Daisy Thompson was the victim in The Last Supper (Case #17 of Grimsborough).


Daisy Thompson was a young brunette woman with long hair and blue eyes. She wore a blue shirt with a pattern of roses on it, a black skirt and brown boots. 

Murder details

Daisy was found dead in her kitchen from poisoning. Nathan discovered that the killer used detergent, after he managed to find out that the killer had added detergent to the poison to delay its effects. Nathan also stated that since the killer knew that adding detergent would delay the poison's effect, it obviously meant that the killer knew how to cook. 

Relationship with suspects

Daisy was in an unhappy marriage with Gabriel Thompson, who did not want to divorce Daisy as it would "lower his standard of living" and who was having an affair with his secretary, Ashley Collins. In fact, Gabriel and Daisy did not say anything during their lunch at Chez Valentine. Shortly after the meal, Daisy had stumbled to Alfred Ziegler's hotdog stall and vomited. The effects of the poison did not settle in until the morning after.

Killer and motives


The poisoned plate which killed Daisy.

The killer turned out to be Chez Valentine restaurant owner and chef Valentine Montgomery

Valentine poisoned Daisy by accident during her lunch date with Gabriel at Chez Valentine. Valentine intended to poison Tobias Sharp, but the waiter, unintentionally, got the plate to the wrong table, poisoning Daisy, who was found dead in her kitchen the next day.

Although the murder was an accident, Judge Hall concluded that a murder is a murder, and a 10-year jail sentence (with no parole) was mandatory for Valentine.

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