Dan Broke was the victim in The Dockyard Killer (Case #4 of Grimsborough).


Dan was a drug user who was in a relationship with Sally Stone. The two lived in a building owned by Gloria Roach. Dan had black hair, blue eyes, a goatee, and a mustache. At the time of his death, he sported a light green tank top.

Murder details

Dan was found dead on the docks with a stab wound to the stomach. According to Nathan's autopsy report, it was discovered that Dan was stabbed in the stomach by a small object, like a knife of some kind. Judging from the angle of the wound, Nathan also discovered that the killer was left-handed. Also, there were red hairs found underneath the victim's fingernails, which belonged to the killer, as confirmed by Nathan himself. Next to Dan's body, there was a broken skull badge, which obviously belonged to the killer since there were no holes on Dan's shirt, meaning he had ripped the badge off his killer's clothes. When Jones and the player found the murder weapon, which was a pocket knife, Grace noticed that the blade had a B-symbol designed on it, from which she deduced that the killer had that symbol as a tattoo on their skin.

Relationship with suspects

Barge driver James Smith had reported the body to the police, but during the murder investigation, the team found that Sally Stone, Dan's girlfriend, had stumbled upon his body before James had. The team also found a drug package that was located near Dan per James's testimony, which they traced to drug dealer Bulldog, whose main turf was the alley where Dan was killed and who denied the allegations made against him.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Bulldog.

Bulldog stabbed him in the stomach and left him on the backstreet, the place where Bulldog usually met up with his client, and after that, Bulldog dumped him in the dock because Dan bought drugs from him and owed him money ($2,000). Bulldog lost his patience and murdered Dan.

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