, I don't know how I missed it before!
Astrid: He's always snooping around around the training facilities, wearing warm clothes in the desert, talking like an idiot...
Astrid: This is all an act, can't you see? Randolph pretends he's stupid so no one will notice his high intellect!
Amy: Look Astrid, even though Randolph's weird, and knows advanced physics... That doesn't prove he's an alien!
Amy: Wait, you think Randolph's worth investigating, <Name>? Please tell me you don't seriously think he's an alien!
Amy: Of course you don't. But checking the desert facilities won't hurt, you're right.

Investigate Desert Base.
Amy: <Name>, what makes you think that Randolph might have used these tools?
Amy: I guess you're right, we might as well be thorough. Let's dig through that crate!

Examine Crate of Tools.
Amy: Nice catch, <Name>! This passport has no reason to be in this crate! Let's open it...
Amy: The passport's information is faded... But I'm sure it will take you no time at all!

Examine Faded Passport.
Amy: How did you know this passort was Randolph's, <Name>? Talk about instincts!
Amy: But the information on his passport is... weird. It says he was born in 1947!
Amy: But he can't be 67... You're right, it's suspicious! Let's send this to Hannah!

Analyze Randolph's Passport.
Hannah: <Name>, that passport you sent me doesn't make any sense! Randolph's official record is filled with contradictions!
Hannah: It's a real mess! His passport says he was born in 1947, but his public record says he was born in 1973...
Hannah: He apparently went to college in Jazz Town, but the university doesn't exist. His passport says he's got blue eyes, but you told me they're brown... Nothing matches!
Amy: Hmm... What does that mean, exactly? A bug in the system?
Hannah: I don't think so. I believed Randolph faked his official records to hide his real background!
Amy: Fake records?! I agree,<Name>, Randolph doesn't strike as the kind of person who would do that! Let's confront him!

Question Randolph about his fake official record.
Randolph: Thank you, earthlings! Randolph hadn't noticed he'd lost his identifier!
Amy: Randolph, why is your official record a mess? None of the information we found about you makes any sense!
Randolph: Mess? I did nothing to the files, Randolph likes organized data!
Amy: So you have nothing to do with it?
Randolph: Record was set up after I came from Krep-9. Randolph didn't know you needed all that data to stay on Earth!
Amy: All that... oh come on, Randolph! You're not going to expect us to believe your record is fake because you're an alien?!
Randolph: I didn't create fake data, Randolph just wants to go back to Krep-9! Here, <Rank> <Name>, You're a nice person, so Randolph gives you a gift!

Investigate Launch Site.
Amy: Nice catch,<Name>! This tube you found looks like... Alright, I have no idea what it is, but its covered in a weird liquid!
Amy: It's nearly fluorscent, I've never seen anything like it! PASA is leading weird experiments... Let's collect a sample for analysis!

Examine Metallic Tube.
Amy: Well done,<Name>! Let's send this sample from that mettalic tube to Yann! I wonder what PASA is working on...

Analyze Strange Liquid.
Yann: This liquid you found at the PASA launch site is amazing, <Name>! I've never seen anything like it! This is even better than the plant!
Yann: It appears to be some kind of fuel. Except it's way more powerful than regular fuel! You only need a fourth of the amount we use to send our spaceships to Mars...
Yann: The formula seems incomplete, but it's still way more advanced than anything PASA has publicly revealed! This is like looking ten years into the future!
Amy: <Name>, this isn't the first time we've seen PASA with some very advanced technology, remember that gun?
Chief Marquez: That's why I've decide to accompany <Name> and go talk to Megan Steel, the lead scientist at PASA!
Amy: Of course, Chief! I'll wait at the station!
Chief marquez: I'm tired of everyone keeping secrets from us, <Name>. It's time PASA and the Army give us some answers! Megan Steel had better cooperate!

Ask Megan Steel about the experimental fuel.
Megan: Where did you find this sample, <Rank> <Name>? This is a PASA experimental project, not ready to be exposed to the public!
Megan: At least, I don't think it is... Where did you say you found it?
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name> found this sample on a metallic piece at the launch site. So this is still in the experimental phase?
Megan: I-I think... it's fuzzy, I guess the project had been canceled, it happens. The Army picks which project has priority...
Chief Marquez: What do you mean, fuzzy? Our forensics expert said it's really advanced fuel! Don't you keep track of the experiments?
Megan: Of course I do! I mean... I must have! Look, I can't remember everything, there are tons of projects going on here!
Megan: I need to debrief this with the Army. I can't remember what we were planning to use that fuel for...
Chief Marquez: I agree <Name>, something's up... Megan looks like she can't remember anything! Her behavior's strange, we should keep an eye on her.
Chief Marquez: You're right, she also said the Army knew about this experiment! Do you still have access to their control room? Let's go, and let's buy a snack on our way, I'm famished.

Investigate War Room.
Chief Marquez: Good job, <Name>! You've obviously found something our Army friends didn't want people to see... Why else would they tear this picture up? Let's restore it!

Examine Torn Photo.
Chief Marquez: What the... is this blurry picture supposed to show an alien?!
Chief Marquez: I don't get it. It looks like someone took a picture of a toy and slapped an official Army seal on it! What's all this nonsense about?!
Chief Marquez: You're right <Name>, it may be simpler to confront General Freeman with this. Surely he'll tell us it's all a prank!

Confront General Freeman with the strange picture.
Freeman: I don't know what this picture is, I've never seen it before. Nor do I know anything about a super advanced fuel being developed by PASA.
Freeman: Ask the scientists about that! Those pansies might be useful for once!
Chief Marquez: The PASA scientist directed us to you, Freeman. You expect us to know nothing about a picture in your mission control room, with your logo on it?!
Freeman: Are you accusing me of lying, Miss? I don't know who you think you are but you should know when to let the big guys talk!
Chie fMarquez: I'm the chief of the Pacific Bay Police Department! Don't even think of intimidating me or <Rank> <Name>!
Chief Marquez: You're actively hiding things from us, and you've disrupted <Rank> <Name>'s investigation. Here's a fine for obstruction of justice, maybe it'll calm you down!

Later, at the station...
Chief Marquez: This is a mess... First, PASA seems to have very advanced knowledge and technology, but their chief scientist suffers from memory loss!
Chief Marquez: And Randolph insists he's an alien... the fact that his passport data seems to be fabricated doesn't help things!
Chief Marquez: Not to mention this picture we found in the Army's headquarters.... I don't even know what to think about this, it's just so absurd!
Chief Marquez: And we won't be getting any answers from General Freeman, I'm afraid. The man is as thick as a block of concrete!
Spangler: Come on, Chief Marquez, I've seen you more stubborn than this! <Rank> <Name> and you just saved my career, my friends!
Chief Marquez: Colonel Spangler?! Glad to see you've avoided court-martial, but I think you owe us answers!
Spangler: I'm really sorry about all this secrecy. But I can't put the alien in danger!
Spangler: I know this will sound crazy, but listen carefully! The alien needs you, <Rank> <Name>! They trust you, and they'll need your help to get back to your planet!
Spangler: Yes, you've already met them. And if something happens to me, you need to make sure neither PASA nor General Freeman recaptures them!
Spangler: I can't tell you more right now, but there will be a festival in Rhine Canyon soon. Meet me there, and I promise everything will finally make sense!

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