Cyril Shelwater was the killer of dome head of security Barb Bellamy in A Rock and a Hard Place (Case #33 of The Conspiracy).


Cyril is a 41-year-old janitor working for DreamLife with long graying brown hair, black eyes and facial hair. He is seen wearing a black shirt with a tie underneath a sand beige jacket, which is adorned with a janitor badge. Furthermore, he is seen wearing a pair of glasses and holding a mop. It is known that Cyril uses baking soda, drinks orange juice and reads Wondrous Worlds magazine.

Height 5'6"
Age 41
Weight 141 lbs
Eyes black
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

Cyril became a suspect after Gloria and the player found his employee file and learned that he was DreamLife's janitor. After the team informed him of Barb's murder, Cyril was shocked and said that he did not see anyone when he was in the meteorite lab, where Barb was killed, earlier. Cyril then told the team that the dome was a crazy place with a lot of secrets.

Cyril was spoken to again after the team found the victim's ticket book and discovered that she had written a infraction ticket to Cyril, saying that he had left his mop bucket in a "physically dangerous position". Additionally, Barb wrote that it was Cyril's twelfth infraction and that he was on "thin ice". After being asked about this, Cyril angrily explained that he just left the mop bucket on the floor. Cyril then also revealed that he got used to strict and dangerous environment as he used to work in a hospital ten years before working for DreamLife. However, Cyril angrily told the team that Barb was a nightmare as he got into several troubles because of her. In the end of the conversation, Cyril denied killing Barb.

However, it was proven that Cyril was lying, as the team found enough evidence and discovered that Cyril was the one who killed Barb. Upon admitting to the murder, Cyril said that he felt that the meteorite had magical powers. That night, he went to hug the meteorite in order to get "transformed" by it, but he was caught by Barb as he was starting the embrace. To stop her from getting in the way, Cyril grabbed a rock saw and decapitated her. Judge Powell sentenced him to 20 years in prison with mandatory counseling.

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