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Bureau headquarters, Mexico...
Chief Elizabeth Ripley (sad): These are grave times for the Bureau, <Name>. We're all grieving the death of Michelle, a team member and friend we'd come to love and trust.
Chief Ripley (firmly): She was killed in SOMBRA's birthplace, at the hands of the man we thought to be SOMBRA's leader!
Chief Ripley (thinking): But it turns out although Castillo was SOMBRA's founder, he's since handed the title of El Rey to a successor...
Chief Ripley: Which means the real El Rey is still at large!
Jack (confused): The only information we have, <Name>, is that we've already met the current El Rey somewhere throughout our investigations. That could be anyone!
Chief Ripley: Our immediate concern must be Castillo's threats about SOMBRA preparing to "step out into the light" in the North!
Chief Ripley: The USA's sudden decision to build a wall along the Mexican border sounds exactly like the kind of political unrest SOMBRA could take advantage of!
Chief Ripley (all ready): Which is why we've come to Mexico! <Name>, I want you to head down to the wall's construction site. The sooner we get some answers, the better!

Chapter 1

Investigate Construction Site.
Jack Archer (shocked): My God, <Name>! It looks like this poor woman has been hung up and beaten to death!
Jack (sweating): Whoever killed her even put streamers on her. Was this victim decorated like a human piñata? This is gruesome!
Jack (thinking): The name tag says this woman's called Cindy Hamilton, and that she's the project coordinator here at the wall.
Jack (grinning): Ah, I see you're already on the case, <Name>. That table must've belonged to the victim - the lock screen has her photo on it. I'll leave the password decoding to you!
Jack (praising): And I almost missed those broken pieces in all this construction mess. I'll grab the glue so you can put that back together!
Jack (serious): It's a good thing that wall's not going anywhere, <Name>, because it will have to wait! We've got a murder to solve!

Examine Locked Tablet.
Jack: That's weird, <Name>. The victim's tablet is opened to the blog of some adventurer guy, Artie Facts. Surely that's not his real name?!
Jack: In any case, the victim was interested in reading about his exploits. Let's run his photo through the database and see if we can find out who this Artie Facts is!

Examine Unknown Blogger.
Jack: So Artie Facts is actually called Marvin Hamilton... and the database says he's the victim's brother!
Jack: Marvin specializes in the preservation of rare artifacts, and his latest blog entry says he's currently trekking here in Mexico.
Jack: I hate this part, <Name>, but we should go inform Marvin of his sister's death.

Inform Marvin Hamilton of his sister's death.
Jack: Um, excuse me, are you Marvin Hamilton? Or perhaps we should call you Artie?
Marvin: Wow, I'm impressed! No one's ever discovered my secret identity before! Do you want an autograph?
Jack: Um, well... we actually wanted to talk to you about your sister. We're sorry to tell you this, but she's been murdered.
Marvin: Oh my God, someone killed Cindy?! This can't be happening! I spoke to her just yesterday!
Jack: Do you know of anyone who might have threatened your sister?
Marvin: Not at all! Sure, she was blunt at times and rubbed people the wrong way, but she always spoiled me as her little brother. Cindy was a good person at heart!
Marvin (crying): I can't believe Cindy's dead! Please excuse me, I have to call my parents.
Jack: We're sorry for your loss, Mr Hamilton. Stay close in case we need to speak to you again.

Examine Broken Colored Wood.
Jack (thinking): Whoa, that skull mask's a bit creepy. What's it doing at a construction site?
Jack (happily): Wait, I think that's a Day of the Dead mask! That's how Mexicans honor those who have passed away, I heard it's going on right now!
Jack (amazed): You're right, <Name>, there's a message on the inside!
Jack (thinking): The message reads: "Cindy, please be my honored guest." And it's signed by a certain Lupita Mendez!
Jack (all ready): It looks like this Lupita Mendez was extending the victim an invitation to something. Let's go ask her what it was!

Ask Lupita Mendez about her invitation to the victim.
Lupita (waving): Bienvenido, <Rank>! I hope you enjoyed the parade!
Jack (amazed): Wow, that's some intense makeup!
Jack (curiously): Are you Lupita Mendez? We wanted to ask you about this mask you gave Cindy Hamilton.
Lupita (remembering): Yes. I invited Cindy to the parade. She's the project coordinator at the border wall. She isn't very popular, so I decided to extend her an olive branch.
Jack (indifferent): Well, she won't have to worry about that anymore. She's been murdered!
Lupita (shocked): Murdered?! That's horrible. It's one thing not to like someone, it's something else to kill them!
Jack (curiously): You say Ms Hamilton wasn't popular... Can you think of anyone who would want to hurt her?
Lupita (disturbed): Nobody really liked her or this American wall, but she was just doing her job. I can't imagine anyone going so far as to murder her.
Jack (holding his sunglasses, thanking): Alright, Ms Mendez. If you do think of anything, don't hesitate to let <Rank> <Name> know!
(Lupita leaves.)
Jack (enthusiastic): In the meantime, <Name>, since we know the victim was here, let's take a look around this parade site!

Investigate Parade.
Jack: Lupita told us our victim came to the parade, <Name>. Did you find any new leads that might help us solve her murder?
Jack: It looks like there's blood on that handkerchief! But there are also some black stains mixed with the blood... We'd better take a sample!
Jack: And you can learn a lot about a person from their wallet, <Name>. Let's have a look through this one and see who it belongs to!

Examine Wallet.
Jack: <Name>, that ID card you found in that wallet belongs to Ramon Cortez... that's Ingrid's ex-husband!
Jack: He's also the one who tipped us off about the wall in the first place. And his ID shows he's actually working on that construction site!
Jack: Let's go have a chat with Ramon, <Name>! Maybe he can help us make sense of this whole mess!

Ask Ramon Cortez about the trouble in Mexico.
Jack: Ramon Cortez! This is <Rank> <Name> from the Bureau, and we're here to...
Ramon: <Rank> <Name>, gracias a Dios! Things have gotten worse since I first reached out to you, I'm so glad you're here!
Ramon: First, it was the wall, and now my project supervisor's been killed!
Jack: Cindy was your supervisor?
Ramon: Yes, I'm a supply manager on the wall project. Such a terrible tragedy! To take the life of a beautiful, strong woman... it's an act of pure evil!
Ramon: Um... so the Bureau's here... is Ingrid with you?
Jack: Yes, but it's pretty clear she doesn't want to see you.
Ramon: I'm not surprised, to be honest. The man I was back when we were married... I'm not proud of it.
Ramon: It's a long story, but... I became a drunkard. I... I slept around. Ingrid could only take so much before she asked for a divorce.
Ramon: But I wish I could show her those dark days are behind me! I'm a changed man!
Jack: Well, that's up to Ingrid. Changed man or not, stick around. We may have more questions for you!

Examine Handkerchief.
Jack: You got a sample of that brown substance from that handkerchief, <Name>? Let's see what Lars can make of it!

Analyze Brown Liquid.
Lars: Ah, <Name>! That sample you collected off that handkerchief's taken me back to my university days... the wind in my hair, cruising the open road!
Jack: Wind in your hair? What do you mean, bro?
Lars: Oh, right! I haven't told you yet! The substance contains, among other things, petroleum hydrocarbon, a common base ingredient in motor oil.
Lars: The thickness of the oil indicates this is 4-stroke engine oil, designed specifically for use in motorcycles!
Lars: I used to be a real speed demon, <Name>, a cowboy on a steel horse!
Jack: I've seen you ride myself, bro. We should hit the road again sometime...
Jack: But <Name>'s right: what does this have to do with the case?
Lars: Oh, sorry! As you know, there was blood mixed in with that sample you sent me, and it matches the victim!
Jack: Which means that handkerchief we got the sample from belongs to Cindy's killer!
Lars: Yes! And given these oil stains, it's obvious they ride a motorcycle!
Jack: This is the kind of clue that gets my motor running, <Name>! We're looking for a killer who rides a motorcycle!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Grace: No matter how many of these autopsies I do, <Name>, the human capacity for cruelty never ceases to disturb me!
Grace: The autopsy shows your victim was knocked unconscious, most probably before the killer tied her up.
Grace: The killer must've then draped the victim with these streamers and hoisted her up with the crane in a gruesome display!
Grace: Some of the bruises on Cindy's body have very distinct markings, so keep an eye for a wooden bat or club, most likely one with ornate carvings.
Jack: This was a well-executed crime, <Name>. The killer probably made a point to cover their tracks!
Grace: They still made a mistake, <Name>! I found a clear liquid soaked into the rope that Cindy was tied up with.
Grace: It's a beverage with an extremely high alcoholic content, distilled from the blue agave plant. Or to put it simply, this liquid is tequila!
Jack: So our killer drinks tequila? Knowing that, you'll definitely be able to worm a confession out of them, <Name>!

Later, at headquarters...
Jack: I can't believe there's really a wall being built along the Mexican border, <Name>! It's crazy!
Jack: But although that's what we came to investigate, that isn't our biggest concern for now. We've got a murder on our hands!
Jack: Cindy Hamilton was in charge of overseeing the construction of the border wall... a job Lupita Mendez said made her pretty unpopular!
Jack: Marvin Hamilton was devastated by his sister's death... And Ingrid's ex-husband Ramon wasn't much help at all!
Jack: We're going to need more evidence if we want to find Cindy's killer, <Name>!
Elliot: I know exactly where you might find evidence, <Name>! Your crime scene is deeper than you thought...
Elliot: ...and I mean that literally; there's a storage level underground!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: These are dark days, <Name>. We're still recovering from the shock of Michelle's murder...
Jack: ...SOMBRA's preparing its final plan, and while you caught Castillo in Colombia, their current leader is still at large!
Jack: But that's not all! We came here because the USA's decision to build a wall on the Mexican border is causing an uproar...
Jack: A controversy that was confirmed when we found the project's coordinator had been murdered!
Elliot: <Name>, I know where you might find more clues! I scanned the murder scene for security cameras and got a signal from underground!
Elliot: There's a storage facility right underneath your crime scene!
Jack: An underground storehouse sounds like the perfect place for a killer to hide evidence, <Name>. Put on your boots, we're going under.

Investigate Storage Facility.
Jack: Well, judging from the blood on this club, it's obvious the killer was down here!
Jack: Let's send this club to Lars so he can confirm the blood is our victim's!
Jack: And this must be the security camera Elliot detected! The viewscreen's locked, but I'm sure that won't be a problem for you, <Name>!
Jack: This torn poster's probably worth looking at too. If the killer's been down here, it might be theirs! Did you bring the tape, <Name>?

Examine Torn Poster.
Jack: This a protest poster, <Name>! Whoever this belonged to is clearly not in favor of the wall's construction!
Jack: We know the victim's involvement with the wall meant she had a lot of enemies. Let's recover the faded text and see if it belongs to one of them!

Examine Faded Poster.
Jack: Those are strong words, <Name>! The poster says: "Bring down the wall! Bring down Cindy Hamilton!"
Jack: The protest seems to be endorsed by a Madena Cuervo.
Jack: I think we need to have a few strong words of our own with Madena Cuervo, and find out whether she actually did bring down Cindy Hamilton!

Talk to Madena Cuervo about her protest against the victim.
Jack: Madena Cuervo? We're here about your "protest." We don't know if you're aware, but Cindy Hamilton's been murdered!
Madena: Of course I'm aware. And I hope you're not implying that I had anything to do with it, I'm a peaceful protester!
Jack: Those posters of yours don't look very peaceful!
Madena: Look, Cindy Hamilton and her wall stood against everything I believe in. As such, she was my enemy!
Madena: That wall's dividing our nations, undoing decades of effort on both sides of the border to achieve peace.
Madena: But I respected her conviction, standing behind her cause, even if I didn't agree with it. I'll raise a glass of tequila to that!
Madena: And maybe she was right. Once this wall's built, people like her won't be in Mexico anymore. If she'd stayed away, perhaps she'd still be alive!

Examine Locked Camera.
Jack: Go ahead and press play on that viewscreen, <Name>! Let's see what this camera recorded before it stopped working!

Start of recording...
Cindy: Mr Cortez... I don't normally do this kind of thing. You mustn't tell anyone about this... minor indiscretion!
Ramon: Now, cielito! You don't partake in the passion that is Ramon, then call me Mr Cortez!
Cindy: Be serious! If anyone knew I'd come down here with you...
Ramon: Mi amor, Ramon doesn't talk about his sexual conquests. Like all true legends, it's others who will talk about it!
Cindy: Ramon, please! If anyone finds out and I lose my job because of you, I'll have your head!
(Ramon goes to Cindy's side and holds her hand.)
Ramon: Ooh, such passion, such power! Come to me, muñeca, let us rock the universe again!
Cindy: Mr... Ramon... Oh!
(Ramon and Cindy kiss.)

End of recording...
Jack: Okay, you can stop the recording, <Name>. We get the picture!
Jack: Ramon was clearly lying when he said his womanizing days were over! He was having an affair with his supervisor! Perhaps he's not a "changed man" after all!
Jack: You're right, <Name>! This "legend" needs to explain himself!

Talk to Ramon about his affair with the victim.
Jack: Alright, Ramon, stop talking to us and come clean. We know you were sleeping with Cindy Hamilton!
Ramon: Um... you found out about that? I was sure that camera was turned off!
Ramon: But I won't deny it, <Rank> <Name>! That beautiful cielito and I shared a day of magic and passion! We rode on my motorcycle, then we made wild, passionate love!
Jack: And... do you always sleep with your supervisors?
Ramon: Amigos, there's nothing sexier than a woman of authority... you can't bridle a stallion like me!
Jack: We're not your amigos! Cindy said she'd have your head if anyone found out. Perhaps it was YOU who had her head!
Ramon: How dare you! I'd NEVER lay a hand on a woman... apart from giving her pleasure, of course! My days of violence are over!
Jack: Well, if you did kill Cindy, your days of freedom will be over... for good!

Analyze Bloody Club.
Lars: Great news, <Name>! I can confirm that the club you brought me is the murder weapon!
Lars: Or at least I'd confirmed it before Dupont snatched it away!
Jack: What do you mean, Dupont took it?
Dupont: Ah! Let me explain, mon ami! This is an exquisite example of a traditional piñata bat, intricately inlaid with Aztec carvings!
Dupont: Piñatas have been part of Mexican culture for centuries. The ancient Aztecs worshipped their war god, Huitzilopochtli, by decorating a clay pot and hanging it on a stick outside of their temples.
Dupont: Filled with jewels, these pots were then smashed open during public festivals, the treasures inside presented as offerings!
Dupont: To be in possession of such an object, the killer must have a knowledge of ancient Aztec beliefs!
Jack: I don't think human offerings are what Hootzilly... Hotzapockle...
Jack: Oh forget it! But now that you've discovered Cindy's killer has an affinity for Aztec legends, they'd best belief it's only a matter of time before they're behind bars!

Jack: Great work discovering the murder weapon, <Name>, but this case is far from closed. We need to dig up more evidence if we're to catch Cindy's killer!
Jack: Good idea! The killer has an affinity for Mexican cultural traditions. Let's go back to the Day of the Dead parade, they may have spent some time there!

Investigate Altar.
Jack: I don't know whose blood is on that hammer, but I don't like it! Let's get a sample, <Name>!
Jack: And I feel bad rummaging through these memorial offerings. But I agree, <Name>, we should probably take a look!

Examine Offerings Plate.
Jack: That photograph you found doesn't seem to belong among those altar objects.
Jack: Wait, <Name>! That's the victim, and she's being yelled at by that parade organizer, Lupita Mendez!
Jack: Lupita invited Cindy to the parade to extend an olive branch, but she sure doesn't look happy. We'd better ask her why!

Ask Lupita why she was angry at the victim.
Jack: Can you explain this photograph to <Rank> <Name>, Ms Mendez? I thought you invited Cindy to the parade as a peace offering?
Lupita: I did, but she made a mockery of one of our most sacred traditions!
Lupita: Look at the photo! She sat down on a memorial altar, drank the offering water, then lit a cigarette using one of the memorial candles!
Lupita: Afterward, I rode my Italika to the wall site to bury the hatchet and offered to share a round of tequilas, but Cindy laughed in my face!
Jack: You're admitting you went to the construction site and argued with the victim? You realize that's where she was murdered?
Lupita: Wait, you think I had something to do with that? Don't be ridiculous!
Jack: If we find out you organized the day of Cindy's death, Lupita, you'll be spending next year's celebrations in jail!

Examine Hammer.
Jack: Let's get this blood you collected off that hammer to the lab! Lars can tell us who it belongs to!

Analyze Blood.
Lars: Well, <Name>, the blood on that hammer isn't the victim's, but it's still connected to your investigation!
Lars: The blood matched a certain Chico Alegria, who is a senior contractor on the construction site. Which means he worked with your victim!
Jack: If Chico Alegria knew the victim, he might be able to shed some more light on this case. Let's go talk to him and find out!

Ask Chico Alegria about the victim.
Jack: Chico Alegria? We wanted to ask you about the murder of Cindy Hamilton.
Chico: Yes, such a tragedy. I drank a bottle of my finest tequila to honor her memory!
Jack: We're surprised to hear that. Most of the people we've spoken to didn't really like her.
Chico: Cindy personally endorsed my application to manage the construction companies at the site, so you won't hear a bad word about her from me!
Chico: She wasn't very popular, and neither was this wall. But none of that interests me, I'm making a lot of money from this project!
Jack: Don't start spending your fortune yet, Mr Alegria. We may need to speak to you again before this investigation is over!

Later, at headquarters...
Jack: Beaten to death with a piñata bat, <Name>. What a way to go! And the list of the victim's enemies seems to be getting longer!
Jack: Lupita Mendez was outraged by Cindy's disrespect at the Day of the Dead parade, and that protest leader Madena Cuervo had plenty of motive to take the victim down!
Jack: And Ramon lied to us about his relationship with the victim, so it's hard to believe anything he says!
Jack: Everyone admits to being at the crime scene... To be honest, any one of them could be the killer!
Ingrid: <Name>, there's trouble at the wall! A crowd of people is gathering at the site...
Ingrid: They're threatening to tear it down!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: The list of Cindy's enemies is getting longer, <Name>, and any one of them could be her killer!
Ingrid: <Name>, there's trouble at the wall! A crowd of people is gathering at the site...
Ingrid: They're threatening to tear it down!
Jack: Urgh, that's all we need, a bunch of protesters compromising the crime scene. Let's go, <Name>!

At the wall site...
Rioting Crowd: Mexico doesn't want anything to do with this wall! This was America's idea, not ours!
Rioting Crowd: If they won't stop, we'll take it down with our bare hands!
Jack (firing gun into the air): Everybody quiet! No one's taking anything down! This is a construction site AND a crime scene!
Rioting Crowd: This isn't the last you've heard from us! We won't take this lying down!
Jack (putting gun down): Everyone, be on your way!

Moments later...
Jack: Phew, they're all gone. I don't know about you, <Name>, but all this wall seems to be doing is causing problems.
Jack: But right now, we must stay focused on catching Cindy's killer, and we can't do that with people compromising the crime scene!
Jack: Speaking of which, let's look around the building site to make sure no evidence was lost!

Investigate Work Station.
Jack: Clearly, that's the victim's briefcase, <Name>, it has her initials on it. Go ahead and unlock it!
Jack: And that looks like a ripped up photograph, but I can't make out anything. You'll have to tape it back together!
Jack: A building site's an unusual place for a statue like that. And look at that message scratched onto it: "I know you stole this!"
Jack: There's some liquid on the statue; let's get a sample. We're so close to cracking this case, <Name>, I can feel it!

Examine Torn Photo.
Jack: This is a photograph of that protest leader, Madena Cuervo! And I'm guessing that young girl is her daughter?
Jack: It seems Madena doesn't hate America so much after all, look at that t-shirt... "I love USA!"
Jack: Good eye, <Name>! That motorcycle in the background means Madena wears motorbikes!
Jack: It looks like Madena Cuervo still has a few things to explain. Let's go!

Talk to Madena about her photograph.
Jack: Ms Cuervo, this is a sweet photograph. Why tear it up?
Madena: I didn't! It was that evil dragon, Cindy Hamilton!
Madena: I showed her this picture, to let her see the human impact this wall was having. I love America and I've always been proud to be their southern neighbor.
Madena: But Cindy tore it up and said mongrels like us should be kept on our side of the border!
Jack: Um... I can see how that would have upset you.
Madena: I love going on motorbike trips to America with my daughter. But once this wall is built, I won't be able to anymore! This is a declaration of war against ordinary people like me!
Madena: A fight is the last thing I want, but sometimes it's necessary for peace. The Aztecs had a saying: "The earth is not a place of contentment. It is merely a place of joy with fatigue, of joy with pain."
Jack: I hope you didn't let Cindy's insult get the better of you, or your world is about to have a lot more pain and a lot less joy!

Examine Aztec Statue.
Jack: I'm curious about that clear liquid you collected from the statue, <Name>. Putting it under the microscope should give us some answers!

Examine Clear Liquid.
Jack: That clear liquid you collected off that statue is sweat, <Name>. And it matches the victim's brother, Marvin Hamilton!
Jack: I wonder who was accusing the "Aztec Adventurer" of stealing... We'd better track Marvin down and find out!

Ask Marvin about the stolen statue.
Jack: Marvin, I think you need to explain this message. Were you stealing artifacts?
Marvin: Umm... Technically you'd call it smuggling... But it's all in the interest of historical preservation!
Marvin: Or it would've been, if my sister hadn't ruined a priceless piece by scratching those lies across it!
Jack: So Cindy found out you were smuggling artifacts through her construction site? That wouldn't have gone down well!
Marvin: Look, I'm merely redistributing these rare objects from those who don't appreciate them, and putting them in the hands of those who do. Aztec culture is my life, nobody's better suited to preserving it than I am!
Marvin: With all this construction, sneaking things across isn't difficult. I put them on the seat of my motorcycle sidecar, hiding them under a box of tequila!
Jack: Except your sister found out. I'm guessing she put a stop to your little operation... And now that she's dead, there's nothing stopping you!
Marvin: How dare you even suggest it! You think I'd kill my own sister to keep this quiet?!
Jack: We've seen many murder for less. If <Rank> <Name> finds out you did kill your sister, your next adventure will be in jail!

Examine Locked Briefcase.
Jack: Was there anything in the victim's briefcase that'll help us find her killer, <Name>?
Jack: That document you found in the briefcase is in Spanish, and so is that message scribbled across it.
Jack: Let's have Dupont look at this document, he'll tell us what it says!

Analyze Document.
Dupont: I must say, <Name>, after that magnifique piñata bat I examined earlier, this document is a letdown!
Jack: We're sorry to disappoint, Dupont. But did you find out if the victim's document is connected to her murder?
Dupont: The document itself is a memorandum from the victim. Apparently, she was accepting applications from new contractors and letting go of the old ones.
Dupont: The message scribbled across the page says: "I'll see you buried under the wall before you can get rid of me!"
Jack: Good thinking, <Name>. If there's anyone who'd be angry about replacement contractors, it's Chico Alegria!
Jack: Perhaps Chico's fortune wasn't as guaranteed as he'd thought. We'd better go talk to him!

Question Chico about threatening the victim.
Jack: Chico Alegria, it sounds like your gravy train working on the wall was coming to an end, and you threatened the victim about it!
Chico: Argh, I knew I should have never sent that message!
Chico: But I was furious. Cindy ran the construction sites like a stubborn mule! She was always telling us men what to do and never listened to anything I said!
Chico: And then she sent out that memo calling for new contractors, American ones! She said if anyone was going to profit from building this wall it should be her country!
Jack: Is that why you killed her then? Because she was cutting you out?
Chico: What? No! I sent her that threat in a fit of rage. I should've gone for a ride on my motorcycle to calm down!
Chico: I'm a direct descendant from a powerful Aztec warrior, I deserve more respect! This is what happens when a woman runs things! When I started out, women knew their place... and it wasn't on a building site!
Jack: I'm not sure our Bureau chief would agree with you. And if it turns out you made good with your threat and killed Cindy, your place will be behind bars!

Later, at headquarters...
Jack: Our victim had a lot of enemies, <Name>. A fiery protestor, an angry contractor... even her own brother!
Jack: Working out who actually wanted her dead is proving to be a challenge!
Jack: And none of this is getting us any closer to finding out the truth about this wall!
Jack: Good idea, <Name>! We know the killer hid the murder weapon in that underground storehouse. Maybe there's something else we missed? Let's go! The sooner we solve this case, the better!

Investigate Inflatable Boat.
Jack: Did you manage to pick up any new clues, <Name>? The evidence we need to crack this case could be here!
Jack: That bag of piñata streamers, they're exactly like the ones on the victim's body. Which means the killer must've handled this!
Jack: You're right, there's some white powder on the outside of that bag. Let's get a sample of that!
Jack: I'm less convinced about that toolbox, but at this stage, any lead is worth a shot. Let's look through it!

Examine Piñata Bag.
Jack: If that bag of piñata streamers was the killer's, <Name>, it could break the case wide open. Let's get this white powder you collected to the lab!

Analyze White Powder.
Sanjay: Look what Lars gave me, <Name>... a piñata!
Jack: Uh, that's great, Sanjay! Just don't be smashing that open in her, or Carmen'll have a fit!
Lars: Sorry, <Name>. All this talk about piñatas got Sanjay a little... "overenthusiastic." So I got him one of his own.
Lars: Speaking of which, that white powder you collected from that bag of streamers contains a mixture of minerals, including granite, limestone, and sand. All the major components of concrete!
Lars: Given that there was crushed concrete on the outside of that bag, the killer must've had concrete dust all over their hands, and it's likely they wiped some on their clothes.
Jack: We'll have the killer between a rock and a hard place, <Name>, if they've got concrete dust marks on their clothing!

Examine Toolbox.
Jack: Your instincts are always spot-on, <Name>, but I'm still confused. How is the cloth you found in this toolbox going to get us closer to our killer?
Jack: Yes, I see that stain and those strange sparkly pieces. I guess we'd better send this cloth to Lars to get some answers!

Analyze Dirty Cloth.
Jack: Everything's been pretty chaotic since we got to Mexico, bro! So, if you've discovered anything useful from the cloth <Name> found in that toolbox, I'd love to wrap up this case sooner than later!
Lars: Sure thing, bro! That cloth was a great find, <Name>! That stain on the corner is tequila, and it matches the sample Grace found during her autopsy. So this definitely belonged to Cindy's killer!
Lars: The cloth is made of microfiber, the one you use to polish jewelry.
Lars: More specifically, those small sparkly fragments you found? They're from a colorful gemstone, which I've determined is opal!
Jack: So you're saying the killer used this cloth to polish their opal jewelry?
Jack: Well, I guess that colorful stone proves one black and white fact, <Name>... Cindy's killer is wearing opals!

After completing all the tasks...
Jack: Not a moment too soon, <Name>! You've got all the pieces of this puzzle together... let's go arrest Cindy Hamilton's killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Madena Cuervo, you're under arrest for the murder of Cindy Hamilton!
Madena: Me, murder Ms Hamilton? That's absurd! I told you, I'm a peaceful protester!
Jack: I wouldn't call stringing someone up and beating them to death with an Aztec piñata bat peaceful! It must have taken a lot of rage.
Madena: I'm hearing a lot of speculation, <Rank> <Name>, but no proof that I did anything!
Jack: You can cut the act! We found your tequila soaked into the rope you used to tie up the victim!
Madena: Tequila? One of the most popular drinks in Mexico? That's hardly evidence!
Jack: We also found it on the cloth you used to clean your opal earrings!
Madena: I... <Rank> <Name>... if you start arresting everyone who's wearing opals, you'll be pretty busy!
Jack: What I don't get is you murdered her so brutally, and for what? Because you couldn't go on vacations with your daughter anymore?
Madena: What? No! I killed Cindy because I'd never be able to see my daughter at all!
Madena: My daughter was born in America... she lives there with her father. We've been divorced a long time, and I rarely get to see my darling Rose.
Madena: But once this wall is completed, I'll never get to see her again! All border crossings will be prohibited for Mexicans, and it won't be safe for her to travel here!
Madena: I tried to convince Cindy to do something, anything! But she laughed at us, calling my daughter a half-breed!
Jack: And that's when you snapped, and killed her!
Madena: When I realized what I had done, I decided to make an example of her, to draw attention to my cause.
Madena: So I strung her up like a piñata, to show the world that Mexico wouldn't allow itself to be brutalized at the hands of America!
Jack: Taking the law into your own hands is never the answer. Madena Cuervo, you're under arrest for the murder of Cindy Hamilton!

Judge Adaku: Madena Cuervo, you stand before this Court charged with the murder of Cindy Hamilton. What is your plea?
Madena: Guilty, Your Honor! I killed that woman, I don't deny it. She and her wall would have destroyed thousands of families like mine!
Judge Adaku: Cindy Hamilton wasn't personally responsible for that wall, nor will her murder stop it from being built.
Madena: The world needs to know Mexico won't stand for this wall! We won't take this lying down!
Madena: Many of us have been working towards peace between the US and Mexico for decades. This wall will destroys all of that!
Judge Adaku: It never ceases to amaze me, violent killers who talk of peace. Madena Cuervo, you're hereby sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder of Cindy Hamilton!
Madena: This isn't over! That wall is the beginning of the end! Peace as we know it is lost forever!

Chief Ripley: Congratulations on bringing Cindy Hamilton's killer to justice, <Name>. I know this was a chaotic case!
Chief Ripley: But I must admit I'm still unsettled by the warning from SOMBRA's founder that they're on the verge of making their final move.
Jack: After the rise and fall of the Promethians, SOMBRA's infiltration of COSMORUS, their child-brainwashing program and global network of assassins, what else could they possibly have planned?
Chief Ripley: One dreads to think of it, <Name>. And despite all our efforts, El Rey is still out there leading them!
Chief Ripley: We must redouble our efforts, <Name>, and find out what SOMBRA is planning!

Edge of Darkness (1/8)

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: You've caught Cindy Hamilton's killer, <Name>, but our work here in Mexico is far from over!
Chief Ripley: If Cindy's murder has told us anything, it's that the wall the Americans are building along the border is causing a lot of controversy!
Chief Ripley: Instability like this is pretty worrying, given the threat by SOMBRA's founder about their plans to "step into the light!"
Chief Ripley: If El Rey isn't behind this unrest, it could certainly play right into their hands for whatever SOMBRA's got planned!
Chief Ripley: For now, we need to gather more information about what's going on here. And that means going back to the construction site to see what you can find, <Name>.
Chief Ripley: Leave no stone unturned. Before we can decide on our next move, we need answers!
(Chief Ripley leaves.)
Marina: I know you've got your hands full, <Name>, but I'm worried about Ingrid. Ever since her ex-husband contacted us, she hasn't been herself.
Marina: Ramon admitted he cheated on her before they divorced, but Ingrid's behavior suggests there is more to it than that.
Jack: I'm with Marina on this one. Ingrid's been out of sorts, and we must find out what's upsetting her.
Jack: We've got our work cut out for us, <Name>. Start by talking to Ingrid if you like. I'll meet you at the wall!

Encourage Ingrid to confront her past.
(Ingrid does not have her headset on.)
Marina: Ingrid, <Name> and the rest of the team are worried about you. Ever since Ramon-
Ingrid: You can stop worrying, I'm fine. We just need to leave and forget all about this.
Marina: I know it's not easy, but you're clearly running from something, and forgetting isn't the answer. If just hearing Ramon's name made you burst into tears, there's something else you're afraid of.
Ingrid: You don't understand, <Name>! We were so in love and had everything we wanted. And then...
(Ingrid bursts into tears.)
Ingrid (holding back tears): Being here reminds me of all the joy we had, but also all of the pain that came after. It's too much sorrow to deal with again, I'm sorry.
(Ingrid leaves.)
Marina: Ingrid, wait!
Marina: That didn't go as well as I'd hoped, <Name>. I know Ingrid would feel better if she talked, but she doesn't seem ready.
Marina: As a friend, I'd rather not pry into Ingrid's private affairs. But as the Bureau's therapist, I need to know whether she's emotionally compromised.
Marina: Good idea, <Name>! Ingrid said she and Ramon shared happy times here. Maybe we can find something at the Day of the Dead parade that will remind her of those times and encourage her to talk!
Marina: But I think we could both use a drink first... I'm buying!

Investigate Altar.
Marina: That little box holds a pacifier inside... possibly to remember a baby. These altars are for people to honor the memories of loved ones who've passed away.
Marina: You're right, there's a message inside the box! It says: "Your daddy Ramon loves you." Ramon?!
Marina: You're right, <Name>, we shouldn't jump to conclusions. It's a grim suggestion, but getting a sample of that saliva from this pacifier would help us determine whether this child's father is our Ramon.

Examine Pacifier.
Marina: It's heartbreaking to think about, <Name>, a child's death. But we must put our emotions aside if we're to uncover the truth about this wooden box.
Marina: Let's get that saliva sample you collected off that pacifier to the lab, and see what Lars can tell us.

Analyze Saliva.
Lars (holding a PearPad): I've gotta go, girls. I love you more than anything in the whole world! Say hello to <Name>!
April, May, and June (in unison, through video): Hi, <Name>! We love you, daddy! We miss you!
Lars (putting PearPad down): Sorry <Name>, I just needed to talk to the triplets. This lab sample you sent me was a difficult one.
Lars: The DNA profile you got from that pacifier confirms the deceased child's parents were Ramon Cortez...
Lars: ...and our very own Ingrid Bjorn!
Marina: So this child was also Ingrid's! How terrible for her and Ramon!
Marina: <Name>, Ingrid will probably be upset about us stirring up the past, but we should talk to her about this.

Ask Ingrid about her son.
Ingrid: <Name>, it's useless to keep coming to see me. There's nothing more to discuss!
Marina: Ingrid... We found out about your baby. We're so sorry.
Ingrid: How... how do you know about Eduardo?!
Ingrid (crying): Oh, my darling Eduardo! Ramon and I were so deeply in love before we had a child. But after Eduardo was born, we grew closer still and became a family.
Marina: We had no idea you were carrying such a terrible burden all these years. Do you want to tell us about your little boy?
Ingrid (holding back tears): Eduardo was born premature, the doctor warned us it would be a struggle. He fought so hard, but didn't make it.
Ingrid: Ramon and I were shattered, naturally. Neither of us knew how to deal with it. We stopped talking, we stopped living.
Ingrid: He started to drink and sleep around, while I completely shut down and cut myself off from everything.
Ingrid (with tears of joy): Still, it feels so good to say Eduardo's name... I haven't said it out loud in years!
Marina: Obviously Ramon's been feeling the same way. He placed your baby's pacifier in an altar to honor his memory.
Ingrid: I'm... shocked he even thinks about Eduardo anymore. I didn't think he cared.
Marina: Perhaps it's time you finally talked to Ramon about this, and find out how much he really does care.

Talk to Ramon about his son.
Ramon: <Rank> <Name>, it's nice to-
Ingrid: Hello, Ramon.
Ramon: Ingrid? Is that you?
Ingrid: Yes, it's me, Ramon. It's time we finally talked.
Ingrid: <Name> showed me the box you'd left at the altar. I didn't think you cared about Eduardo anymore.
Ramon: How could you think that? I do it every year, to honor the memory of our dear boy.
Ramon (holding back tears): I always hoped one day we might do it together.
Ingrid: After losing Eduardo, we both became strangers. I wish things had been different, but it's too late for us now.
Ingrid: Our journey has ended, Ramon. But maybe we can still honor the past, instead of letting it destroy our future.
Ramon: Eduardo was a gift to us, if only for a short time. We should be grateful for what we had.
Ingrid (with tears of joy): Thank you, <Name>, for helping us talk together and confront our past. We're both grateful. Please take this gift as a token of our appreciation!

Investigate Construction Site.
Jack: We're searching for anything that might tell us what's behind the unrest in Mexico, and it comes down to this... digging through a dumpster.
Jack: I agree it's a good place to start, but I'm not going into that bin to search for evidence. I'll leave that to you, <Name>!

Examine Dumpster.
Jack: Did you find anything useful in the dumpster, <Name>? I'd hate to think you went crawling around in there for nothing.
Jack: That article you found in the trash has got the deadline: "Mexico Demands Unified Nations Sanction USA!"
Jack: Could this have something to do with the wall? I've fallen behind on global politics, but Elliot can dig up more information for us!

Analyze Article.
Elliot: We've been so busy lately, <Name>, it's a while since I've had a chance to read anything in the news. This article is a small piece in a complex political puzzle!
Elliot: To start with, the article references the Unified Nations, which, as you well know, <Name>, is a global organization promoting international cooperation between its member states. These include Mexico and the US.
Elliot: It appears the USA's decision to build a wall along the Mexican border was made without external provocation and without a clear cause.
Elliot: As a result, Mexico has demanded the Unified Nations impose sanctions on the USA, meaning economic trade arrangements with other member states would be restricted.
Jack: We know Mexico's response to the wall has been negative... Cindy Hamilton learned that the hard way! But we must know more!
Elliot: I looked up the men in this photograph and one of them is Niilo Virtanen, a special envoy for the Unified Nations. He's in Mexico now negotiating with local authorities!
Jack: Alright, <Name>. If there's anyone who can tell us more about what's going on, it's this Niilo Virtanen! Let's make an appointment to see him!

Ask Niilo Virtanen about the Unified Nations.
Niilo: Um... hi. Are you also here to protest against the wall?
Jack: No, we're not protesters, Mr Virtanen. But we understand you're here representing the Unified Nations. We wanted to ask you about this article.
Niilo: Ah, yes. The call for sanctions. A strong reaction, I must say. But I guess I'd be pretty upset too, if someone started building a wall on my doorstep, so to speak!
Jack: Can you explain what led to the construction of the wall in the first place?
Niilo: The wall is only a physical manifestation of a deeper, underlying problem. Lately, the US has leaned towards isolationism, cutting themselves off from the international community.
Niilo: This, of course, goes against the principles of cooperation and mutual aid championed by the Unified Nations, so the question of sanctions was raised by Mexico.
Niilo: This unfortunately led to the emergence of the USNay movement in the US, which I'm sure you know all about.
Jack: Um... actually, the Bureau's been quite busy lately. What's USNay?
Niilo: It's rather complicated. The easiest thing would be for you to look at my files. They're right...
Niilo: Dear God, my portable hard drive is gone! I must have lost it when I visited the wall's storage facility... All my files are on it!
Jack: That we can help with! <Rank> <Name>'s good at finding things!
Jack: Let's head down to the storage facility, <Name>. But how about a little pick-me-up first? I'm starving!

Investigate Storage Facility.
Jack: That must be the hard drive Niilo was talking about, <Name>! It has a Unified Nations symbol on it!
Jack: Niilo authorized us to read his files, so go ahead and unlock the hard drive!

Examine Hard Drive.
Jack: The drive's unlocked, <Name>? Let's have Elliot look over Niilo's files and see what he can find out!

Analyze Hard Drive.
Elliot: Do you know how many clauses there are in the Unified Nations charter, <Name>?
Jack: Um... no?
Elliot: Consider yourself lucky, there are a lot of them! And I'm sure I've read every one!
Elliot: But it paid off, hunting through Mr Virtanen's files. His records go into great detail about the USNay movement, information you won't find in the press. And it's not pretty.
Elliot: The USNay movement arose as a protest against the possible sanctions on the US. They're calling for the government to take the US out of the Unified Nations!
Elliot: And this isn't a small group of radical fundamentalists, <Name>. There are millions of activists lobbying for the government to listen to their cause! The nation is polarized on the issue!
Jack: This all sounds so crazy, <Name>! What else have we missed in our race against SOMBRA?!
Elliot: The good news is it's not all doom and gloom. Have a look at this video!

Start of recording...
Sandy: I know the "NAY"-sayers would have you believe a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and that America should break free from that chain!
Sandy: The USNay movement thinks we need to close our borders, shut the gates and eliminate the "outsiders"!
Sandy: But now, more than ever, is the time for us to stay the course, stay united and stay strong... together! Our future must be a unified one!
Sandy: I'm Sandy Turner, and I say we STAY!

End of recording...
Elliot: That was Sandy Turner. He's the leader of the USStay Movement, the group who want the US to stay in the Unified Nations!
Jack: Niilo Virtanen wasn't kidding! The US is really divided on this debate.
Jack: This is a lot to digest, <Name>. We'll have to brief Chief Ripley on all of this!

Back at headquarters...
Marina: Thanks so much, <Name>, for helping me to get Ingrid to open up.
Marina: I know now she'll be able to cherish her past memories!
(Ingrid shows up in her new outfit and hair color.)
Ingrid: I intend to! Thank you again, <Name>, for giving me the strength to face my fears!
Jack: What the...?! Ingrid, is that really you?!
Ingrid: I've realized that by shutting out the pain, I've also been shutting out all the joy of life. But no more, it's time for me to start living again!
Jack: Wow! It's so nice to see you so happy, Ingrid.
Jack: Unfortunately, we've also got some bad news. We've just had a crash-course in current American politics, and it's tumultuous, to say the least!
Jack: There's a battle raging in the US between those who want to withdraw from the Unified Nations, and those who want to stay!
Chief Ripley: I don't need to tell you about the volatility of this situation, <Name>. Tensions in the UN are the last thing the world needs, especially now that SOMBRA is likely waiting to exploit any weakness!
Jack: SOMBRA's founder said we'd hear about things in the news soon enough... What if this is what he was talking about and it's playing right into El Rey's hands?
Chief Ripley: We don't know for certain. What we do know is that USStay is holding a rally in San Francisco right now.
Chief Ripley: If we're to find any answers, USStay is the best place to start. You've been away for a while, <Name>, but it's time to go back to the United States!

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